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The new fish room and studio build thread.


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Some of you may heard in the live stream we bought a new house so that we could get away from our current neighbors who made it impossible to film outside pond content. We also need more space to store aquarium coop products for the warehouse. 

We had been “looking” for like 8 months for the perfect space but our requirements were odd, needed a building for a studio, fish room and storage and away from neighbors while still being close enough to town for good internet.

Here are some pics snapped quickly with my cell phone of the starting space. And 1 picture of the view from today that my wife took.


None of the stuff in these pictures is ours, they were from a day when we had an inspection done.


now the task of getting this space ready, then moving the fish room and selling our old house is ahead of us. 







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The view looks great! The wood paneling looks great. That bar structure with lighting looks super-useful. It would make a great spot for product demos and even small tank builds. That ceiling access looks great for hiding wiring and cameras. You could capture every angle.

That big garage actually has room to park cars in it! 😉

Here is an idea that might not be too crazy: plumb that lawn into your water-change system.

Congratulations on a great new spot, and the freedom that comes with it. Plus the hard-water well!

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Wow that looks like it'll be great! So much room for tanks! And a pond! Have you ever considered a recreation pond? I want to build one eventually at our house so that I can swim with koi, because that's a dream of mine. 

The wood paneling looks great, and that nice long bar, oh that's gonna be a great room to lounge and be cozy in. 

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