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  1. Forewarning, this is going to be a long post as I've been dealing with this since last Friday. Any and all advice is very much welcomed as I'm not sure how to go forward and rid my tank of whatever is currently plaguing it and my fish. So I've been dealing with an issue with my main aquarium and I could use some advice. Friday of last week, March 18th I switched out my display 29 gallon aquarium that houses my angelfish and bristlenose pleco with a brand new 29. I used new sand and gravel as well as added in some large river stones, I of course kept the same plants, driftwood, and of course all of my filtration. I dosed Prime, Stability, and Safeguard to help with the move as I knew it would be stressful. While I was exchanging tanks, I kept my angelfish and pleco in a 5 gallon bucket with one of the sponge filters running in the meantime, both were fine in their temporary quarters while I got their home in order. Later that day, I added them to the new 29 gallon. I noticed they were acting a little off with their breathing, and kept monitoring the tank throughout the remainder of the day. On March 20th, I was getting weird bubbles forming at the top of the tank in the corner where the sponge filter was. They weren't breaking like they usually would when they hit the surface, they were more so sort of gathering together. I did a 90% water change, redosed all the same seachem products and added carbon (carbon was added more as a precaution, and still is in the tank). At that time, I was checking water parameters daily (and still am) and my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate all read in at 0ppm. March 21st I still had no reading on my cycle, but March 22nd I started reading in at 5ppm while still maintaining 0ppm for both nitrite and ammonia. On March 22nd I also performed a 30% water change. I ended up removing the new river stones as well, in case they may have introduced something to the tank (just out of a random guess). Still from March 23rd to even today, I'm reading at 0ppm for both ammonia/nitrite and reading 5ppm for nitrate. I'm assuming during the tank move I either crashed/stalled my cycle, but now that I've got it back I'm not sure what else to do about my fish. My angelfish still seems like she's having issues, she's only calm when the lights are off so the majority of the past couple of days I have left the lights off. My crypts in the tank are melting back, I figured that would happen given recent events (I'm not concerned about losing my plants, I just want my fish to be okay). The bubbles from the sponge filters are still a little odd like they have been previously and haven't really changed any at all. I guess I'm asking is what should I do next? I'm just stumped. My pleco for the most part is acting fine, it's just that my angelfish still seems like she's very stressed from her breathing and irregular behaviors since the tank move and even today (almost a week later). I don't want to lose either of them, I've had my pleco for about 8 years since she was a baby and my angelfish almost 2 1/2 years. I've still been dosing daily Seachem Prime, Stability, and Stress Guard. Carbon is still in the tank as well. The water has never once been cloudy during this issue. Attached below are photos from the past week of everything. The top two photos are from March 18th when I swapped the old 29 with the brand new one. The second set of photos are from March 20th, showing the gathering bubbles and how they wouldn't break off as normal. This standalone picture was from March 22nd from when I was doing my 30% water change to show the gathering bubbles from the hob filter. This picture above shows the test results from today, March 24th with ammonia and nitrite still being at 0 and the nitrate still at 5ppm. This final picture shows the 29 gallon aquarium today, March 24th, bubbles still the same with my angelfish still being very shy and stressed.
