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  2. Update, and further questions. The male died 4 hours later. So I am pretty sure I am not dealing with some DNA/inherited problem. So here's what I think 1) it may be flukes from the new plants, as they were shipped from a cheap place and I did not quraintne em properly(just did an alum bath for 2hrs) 2)stress from moving? 3) chlorine poisoning? Female had the yellow stuff on the belly 4) ammonia poisoning. There might be an ammonia spike? Please see the snails pic attached. Q3)is overdosing dry ferts(NPK powder) the reason. Since I had added so many plants, I had started to increase my dry fert dosage.can that cause a problem? Here are the pics of the male. Not being able to solve a problem presents a great challenge and learning opportunity in the hobby and in life. I wish to get the bottom of this. Here are a few questions which if answered will help me Google better and save me tons of time. Q1) if these are flukes and I want to treat the planted tank for flukes, then will keeping the tank fish less,but with snails for a month without any treatment help? Q2)can fish flukes affect humans? That's it for now. Thanking you in advance Vaibhav Pandey.
  3. Credit to @Dorkula for thinking this up
  4. @Isaac M That does help! Just having an idea plant numbers and of what to place from front to back is helpful. New plants look so little and not knowing how big they get in reality makes it hard for me to know how many to get. Thank you! @Patrick_G I’ll search using “aquascape design plan” and see what I find. I was striking out using the search terms I tried. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Hello everyone. Im concerned about one of my Tiger barbs, he will stop swimming, and point vertically while displaying his fins, he has done this for two days. He eats very well, has no swimming issues, and has plenty of energy, he is in fact the tank bully. He has a slight piece of his dorsal fin missing, i have attributed this to him chasing other barbs around the tank. PH 7.0 Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 20ppm GH 6 Degrees KH 4 Degrees Water Temp 27°C (80.6°F) Thank You
  6. Greetings fish experts. i love to learn from the forum. i had this female die on me today, but i am not able to figure out the diagnosis. and i think you guys can help. female was very young, kept with just one male. two days back, i had moved both of the fishes to a bowl because i was adding more plants in my 6 gallon low tech. The fishes were subjected to stress, but seemed fine. maybe, She was trying to give birth but, something happened? or some microorganism might have come from the plants, as i did not qurantine the plants (cause the male is acting sluggish and refusing to eat) the female had a yellow spot on her belly. Please ignore the cut fin, its due to the tweezers. should i be worried ,or are these just natural? This is the other side. notice the black spot on the belly.this hints me, she died giving birth. i have no idea, if i should be worried about my male guppy or if that was a one time thing. i cannot afford water test Kits in my area.i am sorry. i had not changed water after putting the plants, it was the same regular water which is changed 30% once a week. Here is the male.these two were the only fish in the tank. i am not able to see what went wrong in my husbandry. i am not able to diagnose why did the fish die. and hence am seeking your help. Thank you so much. Vaibhav age16 yrs, from India.
  7. Older picture - bit a a mess but my 29 gallon guppy/swordtail tank:
  8. Update : I moved them to the 20 gallons and they are thriving, swimming everywhere alone or in school. I have the feeling they did not like how active my green neon tetra were in the 15 gallons maybe?
  9. Back when I had my guppy tank really poppin off🤩 too bad it doesn’t last forever
  10. I have the 3.7 gallon imagitarium deluxe freshwater aquarium. As a substrate I use fluval stratum plant and shrimp substrate. The light I use is the one that came with the tank and I keep the light on the 2nd setting where it’s mostly white leds with the 4 blue leds. If you do have the same tank then you’ll know what I’m talking about lol. I don’t know a lot about lighting. Do you use any fertilizer or root tabs?
  11. The white stuff is powdery I've never had a sw or canister before so I'm not sure I was rinsing my filters for the 1st time(new tank) it's also in the job is that normal honestly never had an issue with white powdery accumulation in filters beside hard water in fw tanks
  12. Oh no! They will keep us on spruce sprinkled concrete slabs and feed us a nutritional mush of chicken and licorice. If we look sad they'll shower us in moist THC. "Humans are actually very adaptable. They've been to the moon so you don't really need air". And, finding out about our pets, they'll probably put a lot of wolves in with us. They'll try to breed us with other apes too, for sure.
  13. Started prep for a mini pond~ Applied a coat of sealant on the unglazed inside of this pot... and got some floating plants together. I hope water can be added to the pot by next weekend. 🙂
  14. Life got busy after I posted, so thanks for the replies! I started dosing Maracyn Thursday afternoon, but I lost the last of the three sick fish this morning. The healthy fish is still healthy, so yay! He's going to hang out in quarantine for at least another week. I'm itching to get some fish for my other tank so we'll see how long my patience holds out to keep him in there 4 weeks lol. Just me wondering, could the barbs have actually "eaten" themselves to death when they ate all the congo tetra eggs? I fed the tank that morning and nothing seemed off until an hour-ish after the spawning stopped. I'm trying to decide if it was a weird coincidence or maybe I shouldn't get any more barbs since the tetras spawn weekly and any future barbs will have the same egg buffet.
  15. There are tons of online pictures of nice aquascapes. There are even some layouts and instructions on placing the plants. I googled aquascape design plan and found some nice ideas.
  16. 初めまして @H20CultureLabs!敬語を良く分かりますね!でも、上下関係の事を困りましたね。アメリカの名前そのだけ下さい。 MicrosoftのIMEキーボードは漢字を上手に出来ます。日本語や英語で書道をまだ下手で書きます。どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 [Nice to meet you @H20CultureLabs! You are so polite! But giving me a title is a little embarrassing. Please use my American name without the honorific. Microsoft’s IME keyboard is skillful at writing kanji. My handwriting is poor, in Japanese or English. Warm regards.] 琴立山 Kototateyama [Zither-like Standing Mountains]
  17. I've had just as good results from Aqua Huna as a good LFS. If I were worried at all about the locals I wouldn't hesitate to go with Aqua Huna. In my opinion acclimation is not that big of deal. I assume Aqua Huna has soft and low hardness water based on their location, mine is super hard and and 8pH, I do I standard acclimation and everybody does just fine. @Hobbit brings up a good point, go to the Aqua Huna by way of the CoOp site to get a discount.
  18. @LaurieinIA you are working with an aquarium with a lot of height. Given that and you wanting to use the plants from those articles, cryptocoryne would be a great foreground plant. It can handle lower light (potentially important in a tall tank) and is easy to grow. Depending on the species, it can get a little tall but will look short in a 25” tall aquarium. Plus it is very beautiful in my opinion. In the mid ground to background area you can do a amazon sword, some pogostemon stellata octopus and vallisneria. Given your footprint, one amazon sword should be enough. The val can grow to the top of the aquarium and spread. If you are adding rocks and/or wood, you can attach anubias to that as well. These are beginner friendly plants that can also create beautiful thriving aquariums. This is also a total of 5 different plants if you include the anubias which is a great amount for a tank of your size. I hope that helps!
  19. Here is a 10 gallon with guppies, cherry shrimp, and rams-horn snails. This is my plant test tank.
  20. The fish will have taken over the world and keeping people in terrariums.
  21. beautiful blue eyes! I love the babies but the don't stay that size for long
  22. Add a cave and a M/F pair of bristlenose plecos with that livebearer!
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