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  2. I haven't had any issues keeping amano shrimp at 82... but amanos aren't cherries. 80 I think is fine for bettas, I wouldn't worry too much keeping them anywhere between 75-82 I'd say leave things be for now, especially if the betta isn't eating the shrimp. I see such wide temp ranges recommended for neo shrimp that, having no experience with them of my own, I can't really recommend anything. If they aren't trying to escape the tank, and the betta isn't eating them, I think they should be ok.
  3. Hi @Mariac007, That looks to be Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis) that has been grown emersed. The emersed grown leaves you see will eventually die off and new, fern-like leaves will grow instead. An easy plant to grow. -Roy
  4. Looks like the start of hair algae to me. At least that's what mine looked liked in the beginning.
  5. Hi Julien, @Irenefrom Aquarium Co-Op has a great video on YouTube about algae and different ways to control it. Snails help, too.
  6. That would definitely be best. I wish there was a nice lfs close to me. I only got a petco around me and fish keeping must be very unpopular in my area, because their aquarium department is horrendous. I don't shop there often, but 90% of the time I've gone in there, there is no employee working in that section. Dollar per gallon sales are a joke there too, because they barely keep any tanks. The only good thing I see is that they don't sell bettas. Most likely, because no one is buying. So mainly my shopping is done online, and I find it difficult to find good sellers of most things. Sorry I went off on a bit of a rant. Lol.
  7. Right, but the question is how much water? 8 ounces, 4 ounces? I know it depends on the fish, so say if putting 1-2 guppies to a bag. Or 2" bristlenose plecos, which I am actually going to be shipping soon. Didn't even think about this. I have plenty of h2o2 and probably some taters around here. I might give it a shot tonight to see how much it takes to fill a bag.
  8. Okay thankyou I wilk have to move them back to their other tank
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  10. Just about any fish looks good with a group of pearl gouramis. I like pearl gouramis. I have nine.
  11. Have my 10 gallon Betta tank up and running my male half moon Betta is doing great we also have added 5 cherry shrimp and 2 zebra snails everyone seems to be getting along the betta has checked out the shrimp but left them alone. My temp for the Tank is 80 I’ve heard the shrimp aren’t to key for the higher temperatures we also have 4 live plants in the tank. Open for suggestions and ideas biggest concern is my Betta is happy and he seems to be likes to swim the whole tank top to bottom
  12. this is just the information I needed, since I know what products to check - and it's not any of the things I usually use. this forum is such a help! thanks all. I can now sit in peace as I gaze at my tanks (sure am getting a lot of sit and watch time nowadays, but I think watching the fish is really therapeutic!)
  13. @Daniel I altered the post. I guess the more forum friendly question I should be asking is “where did you get your breeding bettas from?” Instead of “what breeder do you recommend?”
  14. ah yeah that's the exact one i got. the HS103. 🙂 They're rated for 10A so i even use one for my son's 700W bedroom heater.
  15. Rofl, yes, she actually can fit. She has to flatten her dorsal fin to do it. The cave actually used to be smaller but it's grown with her. X3
  16. I agree, Nature doesn't stack rocks neatly very often, so messy is good. The weathered flagstone and algae is a really good look for your cave. I had a 16" Pleco that needed a place to hang out and still be visible. I never found a way to make slate floor tiles look that natural, so I settled for the shelf. It was ugly but all of the fish seemed to use it. That is a lot of catfish. Is the cave big enough for it to get completely inside?
  17. Annnnnd from the forum!!!
  18. The kassa smart plugs are great too: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/kasa-wifi-light-timer its meant for lights, but can be used for filters too.
  19. Your water parameters are fine That looks like bite marks to me from one of the other puffers
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