  2. Hi everyone, I am new here, but have been lazy keeping a 10 gallon tank for a few years. About 2-3 weeks ago, I transferred from a leaking 10 gallon to another 10 gallon. Kept most tank water and filter mesh, but changed the gravel and carbon filter. Added flourish tabs under the gravel and planted with corkscrew vallisineria and elodea. Transferred 2 Otocinclus (3rd passed), 1 remaining elderly guppy (would like not to keep those any longer), 3 Harlequin rasboras, 1 assassin snail, and a few pond snails for him to eat (he may not have any left). When I noticed the Otos sucking on the val, I tossed in a fistful to float - to my daughter's dismay. She hates floaters. Tank temp is in upper 70's. Not sure temp strip or heater is very accurate. Heater set to 75 but I think it is slightly warmer. Had BBA in old tank and came along with the move. Have Excel, but never used. I was concerned about the Otos having enough to eat in the "new" tank, so had been adding pealed cucumber, fresh spinach, and recently fresh chopped Kale continually. They eat the cucumber and spinach regularly, but the Kale took a day or two. About 4 days a go we noticed the Otos had the zoomies. Never noticed before and thought it odd they waited weeks after the move if it was just stress. Tetra strips show less than 20 nitrate (still safe, but slightly pink). Incoming tap water shows some nitrate here too. No Nitrite, Very hard water, no chlorine, moderate to ideal alkalinity. Neutral PH. Read online that Otos sometimes behave this way, so did nothing. I just recently watched the Aquarium Coop video about bubbles being an indication of medication or a problem in the tank. About 3 days ago notices bubbles. Test strips showed the same results as usual. I changed only 1 gallon tank water for room temperature filtered water (filter removes chlorine). Then added Top fin bacteria starter that I had no hand for good measure. The next day I ran out to PetSmart for an API test kit, but ammonia reads 0. This morning it seamed the foam was worse. Otos still occasionally zoom, but have calm periods too. I retested, nitrate and ammonia unchanged. But foam seemed a little less after I removed the softening cucumber and final bits of spinach. I left the kale as they just seemed to start eating it. Later my husband noticed the entire water surface was covered with a thin layer of bubbles. A little later still the bubbles had increased. See attached photo. I thought maybe the bubbles deceased after I opened the tank lid to take a picture, but I was not sure. Have I just never noticed this? Does softening cucumber cause bubbles - not ammonia? What do I do? FYI I have a 39 gallon, unheated, dirted aquarium growing plants (and pond snails), but I need to redo it because I did not use a sufficient sand cap and dirt is everywhere. I plan to move the heater with the fish at some point. I'm just dreading the drain, breakdown, addition of sand, rocks, wood, plants . . . Then do I still have sufficient bacteria?
  3. I checked on my fish tank this morning doing my daily water parameter check to monitor my fish in cycle process and saw that the entire top of my fish tank had bubbles across it. not sure what is causing this. could it be the fact that I am dosing daily with prime and seed to protect the fish and build the BB. I also notices some white cotton looking stuff on one of my live plants and decorations. Should I remove that or is it harmless and will go away in time. Is it safe to make the assumption that everything that I am seeing is a result of me going through the cycling process with water parameters changing constantly, or is there something else that I should be looking for. Water parameters this morning ph 7.2-7.4 (has stayed pretty constant through this whole process) ammonia <.25 (spiked up to 1 but has slowly been on the decline since starting with seed) nitirte .25 (went up to .5 but has been slowly declining since) nitrate 5 (has been the same throughout the cycling process)
  4. Hello Coop community, First the tank details and info then below is my fishie issue: South American Style heavily planted aquascape. 300 liters / 79 gallons Filter: Oase 600 biomaster and eheim skimmer unit Water parameters according to Coop test strips: Nitrate: 0, Nitrite: 0, Hardness: 0, Buffer: 0, PH: 6,4, Chlorine: 0, Temp: 23 C / 73,4 F CO2 injected at about 20 / 30 mg per liter via inline system (comes on 2 hours before lights and goes off 1 hour bf they go off). 10 hours of lighting per day. Fertilizer: Dennerle fertilizer system. Inhabitants 9 angels (Bulgarian Green Seal Point), 20 cardinals, 20 green neons, 16 corys (orange lazer and eversi), 7 panda garra, 1 whiptail cat, 2 flying foxes. The water we have is really soft (Black Forrest, Germany) and it isnt RO its just mountain water. But almost all my species are south American originally or from areas that have soft water. I used to do 1 50-80% water change every 2 weeks but now I do it every week since the start of the month bc of my current issue (see below). Feeding 1-2 a day. 1 day of fasting / week. Now here is my problem: My angels are having some issues with their dorsal and anal fins (top and bottom ones). In the photos you will see they are slowly deteriorating on the top and have some slime on them. They are also attracting what seem to be the co2 bubbles. There seems to be some stringy substance coming from the fins. To try to improve the problem I have upped my water changes to once a week and also added lots of catappa leaves to see if that would help. I am thinking of using a catappa concentrate (https://www.sera.de/en/product/freshwater-aquarium/sera-phyto-med-catappa/) starting tomorrow after a water change to see what that does. My fish are eating well, super active and the colors are very good atm. So I am really at a loss for what is going on. It is also only the angels that are currently having this fin problem. Other fish seem to be just great. Any thoughts or ideas would really be helpful. I want to get their fins healed up and be a good fish papa! Many thanks. Will
