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  1. I’ll try to keep it simple this time. Day by Day photo journal to figure this out. Any help or comments much appreciated.
  2. Hi! Well lets start I was super hesitant to even think about a journal but maybe this help me keep things of my mind so I can actually focus on my major as a Computer Science. How did I get into the fish hobby? When I was younger I always witnessed my families numerous attempts to keep fish in various ways. They bought gold fish and stuck them into 5 Gals and took all the fish out to clean the tank... with soap. This was when I was about 10 and they tried again with this massive(to me) 39 Gal Jebo Bow Front (without soaping). After the numerous fails they gave up for a long time. We've kept many pets such as cats, dogs, birds, turtles, a dove that got hit by a car mid flight that my dad nursed back to health, and a neighborhood possum. Fast-forward to beginning of pandemic my mom comes home with a betta in a light-bulb shaped container which probably holds 8oz of water with a fancy light underneath. That is kind of where I went and said, "Whos taking care of the betta?" my mom looks at me and obviously its me. I started taking care of that betta (unfortunately don't have him anymore. SIP Cherry.) Where I'm At Presently. I recently got a new bed for my tiny 10x10 room and had to reorganize all my fish tanks around which are a 24 Gallon, 2-10 Gallons one has some baby fish in it. I'll do my best to get into the details but here's the current take after everything has been done. WARNING: I'm a scatter brain so things will change mid-post writing. I apologize in advance. This is a 3 Tier-Shelf that I drew up which my dad then found spare wood laying around his shop to make. The front, legs, and back wood are Poplar while the left and right joining sides are Mahogany. I sanded the whole shelf down with 120grit and stained it with a water based Poly+Stain. The Shelf measures 36''L x 22''W x 60''H. Top Shelf Supplies mostly. The Fluval 307 is something I got on sale. Middle Shelf 24 Gallon Life Guard Aquatics with integrated sump. 6 months uptime. No Co2 Fish Stocking 2 False Juuli Corydoras 5 Panda Corydoras 8 Emerald Rasboras 8 Pygmy Corydoras 8 Platinum Medaka Ricefish 3 Otocinclus Catfish 1 Honey Gourami 2 Reticulated Hill Stream Loaches 4 Nerite Snails 1 Purple Mystery Snails 2 Kulhi Loaches 2 Panda Loaches Amanos and Neos Which I don't know how many there are. I know its a TON of fish but everyone has been doing fine and I realized I really just loved putting fish in the tank. I may split the tank mates up at some point but the interactions are just interesting to see. Plant Stocking Back left to right then to front Ambulia Ludwigia Super Reds Ludwigia Palustris Cryptocorynes Anubis Java Fern Monte Carlo Bottom Shelf 10 Gallon Aqueon Tank which is filled with meds and such for now. 10 Gallon Visio Tank which holds approximately 20-30 baby ricefish of varying ages (1wk-1mo) Desk Tank UNS 10 Gallon Fish Stocking Blue Plakat Betta (He has a mustache) 4 Ember Tetras (I had 6.... 2 just disappeared) 3 Otocinclus 1 Nerite 1 Bamboo Shrimp Plant Stocking This one doesn't have an order. Staurogyne Repens Crypt Parva Mini Bolbitis Anubias Java Fern Red Melon Sword Bacopa Ambulia Amazon Frogbit Salvinia End First Post Well that was a lot to write. Sorry if the formatting is all wonky as some weird things were happening as I was putting pictures in. Hopefully I remember to post bit on odd stuff that happens. My fish tank hobby did benefit from a few other hobbies as well and I hope to post them. I apologize for my scatter brainy-ness.
