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  1. I am a lady who lives in Sonoma county, California. I just recently got into this fish keeping hobby and so far it has been stressful. Right now I have a Monkey faced flowerhorn named Lil Spooky whom I adore; such a friendly and fast growing fish! As soon as I figure out how to upload a picture I will share it with yawl. Glad to be here...
  2. Here are my adventures in stocking an outdoor pond in Northern California (South Bay). My parents have a ~4000 gallon pond in their backyard. I’m visiting them for the summer because of remote work (the one good thing about coronavirus; that and spending more time with my girls). We used to have some comets and goldfish in there when I was younger, but those got eaten by raccoons and herons, so now it’s just mosquito fish and tons of amazing water lilies. Since I’m around, I thought I spruce it up a bit for all the grandkids to enjoy. I ordered 20 golden white clouds (shout-out to Aqua Huna), which I added to the pond today, and I picked up two dozen red cherry shrimp from a local breeder on Craigslist which I will add tonight or tomorrow. I figure I’ll never see the shrimp unless they really thrive and reproduce into the thousands, but the white clouds are fantastic already, showing up like a beacon against the dark bottom. I’ll see if there is any increase over the next month and a half, but I’m really hoping to see a school of a hundred when I come back for Thanksgiving. And if I’m really lucky they’ll over-winter just fine and still be around next spring/summer. The local breeder keeps his shrimp in an outdoor tank all year round, and the winters here are mild enough (and the pond deep enough) that I’m hoping everything will cruise along. Just wanted to make a record of my experience, in case anyone else wants to give it a go.
  3. Hello all my name is mike and i am from the inland empire area of southern California. Happy to be here. Ive always wanted a tank and as of yesterday I was finally able to get one. A little treat to myself for my birthday which happends to be today. I am now setting up a 55 gallon tank and im sure i will be on here alot looking for answers on questions i may have.
  4. My name is Mike Melos. Originally from NJ, then NYC, then Colorado, then Nevada, now California. I was a theoretical physicist in the 1970s-1980s but began designing high end audio electronics and large line array loudspeakers for audiophiles which I still do to this day. My old company was the 3rd largest tube audio manufacturer in the world in the 1990s. It was an analog/vacuum tube world for decades but finally digital audio was embraced and now enjoys ubiquity in a field that formerly abhorred digital...anything! I had 2 marine tanks and 3 freshwater tanks in he 1970s. Looking back at my own ignorance (I didn't even know what the nitrogen cycle was in the 70s) it's unfathomable to me that they ever survived! Now I'm a mixed media artist and still designing audio electronics. But my fishes are #1. I have 3 tanks, all fresh, Oscars & Pacu's in one, Severums & Acaras in another and and Discus in a 3rd with a glorious gaggle of inverts. I love using riparian plants in all of my tanks for dramatic nitrate reduction as well as just plain being pretty!
  5. Live in the Los Angeles county. Anyone else in my area?
  6. Hi Everyone! I am from SF California and of course love aquariums! My favorite fishes are Rainbows, Medaka's and more medakas! Hope to talk to you all soon and share tips on how to make this hobby even better!
  7. Hi all, I’ve just restarted my 20g tank with 2 platies, 1 siamese algae eater (SAE), and 1 kulie loach. I also have 1 anubus as a plant. My tank had black beard algae (BBA) on some petrified wood and the roots and leaves of my anubus. The SAE took care of the BBA on the wood and started on the anubus. The anubus was not anchored to anything, so I decided to glue it to a rock. Afterwards, the SAE stopped eating the BBA on the anubus. Did I do something wrong? The anubus and rock is flat on the gravel. Should the rock be elevated so the root will dangle downward? Will this make the BBA more appetizing? Also interested in adding plants and fish (kulie loach, hillstream loach, neon tetras). Should I add fish first or plants? Thanks, Dih
  8. Hi! I'm Ellie, I've been keeping betta fish on and off for the past 7-ish years (I had one betta through high school and one through my first three years of college). I'm just getting back into the hobby after a couple of months off and stumbled on Aquarium Co-op videos, because I wanted to set up a planted tank for the first time. I gave my tank several weeks to settle and then added a galaxy koi betta (named Gonzo) and two nerite snails last week. I don't have the space in my apartment to add more tanks yet, but I'm looking forward to learning how to keep a planted tank healthy and thriving so that I can start off on the right foot once I have the space! Any advice is welcome.
