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  1. Have Five Blackmores and one unknown type of fancy goldfish. It's white and fat and short. I got them all the same size, but "Goldie" hasn't grown. she has gotten enough food but it's not happening. Also her eye got pecked out and I think she was bullied by the black ones double her size. What should i do with the bullies, and should I put Goldie down? Also please note that I am very attached to all of them and love them like my dog.
  2. I've gone away for a couple weeks and when I come back mine has so much hornwort the fish can't get to the other side of the tank.
  3. Contact costumer service and they will most likely replace it for you. Also what state do you live in? may have been a climate issue.
  4. No. AZ But when I get certified It'll be there or VT. What other states lack NERMS?
  5. It should hold the weight. But it will be close.
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