  3. Starting a journal post for my birthday tank!! 🥳 There will be a betta (there has to be a betta!), but I'm definitely looking forward to more livestock and plants variety in this tank vs. my 5 gallon tank at school. My plants arrived today for a tank that my husband is purchasing for me for my birthday! He got off easy (but he has no idea, haha!)...I asked for him to grab me a tank (14-20 gallons) and some substrate. I requested the Fluorite this time...I'm interested to know if I'll like it better than the Fluval Stratum! I'm a little too fond of a neutral pH to love Fluval Stratum! Here's my plant list: The water lettuce is the only thing that arrived looking slightly worse for wear (it broke into two pieces!)...but I already love it, so I hope it survives! Here's a picture of my bucketful of sunshine (kinda like a pocketful...only better!). 😜 I purchased some driftwood, a Marina Slim 20 filter, an Eheim Jager heater, Fluval Cycle, Fluval Aqua Plus, and a gravel vacuum off of Amazon. My parents bought me some Xtreme Krill Flakes, Anubias Barteri, a USB Air Pump, and a Ziss Air Stone from the Co-Op for my birthday. Most everything else I already had from what I purchased for my 5 gallon tank at school. I still need a test kit, a light, and a turkey baster. 🦃 Y'all will have to let me know if you have any experience with these plants...or any fun betta buddy suggestions for stocking! I'd really like to get a schooling fish...and I'm definitely getting some shrimp!
  4. The purpose of this journal is to document my adventures in aquarium keeping as my hobby transitions into its next phase where I settle into a more long-term focus on breeding nano-fish and fresh water crustaceans as well as growing plants well. Over the past 30 years, this hobby has been a true joy for me, it has allowed me to learn so much about both myself and the world around me. It is my hope that my documentation of my aquarium-based journey will inspire others to continue to push their hobby to the next level. In light of recent success I have had selling fish and shrimp in my local market, I have decided to extend my 6 10 gal breeding rack into a larger 10 gal rack holding eight aquariums. Utilizing this new structure which I have affectionately named the "Aquarium Wunderkammer", it is my hope to continue breed Danios, Badis, Pygmy Sunfish, White Clouds, Fire Red Shrimp, Blue Dream Shrimp, and Dwarf Crayfish for both fun and a small profit. I think this new project of mine is novel because it utilizes a sliding rail system usually used in cabinet making that I have not seen utilized for an aquarium rack. By placing these aquarium on cabinet sliders, the aquarium can be moved away from the shelf they normally rest on, greatly increasing the amount of available aquarium which can be accessed for maintenance and catching of livestock while maintaining a small footprint. Thus far in my in hobby experience I have not seen a system utilizing cabinets sliders and aquariums, so if you have similar thoughts, you can now see an example of one of these systems in action.
  5. I liked the idea of having a space to just babble about my tanks. I do have an Instagram, but I always felt like I need to post glamour shots to that, and not more mundane things. So here it is, a place to talk about how duck weed is taking over my house (seriously I find it on our doorknobs). I guess I'll start off by introducing my favorite fish, and therefore my favorite tank. Pooka is a synodontis eupterus who has an incredibly sweet temperament. She's hand tame, and often follows my hand around while I work on the tank. She's currently in a 40 breeder, and I MAY put her in the 75 eventually, but honestly I'm worried to put her in with my bichirs; Dragon (who I will introduce in another post), once took a bite out of a catfish like it was an apple. She seems to have enough room for now, and really isn't that active - her swimming style is doing calm moseys around the tank between long upside down naps. I once drew her as a Pookamon Pokemon.
  6. Hello! This is an updated picture of my fish room dedicated to shrimp for profit. I’m moving only as fast as cash will allow me. I know I could have done more 10s or some 20s, but I wanted my premium RCS in the 20L so that way I can monitor and cull easier. I might add another 10 gallon or a 20. Maybe down the road build another stand for below and put some more tanks on it. Nothing fancy, this is all I can afford currently. No fancy auto water changes or drains (though my washer and dryer are right by it and I could use that drain (TBD)). I have a stingray light coming as well as an Amazon basics long power strip for behind the tanks to clean things up. Just wanted to share what I’m up to. I’m really enjoying this and I love seeing the messages from people saying how they love my shrimp. you can clearly see aquarium coops influence on me. Seen are their sponge filters, I’m getting the finnex light, the Ned trio is sitting there ect. Haha.
