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  1. My wife has suggested moving the aquarium against the bedroom wall in the kitchen. At night the Ehiem canister has this noise, where as a sponge filter driven by your USB air pump has almost no noise. The tank is 40 galllons, is it okay to suspend canister activity during the night and run a sponge filter during the night? There is water in the canister, even though it might be off?
  2. Any suggestions on canister filter setup? I've got. Magnaflow 360 and am using the stock bioballs. Carbon bags and foam pads. Anyone have any secrets or is the stock stuff all ya need?
  3. So, this is definitely a long shot, but does anybody out there have (or know anybody who has) a dead Marineland Magniflow canister filter C-160 or C-220 they'd be willing to part out? My valve block is leaking and the Marineland website has been out of stock for three months. I can't find anything on eBay, Amazon, OfferUp, Craigslist or Mercari. It seems ridiculous to buy a whole new filter to replace one single part, so I'm hoping someone out there might have one they'd sell me? I'm happy to Venmo/PayPal/CashApp you if you'd send it to me. Anyone?
  4. Going into major thunderstorms. Was wondering when power goes out can I shut the valve and open the can place one of my battery operated air pumps inside. Would this keep the majority of my beneficial bacteria alive?
  5. I was on vacation last week and came home to find out my canister filter stopped working. I have cleaned it hoping that would fix the issue, but apparently not. Now I'm going out of town again, leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a week. I have today to find a quick solution. I have access to both Petsmart and Petco, which carry FX4 and FX6. My tank is 85 gallons and heavily planted with limited stock (neo's and 7 dwarf rainbows.). I inject CO2 which is the reason I need a canister. Part of my hold up is that I had planned to add a sump to this aquarium and had been planning for that (as well as an auto water change system). Ugh.
  6. My canister filters had been slowing down for a while and I couldn't figure out why. There's a grate on the inlet so nothing big can enter and any water leaving will have gone through the filter so it should be clean. The impellers looked fine. The hoses are black so there should be no algae inside. I found it very unlikely that there could be an issue in the intake or exhaust hoses. I was wrong. After the last cleaning I decided to order a hose brush (under $7) and just see if there was anything in the hoses. Yikes! I got the hose brush today and the intake and exhaust hoses on both filters were horrible. Globs of stuff came out of each. (Bacteria perhaps?) Once the black, slimy stuff was flushed out and the filters restarted, they were back to their old flow rates. It's amazing the amount of gunk that was in the hoses and restricting the water flow. If you have a canister filter that's slowing down, clean out the hoses. You may just find that's the problem.
  7. Last night the canister on my 40 gal. died. I just HAPPENED to have an appropriate sponge filter at the ready. I placed it in the tank but I knew that the sponge filter was brand new so I set my media baskets inside the tank. Did I do the right thing? Did I NEED to do that? How long should they stay there? 2 weeks. I have no one else to ask but this forum.
  8. So I was cleaning out my cannister filter ( I do it about every 3 months) and found 6 cherry shrimp living inside of it. And a bunch of Malaysian trumpet snails unfortunately. I switched this tank over from cichlids to community fish and realized I need to clean it more often. Anyway anyone else find anything interesting in there filters when cleaning them?
  9. I recently ordered a fluval 107 canister filter. I would like to put a sponge on the intake, but I cant find anywhere what size the intake tube is on the fuval 107. Does anyone happen to know which of the Co-op's sponges will work? I could wait tell it gets here and measure it but I'm to impatient and needy. 😉 Thanks
  10. I’m on the tail end of doing a fish-less cycle. I’ve been running a canister filter during that time. In the canister is that fine poly-fil, polishing type of media. Since there is no actual fish to gunk it up. Would you replace it as if there were fish gunk in it or leave it until there are actual fish in the tank to gunk it up? It’s been about a month + a week since day one. Trying to figure out a game plan for when the tank is ready for fish. Leave the media in place and reset the maintenance clock to zero after adding fish or go through maintenance like normal when you have an established tank before adding the fish?