  9. Hi everyone! Glad to be here! I have around a dozen or so small tanks 20s and 10s. I’ve kept nano fish and guppies for about 5 years, and koi outside for 10 years. Here are some of my guppies. Thanks
  10. Hello fish friends! I'm Nico, 29yrs and residing in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. I've been keeping fish for almost a year now and loving every moment of it. I have 4 tanks in my tiny apartment, 3 betta's and 4 goldfish as well as many snails, of course. My initial interest was in aquatic plants, so i have a decent variety going as well as an interest in terrestrial plants. Lake Tahoe provides me with amazing quality water, and for that im very thankful. Though our local fish community is incredibly small, almost non-existent. Online communities are not very enjoyable to me, so I am confident Cory's online fish family here will prove to be more beneficial for everyone. 🙂 I am excited to learn more and grow together in our passions for plants and fish keeping in general.
  11. Hi from Dana Point, CA. I have two goldfish. - 18 years old. They are quite the family members. I came across this site while researching diseases. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been dealing with as well as treating a sick goldfish. The disease literally came on so fast. Within a few hours - it appeared his mouth was rotting away. I had the medication on hand and treated him with two rounds of Kanaplex and Furan 2. The treatment seemed to work, his mouth healed. However, yesterday morning he was staying at the bottom of the tank. And, it looked like he was developing a fungus again on his mouth. I started him on Erythromycin and just gave him his second dose this morning. I am happy to say that he is doing better. I plan to treat him with Ich X when it arrives. I hope that I am doing the right treatment. He is in a 55 gallon tank. I checked the water parameters before I treated him -which all checked out. I feel defeated. Thank you for this site and the wonderful information provided. LuLu
  12. I live in Southern California and currently have a 10 gallon tank. I’ve been looking into different tanks and sizes recently. I’ve decided on either a 29 gallon or a 30 regular. Was wondering if there was any specific locations/websites to acquire a tank of these sizes? Or just go down to my local fish store?
  13. Hello! My name is Will, i'm from Orange County, CA I have 2 tanks: 8 Gallon AJ33, and a 5 Gallon Topfin In the 8 Gallon, I have assorted k class Endler Guppies (they just spawned i'm going to have to cull soon), 7 CPD's, a bunch of various Neo shrimp (reds, blues, "sunkist", and orange), 2 horned nerite shrimp, 1 hill stream loach, and 1 mystery snail. Live planted with Red Melon Sword, Dwarf Saggitaria, Java Fern, Anubias nana petite and Java Moss on the bonsai tree, horn wort (that I grow and trade back to my LFS), Various Crypts, and I believe a Hygrophilia of some sort? I got it from my LFS once and i never saw it again, i'll post a Pant ID post later.... Water Parameters: PH 7.5 Hardness 130-150 Nitrates <5 Nitrites 0 Ammonia 0 In the 5 Gallon, I have a Blue Plakat betta named Charles, he's in there with ghost shrimp, and a mystery snail. Heavily planted with Anubias, Hornwort (does not grow nearly as well in this tank as it does in the 8 gallon) , Frogbit (this tank grows frogbit SUPER well for some reason, i also trade the frogbit at my LFS), various crypts, , some anachris, and an ozelot sword. I also boil less than a gallon RO water with a table spoon of salt and almond leaves when i do water changes. I change 50% every 10 days or so. Water Parameters: PH 6.5 Hardness <100 Nirates <5 Nitrites 0 Ammonia 0 Been a fan for a while now and thought I'd join up. Lookin' forward to being active on here!
