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  1. I just brought this beta home two days ago. He came with the marks on his back and head. He is flashing and not eating and swimming erratically. I dosed with API general cure. I don't think it's Ich because the spots are gray not white, it is not spreading and some are like lines and not dots. I've done tons of research and all I can come up with is possibly epistylis. Could it just be scars from thrashing around? he is not eating. He put a pellet in his mouth and spit it out and now is totally ignoring food. The pellets are quality. I also tried flakes and nothing. All my water parameters are within range. I have a moderately planted tank. If I'm honest, I'm wondering whether to take him back to the store.Thank you!
  2. Quick breakdown. These guys just came out of QT, bit longer than 3 weeks. Week 1: Med trio Week 2: Gills red and flashing, dosed Paracleanse per box direction. Week 3: Ich X for 5 days straight. Plus a few days, saw no flashing and added to main display. Do Cory's just do this or I did I not get all of what was happening back in QT? It will be impossible to remove them without stressing the whole tank (75G, 7.4pH, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, 5 GH, 4KH) Thanks for looking.
  3. I have been dealing with all my fish flashing going on 8 months now. Not a single fish is dead and there’s no sign of disease. They all do it, some quite frequently. I am at my end trying to figure this out. The tank is a 75g community tank with Cory’s, Angels, a Blue Gourami, Plattys and Glofish Tetras. I thought it was a case of flukes but after treating with Procure( malachite green, methanol and formaldehyde) and Prazipro before that, they still flash. All parameters are good( ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 20, ph 7.4). The ph is a bit higher than I would like but it is steady and I’d rather not do the whole battle the ph with chemistry thing, haha. The tank is planted moderately heavy. My tank is a great source of joy to me and I take very good care of it with water changes at least weekly. It’s important that my fish are comfortable and happy so I need to get to the bottom of this. TIA for the help and thoughts.
  4. Got some problem with green neons and corys scratching and sometimes swim around like crazy. Water parameters are good. I think it might be flukes, but don't know. I see no visable signs on them and they seem healthy otherwise, good appetite etc. It's been like this for quite some time and since it's got worse I got to do something about it. I also got cherry shrimps in the tank, so what could I use (or do) that don't kill the shrimps? I'm still a beginner in the hobby, so be kind. 🙂
  5. Hey everyone I hope everyone’s doing good. My red devil juvenile is about 5 inches long. He is with some peacock cichlids in a 55 gallon and he never bothers the peacocks he leaves them alone. From today I’m noticing that he is twitching his head and flashing (rubbing his body against the rocks). Anyone know why this is happening and what should I do to stop it? He is eating readily and swimming fine but every 15 minutes or so he is twitching and flashing. Also does digging mean he is happy? Thanks for your help!
  6. Orandas about 2 months old flashing to top but I haven’t seen rub anything. So not Gil flukes I guess idk it’s white but I’ve never had Gill flukes on fish. But googled lots pictures and see none. So I treated maracyn because rapid breathing and swimming and maybe some blood spots on tail not sure so tiny so not 100%. Nothing looks wrong with it on outside. My waters perfect 125gallon 8 tiny orandas and 4 tiny bristlenose. And it’s planted so 0 0 0 and I still do large water changes every week when I’m bored. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/jIfV5GIwThyW5hIlVHBYvA.1fZ-ae4-ukkPsrLjRlCq5b https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/268NhHfdRiCVAr9WGvOhaA.AvEsO-8mDsm5OsXkMhA6PT
  7. TMartins


    Hello everyone, my fish in a 20 gallon aquarium have been occasionally flashing on the live plants and gravel substrate for some time now. First it was definitely Ich because I could visually see the white spots. I treated them with Ich-X and it went away. Then I treated them with PraziPro for 4 weeks and they’re still flashing. In the 4 weeks I was treating with PraziPro there was no sign of white spots. It’s happening too with a separate Grow Out tank I have with Platy fry, some of the fry I’ve seen flashing on occasion. Should I continue with PraziPro or is there some other irritant in the water?? I’m feeding them Spectrum pellets, Vibra bites, Repashy Community Plus. I live in Fall River Massachusetts and I’ve noticed the city doing a lot of construction but not sure if it’s to the water lines. Temp 76-77 / ph 7.4 / Ammonia & Nitrite 0 / Nitrate 5 / Kh & Gh 6 / I have coral rock to keep the ph from dropping (soft city water) / I use Seachem Prime