  11. I had to shut off my external canister filter (with activated carbon) for a few days while I treated for ich. When the treatment is over ( a week or so) can i just turn it back on or should I clean it out first.
  12. Has anyone had this problem with a fluval canister? I got my 406 canister for some time now, but a few months ago it started to do this horrible rattling sound, as if the impeller is hitting something, or is stuck, and then it stops cause the impeller cover falls off. It always happens after a water change, it is so bothersome that I've considering just thworing it to the trash and just buying an internal filter or even a hang on back. I just need it for mech filtration since I got multiple sponge filters. I even bought a new impeller, ceramic shaft, gasket and impeller cover but it still has this problem. I also make sure to expel all air and clean the impeller thoroughly before plugging it but this problem always comes up. It's always the same: Plug in - > work for 3 seconds - > CRAAAACACARCRCRC - > stops cause impeller cover comes off - > Open it to put impeller cover back up then rinse and repeat lol I'm on my wits end lol, now I know why Cory hates canisters. I've sent multiple e-mails to fluval but they #trippin and haven't got a reply. I'd be happy to have just sponge filters but I like my water to be clear so I need mech fitlration. Any suggestions?
  13. Well you guys, I done messed up. I seeded my new tank's filter on my cycled tank for four weeks. I transferred and installed the filter outlet and inlets in the tank. I installed the canister in the cabinet beneath the tank. I spent a couple hours acclimating my fish to my water. Everything is awesome, right? Well in the transfer from cycled tank to new, I shut the valve when I moved it over so the water from the canister wouldn't spill. I never opened the valve back up. So from Saturday 8pm to today at 7pm, the filter has been plugged in but no water flowing through it. How big did I eff up here? Are all my bacteria just dead? I am devastated at my own stupidity. I only have 5 fish in this 75 gallon (2 small electric blue acaras, two 8 ish inch rope fish, and one marble sailfin pleco). What do?
  14. Just bought a Polar Aurora Canister filter for my 29 gallon to replace my Aquaclear 50. You guys think it’s a good upgrade? I’m going to be filling it with Seachem Matrix. I was originally going to buy a Aquaclear 70 but this canister filter is about the same price.
  15. DIY canister filter. Looks simple, cheap and effective. Thoughts? What are the down sides?
  16. The white stuff is powdery I've never had a sw or canister before so I'm not sure I was rinsing my filters for the 1st time(new tank) it's also in the job is that normal honestly never had an issue with white powdery accumulation in filters beside hard water in fw tanks
  17. I've had it with my Fluval 405! One of my juvenile angel fish got caught in the intake tube last night. He seemed perfectly healthy yesterday, so I'm thinking he got stuck while sleeping. The filter is such a pain to do maintenance on (I'm too embarrassed to say how long it's been since my husband and I last wrestled with it), and now it killed one of my favorite fish. It's got to go. I'm so mad, especially since I was going to order an intake filter this week or next with some plants, which would have prevented this. For a 75 gallon community tank, would it be best to get the Aqua Clear 110, two Aqua Clear 50's, or a Seachem Tidal 75? I'm not sure which route would give me the most room for biological filtration. I see lots of good reviews for both brands, so I'm assuming the brand would be a personal choice? Thoughts? Ideas?
  18. I am looking for a canister filter for my 55 that suits the following: quiet,Aesthetically pleasing since it will be exposed and most importantly preforms good it will be used in combo with 2 large sponge filters
  19. Hi I have a 20 long heavy planted with 4 juvenile pea puffers. their current filter is an aqua clear 30. I have a 40 breeder with fluval 207 canister filter and love it. Could I do a fluval 207 canister filter on the 20 long. Or would that be too powerful for the pea puffers. There is really no information on line. I want to keep the tank as clean as possible but do not want to stress the puffers any info would be great. Thank you.
