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  1. My fridge has a cartridge filter that filters chlorine (we don't have chloramine in our city water either) and other things like heavy metals. I'm wondering if I could use that instead of adding drops to my water change water. I presume it would also soften my water but tap water here is really soft and i add salts anyway. Does anyone already use 'fridge water in their tank?
  2. Sorry, just kidding. I am new, to the forum. I had an aquarium in my late teens and early twenty's but that was a long time ago. With corvid and retiring early due to my work situation, I found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands. So I dug out an old aquarium and set it up. A lot of questions have come up and I have learned a lot watching Cory's videos. I still have many questions and this looks like a great place to start. Right now I have a 20 gallon long with 8 zebra danios. It took a little over a month for the tank to cycle. I added 4 danios. Then I waited 2 weeks and added 4 more. I look forward to conversing with everyone, and hopefully learning from others experience. I was going to attach a picture but the first thing I learned was it is imposable to get anything but a blurry photo of the danios.
  3. I’ve been in the of hobby for 20 plus years but just stared getting into breeding. This is my 80 gallon custom tank. This tank has been established and running for 10 plus years. It’s my pride and joy. Got all my plants from aqua-coop.
  4. Ok so I'm looking for some input on the fish I am getting. Ok so I have a 10 gallon kit tank(Filter, Heater, Light) and I plan on doing a planted tank. I have a great piece of driftwood and a cool rock I'm using for hardscape. Now to the fish. I was going to get some nerite snails(2), blue velvet shrimp, chili rasboras(10), and black neon tetras(6)? To much? Not enough? Other fish to add later? Thoughts?
  5. Actually, I said it. While I have been looking (shyly?) at the aquarium stuff for a long time, I just recently committed. Never had a tank before. So yeah, trying this forum for advice, admiration and laughs 🤨
  6. Hello all, I've been browsing these forums for a few weeks now and binge watching aquarium co-op videos for months, so I figured it's time to introduce myself! My name is Garrett Dare and I've recently become a fish maniac. I got my first fish about a year and a half ago, but only really got serious about fishkeeping this year. My wife and I currently have six tanks (four small and two large). Two small betta tanks, a shrimp and guppy tank, a barb tank, a large goldfish tank, and a tropical community tank. I'm looking forward to joining the community here, learning, and helping others get into the hobby! The picture below is our 75g community tank. It's only a few months old, but is thriving. (and yes, I plan to replace that sponge filter with a large co-op one!)
  7. Hey everyone new here and exited to be a part of this online community and to show and get feed back on my current 75 gal river bed dry start project
  8. Hey! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself and my tanks. I have been in the hobby for 2 years, I know about the aquarium cycle and I am not am a newbie to the hobby. Here is the rundown of my tanks, some pics of them, and the stocking! 1st tank: Planted 20 gallon long with houses 6 sterbai corydoras, 8 harlequin rasboras, and 1 female betta. (I have to get a lot more plants and these fish are newly bought from my LFS so they are small juveniles)) 2nd tank: 5.5 gallon betta tank which houses 1 betta 3rd tank: I am getting a 3rd tank- Coming soon! Glad to meet new people and be on this forum. 😊
  9. I am diving into fish keeping and I am starting small. I have a 10 gallon tall tank which will fit on my desk at home. My plan is to use gravel as my substrate and have a piece of driftwood and live plants. I have been watching a reading all the "beginner" topics and there is a lot to take in. Using the Easy Green products I am hoping the live plants work out. I plan to buy a variety to see which works best for my tank water conditions. Since my tank is tall, about 19 inches I would like to pair fish that spend the majority of their time at the top, with those in the middle and something that hangs out at the bottom. I read the article on the "10 Best Top Dwelling" and they all appear to be schooling fish and the recommendation is to by a half dozen. For a 10 gallon tank and wanting to have fish that cover all three regions of the tank, I have to watch the quantity of the fish I have in each. Are there choices for each region of a tank that don't require as large of a schooling group? If you had a 10 gallon tall tank how would you populate your tank. I wish I had a bigger tank but this is what I have to start and I want to be successful. Eventually I want to have a much larger tank but I have to start somewhere. Can you shine a light on a path I could take to achieve my goal?
