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  1. I'm thinking a bichir and some angelfish. I am not sure on the bichir though, as I am not sure if the tank is big enough. It is a 55 gallon.
  2. If not are there any other primitive fish you would recommend? Thx
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any bichir species that could live in a 55 gallon? I really love them but know they get big. Thank You!
  4. Any thing you would change? Thank you!
  5. Hey everyone, So I have an empty 55 gallon. I was wanting a native fish. However, I am in California (we got a lot of restrictions), so I was wondering if there are any native fish that you know of that are legal in CA?
  6. Hi, I am getting a pair of Apistogramma triple red. I was wondering if they breed can I keep the fry? Like if I grow the fry up and add them back to the main tank with their parents.. and if the all the siblings and parents breed, will they have inbreeding problems?
  7. I need to know ouf it is under 1000 ibs. Thanks
  8. Hey everyone, I am getting an 80 gallon hopefully. I am hoping to get some angelfish, but I was wondering how to deal with them being mean when breeding. I was also hoping they would not breed. I know that is unlikely, but are there any tricks to keep them from breeding? So yeah, how can I keep them with other fish when they breed? I don't want them to be really mean. I was thinking pearl gouramis, some big tetras, or something.
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