  20. So I was looking into up grading my filter on my 55 and this one caught my eye does anyone have it or know about any flaws
  21. I am wondering if the canister filters that are sold on ebay are any good? They seem just like unbranded filters that would be sold for alot more once the final name gets stamped on it. Has Corey ever done a review of these types? For example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aquarium-Canister-Filter-3-Stage-265-GPH-FREE-MEDIA-Up-to-75-Gal-Fish-Tank/264044944425?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3d7a4e1c29:g:sFEAAOSw2ihf~RYO&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%252Fn%252BzU5L90Z278x5ickkXKoKcbeZcOrOku%252BoOBl%252BSyFiCz%252Bk3x4hHuqW2SxjOWNw4QY%252BFRR6MlchXpvC7LXhJ%252BUWwai5WsXJMcIWm7NTeAr6YuygSxepqF1cWOGroNeFoomcRTXRvQus4RPvCgM9oZD3mz5ugoRJhbnhPYpv4n1uFAf5mY1xl0o0aJUOUrMJbzPSVMKeBpIX1pzALKLZlmtYX%252BaWjTpYdDYlzs5dLnqLTwUl3pmS2SNpxNZWQpolXknu5jrrdcrVq1IDoye2MeAnJV51UhoG0WkoxJp6gzzMFhHcTZ6wbGgKOisYSM95s%252FqU71b2xF3Gs5RuJJ3mdyN%252BGXINiYm4EepsekuJWhITjlqHufYvE8UhaP9vtW3KqnaVDebHtlCaRQ9qXPeX6AB0ayjtgj1EPCcVEEdliBXhUWKxKTtgsr%252BL8ZTYZLmk0lwt1adeDl0IsHZqG1mlbZnCIYId8I5rgOP0Fdz2W9EWv5LBuZO7FRgoWjSd7amSZUI%252B3kyfxDqHEzA0b79aQNwuNm7ZTNQWHpk8Ryc7sTd%252Ft%252FW8VSxDjdQejoxTzMTEiRIo4hLOQ05igH4tlvm2487wF5dbWeb0ro5LOEFcazwsgWWfyLOjJMa8uFP2nn9j0ieIgubgKJEfFf3w5g%252B9a2tTYTBUPZY8F2dz%252FCujv1zwQ1wbtWr2OyB%252B8Ow2t0sm6f96VoF81lThOR9WRQwNZCVQPmTtDE9uKAFoyJLq6dL57hQCPTdh5N4LGW6eQ4kpc0mjBZi1aiiKBugWEIyYsBOG4FW8bEsorFwKFM5VWA%253D%253D%7Ccksum%3A264044944425c3bf2ff4a8404d3185d258c47cb8246d%7Campid%3APL_CLK%7Cclp%3A2334524
  22. I am so glad I invested in the USB filters from aquarium co-op and sponge filters. During this power outage my fish are all comfy with their filtration and our wood stove is keeping the tanks nice and warm. But, I’m wondering how long the bacteria in my canister filters will survive. It’s been over 12 hrs. I’m thinking maybe I should take all the media and sponges out and just set them in the tank. Might be too late already? I think I’ll unplug them so the don’t start when the power comes back on. I’m worried the water in the canisters could be toxic or something for them. Is that a thing? I’ve never been out of power this long before. Good time to get rid of those canisters, I think I’m almost ready just to go with all sponge filters then I don’t have to worry.
  23. I am getting a lot of tiny air bubbles coming from my new Marineland Magniflow 220 Canister Filter. Any way to get it to stop? Or will it go away over time? thanks
  24. I just want to know everyone's opinions on canister filters and which they think is the best.
  25. What's up everyone. Yesterday afternoon the ceramic rod (spindle) for the impeller on my cannister filter broke! In 2 places! Has anyone dealt with this issue on their filters? I scrambled to try to find a replacement impeller locally with no avail. Amazon is the quickest resolution unfortunately. I did end up doing some backyard engineering to keep me going until tomorrow. So far my makeshift spindle is functioning well. I lost one Black Phantom Tetra during the down time on the filter as this was also the very first day running co2 in the tank (unlucky). - Joe
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