  10. Picking the hive mind here. My first planted tank, three days old. my scarlet temple from the co-op is growing some white fuzz. Is this melt or are the stems rotting and should be removed? they came in pretty sparse on leaves but looked pretty healthy to me other wise. Figured it was due to transit in winter and acclimation. But today they grew a fuz. any advice for a novice would help. thank you all 😊
  11. I live in Mexico, after new year my family and I went for an outdoor trail walk ideal activity now a days because of Covid-19. The walk was on a local creek that starts off from a natural underground spring. I didn't expect much since we live in a pretty dry area, most rivers and creeks are dry all year round and when there is creeks they are stationary and have no life other than basic frogs or insects. The creek was thin, shallow and slow moving mostly looked like any other creek I've seen, but Suddenly I spotted it, it almost looked like some algae, but it was a massive floater colony ( if you can call it that) The colors basic green and a hue of red - pink. Upon spotting them I realized this could be a much more special place than I originally thought, along the trail I kept an eye on the creek and that helped me spot movement in the water, there was fish! it was small and it was quick to hide. Before leaving I remembered the floaters and took a sample with my empty plastic water bottle to analyze through observation. Since I got the sample I've been taking pictures and I'm creating a log of photos and video with my camera. From the very first moments of observing it I noticed micro fauna in the water. 10 days have passed and I've noticed Miniature snails and a few fly or mosquito larvae, thus I decided to enclose it every night and whenever I'm not around to look at it, wouldn't want them to morph into mosquitos in my room. The following pictures are from my cellphone, I haven't gone through all the video and pictures in my camera(higher quality) though so I wont post that now. I'm jumping the gun sharing these since I tried really hard to get Cory's attention in today's live stream and was unsuccessful. Since I got them I've done heavy searching for this plant on the internet, and I cant find anything on it. Mind you all I have little to no experience with aquariums but I've been following the YouTube channel for a long time a little under a year and every video I get closer to actually going all out in on the hobby. I'm really interested in aqua scaping maybe its cause I'm an architect and I feel its almost like landscaping duh, lol. But in all reality I'm a noob at this, literally haven't had a fish since I was like 12, I'm 29 now. And because of the sudden discovery that I just couldn't ignore I jumped the gun took the sample and here I am 10 days later, when I really wasn't thinking about investing in a tank etc. until much further, when I know more and am 100% sure this hobby was for me. Luckily when I was a kid I had multiple bettas and I had 3 small spherical aquariums which are perfect for my tests. I used the smallest one I had, and plan on if possible to grow these plants and get enough for all three aquariums and eventually enough for a much larger aquarium in a not so far future. Anyways, I'm sorry for the super long text, I really wanted to fully explain the context of where, when, who and why I'm doing this. And my intent with this is to get help identifying the plant and whether its a good option for an aquarium with fish. And if indeed its an unknown then look for help from local biologist or investigate on how to adequately register and name it to be found online. So far in these 10 days I've seen massive root growth and expansion in the little aquarium which I could post in a follow up post. Enough delay here are the photos. The creek, thin, shallow and steady or still flow. The Floaters in their natural environment!!! Discovery for me at least. 🙂 Floaters close up in my small aquarium. (daytime, direct sunlight) At night with dim lighting the edge lights up almost looking phosphorescent! couldn't really capture what it looks like with my cellphone with that dim light. Upon realizing there was mosquito or fly larvae I enclosed it letting it breath when I'm there to check on it. Roots, most where anchored on to a twig. and the pretty much have only one root per petal, and I saw new root growth soon after setting it in my new container. I did notice root curling in the end, I cant tell if that's just a plant characteristic as in maybe used to anchor on to things as seen in the twig, or if it is the result of a certain deficiency in the water since I took the sample and added about an equal amount of drinking water( water bottle) to have the floaters float off the bottom since the container is much bigger than the small water bottle used to take the sample with. I used drinking water to prevent adding any untested unfiltered tap water which I have no idea of its ph etc ( city water). I hope I did the right thing. If yo are still here reading this, THANK YOU ❤️ I will try to keep up with this thread daily until I get the help I need, Happy New Year to all
  12. A small hello! I go by Alaya on the internet, and hail from the Northern Colorado area. I currently keep a 55 g and a 5 g betta tank, with another in the process of being set up. I've been keeping fish in some form or other for 36 years, most of that with community tropical set-ups and bettas.