  7. Placeholder post for now. Will add more info later. Hi my name is Daedalus I'm breeding Copper Alien Bettas. I'm a new breeder with only 3 spawns. I breed Thai style so if you're uncomfortable with that style please proceed with caution. I write with terrible grammar and sentence structure. If you're uncomfortable with that proceed with extreme caution. Feb 2nd: Received copper pair. Begin conditioning. Feeding scuds, moina and BugBites Feb 6th: Prep spawning tank. 4.5gal tote filled to 3gal. Added loquat leaves, duckweed and pothos cuttings. Added rooibos tea for tannins. Taped a circular spawning cave to the wall. 50w heater Feb 18th: Release pair to tank. Feb 20th: Spawn. It took two days, the male had problems learning to do the wrap but he finally got it. Only one nip on the female and one on male. Very non violent, easy pairing Feb 23rd: Hatch. Can't see how many but looks to be a decent sized spawn. Feb 24: Added green water and infusoria culture to tank. Roughly half a cup. This is to cover for early hatchers/early free swimmers. Feb 25th: First feed BBS TBD March 10th: Partial water change. Remove male TBD
  8. Started the build of a set of raised garden beds where I am incorporating a 100 gallon mini pond. My wife and I have been planning it for a few months now, and we finally pulled the trigger a couple of weeks ago by ordering the wood and pavers from Lowes. We are merging my hobby of fish keeping with her hobby of gardening. We demoed out a set of 4 raised beds we had before to make way for the new, larger beds. We are increasing planting are by about 50 to 75%, and going from 6 inch deep beds to 22 inch deep beds (4 1x6 boards stacked). If you could the pond area, we are close to doubling the planting area. There will be 3 raised beds. The beds are made out of 1x6 and 2x4 cedar, using deck screws to hold them together. The one in the center will have the mini pond. I am hoping the dirt around it in the bed will help insulate the pond so the fish can live outside year round. We are in Louisiana, so we rarely get below freezing and typically get at least into the 50s Fahrenheit during the day. The other 2 beds are L shaped around the pond bed making a big rectangle. So far, we've built the pond bed and one of the L shaped beds minus one board. We've also laid most of the pavers. Lowes owes us about 1/3 of the wood, so we are at a holding point until they bring the rest. I am stocking the pond with rainbow shiners, so based on my climate I think they'll be fine outside year round. I'm further south than a large portion of their range. I'll probably pull a few inside for the first winter or two to be safe. I am also going to have some kind of pond plants, but haven't figured out which ones yet. Suggestions are welcome! I am going to do a gravel and some river / pond stones as the substrate. Gravel for some aquatic plants and the stones in a few piles hoping the eggs and fry can find some hiding spots. Anyway, as the build progresses, I'll update with pictures and more info. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
  9. Well, I think it’s time I started a general thread where I can post updates about all my tanks. If you like low maintenance planted community tanks, fish breeding projects, watching a novice set up outdoor ponds, and the occasional cat/chicken, then I think you’ll find something you enjoy here. 😊 Here’s the status right now: This is my main tank. It’s a 55 gallon with a power head and three cheap submersible lights. I’ve had it running around 15 months. Substrate is soil with a gravel cap, which I do not recommend. 😆 Fish: My honey gourami mating pair, Mom Fish and Dad Fish Two yo-yo loaches Two otos Two super red bristlenose plecos A school of 9 tetras (one neon and the rest cardinals) called the School of Dr. Neidecker after my mom who bought them for me Three amano shrimp Oh and a few snails that the yo-yos haven’t eaten yet. This is my 10 gallon grow-out tank. It’s usually for the baby honeys, but right now it’s quarantining a new honey! I’m hoping this is a female so she can be Dad Fish’s next mate. It seems like Mom Fish is slowing down. Adding the new honey to the community tank will be iiiiiinteresting. 😁 And these are the new outdoor ponds! I just filled them up a few days ago. I’m excited to experiment with them! I’ve never done outdoor ponds before.