  14. Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I’ve purchased a few things from aquarium co-op and watched a ton of their videos and I have to say I’m a fan of how they do business. I’m mostly here because I got fed up with Facebook groups. The whole thing about “rescuing” bettas by buying them from petsmart/petco really got to me. Anyway, I’m new to the hobby and I’m still at the point where I’m excited to talk to others about it. I want to learn more and try to help others when I can. I mostly keep bettas but recently setup my first community tank. I’ve been getting more and more interested in planted tanks and I hope to have a paintball CO2 setup in the near future. I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas and learning from this community! Also, is anyone else from the Sacramento area?
  15. I'm struggling to find a good floating plant for a 25g balcony pond since most floating plants are invasive and illegal in California. I've ruled out Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and Frogbit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything you've had success with? For other Californians, am I understand the law incorrectly? I don't want to keep an illegal species. I also don't want to contribute to an environmental problem even if it's legal. I appreciate the help!
  16. Hi everyone! I’m in the Coachella Valley where is sunny and HOT! Here are some pictures I have of my tanks. Been in the hobby for years! Glad to see a forum like this Cory! Your the man! Here are some random pictures I have. Not a photographer by any means lol. These tanks are in my sons and daughters rooms
  17. hi every1, it's so great to be a part of a forum again! My forum days goes back to the 2000s, but with the downfall of forum, I was sad to see what was once a vibrant platform lose much of its life. The things I love about forums is how it's a place for a collection of knowledge. I learned so much from my forum experiences back in the days when I was still a young grasshopper. Although social media is a great platform to share videos and images, long form posts and articles are still the best way to learn imho. so my name is Mark, I also go by the screen name TMK Aquarist. I'm based in LA. I started in the hobby about 16 years ago. Like many hobbyists, once I got my first tank, it pretty quickly became an obsession. I quickly got into the monster fish scene, with the motto "bigger is better". CA cichlids like red terrors, pearsei, bicourti, just to name a few, became my favorite fishes, and are still some of my fav today. I got really interested in the building and aquascaping part of the hobby in the recent years, and have devoted much of my time in learning about the two aspects. I've even established a full-time business revolving just that! The hobby has taught me so much, not just in fish keeping, but professional skills like photography, marketing, sales...etc, but if I have to narrow it down to just one thing, it's patience! I love the community aspect of our wonderful hobby, and it's also something I love about forums! I especially like what CARE stands for, because bad members can turn away beginner hobbyists, and we need as many new blood for our hobby as we can get! 😄. The hobby is only as strong as the hobbyists participating in it, so I hope I can make many friends here, learn a ton of new things, and share some of my experience in the hobby. I'll share just a few of my pix for now, but will make detailed posts of them and more in the near future - 450 gallon planted tank I named "The River" - 300 gals discus tank I named "The Grotto" - worked on this commercial project tank in Indonesia - working on a 1000 gals planted tank in LA - working on a 350 gals planted tank in LA - working on a 300gals cylindrical aquascaped tank - last but not least, a Colombian expedition I went on with the legendary Heiko Bleher
  18. Hey everyone! I've been popping around here for a bit and thought I should formally introduce myself and my household tanks! I haven't had an aquarium since college (16 years ago), a betta that I adored and who my roommate named Bob Marley (you know, college 🤡). He survived being smuggled on a cross-country flight in the days after you could no longer bring liquids through TSA and the bag started leaking sometime during the flight. Before that, growing up in SE Asia I caught small fish in an artificial pond in the apartments where we lived and had a couple of red-eared sliders. I was lured back into the hobby a few months ago when Pinterest kept showing me pictures of aquascapes -- I have a pretty high stress job and the idea of a beautiful serene box of underwater art seemed incredible. I've since realized I don't have much patience for the aquascaping part and really at heart I'm still that kid that loves learning about all different animals and keeping them. The plants look nice and are beneficial for the animals. MTS has hit my household hard and fast, the Petco $1 per gallon sale happened a couple weeks afer I bought my first aquarium (a 16 gal), and so I picked up a 55 gallon. Then my partner got into aquascaping and got 2 nano tanks (an artist by trade, my partner is actually doing aquascaping part lol). We don't have any fish yet, but have lots of snails. Mostly hitchhikers on plants (we even got an olive nerite on an Aquarium Co-op plant once - score! 😆), and just today we received some mystery snails, and have more on-purpose nerites and ramshorns on the way. In the future, I'd love to have livebearers and shrimp along with the snails in my 16 gallon, and pea puffers in my 55. The 16 gallon has a mixture of plants from my LFS and Tropica, the 55 gallon and my partner's tanks all have plants from AC - I will get pictures and reviews in soon hopefully, it's just the aforementioned job keeps me busy! 😓 Thank you to everyone on this forum already that has given me great advice and has been so welcoming. Looking forward to continuing to be involved in this community and learning lots! Pictures are in order are: my partner's nano tanks, the 55, and the 16 (I think it's really supposed to be measured in litres - 60L which sounds much less random). Post-script: the anachris in the 55 isn't from AC, I forgot I threw that in there from the 16 gal when I set it up in hopes it might help it cycle.
