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  1. @Colu thank you for your very thorough reply, I will try this! Appreciate it
  2. @Coluthanks I appreciate your reply but I live in the U.K. and those medications are not available here
  3. @Theplatymaster 1Tbsp per 3 gallon
  4. @Theplatymaster do you think the best course of action would to continue salt treatment?
  5. Hey everyone, Recently bought a Banjo Catfish and he’s quite good at hiding, so for the first week I didn’t see him in the community tank, when I eventually did I realised my Angels had been nipping his tail, I have since moved him into a Cory only tank where he’s getting on well but where he has been attacked is now fluffy. I’ve treated the tank with salt following the guide by Aquarium Co-Op but wondering if he can even tolerate salt and if anyone has any other guidance. There’s not a great deal on the internet when I have Googled diseases in these fish. I’ve tested and parameters all are fine, it’s just a knock on from an open wound after being attacked. Thanks in advance. 👍
  6. I’m in the U.K and there was a dark cloud came out of it so I did big water change, hopefully all is good in the morning Thanks for the info! They looked someone stunned for 30 seconds when it happened but then continued on as normal, im guessing it was just the bang that shocked them Frightening indeed! It’s actually marked my roof where it hit
  7. Hey everyone! I’ve just been sat next to my tank and the heater has exploded, half shattered in the tank and the other half jumped out and hit the rough! It was so dramatic! It’s not even like I’d done a water change and it was fully submerged! Anyway my question is, is there anything harmful I heaters that could harm my fish? I’ve removed all the glass but unsure if there’s anything else is there when manufactured that could cause trouble… Will be wearing eye protection from now on!
  8. Cold tank will be 15 and new tank will be 23-25
  9. Hey everyone! And Merry Christmas! So I’m sure this will be a silly question as the only difference is temperature but… If I am seeding a sponge filter in a cold water aquarium will this be suitable to use in a new tropical set up? Surly it is.. right? Someone put my mind at rest before I move my bristlenose fry 😂, Thanks!
  10. Hey, I’ve had my African butterfly fish now for a year and one of them has changed hugely in colour, I've researched them and can’t seem to get an explanation so wondering if any of you knowledgable folk would know, attached is a photo of them side by side for comparison. What do you guys think?
  11. They were in my community 60 gallon but after they went on a murdering spree I had to move them into my only spare tank which is 15 gallon
  12. Hey! Wondering if any of you who have kept Kribs can help. Is there any fish at all that can be kept with a spawning krib pair. After witnessing the carnage and aggression brought on in my community tank from them protecting their fry I thought I’d come here for advice. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! Hopefully they won’t outgrow the box before they outgrow the platys mouths!
  14. Hey! So a month ago my kribs had fry in my community tank, due to aggression I moved the parents into their own tank, and the fry into a hang on breeder box. Just noticed today I left a little guy behind so he’s managed to survive this whole time alone. I’m wondering if he’s survived because he good at hiding or if there’s just no threat in the tank. If popular opinion is that it’s safe to do so I would love to put the young back into the community tank to grow out. Here’s the stock in my 60 gallon: 6 platys , 2 ballon Mollys, 2 African butterfly fish, 4 corys, 2 bristlenose, 1 golden nugget pleco (smaller than the bristlenose at this point), 1 otocinclus and 3 nerite snails. Thanks!
  15. Hey, I’ve had some dwarf gourmis for a while and have never seen any breeding action, also as far as breeding I’m a total novice. Does this look like a nest to you guys? Photo isn’t great quality, so try your best haha
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