  10. Hello all! I hope you are enjoying your tanks. I’ve been eyeing this part of the forum because I thought it would be fun to keep a journal of my tank’s progression in a public place. Hopefully, we can discuss some of the successes, failures, and works in progress going on with my 75 gallon aquarium. Here is a little info on my tank. I setup this 75 gallon around the middle of May. 1/3 of the gravel and sand substrate came from my 25 gallon aquarium. I also moved over 30 mixed mollies (mostly fry), 1 neon tetra, three Corydora (2 peppered and 1 Sterbaii), 7 Rasboras, 4 otocinclus, 65 red cherry shrimp, and three mystery snails. I also moved over a lot of plants. My 25 had been my testing site for plants. So I have a variety. here are some images of my tank. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  11. I currently have two threads for both of my aquariums, but I've been thinking that its time to merge the two threads together My current tanks are my Community tank (40 Gallons): Home to: Angelfish, Cardinal Tetras x5, Bristlenose Pleco, Upside down Catfish x2, Zebra Danios (I know the picture shows two angelfish, but since this picture was taken the angelfish on the right died of parasites) Its Planted with: Anubias Nanna, Crypt Wendetii Red, Red Twist Sword, Hygrophiliia Siamensis My second tank is my Betta Tank (5 Gallons): Its home to: Hugo the Betta, 5 Neon Tetras, and a new addition (more on that below!) Its planted with: Hygrophillia Compact, Hygrophillia Siamensis, Two Species of Anubias, Buce, Red Melon Sword, Little Side Note: Hugo had gone through some Finrot Treatments, his fins are still growing back. I'm also working on a new tank to go below the community tank, hoping to get some supplies for it and to get it up and running! Today I went driving and drove past a petstore, so naturally I had to stop. I picked up a Nirite Snail for the Betta Tank. I want names for this little guy so comment some suggestions! Also just a quick questions. Does this look like a baby nirite? It seems unlikely due to the fact that they only breed in brackish, but what elese could it be? It moves and has the antennas like a snail too. I picked up the snail to add it in so I'm not sure how it could have come into the tank. Unless it came in in one of my plants, but the last time I added a plant was maybe three weeks, and I'm only noticing it now. So maybe we'll need two names, thats exciting! The baby will probably end up in a different tank soon, 5 gallons is probably too small for two snails.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been meaning to create a journal on my 29 gallon aquarium and my experiences with it, but I just haven't had time recently, as I am constantly bombarded with homework, tests, and projects in school. As you can probably infer, I have a little period of rest right now from school, which is why I am creating my journal now. Anyway, I've done something similar to a journal in my introduction where I covered my journey through the entire hobby, so I thought that maybe I would do a more in-depth story with pictures and only about one aquarium. Hope you guys don't mind the read... Okay, so it started out with me getting my 29 gallon started up and cycled for a couple of weeks. Setup: I added in pool filter sand as the substrate (I had never tried this before previously I used gravel in my 10 gallon), because I knew Corydoras would love to sift through the sand. For hardscape, I originally included only a few river rocks, but soon later added in some driftwood from my pre-existing 10 gallon. Lastly, I added in a couple of plastic plants I had used in my first setup, and a Java fern grown in gravel, now planted in sand. In terms of equipment for this tank, I originally started with an airstone and a cheap hang-on-back filter from a 10 gallon aquarium kit, as well as a cheap heater from PetSmart. I increased the filtration later on as I get more fish. The original stocking for the aquarium was all the fish from my 10 gallon aquarium (not including the male guppy that had passed away a day before I transferred the fish), meaning a pair of peppered cories (Corydoras paleatus), two albino females (C. aeneus), one Venezuelan male (C. venezuelanus, I didn't know he was different from C. aeneus at the time which is why I only have one), and two Endler's livebearer males (Poecilia wingei), along with a number of Assasin snails (Clea helena) of all sizes. Here is me first releasing the fish from my 10 gallon into