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  2. From a business sense it makes sense. If they don’t have what you need they may have an alternative to the products you seek or may in the future carry them if they see a demand and they would lose money. It is not feasible for moderators to look at each post and make a decision if coop could have supplied something and therefore lost money. Police’ing that would be very hard I imagine. It would also get into negativity and become a review of operation type thing I’m guessing. These are my guesses I am not them so cannot speak with knowledge other than my business background so do not take this as me knowing anything for certain. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
  3. Corydora are mostly bottom feeders looking for worms insects etc so do not need great eyesight it’s often much darker closer to the substrate than mid to surface. In my experience with different types of Cory if you put garlic in the food (repashy). They beeline from anywhere in the tank directly to the food. So I’m guessing their feelers and sense of smell are heightened to make up for poor eyesight. When they see me in front of the tank they pause for a second so I think they can see me. Just an observational guesstimate I’m not an expert but wanted to share.
  4. Looking at the vid I would say juvenile candy cane tetra
  5. I have luck with the buy and sell groups where people list things. plants like frogbit (nutrients hog) on the internet. If I find a seller closer to me they do better because of similar water conditions.
  6. The effect of LED plant lights on plant growth The wavelength of LED plant lights is very suitable for the growth, flowering and fruiting of plants. Generally, indoor plants and flowers will grow worse and worse with the change of time. The main reason is the lack of light irradiation. The LED plant light can not only promote its growth, but also prolong the flowering period and improve the quality of the flowers. The application of this high-efficiency light source system to agricultural production in greenhouses, greenhouses and other facilities, on the one hand, can solve the disadvantages of insufficient sunlight leading to the decline in the taste of tomatoes, cucumbers and other greenhouse vegetables. On the other hand, it can also make winter solanum fruits in greenhouses. Vegetables will be put on the market before and after the Spring Festival in advance, so as to achieve the purpose of off-season cultivation. Since the junction temperature can be determined by the average power consumption, even a large ripple current has little effect on the power consumption. In a buck converter, the peak-to-peak ripple current equal to the DC output current (Ipk-pk=Iout) will increase the total power loss by no more than 10%. If it is far more than the above loss level, then it is necessary to reduce the AC ripple current from the power supply in order to keep the junction temperature and operating life constant. A very useful rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees Celsius decrease in the junction temperature, the semiconductor lifetime will be doubled. Due to the inhibitory effect of inductors, most designs tend to lower ripple currents. The peak current in the LED plant light should not exceed the maximum safe working current rating specified by the manufacturer.
  7. LED plant light efficiently and uniformly condenses light to irradiate plants How to realize the efficient and uniform condensed light of the LED plant light to illuminate the plants? It is said that LED plant lamps are highly efficient and energy-saving plant growth lamps. Part of the reason is that LED lamps have a much higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than traditional lamps such as incandescent lamps and sodium lamps. It is also because the spectrum of LED plant lamps can be customized, but LEDs can be used for maximum efficiency. Plant lights, or what measures can be taken? 1. Distribution of LED plant lights LED plant lights are used to illuminate plant lights, and its purpose is to make plants grow to the ideal state of light users. Crop growers hope that their crops can grow lush and balanced. The uniform distribution of LED plant lights is also Ensure that the light energy is evenly irradiated on the unit area. Considering that the distribution of lamp beads is mainly in a single uniformly distributed LED plant lamp, its irradiation area is large, and its lamp beads are mainly composed of red and blue lamp beads. If the positions of the lamp beads with different spectrums are unreasonably distributed, It will definitely lead to large differences in the growth status of plants in multiple areas within the illumination range of the LED plant light. This is the meaning of using the LED plant light.
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  9. Mine do the same. I don’t think they’re completely blind, but they likely don’t have particularly good eyesight and will rely on other senses to find food - it’s probably the same for all corydoras, but the albino gene just makes it worse.
  10. It’s okay, my calico bristlenose just spawned for the first time kinda out of the blue, and I’ve raised them since they were only an inch long. I feel better now 😂
  11. My albino corys are constantly feeling around for food. They swim right past obvious food as if they are blind. Does anybody know? I have a total of 15 and they all act the same.
  12. Pic 1 male, pic 2 female almost make out an ovipositer, and 3 hard to say from that angle.
  13. @Fish Folk you’re giving me killi envy!