  8. I've been trying to figure out what's going on in my heavily-planted 20 gallon hexagon. I've had a betta in there for about 3 months. His fins are looking a little haggard, but that could be explained by other factors resulting from inexperience/experimentation: My plan was to move him to a smaller 10 gallon mostly plantless column tank that is currently a grow out tank for some juvenile platys, treat him with some salt and see if I can't get some fin regrowth. I haven't had any previous parasite issues or ich (as far as I know), so I thought it might just be stress or something about the environment that he didn't like. Before doing, that, though I wanted to see how the betta would do with the platys (and to see if they could make a dent in the hair algae that's been growing), so I moved two into the 20 gallon as my "canaries in the mineshaft" if you will. I kinda just dropped them in and didn't acclimate them at all. The betta flared at them a bit initially, but has since mellowed out. However, I have now noticed that at least one of the platys have been flashing off of my crypts and anubias for about a week. It's not super frequent as far as I can tell--I only see her do it 2 or 3 times once or twice a day. The tank is on my desk, so I'm able to keep a pretty good eye on them. I don't see any signs of ich or irritation to their scales and the betta and otos that are in there don't seem to be affected. Last Friday, when I did my weekly water change, I added the standard 1 tbsp of salt per 5 gallons and let them sit in it over the weekend. The flashing is still happening and my plants are already looking a little rough. Hesitant to continue down this road, I did a 50% water change yesterday and plan on doing another 50% today in an effort to get some of the salt out. Current tank parameters: pH: 6.8 - 7.0 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 20 - 30ppm GH: 25 KH: 0 (?) Temp: 78 - 80 My questions: Is the flashing something to be concerned about? Could it be an external parasites or just the result of a different pH than the tank they were raised in? The pH in the tank that the platys came from is 7.6 thanks to some crushed corral in the filter and I know platys tend to like a bit of a higher pH If I move the betta and the platys into the 10 gallon in order to treat them, that leaves the 20 gallon empty, but potentially with parasite issues. I would assume that the parasites require a host to survive, but is it risky to put the platys from the 10 gallon in the 20 straight away or would the 20 gallon need to be treated in some way? If I can't move them into the 20 gallon, what can I do to treat the tank without killing the plants? I'm not too concerned about the bacteria in the tank because I have plenty of other tanks that I can use to jump start it if the bacteria are killed off. I would just hate to lose my plants. Any recommendations on a course of action here?
  9. So my two diamond tetra fry are flashing a little. I notice it after the injected CO2 turns off for the day, and I noticed it after a water change last night. No other fish are flashing except for the 1 inch young tetras, and nothing has been added to the tank. Parameters are Ammonia 0, Nitrite, 0, Nitrate 20 to 25 PPM. Is this something I should watch closely, or is it just fry being curious fry? Is it worthwhile to try a prophylatic treatment on my display tank? I have pretty much every med under the sun, and if anything, I'd use PraziPro and/or Ich X... but I'm not seeing any other signs. Thoughts? Should I leave it be?
  10. Hi, I just noticed that the area below my betta's gills seems to be either pushed back, or damaged, it's enough that you can see the tissue that's normally covered up by the gills. (please excuse the cloudy water, I just added some crushed coral about 5 minutes ago.) I've noticed him flashing for a bit, and hard Cory say in a livestream somewhere that low pH could cause issues with irritating the skin and gills. I ordered some crushed coral and added it to help raise the pH to get him to stop flashing. He is still eating, but with a bit of difficulty, it almost looks like he wants to eat, has trouble chewing it. Mostly he's resting in the plants. My parameters are: NH3 & NH4: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm (The tank has been cycled for about a month or two, with plants taking a lot of nitrogen from what i can tell.) GH: 75 ppm KH: 40 ppm pH: 6.4 Temperature: 79ºF Source of Results: Tetra Easy Strips Ammonia, Tetra Easy Strips Six in One, and Marina Thermometer Could this be from misjudging when he was flashing and accidentally hitting this area? His tankmates are several red cherry shrimp, a few bladder snails and their eggs, and various worms, small inverts, etc in a planted 5.5 gallon. (To clarify on the picture, he does not have fin rot, his tail was pointed towards the camera making his tail look a bit shorter) Also if someone happens to know will this be permanent? Anything helps, thanks! UPDATE 2:03PM UTC: Last night he jumped out of the tank, and was out for probably a minute at most. He doesn't seem to have any injuries. He's still resting in the plants and still eating with difficulty. Right now I'm feeding freeze dried spirulina brineshrimp to try to give him good food.
