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Found 14 results

  1. I have some kind of moss that must have come in on a plant. It has gone insane over the past year and I want to create a background in one of my tanks with it. I know you can sandwich it between 2 sheets of mesh, but honestly I don't know what kind that would be used? On Amazon I found stainless steel mesh sheets, but how large should the webs be? I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks
  2. Very intrested to see the split on this one. Do you use a background and if so what type? Solid colour, graphic, applied or held on by tape? I think when I first started with a tank as a kid it was bare back, however in my adult fish keeping I have always had one. That is until my new 90g, possibly. Due to budget, I have always just got the double sided printed, laminated graphic from lfs. You know, the ones where one side is more blue and water looking and one side is rocks and green plants. That is what I have sitting beside the tank now. When I went to install it, hubby said that it made the tank look cheap. I am very torn. On one hand it hides the cords and all the stuff that keeps the tank running. It also gives that full look while plants are settling in and growing. I can however see hubby's side in that with everything else being real and much more natural looking, it looks fake and sorta brings the class level down. Not sure which way to go. Thoughts on my tank, pictures below. Also what is your preference when it comes to your tanks?
  3. I was never really sold on the black background I had added last week so I just removed it & almost immediately some of the fish started exploring the back glass which basically no fish has yet since getting them Tuesday. It's a 27g cube so I feel like this is a better move so they explore the rest of the tank
  4. If I paint the back glass of my tank red, will it enhance plant growth?
  5. Looking for some unique and cool ideas for a in tank background. I’ve thought about buying like the prefab backgrounds for mounting inside the tank. But I want more opinions and suggestions on some ideas for a background. I thought about using the stone tile used in showers and on the outside of the houses. Like the stacked slate in the attached picture
  6. I’m setting up my new 75 today. I put a black background on the back last night. The tank sits in a corner and, before I fill it, so I’m trying to decide if I should also put some sort of background on the end that’s towards the wall? I was considering either black or even just getting some “frosted glass” type like you’d use for privacy on a window. thoughts?
  7. I just got a photo backdrop it's 5 foot long by 3 ft tall. (For my 55g) vinyl photo backdrops? Right now I'm just running a solid piece of cardboard as my background I plan on putting the vinyl over that and then reattaching to my tank. It's a great-looking forest scene was only $9 I don't think I could beat it the normal aquarium backgrounds are pretty expensive. Was just wondering if anybody else has tried this and how it turned out I'm getting ready to do it here in a little bit so I'll try to and some photos to this later tonight or tomorrow
  8. Added the seaview adhesive too it still see bubbles what can i do? And if i want to remove how to i remove the adhesive?
  9. I was browsing the co-op blog and saw this article about an alternative to moss walls. I'm interested in trying it out and have most of the plants I'd need, but I'm a little hesitant about spending $50+ on the mat, as I'd do this for a 36g tank. Has anyone tried this out, or done living walls in general? If you did, how did it turn out, especially in the long run? Was it worth it?
  10. Hey guys, Quick question, Is it important for a tank to use aquarium background? and why? A lot of article says it's important for their color and stress but I've seen some people not using any backgrounds as well. So, this is where I start to wonder actually...
  11. They are just SO crazy expensive! I'd rather send my money to Aquarium Co-op for cool goodies to go INside my tanks! 😍 I couldn't find what I wanted. And I didn't want to spray paint it black like we did our other tank So I figured "water" color would be appropriate for an aquarium.😁 I know poster board works too...I just wanted a little ombre action going on. The lighter color will go at the top. I might add another layer of color when it dries.
  12. Does anyone have recommendations for thin 3D backgrounds that are not going to cost an arm & leg? I've considered making my own but I am not sure of my abilities at this point on such a large tank, and most of the DIY backgrounds are not very thin. Thanks for any recommendations.
  13. My bettas seem to hate having a backgrounds on their tanks. I’ve tried solid black and one with an image printed on it and both made them flare like crazy. They seem to be able to see their reflection no matter what, but the background made it 10 times worse. I have a 10 and a 5 gallon each with a betta. Anyone else experience this? Or do you have thoughts on backgrounds in general?
  14. First-time caller here, but I thought this would be a great place to post about a successful experiment with my aquarium. I have envied the rock backgrounds Cory has been showing off lately, but had decided to just to paint the back of my tanks like normal. After rooting through the random leftover paint bin in the garage, I came across an old spray paint from my youngest daughter's old school project. Her project was to create a solar system out of styrofoam balls; mine became an experiment to see if it would look like as a backdrop in an aquarium. Long story short, this "Stone Texture Finish" spray paint looks great! I applied it to the outside of the aquarium on the back, and it looks like a reasonable rock analog! Cheap way to add a rock look to your aquarium. https://www.amazon.com/Krylon-K18201-Coarse-Texture-Granite/dp/B000BZX6VO/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=black%2Bspeckle%2Bpaint&qid=1600793761&sr=8-5&th=1
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