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  2. The air stone is in the front part, not behind the black wall divider in the tank. It's on the side of the pump.
  3. @Atitagainits thought to be around 11 gallons. Last time I checked on Amazon they were no longer selling this size. I think one size down would fit the stand and light better actually but I’m pleased with the setup. @Guppysnailand @Hobbitthanks so much. Yeah I’m happy the kids are ok. It was $50 it it could have been a whole lot more both physically and emotionally if something had happened.
  4. Reduce the flow while the sand tumbles in the python, then stop flow to drop the sand.
  5. Oh got it do I increase the blue at any monent
  6. It's important, but that Fluval has way too much blue.
  7. I do weekly water changes of 35 gallons of water but I don’t do much gravel vacuum I have sand and haven’t find any good wait to gravel back sand
  8. @GoldenGardner, I hope you won't get too discouraged, you're in a hard part but it does get easier. When I was first collecting fish to stock my new community tank, I had a set of mollies that were in QT for something like 5 weeks being treated for ich, then parasites. It felt like it was taking forever and I couldn't use the tank to QT other fish until they were ready to move out. I actually got so frustrated I added a second QT tank so I could keep making progress. That's a dangerous path, lol, so I wish you more patience than I had!
  9. If it were me wanting the scape to be focal point I would do a decent size group of celestial pearl danio and Pygmy cory with neocaridina and mystery snails as cleanup crew. Cpd and Pygmy play very well together and are small unobtrusive fish that are not attention grabbers until you watch them. Then they are endlessly fascinating as are neo shrimp and mystery snails. So best of both worlds 😁
  10. So drop all lifts to 40 percent and blue to 0 percent one more question is blue important or it’s not for plants
  11. @Mmiller2001 I saw that it had some really good features but for right now I went with Fluval because of the warranty and the water proof part. I’m new to this so the warranty sounds pretty good and I’m using this as the main light to also do maintenance on my tank with the lid off. One slip up and the lights on the water. I definitely plan to get one and try it out in a future tank though so thank you for suggesting it and getting me interested in one. @Streetwise thank you for that. I’m gonna look into it tomorrow. I just got the fluval and set it to all basics. I ended up finding it at the local store.
  12. New arrivals only. Guppies born in my tanks are dynamos. Second generation stronger 3+ gens are tanks!
  13. Aer you saying that once they are born in your tanks you have as good a luck with them as you'd expect with any fish--that it's just the newly purchased arrivals that are so tricky?
  14. Went to LFS in Seattle and did some serious damage! Got CPDs and Lampeye killifish to keep my current ones company. Still looking for more as they did not have enough. And got plants, too. And other things, too. Oh, dear!
  15. I would drop blue to zero and work with the other colors. Here's mine, but try at peak 40%. If things improve, then raise it in 5% increments.
  16. I also have been noticing Number one spending a lot of time guarding a "cave" under an oyster shell. I have no idea about the breeding season for these sculpins, so will need to read about them tonight, with a cup of hot spicy Mexican chocolate.
  17. You know the last real jukebox I played was at a backwoods bar we used to shoot pool at. The last juke box I seen 5 years ago I could not figure out how to make it play. You used your phone and credit card 🤪 or had to be a computer programmer…I left very disappointed to be so darn outdated
  18. Your tank is absolutely beautiful! @Guppysnail You have a gift for saying what I want to say right before I say it. 😉
  19. I've seen many animal posts on FB that are just a photo, and something like "Mutt guppies. PM if interested." People who see it know money is likely to be involved in the PM, but since it's not mentioned in the original post, FB is okay with it.
  20. I love finding this on Jukeboxes and playing it over and over! 🙂
  21. Yeah I did some cutting yesterday I cut some roots too well trim
  22. Do you have a sense of when breeding season is for the pupfish?
  23. We don't want that! Sounds like you need more fish.
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