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  1. Hello to anyone reading this message … I am new to this forum and to my new hobby. I look forward to figuring it all out. I have a new 10 gallon tank. I really want to make, Buddy, my Betta, happy. I have had some problems and lost Buddy’s Tetra roommates. I am bummed. With help, it is my hope, to get my tank safe for Buddy and get him some new roommates. Thank you for listening ☺️
  2. Here is a short video I made about the C.A.R.E forum. It's not all encompassing but is a good guiding principle for this forum.
  3. Hello all, found Aquarium Co-op YouTube videos an plant care. Below is my starting setup and goal.. Tank - 8 gallon square (Tank is filled and settling) Fish - 5 to 8 neon tetra and 1 male Betta (not purchased yet) Plants - Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green, Bacopa Caroliniana, Cryptocoryne Lutea (just ordered) Goal - Finally be able to have real plants vise the plastic ones. Plan - Plant plants first let sit for a week to settle and then add fish... Any advice is greatly appreciated. Chad
  4. hi and hello, im slacker, i got back into the hobby a couple years ago now, i just ended up falling down a YouTube hole that led me to Aquarium Coop's website and YT vids, ive seen like 99% of all the videos on the channel. then i went out and bought a 20 gal. now im up to 4 tanks in my apartment. wife hates it, but it makes me happy and that lets me keep them. lol 2-20gal, 1-10gal, and 1-5 gal. i like the breeding aspect, its fun and educational. im currently breeding pineapple platys in one 20 gal, cherry shrimp in the 10 gal, and MTS snails in the 5 gal, in my other 20 gal i currently have corydoras paleatus and some 24k gold white clouds. the corydoras have bred on their own, and i do have a couple generations of them in the 20 gal. but most the time they eat the eggs cuz i don't separate or pick the eggs. anyways, thank you for having me here. STAY WET U FISHY FOLKS.
  5. The purpose of this journal is to document my adventures in aquarium keeping as my hobby transitions into its next phase where I settle into a more long-term focus on breeding nano-fish and fresh water crustaceans as well as growing plants well. Over the past 30 years, this hobby has been a true joy for me, it has allowed me to learn so much about both myself and the world around me. It is my hope that my documentation of my aquarium-based journey will inspire others to continue to push their hobby to the next level. In light of recent success I have had selling fish and shrimp in my local market, I have decided to extend my 6 10 gal breeding rack into a larger 10 gal rack holding eight aquariums. Utilizing this new structure which I have affectionately named the "Aquarium Wunderkammer", it is my hope to continue breed Danios, Badis, Pygmy Sunfish, White Clouds, Fire Red Shrimp, Blue Dream Shrimp, and Dwarf Crayfish for both fun and a small profit. I think this new project of mine is novel because it utilizes a sliding rail system usually used in cabinet making that I have not seen utilized for an aquarium rack. By placing these aquarium on cabinet sliders, the aquarium can be moved away from the shelf they normally rest on, greatly increasing the amount of available aquarium which can be accessed for maintenance and catching of livestock while maintaining a small footprint. Thus far in my in hobby experience I have not seen a system utilizing cabinets sliders and aquariums, so if you have similar thoughts, you can now see an example of one of these systems in action.
  6. 1st week in the hobby and I’m solidly hooked! I’m really enjoying learning so much and guppies quickly got my attention. I currently have two tanks setup, a 5 gallon and a 10 gallon. My 5 gallon is my community fun tank and the 10 gallon is my guppy tank. I will come back and edit this post and add everything I have in my tank. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
  7. Howdy! I’m a teenager from California, and I currently have three tanks; 55G Turtle Tank, 10G Breeding Tank, 5.5G Betta Tank. I’m looking for a new breeding project for my 10G, I would greatly appreciate suggestions below. I’m planning to eventually build a pond for my RES, but she will live in her tank for now. I’m always happy to answer your questions 🙂
  8. Hey everyone, just got back into the fish tank hobby after a few years, I used to have a 37gal saltwater tank that my father helped me run when I was about 12 and now I'm getting back into the hobby by myself. I'm an avid fisherman so I usually can collect wild samples for my tank and after just moving down to Florida I have access to so many new and cool species. Right now I've a 20 gallon long tank and a 10 gallon tank in my kitchen. Just wanted to share my tank and see everyone's opinions, this is the first tank I've actually put plants and wood in a fish tank and I think it turned out quite well.