their new 29 gallon aquarium. Soon after their introduction, our last guinea pig Samuel passed away, so my parents allowed me to get more fish to compensate (also simply because the tank wasn't at all full, and needed something that would eat algae). I bought a school of five pygmy cories (Corydoras pygmaeus) (also not to eat algae, simply for my enjoyment), and my little sister wanted a pleco, so she chose out a female bristlenose pleco (Ancistrus spec., maybe A. dolichopterus?). With the purchase of the bristlenose pleco came a tiny little guppy (Poecilia reticulata) fry that had made its way into the bag. We added this fry into the 29 gallon as well. Also I added an Amazon swordplant shortly after. After a while, algae started to rapidly take over in the aquarium. Specifically whatever kind of algae this is: I think it's staghorn algae so that's what I am going to call it for now. So I introduced three Amano shrimp from my LFS in order to combat the algal bloom. They immediately got to work on the staghorn algae covering the driftwood, and soon the driftwood was completely clear. Unfortunately, one shrimp jumped out of the aquarium (I don't even know how there is a good lid, and even though it has a space for the filter and stuff, I don't know why a shrimp would jump out, because the other two stayed in the aquarium), and I was not at home when this happened, so sadly this one did not make it. Anyway, they ate all of the mystery algae. At this point, my pair of Corydoras paleatus were beginning to breed, laying eggs which I scooped out and put in a small 1/2 gallon container right next to my aquarium. This container was aerated with an air stone, but otherwise had no other equipment. This first batch of eggs all grew fungus all over it, and I was heartbroken, until a week or two later, right as I was about to throw the container away, I noticed a tiny little baby fish in the container. I put him into the 29 gallon aquarium because I had no other aquariums ready. He made his home under the rock caves that I constructed near the air stone. But soon after this problem came the bloom of hair algae and black beard algae, the former covering the Amazon sword and plastic plants, while the latter took over my driftwood and Java fern. My guppy fry, which grew up and happened to be a female, then had babies with my male Endler's, producing many hybrid fry. In this stage, I also added a MarineLand Penguin Bio-Wheel 150 Power (hang-on-back) Filter made for 30 gallons. Although I have heard bad reviews for it, it worked for me because it was just and had a decent amount of space inside of it to add sponges, cartridges, or filter floss (I started with the cartridge that came with the kit and then switch the media later on). Also, I added an intake sponge over the intake of the filter so that no fry would get sucked up and also so that algae and plant leaves and things like that would not clog the filter. Soon, my Corydoras paleatus started breeding again, and laid about 30 fertile eggs. I used the same process for these as last time, and amazingly, all 30 hatched. I added them into a breeder basket in the main tank. They did fine for a couple of weeks, but then I noticed one or two had died under the frame of the box. So I decided to release them into the main tank, as I was afraid all would meet the same fate. Honestly, I think it would have been best if I just kept them in the box. After a couple of days, I never saw any of them anymore. I think that they might have, 1) gotten eaten by the other fish in the tank, but I don't know who could have eaten them I only had Endler's livebearers, cories, Amano shrimp, and a bristlenose pleco at the time, 2) died of disease, or 3) they died of starvation and not being able to compete for food. Fortunately, three of the 30 survived and I began to see them later on as they got bigger. So at this point, I was really upset and just wanted something new. I finally got my parents to allow me to get plants (ordered off of Aquarium Co-Op they took a lot of convincing though because they were afraid of me getting pest snails that would take over like the trumpet snails in my 10 gallon). I ordered a Cryptocoryne wendtii, Vallisneria, dwarf hairgrass (Eleocharis), and a dwarf aquarium lily (Nymphaea stellata). After this I went to my LFS to get Cabomba caroliniana, two Siamese algae eaters (Crossocheilus siamensis) for the still going hair algae problem, and a male pearl gourami (Trichopodus leeri). Also picked up my first