  11. Hi friends! You were so helpful with my last issue, maybe we can solve this one. I bought a female and male neon blue dwarf gourami yesterday evening, and have them in quarantine. I had a bad experience with DGs five or six years ago when I first tried to keep them, and had about three die immediately in a very specific way. I thought maybe this time, with meds and quarantine would be different- but alas. What’s happening now, just like before, is that the female started out hanging out at the top- then started going vertical. It happened pretty quickly, about 30 mins ago; the QT is in my office and I’ve been watching them all day. After that, she started absolutely spazzing out. Then, she sinks and breathes very heavily. Then, she’ll get the strength to float up, hang there still for a while, spaz out, arch, swim in tight circles, fall, repeat. The male seems fine for now but I’m worried this might affect him, too. Is there a way to overcome this, whatever it is? About 24 hours ago I bought them, put them in a 10 gallon with api gen cure, api antibiotic, and ich guard (a combo I’ve used before). I tested the water just now and it came back at 0/.25/0, so I did a 50% water change and put in 5 tablespoons of salt since I’m not sure what this is?? Any thoughts? People are out there keeping gouramis so surely not every single one dies in this very specific way??
  12. Even though I treated my fish with API General Cure just around a month ago, I am still noticing some of the fish are still flashing. In the tank, I currently have guppy/endler hybrids, corydoras, a siamese algae eater, and some otocinclus. Only the guppies, the algae eater, and some of the cories flash (I've noticed it's mostly the males cories and guppies, though I have seen a couple of female guppies do it too). So far I have had no deaths, despite this flashing problem going on for months. Do I treat them with General Cure again, or do I try something else? Thanks.
  13. I recently noticed my convict chiclid chiclid will swim and then fall down on her side hit the substrate then spring back up immediately all within around 2-3 seconds I tried to get a video but I couldn’t I will keep trying and if I do I will add it
  14. Ever since I brought home my new platy I’ve noticed he has been scratching and now my other fish are scratching I didn’t quarantine because my quarantine tank is being used to treat other fish and so when I first got him I just treated the whole tank I want to give them a break from the meds now but I have noticed they still scratch and the one new platy has one white spot and a few tiny little air bubbles on him what should I do? I’m planning on treating again.
  15. Hi all, So I only have an unhelpful picture of him after the fact because I couldn’t get a video in time. I’ll give some back story though... So I got 7 panda corydoras in the middle of December and I did not quarantine them (I know). Long story short they got some kind of fungal infection. At first sight of the infection I treated the display tank they were in with 1 dose of maracyn and ich x, but after a week they weren’t getting better and started dying. I then moved the remaining pandas to a hospital tank (that I had managed to set up in that week’s time). I only treated the hospital tank with stress guard as these pandas didn’t look very bad. So today I did their water change and I caught one flashing really intensely. The poor guy looked panicked and was frantically rubbing his sides on the (bare) bottom of the hospital tank. There are no visible lesions or redness and no sign of fungus any more. The only thing I haven’t treated them with is Paracleanse for parisites. What could be going on with him? I was really hoping to save my last 4 pandas but I have no clue what I’m doing apparently lol. Would it be worth it to dose the Paracleanse? Should I dose them all again with maracyn and ich x?
  16. I got 6 corys on Sunday. They’re all great, eating, parameters good. However, one of them flashes. Should I be concerned? If so, what should I do?
  17. Last week I noticed a few of my endler fry flicking/quickly rubbing themselves against a smooth rock in the tank. One started doing it and then a couple other followed. I thought they might just be horsing around and playing follow the leader, but then I saw some mama endlers and some adult platy do it too. Uh oh. Pretty sure that means gill flukes. So I did a full 5-day paracleanse treatment for the whole tank: full doses on Day 1 and Day 3, 25% water change Day 5. It seemed to offer some relief since they seem to be flashing less often during treatment, but it's hard to tell because they were doing it pretty infrequently before. Day 5 was Thursday and things seemed fine. Now on Sunday I'm seeing them start up again. I should note that their appetite and energy have all been awesome the entire time. Whole crew of hungry hungry hippos coming up and begging for food every time I get near the glass. They haven't seemed to have trouble breathing or inflamed gills (it's hard to tell on some of the paler platy, though, who seem to naturally have pretty red gills). Should I start another round of Paracleanse or should I wait to see if anyone's looking more sick? Water parameters: Temp: 76-78F pH 7.4 KH: 10-20ppm GH: 150ppm Ammonia & Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10-20ppm
  18. I got a few of guppy fry that are rubbing on the sand bed they the only ones that are doing it the parents and my Corydoras haven’t done it all or have caught them doing ? Can fry get flukes even if their parents where treated during quarantine? Should I be concerned and should I do a treatment or paracleanse by Fritz ? It’s shrimp safe right