  5. Just got home and noticed a whole bunch of bubbles.
  6. Hello, everyone! I bought a pair of honey gouramis yesterday and when I got them in the tank I noticed that the male appeared to have bubbles under the translucent parts of his skin! Is this unusual? They don't seem to be raising or distorting the surface at all and you can't see one side's bubbles all the way through to the other side, but he's got about six or seven of them total. Also, one of his pectoral fins seems a bit a janky and may have been damaged in transit - will that heal up on its own? Thanks for your time!
  7. Hello All, I noticed all of these bubbles in my fish tank today. What are they and how to I fix the issue? Thanks!
  8. I have foam Bubbles on the surface of my 5 gallon fish tank. I just did a gravel vacuum and 50% water change. I used my master test kit before the water change and also three days later. Water Quality is all good so what could be wrong. And yes I used Prime water conditioner. I'm only 8 months into this hobby. I have one Betta fish and one snail in this tank. The tank is six months old. I have other larger tanks that are not having this issue. I also serviced the pumps by wringing out the dirty filter in the aquarium water I vacuumed out. The bubbles appeared three days after tank maintenance. Any Advice?
  9. So my 2 year old poured some bubble solution in my 25 gal patio pond. Dosed 10 mil of prime and water changing till there's no more bubbles tonight. I'll update if there's any losses. All endlers. Trying to use nutgrass as a bog filter and working so far. I have to dose easy green to get nitrates to even register. Crazy hard water so I use dehumidifier water for topoffs.
  10. I remember in a video/live stream (or multiple?) cory mentioned that he can tell whats going on in a tank by how foamy the bubbles are. I noticed both my home fish tanks and outdoor pond-tub have fairly "thick" water. I put thick in quotes because I don't know if it has higher viscosity, but bubbles tend to be larger and they take longer to pop and my tank water wets surfaces differently (spreads out more). I only noticed this when I setup a tiny shrimp tank on my desk at work (which has a different municipal water source) and noticed that I can get much finer bubbles out of a never clog air stone vs at home where the smallest I can get are about 2mm diameter. So my question is, other than meds (I have no meds) what else can effect this? I know there's a broad array of answers but what would be plausible/most probable?
  11. Sombat

    Pond bubbles

    I have an outdoor mini pond with a few comet goldfish. Lucky bamboo and Ribbon plants. I keep the water filter running around the clock but the lighting on only a few hours. Been noticing bubbles on the surface. Do goldfish make bubble nests like bettas?
  12. I get quite of bit of algea on my covers where the bubbles from the sponge filter splash a little water on them. Has anyone come up with an easy way to prevent this??
  13. I had a piece of spider wood in this 20 gallon tank with my bristle nose Plecos, the algae was unmanageable. I washed it off many times, soaked it in peroxide and ended up boiling it for hours over a couple months. The algae always came back. Last month I totally gave up and removed it. For the last 30 days since the removal, I've done 25% water changes on this bare bottomed tank weekly. I've also cleaned out the filter twice. The fish and bristle noses are doing okay and seem happy but I can't get the water or bubbles to clear up. There is a slight brownish tint to the water which I believe is from the fresh zucchini I feed. The brownish tint is also in my other tank that I feed my other bristle noses in. But that tank doesn't have bubbles and is pretty clear. The tint can really only be seen when you look through that tank sideways. When i test the water parameters there good. I do have very hard water done here in South Florida but my other tanks are super clear. What can I do to clear it up? I had thought it would get better over time but its not, well its better for a few hours after cleaning the bottom and doing the water changes but by the next morning I'm back to barely being able to see through the tank even with the light on. I don't mind the bubbles but I think its a symptom of the cloudy water.