  9. Hi, glad to find a forum like this with so much great discussion! I found the forums after watching many of Cory's great videos. My name is Laura - LLMGTAB had just been my default internet handle from the beginning. I used to keep a tank 15-20 years ago, but surprised how much I had never learned back then! I have also kept Goldfish/Koi in ponds we have had in previous houses. I started back in the hobby early this year after getting a small betta tank for my work from home setup. I just setup a 20 gallon long with the intention of Adolin (my betta) moving in to join the crowd after they all settle. Currently is stocked with 5 pygmy cory and 7 albino neon tetras (just got them yesterday!) I am having so much fun researching and setting up this tank. I'll be sad when I have to go back in the office and not get to see it much during the week! Here is my 20 gallon so far, not to great an image with the reflection, need to practice taking photo's of tanks!
  10. HI Im new to fish/aquatic animal keeping. I have done research the past couple years. I am in the works of cycling a tank for a couple of young axolotls. I also plan on setting up a 15 or 20 gallon betta tank for my daughter, I would be handling the care but its her fish.
  11. hey guys, just discovered aquarium co op has a forum, cant wait to absorb some serious freshwater aquarium knowledge. Just stared in this hobby and i have guppys and mollies, looking to expand my skills in keeping a tank healthy and active.
  12. Hello everyone, Greetings from upstate New York, My name is Joe and I am new to the hobby. I’ve had my tank for about two days now and am excited to start this adventure. I am open to all sorts of ideas and look forward to learning as much as I can. I am blessed that a good friend of mine was nice enough to set me up with my first 5 gallon tank. He walked me through the process and did 90% of the work but explained it all in great detail. He strongly encouraged me to join the forum and started a new hobby for me. I look forward to learning , growing, sharing, and enjoying my time with any and all of you. I was given (sorry if I mess up names I’m terrible with that) 2 Ember Tetra, 1 Neon Tetra, 2 guppies (males), 1 Khuli Loach, 1 Amano shrimp, 2 Neocaradina shrimp, a couple corkscrew vallisneria, a couple of Dwarf sagittaria, and a cryptocorynes plant.
  13. Hi all! I’m so very glad to be here and to have finally joined into the group. I’ve been keeping fish since I was little but with my husband in the military it was just to much to move fish and tanks and such. Now that he’s out I’m back in! These are the 3 tanks I currently have up and running next one I’m working on cycling/seasoning is a 45 gallon. So the 29 tall has the guppies and a bristlenose pleco and is my current breeding project. My husband suggested I do bettas next I laughed like it was funny till I realized he was serious…yeah…I don’t know about that. The 15 gallon with the triplets is the chiclid tank and then there’s my pretty boy betta who currently has a red fin shark roommate who will be moving out to the 45 once it’s ready and is being kept close watch over for any funny business. Though they seem to be getting along fairly well. Though I’m disabled I still work full time and spend an hour working with the fish (even if it means gravel vacuuming and water changing while on my lunch break) and then another working my Service Dog every day. I’ve only gotten back into the hobby in the last 4 months and I’m so glad that I did I’ve included pictures of what I have going on so far.
