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  1. Help!!! I just did a water change after feeding my fish. It was about a 60% waterchange. And now two of my six amazon puffers are looking rough. I dont think i hurt them when cleaning out the rocks. Can they die cuz of the stress of it? Or cuz they just ate? The temperature is the same. Its the same water source. Not sure what happened.
  2. When i got them they were just delivered to the fish store too. I had them on special order. So i got them the same say they were delivered to the store. And they only had these two.
  3. I got him like this. There are 2. One male. One female. The female looks fine.
  4. I recently got these puffers and i notice this guy has some what of a rash? Iv never seen this on any other fish i have i started treatment with all 3 trio meds since they are brand new to me. Will this cover them? Im using ich x, paracleanse, and maracyn.
  5. Iv finally gotten a paid of GBR to not eat their eggs and protect their fry. But today i get home from work and i watch them... and i dont see the fry. Then i see a few and the dad rushed to pick em up. But I assumed he was just moving them. But he was chomping away and then grabbed another one!? Are they never gonna give me fry !?
  6. Hello! Iv had this tank set up for about a month its my 1st planted tank and iv tries to use everything correctly. Can someone identify this? Iv googled it but im not able to determine the type of algae it is. You can see it growing on the top of the wood. It grew ontop of javamoss i had glued there.
  7. Nope. Im waiting on a new batch. I might leave the parents in there this time.
  8. Yes. That’s exactly right. Im assuming they died. Because i cant find any of em. Even though they were perfectly lively yesterday
  9. I have started to try and breed german blue rams. I hatch them in their own 10 gallon tank with alot of plants in there as its where i hold my plants. Yesterday there were plenty of them. I cant be the filtration because its sponge filter only. Prior to them being in there. The parents were in there. Perfectly fine. Are they hiding in the java moss? Or in the plants? I cant see any! Iv spent a better part of 30 min looking for little bodies or any movement but i see none. Should i wait?
  10. No fish added recently. I have cardinal tetras, female bettas, 2 german blue rams, and a few algae eaters. I started treatment with super ich cure from api and the instructions are different from your suggestions. Almost total opposite lol. I will finish that treatment cycle. iv never had an ich problem and this is the only thing that has stress my fish out recently.
  11. Two days ago my heater went out at night. It was a digital hygger brand one. It was saying it was out of the water when it was not. Anyways, i noticed this immediately when i woke up. I checked the temperature and it was 82. Not bad since I usually keep it at 84. i couldnt do anything right then and there because of work and being 5am no store was open. So i waited until i got off of work to buy a heater. By then the temperature had gotten down to 78. Now my question is. Is the 6 degrees in temp drop enough to cause ich to fish? Today i checked them and quite a few of them have it. Treatment has started. But i find it so wild that about 10 hours of a slow temp drop causes so much damage. Since when i bought them they were kept at around 76-78 Is that what caused my ich out break or could it be something els?
  12. So im one to read through the instruction booklet, shocking! I know, but i found that in the book it says to mount them vertically only. Yet i have seen many YouTubers recommend to put it horizontally. My question is does putting it horizontally damage it in the long term? Has anyone had these heaters in the horizontal position for years on end?
  13. I want to go and buy crystal red shrimp. I bought ghost shrimp as a tester to make sure they would be fine in my tank. And they have been perfectly fine. But just as a precaution i wanted the community's opinion. Since at my LFS they are 12$ each. My tank is kept at 82-84 degrees. Can they handle that heat?
  14. Im not sure on my water hardness or ph level. Are they one and the same? And i didnt think that was it as the two rams i bought before the 6 that died are still up and running and show no signs of what the others showed. Im thinking it was bad genetics but like you i am no expert. I appreciate your feedback tho. I might have to invest in a water softener as you have! Good idea!
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