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  1. @Fonske ok very cool! "Hot bent glass" is the name? Ok good to know 🙂 In Germany the big manufacturer of this type of tank is Dennerle hence my assumption. The fish choice / plant combination also looks really good in the tank. Simple, elegant, but lively.
  2. Fonske that is a really good look! Also is that a Dennerle Scapers Tank? The rounded edges just made me think of it. I have their 60l nano cube and love it. When I have more space I would also love to get the new 70l scapers tank they released.
  3. Hi Randy, Thank you! Congo Tetra are such great fish but when you see them at the store they just look nothing like when you have them at home and put them in a good planted tank with good food. Also every time you mention something about Sacramento on the podcast, especially Capital Aquarium it brings back so many memories. That is where my hobby started! Such a great place. The Koi in the pond at the entrance was soo cool! I would also always go to the back where the plants were by that bath tub full of baby tank busters, haha! I used to think the Amanos back there with the plants were just the neatest. I always liked planted tanks but had no idea what I was doing. I killed a ton of stem plants. I just had luck with anubias and crypts. Little side note, that place sold me a African Tiger Fish. What a monster. Definitely outgrew my 80 gallon but they were nice and took it back. Keep up the awesome work everyone. Wish I could support you in Germany but when I am back in Sac I will order from the Coop. I am also a Youtube member! Will
  4. Hi Koi, That came with the Eheim vivaline 330. It’s like a plastic skirt that goes around the base of the aquarium. It definitely looks real clean.
  5. Hi Bucio, I had a classic Eheim Jager heater go bad that was positioned horizontally. I don't know if the position was connected to it going bad but I think it is best to keep them vertical. Otherwise I have never had a Eheim heater break on me. But on a positive note they replaced the heater for free as it was still under warranty. Will
  6. Hello fellow Aquarium fans, My name is Will and I am back in the hobby since 2015 after a few years break. I am a US citizen but live in Europe and as of 2015 in Berlin, Germany. It has been really fun to cross the German / USA hobby worlds and I am currently enjoying the access to the quality products and fish that are in Germany. But I am a total fanboy of the Youtubers from all over the world of course including the Aquarium Coop gang! I would call my style 'Aquascaping light' and as my wife and I live in a relatively small apartment I currently just have have a 30l (8 gallon) and 60l (15 gallon) tanks. Up until July I also had a 330l (87 gallon) tank but broke it down and sold it. Hopefully, fingers crossed, in the future when we move into a bigger place I can invest in a 450l tank. I uploaded a few pics of my current and past tanks over the last few years and am excited to participate and learn on the forum!
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