  14. Hi everyone. I'm very frustrated and need some advice. I have a 55 gallon tank. It's been up for 3 months now. My dip stick tells me no chlorine, no nitrates, no nitrites, 6.5 Ph, acidic water, but I still can't seem to get my ammonia levels to zero. I have been doing 50-80% water changes for a week now. The gravel is spotless and I condition the water coming out of the tap. I really want fish! I have some plants that seem okay, but the few times I've put fish in there, they don't last. I'm a fish killer, and I feel so bad about it. What could possibly be so wrong with my tank? I'm really wasting a lot of conditioner in this battle for good parameters. Any help would be very appreciated. Also, love your videos. You are very helpful and mellow. Keep it up. Thanks, Sweet Sharon
  15. Hi all, I recently set up a 10 gallon tank with my 6 year old daughter. This forum and the YouTube channel have been so helpful getting started. I've watched so many videos by Cory and Irene. I really appreciate Cory's view of keeping fish and recognition of how many variables there are. Both my wife and I work in horticulture but this is my first time growing aquatic plants. I've definitely caught the bug and just dug out an old 1 gallon pickle jar to set up a simple cherry shrimp tank for myself. The aquascaping being done by people on this forum is incredible and inspirational. We've got 3 otocinclus catfish, 3 glofish tetras, and 1 mystery snail. Hoping to add a few more of the same once I'm confident in their happiness and my abilities. I can't believe how fast the hornwort and frogbit grow. The dwarf sagittaria is sending out runners, the java fern is growing babies, and the amazon swords have tons of new leaves emerging. Most of the plants have been in for about 8 weeks. I've been growing the algae intentionally to ensure that the catfish would have plenty of food. I'm starting to reduce the lighting now that I have a better idea of how much they eat. Remember this tank belongs to a 6 year old. 😃
  16. Hey fellow fish nerms, Glad to finally join up here, there's not much of a scene here in Ireland for the hobby sadly. Thankfully we have the internet these days so I can at least enjoy the hobby virtually with all the people on it. I have a pretty insatiable appetite for knowledge in the hobby so looking forward to sharing and learning a lot with everyone! At first I was all about the fish but I got myself fascinated by inverts, particularly snails and have ended up a bit of a super nerd on them. I've also been really taken by the aquascaping scene lately and I'm already planning out all the ideas I want to build. I know you all want to see cool pics so here are some of my main tank. Tried to scape something before I knew how to scape something so it's a constant WIP as I slowly improve it. You can see my spixi snails and a bunch of neos living happily in there. The snails certainly like to make life hard by uprooting my plants for me. Guess they're just trying to help by giving me more planting practice! Oh and I'm also the guy behind AquaHome! (https://www.aquahome.app/) When I started off in the hobby, I tried to look for an app to help me with the hobby but honestly, none of the current ones were satisfactory to me. So I ended up building it, a companion app for the hobby to help people manage and learn about everything. We're constantly improving it so if you're interested do check it out!
  17. Just wanted to hop on and share my COOP inspired Lethrinops Mbasi species only planted tank. Really enjoying how its coming a long and owe a lot to Cory and the COOP for that.
  18. I’m happy to be here and appreciate the opportunity to learn and enjoy. Thank you! I’m a fish geek and love breeding guppies. I have some rosy barbs and goldfish outside also.
  19. Hai! Marcy from Iowa here. I kept fish AGES ago. I had fancy gold fish in a 60 gallon aquarium. Then I kept koi and goldfish in a pond. A couple ponds actually. But I haven’t had fish for probably a good 10-12 years. Until now. And WOW! So much more information and help is available! I now have 2 10 gallon tanks (well, one is my daughter’s) for betta and 2 5 gallon tanks. And another 10 and 40 in storage. In one of the 5 gallons I have a couple little moscow blue guppies. It’s more of a holding tank. tanks: fluval spec v marineland 5 gallon portrait 2 top fin LED bubble wall 10 gallon tanks fish: 3 betta 2 Cory 5 oto cat 1 other cat I can’t recall the name neo shrimps (red, yellow, blue, orange, black) mystery snails chinese trap door nerite Snails blue moscow guppies live plants I can’t recall the names of moss balls anubias java fern i also have a family of humans, cats, dogs. hi!
  20. Patrick here, fish keeper for around 40 years. (Since I was around 9 so, successful fish keeper for about 30 years) Just moved my 75g community to a planted 125g (helped fund Cory's next trip with a plant order) and converted the 75 to a mbuna tank, joined the channel, and hopped on the forum. No lfs here, just chains, also no local club, so I'm making this my club. Thanks for existing, I know I do!
