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  1. I'm in Hawaii! A friend of mine jokingly called fishkeeping here 'an old Japanese man's hobby', and the store owners/managers tend not to treat her as a serious hobbyist either, despite her being older than me and having more experience with fishkeeping, especially internationally (she is from Japan and into ADA). I'm sure I've just gotta frequent my top two stores more often and they might warm up to me eventually.
  2. That's fantastic, maybe an ideal situation since they were the ones to approach you, and I'm sure the prior relationship helped 😄 Yeah, I've had problems both talking to an owner/manager, much less one that's friendly (I'm not sure what it's like in other parts of the world, but over here the LFS are very much a boys club). Nice! I'm glad it's going pretty smoothly for you. Yeah, like I said I watched that series. That's awesome it was rewarding!
  3. Fish tanks are her primary form of entertainment.
  4. Thanks Daniel! That's so awesome; I'm really glad you had a good experience. When the time comes, I'm thinking about reaching out to a LFS via email as well, because of social distancing (plus, the one I'd like to sell to most only allows two customers in the store at once, and I don't want to cost them customers unnecessarily).
  5. Hi everyone! Essentially, what it says on the tin. I'm interested in hearing other people's experiences. I've watched the breeding fish for profit series, and I'd like to hear what breeders and hobbyists encountered when selling their fish. Currently I'm saving up to get some ricefish to breed. Did you have a prior relationship with store employees/managers prior to selling them? Do you sell to multiple stores? How did you approach them? Did you ever end up not selling to a LFS and went to craigslist, aquabid, or getgills? Thanks!
  6. I collected baby brine shrimp for the first time today! They're in an unheated, un-airstoned container because the air pump is being used for my mystery fry and a QT tank, so even a few of them hatching was a real delight; somehow I got it in my head that I'd never be able to hatch any. I'll probably be ordering a brine shrimp hatchery from the coop this week. I also tested the water on the QT tank.
  7. My goldfish staple is the Xtreme Sinking Pellets. I'd like to feed more Repashy, but I'm lazy 😅 For their foraging I've tried water sprite, watercress, lettuce, and broccoli. They liked all of it, but the watercress was the biggest hit. Unfortunately that left the bottom filled with green poop for a few days till they re-ate it and eventually the filter got it all I guess. I bought some Fluval Goldfish floating food over the weekend, but they didn't go after it as much as they do the pellets, and it made their poop a bit stringy, so I'm not sure I'm gonna keep feeding it. I'm trying to figure out a plant I can throw into the HOB that will grow, then I can cut some and toss it to the fish as needed.
  8. An update! Looking back at this I'm amazed at how my plants are growing (or, er, not dying). I got a plant from my aunty, who got it from one of those petsmart bulb packages. I switched out my clip on light for my bedroom lamp with a plant LED which mmmay cause some algae problems down the road, but oh well. I'm also trying out a sweet potato in my HOB! Admittedly, I can't tell if the fish are actually growing, but they seem happy. I pulled the swords and crypts from this tank; they're now in a planted 12g I'd like to breed ricefish in. The little cup has this guy! Next up: a workable lid, and a new addition.
  9. The essentials, because it's late and I am so, so tired. Set up a 36g, added 2 juvenile goldfish (lionchu and oranda) in on October 1 Set up a 12g in early November(? probably November 1), intending to keep and breed rice fish, when I can afford some. Added the plants the goldies were tearing up around then. I'd intended to get a good light, but then life happened and the tank went more or less ignored until today. I was planning to ride out the ammonia spike from the substrate and have a little fishless cycle. A few days ago, I added an onion plant from my aunty's tank into the 12g, because it was too tall for her aquariums. She is breeding guppies for her outside ponds, but I'm 90% sure the onion plant came from a 10g with no fish. This evening, I noticed at least four fry swimming around the 12g. One isn't doing well; it's floating in the current of the sponge filter, but the other three-ish seem healthy. Ultimately I'd like to know if these guys are guppies or goldfish (I'm thinking goldfish? Maybe??). And if they are goldfish, is a lionchu/oranda even...healthy? Viable?
  10. More plants! I have a 12g I might set up as the planted tank I crave if the fish are gonna go to chow town on these guys. The bubble wall is from amazon, and it's very noisy. Not a fan. I might just throw the air stone back in. The spider plant I bought to stick in the filter kinda...rotted away, but the root system is still there. I'm leaving the roots in the hopes the plant will sprout back up again. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. So, fearing an ammonia spike over the weekend, I didn't feed, providing instead their usual lettuce (both fresh and microwaved) and water sprite, which I'm trying to keep for them to forage as needed/wanted. This went over well until today, when they took offense to the lack of microwaved lettuce and tore up a good portion of the plants. me: (andagi is vertical in that picture because I had the misfortune of taking a picture just as he was trying to grab some water sprite. truly he has great timing.) I was planning to rescape with the plants that should be arriving from the Co-op this week, but decided to go ahead and start now. I'm not sure how I feel about the log standing upright (it looked much better in my head). I'll probably mess around with it more when the plants come in. I ordered plant weights, and I might stop by the hardware store for some pond stones to scape the back of the tank. I ended up doing a cumulative ~30% water change throughout the day; one in the morning and two as I was rescaping (I now fully believe it when people say goldfish are poop machines). In the meantime? They won. The goldfish got their repashy, and I learned they'll be patient for two (2) whole days before deciding they're absolutely starving. If I ever have to fast them for longer, I'll probably provide more vegetables. I've heard about feeding them spinach, cucumber, and zucchini; does anyone have any other favorites they like to feed their goldies? short video.
  12. My 36g is also 30 inches tall—I totally feel you on the height making it awkward! I’m lucky to be tall enough that it comes up to my shoulder, but it’s still a pain that my whole arm fits in the tank and I can *barely* touch the bottom. Anyway, I LOVE how huge the val and tiger lotus got. It’s a gorgeous look! Are the swords in the latter photos the same as the one in the May 2019 photo?
  13. Not much went on today! More paraguard went into the tank; tomorrow I'll be doing a small water change per General Cure's instructions. Aunty took a peek at the tank yesterday and suggested the name Mochi Ball for the Oranda (I wasn't sold on the name Nori tbh). Might be renamed to Mochi Crunch? I also did some retail therapy at the Coop today; later this week when the package arrives I'll probably redo the minimalist aquascape + possibly add the unboxing to this journal! I'm excited for the day I get a light that covers the whole width of the aquarium 😄
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