  19. Greetings A week ago, I bought 6 adults and 1 tiny guppies at my LFS for my species only 10g tank (well, and 1 nerite snail). Aqueon quietflow 10 filter, pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f. Half live plants/half plastic. One guppy was much more frail, and was always constipated. He started having issue swimming, his belly sank in and yesterday I put him in a hospital container when his fins started clamping together. Treated him with salt but the next day he was even more miserable so I euthanized him. SIP. After I put him in the hospital container, I did a 10% WC in my 10 g. I noticed one fish started rubbing on plants, filter, rocks and substrate rather often, several times in a row. Then 2 other started but much less often. I tested my water (pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f.). Did yet another 10% WC. Used Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability. The fish that was doing the flashing the most is still doing it, but less frequently- maybe once every 15-30 minutes. I haven’t seen the other 2 do it. They all eat and seem to poop just fine. There is no white dots so I do not think it’s ich but I read it could be gill fluke? I live in Canada so I only have access to salt. Should I treat my tank or wait and see? Will the salt affect the fry? How much flashing is too much flashing? If I treat the tank with salt, will it kill my plants (marino moss ball, anubia barteri var nana, Bacopa Caroliniana & cryptocoryne tropica)? If I move the fish to a hospital tank - I do not have one that is cycled right now... or should I just remove the plants and put them in a temporary container with the led lights while I treat the main tank? Is it dangerous if I use the same syphon hose/scaping tool for my 20g? Karen
  20. My discus were doing good until about a week ago I noticed them occasionally flashing against plants and objects in the tank. I also noticed a few white spots on a few discus. The spots were barely visible though and seemed like ich or possibly velvet. I've been treating for a week with a formalin malachite green treatment. They seem better, most of them are still growing and brightening up, but a few of them seem paler than a week ago and like they aren't growing as fast as the others. The smallest palest one doesn't try to eat much. Some of them have had white poop segments and the smallest has had mostly white poop when it poops at all. I live in Canada and medicine is hard to get. Sometimes there are still white particles attached to them but more loosely like they may just be clinging sand or gas bubbles or tiny injuries maybe...and they come and go so I'm starting to wonder if they even matter Most of the discus are flashing, the smallest one seems to have excess slime, any of them occasionally have tiny which particles or bubbles on their skin, fins or slime coat, white poop segments in most of them and white poop exclusively on the littlest one, smallest one not eating and pale and timid. I'm worried about the smallest one not eating and not looking great and I'm worried about the flashing all around. If it weren't for those two things I wouldn't really be worried about anything else. I've been doing a 40% water change and then treating with Pond Microbe Lift Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment (formalin and malachite green) every night since Monday. I'm not planning to do it tonight since it seems to stress them out and if they had ich I think it should've been gone by now. They do seem a bit better, but it may have just been the ample water changes. Tank/Water It is a 65 gallon tank, current occupants are: - 1 L204 Pleco >3years old, long term resident - 1 Gold Nugget Pleco >3 years old, long term resident - 6 Discus ~4 months old, added October 1st Water parameters are: - temp ____84F - ph _____ 7.6 - ammonia reading ____ 0ppm - nitrite reading ____ 0ppm - nitrate reading ____ 0-5ppm I got my discus from a local breeder and they were raised in municipal water. I added new plants added a few days before they started flashing I started trying to feed them flake that contains metro - they don't want it, they are trying to eat black beard algae off the filter intake instead Here is a link to videos I took today. Please let me know if you need anything else. The difference in their colours and sizes is bothering me. Up till the past week they've all been roughly the same size and colour. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0x2cygcp3...HxtjwCjLa?dl=0
  21. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates ph 7.4 temp 79° gh was 3° but raised to 8-9° a week ago for the first time I have a 55g community tank and a 29g guppy tank. My fish are flashing in both aquariums since I bought them in June and started treating in July. I’ve treated with ich-x, kordon ich attack, paraguard, prazipro and wormer plus. Nothing has helped. The zebra danios in the 55g flash a lot during water changes. I use api stress coat during water changes. I didn’t know if the gh was an issue so I raised that but that’s only been a week ago. I lost a few guppies but not sure if it was related. I have 7 adults and 3 different fry births. They are all doing good. At this point I have stopped treating. I’m running carbon so there are no meds present. I live on well water that contains iron. It does turn things rusty looking. I’m not sure if that would cause the issue. Any idea what this could be or how to treat? I had a ton of small snails that snuck their way into my tank. This wormer plus killed them all.
  22. Some time ago, I had some Cory's flashing and with help I received here, was able to eliminate it. However, I've now noticed some Black Neon's and Cardinal's flashing on plants. Not often, but enough to cause concern. I can see no signs of disease or parasites. I did 5 weeks of PraziPro back when the Cory's were flashing. Should I dose again with Prazi or try something else? Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 pH 7.4 Gh 5-6 KH 3-4 Light to Medium Planted, Blackwater Tank Mineralized RO/DI
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