  13. Hiya gang, New guy Nate here. Artist and professor by trade out in ruuuuural eastern oregon. Was into the hobby back in my grade school days, and am excited to climb back into the aqua-saddle. Discovered SerpaDesign randomly on youtube at the start of le apocalypse, which led me to MD Tanks which led me to Cory and Aquarium co-op. Waiting for my Marineland 5 gal. portrait to arrive this week but I'm already craving the Fiji Cube 38 gal. peninsula! Any tips for a newbie starting with one of these newfangled all-in-one doohickeys? I'm likely gonna mostly focus on flora, but I'm sure I'll get the shrimp bug before too long. Excited to play with some meaty substrates and attempt some self-sufficient tank ecosystems. I'll be making a pilgrimage to Aquarium Co-op soon! No pics of the tank yet, but these are our aquascaping supervisors Sagan and Finster. Sagan, the orange fat one, is lounging in front of the future home of le tank. I'm a ceramic person by trade, so let's spitball custom cave, planter and decoration ideas! I'm also thinking i might just manufacture my own porous ceramic bio-media ⚪⚪⚪🤷🏽🥸? Nate + Co.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm Karina and my fish is named Franky Milagros (Miracles..you'll see why below) I purchased Franky from the pet store back in August. In late October I had to go out of town for a bit being that I was so new to being a fish parent I was very worried about leaving him alone I asked a friend to take him home to feed him and watch over him. He had a safe journey and stay with my friend but on his way home there was a major traumatizing situation. His tank spilt even after being wrapped around with towels and a seatbelt. Franky took a dive and fell between the seatbelt hole of the back seat of the car. I was in tears looking for him and about an hour or a little more later we found him under the backseat. By some miracle he was still alive! (Hence his last name) He was clearly traumatized and slow but ever since then his tail just looks tattered. I know it was an accident but still breaks my heart to look at the before and after. I tried tail rot medication I think 3 times and got him a new tank for Christmas. He doesn't have the same amount of energy as he used to doing laps in his tank and such but still likes to hang out on his leaf hammock and in his floating log that Santa brought him. Is there anything I can do to help his tail grow back healthy or will it not grow back and these are just his permanent scars? Any information or insight would help. Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi all! I am new to this forum, but not to fish forums in general. You may know we from over at the Fishlore forum, but I decided to also join here to see what it was like. Thanks!
  16. Hey, I'm a hobbyist for 3 years and webmaster of Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers. (https://louisvilletropicalfish.org/) My daughter got me into the hobby and I'm over 25 tanks in so far. I mainly play with breeding and submit fish to the club's breeders awards program. It was great meeting Cory at AquaShella last year and I love what he's doing for the hobby. Enjoy a few photos while you're here.
  17. Hello folks. Been fish Keeping for just over a year and a half. Started with a 10 gallon tank for my 3 kiddos. It took about 3 days before I realized I was already addicted. YouTube was fuel to the fire and I started cramming all the information from every fish keeping video I could watch. After a few months of learning I made every mistake a new fish keeper can make everything seemed to get easy. That's when I decided to start my 2nd tank. Against all advice from my new best friends at the local fish store I set up another 10 gallon tank. I ordered all the plants and filters from Aquarium Co-op. After planning to make it a pea puffer tank I watch it cycle. Then when it was ready I couldn't find any pea puffers within 100 miles from me. I happened to go the fish store one time without my kids and I seen this little not even 1/2 inch fahaka puffer looking at me in the back section of a divied tank( I wouldn't have noticed him if my kids where there). I took him home without a 2nd thought. After watching Corey's videos on puffer fish before I even made a tank for pea puffers I had done alot of research on several fresh water puffers( all Corey's fault). I knew this was gonna be my buddy. I also got very lucky a few weeks prior to getting my Fahaka. A new friend gave me 180 gallon acrylic tank which was so scratched up you couldn't see into it. 3 weeks of elbow grease it was good as new. After getting my Fahaka me and my daughter named him Worshershier. Knowing that the wife hates it when me and the daughter go grocery shopping because of our love of annoying her by watching around the store saying "worshershier", it seemed like the perfect name. I had moved him from a 10 gallon to a 20 gallon. After a month. Then the fear of having to take him back to the fish store really fired up my attention to finishing the 180 gallon build. After a few months of saving, building and researching. I finally got my tank going. The move to the 180 has been amazing. I have watch him grow from 3 inch to 8 inch in about 2 months. I have added a few fish in with him recently and he hasn't eaten any YET. While I was building his 180 gallon tank I also started breeding mystery snails. I have a 39 tall tank that is actually one of my favorite tanks to look at even though in all reality it's a bait tank. My 20 gallon tank that I moved my Worshershier out of became the new home to my fish in my first 10 gallon tank. It was a must do to keep the peace in the house. So I went from 5 tanks down to 3 tanks. Happy wife happy life. There are future plans that the wife has given the ok to in the family room(fish room). But until then I am gonna enjoy what I have now. Thanks for readying if you have made it this far. And thank you Corey for what you have dont for the hobby and my own person slice of paradise.
