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Found 12 results

  1. I've had it with my Fluval 405! One of my juvenile angel fish got caught in the intake tube last night. He seemed perfectly healthy yesterday, so I'm thinking he got stuck while sleeping. The filter is such a pain to do maintenance on (I'm too embarrassed to say how long it's been since my husband and I last wrestled with it), and now it killed one of my favorite fish. It's got to go. I'm so mad, especially since I was going to order an intake filter this week or next with some plants, which would have prevented this. For a 75 gallon community tank, would it be best to get the Aqua Clear 110, two Aqua Clear 50's, or a Seachem Tidal 75? I'm not sure which route would give me the most room for biological filtration. I see lots of good reviews for both brands, so I'm assuming the brand would be a personal choice? Thoughts? Ideas?
  2. I am wondering if the canister filters that are sold on ebay are any good? They seem just like unbranded filters that would be sold for alot more once the final name gets stamped on it. Has Corey ever done a review of these types? For example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aquarium-Canister-Filter-3-Stage-265-GPH-FREE-MEDIA-Up-to-75-Gal-Fish-Tank/264044944425?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3d7a4e1c29:g:sFEAAOSw2ihf~RYO&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%252Fn%252BzU5L90Z278x5ickkXKoKcbeZcOrOku%252BoOBl%252BSyFiCz%252Bk3x4hHuqW2SxjOWNw4QY%252BFRR6MlchXpvC7LXhJ%252BUWwai5WsXJMcIWm7NTeAr6YuygSxepqF1cWOGroNeFoomcRTXRvQus4RPvCgM9oZD3mz5ugoRJhbnhPYpv4n1uFAf5mY1xl0o0aJUOUrMJbzPSVMKeBpIX1pzALKLZlmtYX%252BaWjTpYdDYlzs5dLnqLTwUl3pmS2SNpxNZWQpolXknu5jrrdcrVq1IDoye2MeAnJV51UhoG0WkoxJp6gzzMFhHcTZ6wbGgKOisYSM95s%252FqU71b2xF3Gs5RuJJ3mdyN%252BGXINiYm4EepsekuJWhITjlqHufYvE8UhaP9vtW3KqnaVDebHtlCaRQ9qXPeX6AB0ayjtgj1EPCcVEEdliBXhUWKxKTtgsr%252BL8ZTYZLmk0lwt1adeDl0IsHZqG1mlbZnCIYId8I5rgOP0Fdz2W9EWv5LBuZO7FRgoWjSd7amSZUI%252B3kyfxDqHEzA0b79aQNwuNm7ZTNQWHpk8Ryc7sTd%252Ft%252FW8VSxDjdQejoxTzMTEiRIo4hLOQ05igH4tlvm2487wF5dbWeb0ro5LOEFcazwsgWWfyLOjJMa8uFP2nn9j0ieIgubgKJEfFf3w5g%252B9a2tTYTBUPZY8F2dz%252FCujv1zwQ1wbtWr2OyB%252B8Ow2t0sm6f96VoF81lThOR9WRQwNZCVQPmTtDE9uKAFoyJLq6dL57hQCPTdh5N4LGW6eQ4kpc0mjBZi1aiiKBugWEIyYsBOG4FW8bEsorFwKFM5VWA%253D%253D%7Ccksum%3A264044944425c3bf2ff4a8404d3185d258c47cb8246d%7Campid%3APL_CLK%7Cclp%3A2334524
  3. I am so glad I invested in the USB filters from aquarium co-op and sponge filters. During this power outage my fish are all comfy with their filtration and our wood stove is keeping the tanks nice and warm. But, I’m wondering how long the bacteria in my canister filters will survive. It’s been over 12 hrs. I’m thinking maybe I should take all the media and sponges out and just set them in the tank. Might be too late already? I think I’ll unplug them so the don’t start when the power comes back on. I’m worried the water in the canisters could be toxic or something for them. Is that a thing? I’ve never been out of power this long before. Good time to get rid of those canisters, I think I’m almost ready just to go with all sponge filters then I don’t have to worry.
  4. I am getting a lot of tiny air bubbles coming from my new Marineland Magniflow 220 Canister Filter. Any way to get it to stop? Or will it go away over time? thanks
  5. I just want to know everyone's opinions on canister filters and which they think is the best.
  6. What's up everyone. Yesterday afternoon the ceramic rod (spindle) for the impeller on my cannister filter broke! In 2 places! Has anyone dealt with this issue on their filters? I scrambled to try to find a replacement impeller locally with no avail. Amazon is the quickest resolution unfortunately. I did end up doing some backyard engineering to keep me going until tomorrow. So far my makeshift spindle is functioning well. I lost one Black Phantom Tetra during the down time on the filter as this was also the very first day running co2 in the tank (unlucky). - Joe
  7. Hello everyone, Im having issues with a canister filter; it has no suction. Priming does nothing. I can hear the motor running. I cleaned the impeller... I have no idea what’s going on. Can anyone help?
  8. Today while cleaning the filter for my Discus tank I got 5 surprises. Sterbai Cory fry. This happened to me the last time I cleaned it out so I was cautious when I lifted out each tray I found 4 in the trays and while pulling the last tray I felt another one so I drained out the canister through a net. The moral of the story is you never know what you're going to find when you clean out your filters!
  9. I am thinking about adding canister prefilter to external fluval 206, maybe it's not necessary but i want to know and talk about it. So there's two options- 1. Prefilter without pump- that's straight forward Inlet-prefilter-canister-outlet 2. Prefilter with pump (my concern is how that pump would work with fluval 206 pump) would prefilter pump water too fast or too slow? In attachment are two prefilters one with pump and one without so you can get better idea what i am thinking about. In prefilter i would add just mechanical filtration and in fluval 206 just biological filtration. Just info- prefilter pump around 100 gallons per hour, fluval 206- 206 gallons per hour.
  10. Not sure about anyone else but but the fx6 is not 50% off at PetSmart if it’s the same for you where you live do you think on actual Black Friday it will go to that or should I stop wasting time and snag the deal I can get
  11. I have tried to hand cut a 50 micron filter for my canister to try and get rid of the really fine dust. Seems to work but since I can do a fair job of drawing I thought I would try to cnc cut a few. Tried a knife first but didn't stick. Waterjet is the right answer. Got to love the gadgets.
  12. Are canister filters good or bad in planted tanks ?
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