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  1. Hi guys! Nothing Important, exept around 40 NEW MOLLIE FRY! Here's a pic:
  2. I have been seeing these white little dots appear in my tank, and zI don't know what they are or where they are coming from. The only things I have in my tank are mollies, neon tetras, cory cats, a loach, an otto, and 3 (maybe 2) nerite snails. I would thinks they are from the nerite snails, but my tank is freshwater and I was told they don't lay in freshwater tanks. If any of you guys can identify, that would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Hello again! I have an update (since 2 weeks ago ) on my sailfin. His fungi had been growing and i still have him in quarantine, and need some other help than the Maracyn. Can you help?
  4. Since she was the only female with 2 males
  5. Molly. if you look in the 2 pics above the fry, you can see the mom by the bottom of the rock pile. Or here:
  6. Hi @CorydorasEthan! I have a question about pygmy corys and a juuli cory. I have one of each. how big do juuli corys get? mine is about a year old in my hands and is only about 2 inches long. Same question about the pygmy. i just wanna know how big they get with the age. also, do they need a school of 3 fish, or are they ok by themselves? just curious. Thanks!

    1. CorydorasEthan


      Hey there! Julii cories (Corydoras trilineatus) get to around 2 inches long, while pygmy cories (Corydoras pygmaeus) grow around only 1 inch long.  Also, yes, Corydoras are schooling fish, and prefer to be housed in larger groups. I would recommend a bare minimum of three of each species, but the more the merrier. I find that pygmy cories are especially shy and require larger groups of around ten to display natural schooling behaviors. I hope this helps!

    2. alLykaT66


      Thank you so much!

  7. Yeah, mom just gave birth two weeks ago. they have gotten 3x their size since birth!
  8. Hi! im a new member and here are my tanks! 1 20gal, 1 2 1/2gal, and 1 10gal quarantine.
  9. Also, i have a 3 month old fry, and she can change her scale and eye color from tank to brown. She only does it at night and when shes scared, but i haven't seen her actual colorful scales grow in yet. When does their color start to come in?
  10. For the characteristics, my female had be with the same two males for 7 weeks, so i think one of them is the father. Thanks for the advice though!
  11. Hi! my mollie just had some fry with 2 large sailfin males, and the fry don'y have any trace of a sail fin. will they just grow into it when they're older? thanks (they are only 2 weeks old, so I may have to wait and that is my problem.)
  12. Thanks guys! i have him in a quarantine tank, and i have aquarium salt. I do water changes every other day. If the Maracyn doesn't work, I'll try the salts. Thanks so much!
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