  21. I guess the purpose of this journal is to document various projects, tanks, builds, etc to share what happens, hopefully gather advice & input, and to alleviate my friends from my insane babbling by having an additional outlet to ramble in 🙂 I don’t, and will probably never claim to be anything more than a hobbyist and am certainly not any sort of expert, but if someone else can learn from this then that would be super cool too I currently have about 10 tanks but we’ll start with a current project, which is caring for and breeding a pair of wild caught apistogramma Tefé which I inherited from a friend. He was breaking down some of his projects and asked me if I was interested in this pair and a wild caught pair of Trifasciata, and jumped on it even though I usually like to take longer establishing tanks. Their tank is a 10g; planted, with a soil under layer and a mixed pool filter sand & gravel cap layer. They appear to be thriving and spawn regularly even in my harder well water which comes out of the tap at ph 8.2, gh/kh both around 10-12 drops (on the API kit). When I first got them I tried slowly softening their water with small additions of RO water over time until I realized they were actively spawning and appeared to be acting normally & happily in the well water so I stopped trying to change it. Other details of the tank include a random plant list of guppy grass, pogo stellatus octopus, a few types of Ludwigia, aponogeton ulcaceus, microsorum durin besar (which is not receiving enough light/co2 to turn orange yet unfortunately), and a mix of crypts. It’s a tank full of leftovers but it’s seemingly healthy enough for the fish so I haven’t messed with it much. There are two small HOB’s which recently had pothos, parlour palm, and inch plant added and there’s a healthy layer of duckweed & salvinia minima as floaters. The tank usually runs at around 5ppm nitrate with small WC’s every month or so, and it gets a very light nutrient dosing once a week. The male Tefé is a lot of fun; he very quickly learned to take food right from the tip of the feeding pipette and is very interactive, he behaves more like an Oscar in his interactiveness than most other apistos I’ve kept over the years - he’s a little bit beaten up, and my friend told me he arrived from the wholesaler like that, but his behavior is very active & inquisitive. He stays clamped most of the time unless he’s displaying for the female, which still causes me a little concern, but he’s been through several preventative medications and doesn’t appear to be ill in any way - the clamping is interesting though. They spawn every 3 weeks on average, and get a lot of frozen brine, live baby brine, But Bite granules, and xtreme nano to fuel them. The female gets moderately feisty when she’s on eggs and keeps the male away, but I’ve never noticed any particular aggressiveness out of her. The eggs do get eaten within 24-48hr if I leave them to her care, I’m assuming because the water is fairly hard & alkaline and they fungus up. After a couple of failed attempts, I eventually pulled the eggs and hatched them in a glass jar of pure RO water + methylene blue + air, and managed to hatch out multiple spawns of fry this way. The babies are now growing like weeds in their own setup which I will document in the next post. Overall I was super happy to have the opportunity to care for these fish, both for the vote of confidence from my friend (who is a way better fish keeper than I am, at least in my eyes), and to have a neat wild caught apisto pair. There was a definite weight lifted after the first successful spawn, I was a little anxious about it and felt a responsibility to them and to facilitate some babies so it was a great feeling when it was finally successful 🙂 The pictures attached are from when I first got them in early February 2020, their early tank setup, and a few progress pictures between then & now
  22. Greetings everyone, What in the world is this cloudy stuff growing on our rope vines?? And how do we deal with it? We bought the vine shapes at Petsmart for our 5 gallon betta tank. Thanks for your help. Gj (Hello from Michigan)
  23. I’ve been trying to cycle my 5.5g tank for over a month. Seeded sponge, media from 30g tank but no luck. I have one Betta in the tank and use Prime every day. Some days I have less ammonia and it appears I have some nitrates. No nitrites (API text kit). I took my water to Petco today to get a second opinion with their test strips and it says no ammonia. My test tube shows light green and not yellow. I’ve read that low PH can cause slow cycling. My PH is 6 or under. I’m obsessing with this little tank. Every morning testing water. Help.
  24. Hello, I’m considering getting an axolotl in the future, but I wanted to have an idea of what getting one would include. In particular I wanted advice from people who have had axolotls. First, in terms of temperature, do you believe that a room temperature of 70-72F would be too high? That is a relatively normal room temperature for me. If not, how big of an impact do you think having a sponge filter, an open lid, and possibly insulation would have? These seem to be the easiest means to bring the temperature down a bit without resorting to a chiller or ice. In of tankmates, I understand that there is some risk for having fish, snails, or shrimps with an axolotl, but I’m curious how real this is. I’m primarily interested in cherry shrimp or small cleaner fish. I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
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