  19. Hello fellow Aquarium fans, My name is Will and I am back in the hobby since 2015 after a few years break. I am a US citizen but live in Europe and as of 2015 in Berlin, Germany. It has been really fun to cross the German / USA hobby worlds and I am currently enjoying the access to the quality products and fish that are in Germany. But I am a total fanboy of the Youtubers from all over the world of course including the Aquarium Coop gang! I would call my style 'Aquascaping light' and as my wife and I live in a relatively small apartment I currently just have have a 30l (8 gallon) and 60l (15 gallon) tanks. Up until July I also had a 330l (87 gallon) tank but broke it down and sold it. Hopefully, fingers crossed, in the future when we move into a bigger place I can invest in a 450l tank. I uploaded a few pics of my current and past tanks over the last few years and am excited to participate and learn on the forum!
  20. Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for a while and have really appreciated all the thoughtful discussions. After decades without a tank, I set one up in April in response to family demand. It's since turned into a personal battle with algae -- fascinating for me, but my wife is not a fan. She wants clear water and beautiful fish, and I haven't provided either. We have just the one tank -- a 16 gallon, crowded with a UV sterilizer and power head to assist the hang-on-back filter. We are getting light (plant 3.0 at max 40% capacity) and phosphates (added with Seachem's Neutral Regulator, removed with Phosguard) under control, fertilizing our few plants with Easy Green to 20 ppm nitrates, and hoping that clarity is not that far away. Lately dealing with a new round of green water and a daily blanket of cyanobacteria. Hoping the UV sterilizer will help, and erythromycin is on the way. We started out with four zebra danios. All are still here, now with a couple otos, three kuhli loaches, two nerites and a handful of other snails from a stowaway. We've lost a few otos, but so far no other fish. Hoping to move some day from setting up this tank to populating it with something that will impress the wife but will not bully or be bullied by our other fish. My original plan was to go with smaller schooling fish, but she's more interested in seeing one or two showcase fish. Would appreciate any thoughts on stocking and whether we should hold off until we have the algae under better control. The picture below was taken almost a month ago, when it seems like we were in better shape. Not a great shot, but hopefully gives you a sense of where we're at. We're running a pH around 7.8 and temperature around 76-77F. Thanks! -Greg
  21. Checking in from Northern San Diego county. Thank you to the Co-op for creating this forum. We have few local fish stores here, I have to drive about 35 minutes just to get my LFS. Of course there is a Petco/Petsmart about every other mile. The only fish I was ever able to keep alive from them were Cory's and platy's. I've been in the hobby for about two yeas now, and in that short amount of time I've had 11 different setups. We had tanks in each room at one point, but it just became too much. Currently we have 5 tanks set up, and we're trying to figure out how to move forward. My largest tank is a 100gal (50/50 split) which I want to modify so it's all one big tank. I've picked up most of knowledge from the good ol interwebs, mostly Cory, KG tropicals, and Corveus. We have local fish clubs, but they are very proper. If anyone knows of a group of people here in San Diego that are into educating folks, please let me know. Long intro, but I like fish keeping so I can ramble. Nice to be here and look forward to learning and seeing your setups.
