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  1. Yeah for sure! Unless that dirt has non organic fertilizer or other chemicals.
  2. Hey, So I have a 40 gallon planted. I am looking for a interesting fish with a personality sort of like a dojo loach. Any ideas? Something around 4 inches or so. Thanks.
  3. It may be severely stunted if there were high nitrites. I know some fish get deformed if stunted or in too small a tank.
  4. IDK if there are balloon convicts... but it looks like that. Or they are over fed a bit. To fix that u can feed them plain peas. Not salted or anything. U can boil them then take off the skin, and feed that to them. Or fast them for a bit. Or they could have internal parasites. Usually those make the belly sink in, but I think it can make them bloat.
  5. IDK if a betta could eat a whole neon, but maybe if it was small. Once the neons are bigger its fine, except in my situation the neons would constantly nip the bettas fins.
  6. Yeah, I would not worry. But if it gets worse, or u r worried then u could get some aquarium silicone and add more.
  7. Oh, and apparently Cory said in one of livestreams that u can do firemouth cichlids at freezinging temps. IDK, @Corydo you have any more info on that?
  8. OMG same, sorta... I was gone for a bit and my pond is bone dry now.
  9. I have a betta with cherry shrimp, I had a few to start in there but my betta ate one. 😞 So I took them all out, or so I thought. I missed one or two and now I have hundreds. I guess the betta will eat one here or there, but it is still a positive number of shrimp in the end.
  10. @sudofishSame but sometimes I will find things that make me mad, like the show the good doctor is a great show, but he got a little fish bowl with what I think is a few mollies. Since he is so smart you would think he would know that ammonia and stuff would build up.
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