  14. I don't know if I'm over-worrying or anything, but I see that Aurora has red-gills when he is flaring, he comes to the surface to breathe every 30 seconds, and blows bubbles often in the water like he is suffocating/choking... can someone help me identify if its a disease, and if its gill flukes or gill disease? Thanks so much!!
  15. My juvenile Ryukins all have bubbles in their stool. I feed them a varied diet of Repashy, frozen brine, Saki Hikari and duckweed. I have two sponge filters (with air stones) in the tank and the tank stays around 72 degrees. My oranda and Ranchu have never had this. All swim and act normally. Should I be concerned?
  16. My elodea and hornwort (floating) are looking sad and brown. I have some type of brown algae going on (and an angry fish. See photo. Lol). It has been 12 days since i did maintenance on this 5.5. One betta. 3 snails (the first i noticed 12 days ago the third just tonight). Some flat worms on the glass (rhabdocoela i think..definitely not planaria). Ammonia has been definitely zero but looked like the api test might have a green tint tonight..or maybe im seeing things the more paranoid i get. Im totally new to plants and never had a snail...i guess they came free with the elodea....they poop a lot!. Nitrite zero...nitrate around 10ppm. pH around 8.3. Temp about 78. Questions (see photos): 1. Whats up with this brown algae on stuff...is thats whats up with my plants or are they dying? 2. My plants are pearling with little bubbles (see teal circles) what does this mean with all else going on..they are pearling and dying? 3. What is this white hazy fluffy fuzzy..idk stuff on my hornwort and at the surface line on that elodea? (See purple circles) 4. Are these pest snail eggs? (See orange circles..they are grouped..not pearl bubbles) Please any info? Did i wait too long to do a water change? Is my tank gonna crash if i clean the glass now? Is there something i need to watch out for? Change? Any info on how i move forward would be appreciated.
  17. Help my red fish has developed two bubble like things on it's fin one enormous and one smaller. Does anyone know how I can treat it. I am relatively new to fish keeping. I have treated the whole tank with something for fin rot and ulcers but that has done nothing. Any other thoughts?
  18. Hiya all, my golden ram and German blue ram have had their second batch of eggs! But the male golden ram is collecting bubble from the air stone and taking them to the eggs! Is this normal? It’s very interesting to watch many thank
  19. Aloha from Hawai'i! New to the hobby and really enjoying it. Been lurking on the Forum and shopping a lot on the website! Just converted to AquariumCoop sponge filters. They are terrific! Have (2) Small filters in my 20gallon long and (1) nano in my 10gallon betta tank. All working fine, however a few days ago the filter in my betta tank has gone crazy. Bubbles were accumulating in the corner of the tank and slowly popping but now the bubbles are on overload. Checked water parameters and all is normal PH: 7.4 / Ammonia: 0 / Nitrates + Nitrites: 0. The only change is that I took out the sponge filter to clean it in tank water. Has airstone. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions? Really appreciate any feedback. Mahalo.
  20. So as we all know some fish should not be available to the general public this being said those are some of my favorite fish. So I was on craigslist this little guy was there and one thing led to the next so I ended up getting this little guy(2 foot). He was in a 125 which was way to small for him and so I am now the proud owner of two alligator gars but now I'm left with the difficult task for giving this one a name that fists. The first pic is of bubbles he is the one that is larger and in the second pic he is under the new guy. The third pic is the new gar in his old tank. The fourth is of the new gar in acclamation
  21. Hello all, I am new here and this is my first ever forum post. Looking for information on these bubbles here, they started hanging around a day or so after installing our sponge filter. It’s been a week and there has been no change with the bubbles. This is a 29g tank, currently only stocked with plants and 6 guppies. Previous water test have come back okay, with a slightly elevated water hardness. I’ve read about elevated protein levels in the water that can cause this, and to do frequent water changes until resolved. Is this true? TYIA for any recommendations/help.
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