  14. Reef to reef is definitely the most active forum I’ve come across, snd the format makes it super easy to find in depth information on various topics. That’s where I did a lot of my research for my first reef tank. it’s important to decide now whether you want it to be a Fish Only With Live Rock or FOWLR tank, or if you want live corals as well. A FOWLR tank is essentially just like a freshwater tank but you have to mix saltwater before water changes. However, a Reef tank is more hands on physically, financially, and knowledge wise. Corals and amazing animals that can add a lot to your tank, but they’re the most sensitive animals you’ll ever keep, and the equipment required can be quite more involved. If you want a reef tank with corals, I’d suggest watching Bulk Reef Supply’s 5 minute guide series on YouTube, and also watching at least parts of the 52 weeks of reefing series. I’d also recommend watching Saltwateraquariumdotcom on YouTube as well, he has some great beginner guides that go in depth on reef and FOWLR tanks for the beginner.
  15. So I ended up going with a Muscle Rack andddd went right through the wooden shelf during building. Ugh. Gonna try and return it or something to Home Depot and go with a husky rack with sealed 1/2” hardwood plywood instead. The muscle rack claims it can support 800lbs per shelf, but there’s no center brace, and just me leaning on it a bit had it bowing significantly, and then more pressure completely cracked it. Here’s a picture of the box and of the wood after I broke through it. Glad I tested it with my body before putting glass boxes full of water on there.
  16. Hey yall Ive got a Flex 32 and it has the built in filter system and it uses a pump like you'd use in a sump. The pump sits in the water and has a hose connected to the spray bar. My ques3is has anyone found an inline diffuser/ atomizer to fit that particular hose? Im afraid to pull it off due to my current stock load in this tank. Its got probably 50 Taiwan bees 30 amano all from flip aquatics. and im afraid to leave it dismantled too long. I wish i could fig out what size hose it is without removing it. Any ideas?
  17. @CalmedByFish short answer is: No! Damaged leaves leak nutrients the plant could better use for new growth. Damaged leaves also don't recover.
  18. That happens in nature where everything is fighting to survive. By leaving the old leaves you're allowing it to decay in your aquarium causing a change in parameters. Plus a lot of plants "eat" their old leaves by sucking out the important bits leaving brown and or translucent leaves.
  19. I was browsing the forum, saw the guidelines and two of the bullets said "We don't discuss other aquarium related companies both positively or negatively", "links to competitors are prohibited...". Now in my mind I interpret this as, don't talk about any other store besides ours here. But I could also see it as, you can talk about them as in regards to products and location but you can't talk them up or down. I get that the co-op isnt a big brand compared to chain stores, but also because of this, the co-op can't supply everybody's necessities and this guideline feels like it can deny somebody's opportunity to get a solution to their problem. I get that the co-op doesn't want to lose parts of the market, but in places where the co-op might not be able to help should be able to talk freely about their local stores. Don't get me wrong, I love the co-op, absolute favorite store. Can somebody explain this rule to me? Also which way or how to interpret it.
  20. My list would've been pretty much identical but would have included: Red root floaters, Amazon frogbit, Baby Tears, Pearlweed, and much like the Peace lily, Flamingo flower plant Anthurium scherzerianum from Central and South America, A friend has a 200 gallon tank with lots of Pothos, Peace lily, and Flamingo flower plant mounted on the backwall with their roots by means of rubber twist ties. None of those would be an option in my house though because all of them are highly toxic to cats. However for those without professional feline supervision, here is a link describing the Flamingo flower plant: https://www.houseplantsexpert.com/flamingo-flower.html
  21. You could try to reach out to aquarium companies with ideas and get an estimate. Or even buy second hand off of places like eBay or thrift stores, which is good for the environment and your wallet. I know that some big chain stores that end in -tco or -smart will give it's employees big discounts and they can pass it onto you if you know them.
  22. There's tons of pleco species, some get massive while others stay pretty small. In my smack desk tank I have brown cherry shrimp and a couple rams horn snails. I think shrimp do a better job for my hair algae. I don't care if they breed out of control because I will feed them to my puffer. That seems weird about the endlers, mine peck at surfaces all day long.
  23. Not on this particular figure! It’s entirely plastic! I popped an arm off for that purpose. Hahaha
  24. @Odd Duck Yes! I’ve heard this also! I haven’t known anyone to actually do it though. I might experiment with it out in a bucket and/or do a little more research.
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