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  1. Be prepared for your tank to not be habitable for fish or look as you expect it to for at least the first month. You can add fish once your water tests show stable parameters: no ammonia or nitrite in the water and some accumulation of nitrate, your pH should be stable as well as the temperature.
  2. Just placed an order for some Oryzias latipes var. "Youkihi" aka Orange Ricefish through Aquatic Arts. I've never purchased fish online and have been looking for medaka for many months. EXCITED
  3. I'm already having a lot of fun setting up my first container pond! Inspired by Cory's videos on summer tubbing, Ryo Watanabe's ricefish mini-ponds, all the aquatic plants I've discovered growing in my neighborhood's ditches, and my local nature preserve's containers for exhibiting rice plants, I've had a year long obsession with setting something up on the deck this spring. I thought I'd start a journal on here to track my progress and provide fodder for discussion and learning 🙂 Materials: -35 gallon Beckett pond liner -Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter for Patio Ponds and Small Aquatic Gardens -0.5 cu. ft. Bagged Pea Gravel Pebbles for pond bottom -4 square pond planter baskets filled with 4 inch deep safe-t-sorb -Osmocote plus fertilizer balls for gravel fertilization -easy green liquid fertilizer for water column fertilization -fluval cycle biological starter supplement I initially set the pond up on march 13th 2021, adding the gravel, filter, dechlorinated tap water and a few buckets of aquarium tank water from the day's water change. On March 23, I rinsed a bag of safe-t-sorb and filled up the planting baskets. I soaked these overnight in a tub filled with 3X dechlorinated water and later added about a 10X dose of easy green. I wanted to make sure any absorbed chlorine was fully neutralized and also charge up the substrate with beneficial nutrients. The following day I placed 2 of these pots on the floor of the pond, and 2 on the 'shelves' of the pond. The upper pots get bog/transitional plants, and the submerged pots I am adding stem plants that will hopefully end up growing up out of the pond as emersed plants. Plants used for upper pots: -Hyptis lorentziana -Persicaria glabra -Brazilian pennywort Plants used for submerged pots: -locally foraged Ludwigia palustris -Ludwigia brevipes -Ludwigia glandulosa -Ludwigia ovalis green -Bacopa carolinia 'colorata' Plants used for pond floor: -Vallisneria Tiger (foraged in Florida) -Vallisneria Red (foraged in Florida) -Dwarf sagittaria -Chain sword -banana plant And....Floating plants: -water lettuce -red root floaters Day 1 Day 11 post-planting Day 12 switched upper pot locations
  4. yes, I faced a similar problem, once they send out a root they really take off. I trimmed mine a few times. After a while, I removed the root and all lily pads because it was taking over my 5 gallon. The root was huge! Covered the entire tank. I've kept it with just a few leaves and no rooting for a few months, considering putting it out in my contained pond next or letting it grow a while in my plant grow out tank.
  5. Nice! My LFS has daisy's rice fish on occasion so either I'll get those or order some. I like those red caps and orange ones for sure. Once you have some good breading I'm sure you'll be able to find some in your area to trade 🙂
  6. I'm on the lookout for medaka for my pond, I'm curious what breed you have and where you got them?
  7. Thanks for starting a new thread, I'm hungry for ideas and eager to start mine up 🙂
  8. What are some good substrates? Been looking for more in depth info, thanks for the book tip, just got the ebook version 🙂
  9. Got a second batch of cherries, two looked like males, though were pretty solid red so wasn't 100% confident, but the proof has finally arrived 🙂
  10. I plan to set up my first one soon, spring is about to spring here in Charleston. 30 gallon range pond liner on my deck. I hope to collect local plants from my neighborhood 🙂 I want to put ricefish in there if i ever find any for sale.
  11. are you using a filter on the ricefish pond? setting one up soon here in charleston, sc
  12. Monte carlo can be grown as an epiphyte. https://tropica.com/en/articles/micranthemum-monte-carlo/
  13. Don't ammonia tests also measure ammonium? Isn't ammonium less of an issue?
  14. Nice! I assume that's the highest magnification objective you have? Doesn't look fungal to me, too complex in organization.
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