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  1. Mochi Crunch, my female Oranda! She spits water at me regularly.
  2. It's a little thing, but I finally confirmed what I knew: my 'juvie' goldfish are breeding adults 😔 The lionchu has breeding stars, which means the oranda is the female. The one eyed oranda I impulse purchased at a LFS also has breeding stars, but he gives me old man vibes and doesn't try to chase the female oranda (which the lionchu does often). Obviously since I gave one of their babies away two weeks ago I knew they were breeding, but it's nice to confirm, I guess. I'm not enjoying being sick but it's given me lots of time to observe my fish 🙂
  3. Congrats! Are you planning to keep them in a breeder box or let them roam the tank freely?
  4. Another day, another co-op order...first one of the year! You know you're a nerm when you've been looking forward to getting scraper blades for weeks...
  5. Visited a couple LPS's today, then finally got around to rehoming the goldfish fry. Finally my ricefish eggs can hatch in peace 😅
  6. New light: acquired! Excuse the mess; haven't done maintenance on the tank in a few weeks.
  7. Replying to my own topic as the culprit and solution has been found-- The fish was wedging itself into the rockwork, presumably to get those morsels of food that fell in between the cracks. I found him stuck one day and rearranged the rocks, and he's healed pretty well in the intervening two weeks.
  8. Not much to update, but the floating plants are looking 👌
  9. Back then my problem was not using a strong enough light (I have an unconscious affinity for tall tanks, I guess) nor was I dosing enough ferts, so the plants were just kind of stagnating, lol. This time, I wanted to take it slowly and not go wild with filtration since it's expensive, so I just keep testing water. I'd rather buy an extra sponge filter as needed, than start with a giant HOB that blows my poor fish and salvinia around. In my current setup that's eating nitrates like crazy, I've got a strong light, planted tank substrate, and liquid ferts. The sponge filter is too large, but the flow is so minimal that it's kind of turned into an oversized eyesore that I'll be glad to move into a larger tank soon. At the moment the stocking is low, with 6x adult ricefish, a goldfish, shrimp, and snails, but I'm overfeeding because the ricefish are breeding, I want the shrimp and snails to breed, and the goldfish is a growing boy. My opinions and rambling about my tanks aside, if you haven't listened to it yet, I recommend this video by Cory, as well as one I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think it's about changing water too much.
  10. re: filtration, when I first got into the hobby I overfiltered so much (like, an Aquaclear 50 + kit HOB for a barely stocked 29g), but after coming back to fishkeeping...I probably underfilter. The exception is the goldfish tank, which has two HOBs, but one is primarily for filter floss/seeding sponges for new tanks. I'd like to get that on just one sponge filter one day to keep the energy cost down, but I'm going to use what I have for now. All of my tanks are planted, and I've been struggling to keep nitrates above 20, so I have to dose ferts about twice a week in the most heavily planted one. (also, I love your username.)
  11. Ooooh I'd never thought of the air stone + prefilter. I definitely want to try that, since I have two mulm-filled sponges in the tank for the shrimp. Thanks! Now that they've settled in some are definitely showing dots and darker colors, so I'm excited to see what the shrimplets will look like.
  12. I haven't yet had luck with treating swim bladder in bettas so I can't offer any advice, but I'm glad your fish is doing better--following this topic for advice others offer.
  13. I try to tell my ricefish they need to lay their eggs on the spawning mop, not just on the plants...I also scold the goldfish when I put my hands in the tank and they go and nibble on my arm.
  14. Tank Size: 36g bowfront, with two additional goldfish not showing any symptoms pH: 6.8 (the regular pH, per the LFS and my own tests, is 7.5) Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 Hardness: 100 Alkalinity: 0-40 (usually around 40-100) Temperature: 78 Right before bed I noticed my Oranda's scales are falling off. Panicked, dosed maracyn, 1tsp salt per 10 gallons, and added crushed coral. I'm not sure why the pH is so low; I've checked another tank and it's also 6.8, so I'm not sure if the water company is adding something to the water. I might wander to the LFS tomorrow and ask if they've noticed anything. I haven't changed anything in the tank in the last week; on the 19th, I added some Fluval stratum and plants, as well as moved things around. Yesterday, I fed them rinsed, cooked carrots, Hikari Vibra-Bites and also brushed off some sand from this fish. I also topped off some of the water. Today I threw in some sinking pellets they've never eaten before. Other than those new foods, they've been eating the same food (Repashy, Xtreme) as they have been since I got them in September. I did not notice the missing scales when I was looking at the tank earlier today, nor when I fed them. Is there anything else I can do for the fish? Or just wait and see? (apologies for the lighting; the only light on that tank now is a purple grow light)
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