  22. Hey everyone, I am so glad to be here, well I have been here a while but have not introduced myself and my fish yet. I have a 40 gallon planted tank, a 10 gallon planted tank, and a 700 gallon pond. Here are my tanks...
  23. Hello I am new to this forum. I have a lot of Amano shrimp and 6 Pygmy Cories. I also have two ten gallons and a little 1 gallon plant grow out tank. I grow a ton of water wisteria
  24. Looking for fish friends here in Northern California.
  25. The 29 gallon was my way of dealing with the ongoing covid-19 working from home isolation made worse when our outdoor stomping grounds went up in flames the first week of September. So, I thought if I can't escape into nature, I'd bring some inside. Its haphazardly put together I suppose. I wanted plants so it has aquarium soil under the beach gravel we'd hung onto for 20 years since we last had an aquarium. The large piece of bored-out scoria in which I've planted three cryptos was from that same aquarium. A large piece of obsidian creates a retaining wall for the deaper soil section in which I planted what I thought was a nice tall green sword. Its a red melon sword, and its new leaves are red and lovely but still short. The plants in this tank are mostly from LFS because I hadn't found Aquarium Co-op yet when setting it up. Once the tank cycled I added 11 pygmy corydoras and 6 glowlight tetras. Later I took out gravel on one side to give the Cory's sand and added 6 cherry shrimp. Had so much fun watching the pygmies the first month or so. Then I got my fluval light and added 8 black neon tetras and the pygmies went into hiding. I've since relocated the black neons, in case they were just too much for the cory's and reset the new light to less intensity and hours, but the pygmies continue to hide as soon as they detect our feet on the floorboards. The snails come in with the plants, and hopefully they'll find their balance soon and level off. Scooter the butterfly loach is settling in nicely, and the shrimp have molted and doubled in size. The 75 gallon is about a month behind, originally it was supposed to house fancy goldfish but somehow it didn't work out that way. It has three stories, again with plant soil under gravel which is layered over small scoria in bags behind the retaining walls. The gravel is larger because we planned on goldfish, but it's nicely rounded and we also have sand on the lowest level, which we feed over. The majority of the plants in the big tank are from Aquarium Coop. Water Sprite, windelov java fern, drawf sag, various cyptos, a annubias and some Val that still needs to settle in. I've added floating lettuce and anacharis locally. My husband made the lid with tubes for pathos roots and we have three Co-op sponge filters, one in each corner. Its home now to 4 golden white cloud minnows. They were purchased as a group of 7 and were very small, 3 did not make it past the first 48 hours, but the remaining four have grown and colored up and we'll add a few more when we have the opportunity. The 8 relocated black neon are here, and I've added 8 more today for a nice size school in this larger tank. We are now up to 6 false jullii. They've been gathered up in pairs and with various states of abused barbels which we hope will regrow with plenty of water changes and a nice variety of food. For flair we have 2 pair honey gourami and two unpaired drawf gourami. One of the honey gourami already tried to raise himself a family in one of the pathos tubes. We hope to add some as yet undetermined algae eaters and shrimp to this tank, but its starting to feel about right, the plants are a bit bigger now than in the picture. I'm having a harder time with the 29 tall nano tank. The top of the tank needs something, pencil fish maybe, that will stay at top better than the black neons did. But we haven't found any top swimmers yet. And I've increased the driftwood cover for the pygmies, but they responded by moving in and staying in rather than gaining confidence and coming out. Since I already have eleven, I'm not sure if adding additional pygmy corydoras would coax them out again, or just result in a well stocked while apparently empty tank. 😞 Water in both runs 72-76 degrees, 7.4 Ph, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, nitrates unfortunately never seem to test out below 20 (we have 8 already from the tap) but we do at least 10% weekly water changes and I test the water twice a week and do a second partial change if nitrates look closer to 40 on either test. Which is a more likely occurrence in the smaller tank. Still trying to find that just right amount of food. I recently spoted a very small assassin snail in the 29. Bit of a shock actually, so I don't know if that means we have just that one snuck in on a plant with the pond snails, or more. I guess we'll find out in a while.
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