  18. Mick here, I've been keeping fish as long as I can remember. I'll be turning 30 this year so I reckon that's about 20 years in the hobby. I started with an Opaline Gourami and a Kuhli Loach and I've been hooked ever since. I've kept most tropical fish available from my local stores at one time or another, including a fish only saltwater tank. I started dabbling in planted tanks about 10 years ago (geez) and I don't think I'd ever have a tank without them. Currently I'm keeping a 110 gallon planted tank with a variety of Tetras. Also a 75 gallon blackwater tank to be stocked with the larger bodied Tetras. Thanks to the inspiration of Dean and Randy I've also started a fish-corner-of-basement to try my hand at breeding and collecting. I've always been hesitant to share my tanks, not out of a feeling of inadequacy but rather not wanting to deal with the internet as we know it. I trust this be a great place to share my knowledge and experience, looking forward to it Thanks for the great work Cory.
  19. Hello fellow aquarists! I'm Rebecca, a Canadian (Winnipeg, Manitoba) now living in North Carolina. I'm an author (novelist), a dog trainer, and an amateur photographer. I am fairly new to the freshwater planted tank hobby; my "oldest" tank is 1.5 yrs (and is doing amazing!), and my newest is 8 mths--I have 4 tanks thus far. I prefer nano tanks and nano fish, and I LOVE bettas, but have lost two in less than a year and am wary about getting another. I also love aquascaping and am getting better at it: please see the attached photos 🙂 I researched like crazy before even getting into this hobby, and I've learned SO much! I look forward to reading all about everyone here, and learning from/about YOUR experiences, and maybe helping in return!
  20. Mike here, this is my 40G planted with CO2 and my guppies (55g). Just reset them up list move, still lots of work to do. Def gotta get a black background for the 55.
  21. I’m a retiree in Southwest Florida and recently got back into the fish hobby after a long break. I kept multiple fresh and saltwater tanks in my parent’s basement in the 1970s and 80s. The hobby has changed a bit since then 🙂 and I’m doing my best to catch up! I asked my husband for an aquarium this past Christmas and now have 2 - a 29-gal freshwater community and a 5-gal betta tank. I also have a dog and an amazing 38-year old cockatoo. I am so happy I found Aquarium Co-Op, the videos and chats have been very helpful.
  22. Hey guys, my name is Ben and I'm 18 years old. I've been keeping tanks since I was 14 years old and have worked at a local fish store since May 2018. Here are some of my tanks!
  23. I'm Jon form Long Island New York. Great to be here and very exited to be a part of this new community. Just got back into the hobby after about 6 years thanks to the coop. Here are some pics.
  24. Hi everyone! I’m in the Coachella Valley where is sunny and HOT! Here are some pictures I have of my tanks. Been in the hobby for years! Glad to see a forum like this Cory! Your the man! Here are some random pictures I have. Not a photographer by any means lol. These tanks are in my sons and daughters rooms
  25. Looking forward to this new forum. I've been back in the hobby for about 6 months after taking a 10 year hiatus.
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