Repashy to try it out as well. Soon, my aquarium was nice and green, and I added a black background for viewing purposes. I also decided to add more filtration (the water was pretty cloudy) so I ordered an Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter meant for 10 gallons (I had ordered this for my 10 gallon aquarium but wasn't using it at the time). After keeping this setup and stocking for a while, and while the guppies/endlers kept having more babies, I noticed my tank was way overstocked. The gourami was being aggressive toward the cories during feeding, the Siamese algae eaters were constantly fighting, and the bristlenose pleco was always chasing the other fish away from the food on the bottom (she, unlike the gourami, would just charge straight at whatever she felt wanted to take her food, even if they were half the tank apart. This meant baby cories, the gourami, and even the Amano shrimp). So I started by removing a large school of guppies (I took out the ones I wanted to breed) and added them to my newly restarted 10 gallon to start a colony. I removed my disintegrating Cabomba and put it in there as well (I never can seem to have success with this plant someone please give tips). Later, due to continued aggression, I moved both the pearl gourami and one of the Siamese algae eaters into the 10 gallon as well for temporary holding. They are still in there now, and aren't too big yet, so I plan on moving them or getting them a new home once they get bigger. Anyway, my guppies continue to have babies in the 10 gallon, but the ones in the 29 are not old enough yet, so they will soon. I added in water sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides) in place of the Cabomba, and it is growing well along with the dwarf aquarium lily and the Cryptocoryne wendtii. My goal with this setup is to create a nice "jungle," where there are a lot of plants covering the back and sides of the aquarium, with many different species of fish of different shapes and sizes all thriving together. Right now, it doesn't look too good though. Despite the plants that are growing well, algae is taking over the glass walls (I think green spot algae and some other type). In addition, the Vallisneria in the back doesn't grow anymore, and the Amazon sword that I had originally put in the tank several months ago has gotten smaller and smaller (it was propogated underwater at my LFS), and now is looking green and brown. The hairgrass is growing okay. Any suggestions on what to do with these current problems would be well appreciated. Also, I thought I might add that the bristlenose pleco died just a week or so ago, probably due to internal parasites that might be causing the fish in both my 10 and 29 gallon to scratch themselves on the substrate. I am ordering the medications (API General Cure I heard works well) now, and so far no one else has died yet. Anyway, I thought I might include a few pictures of the fish in the tank at the moment: Here is a pair of Amano shrimp on their favorite driftwood. The female has eggs, but I heard they don't hatch in freshwater. But if anyone has hatched Amano shrimp before, please give advice I want to try and hatch her eggs. Corydoras attacking Repashy: Community Plus So currently, my conditions are: Equipment: Nicrew 30 Inch Light, MarineLand Penguin Bio-Wheel 150 Power Filter, Aquarium Co-Op 10 Gallon Sponge filter (powered by Aqua Culture 5-15 Gallon Air Pumo), 6 inch airstone (powered by Tetra 20-40 Gallons Air Pump), Some kind of heater I forgot the brand Plants: Vallisneria (2), Cryptocoryne wendtii (2 plus new plants from runners), Dwarf Aquarium Lily (1), Dwarf Hairgrass (1), Amazon Sword (1), Java Fern (1 large, plus many smaller plantlets planted in different spots), Water Sprite (1). Fish and Other Livestock: Albino Corydoras (2), Peppered Corydoras (5), Pygmy Corydoras (5), Venezuelan Corydoras (1), Guppy/Endler's Livebearer Hybrids (Around 20 of various sizes), Siamese Algae Eater (1), Amano Shrimp (2), Assassin Snail (Many). So that's my journey with this aquarium so far. As I mentioned earlier, I want a bit more variety in my fish species, so I plan selling some of the guppy/endler hybrids and assassin snails (or moving them) and stocking the aquarium with a couple other different peaceful fish, like tetras (I like rosy tetras, cardinals, diamonds, lemons, black neons, and pristellas), rasboras (maybe the micro rasboras?), minnows (white clouds), or other Corydoras (I know that would probably be too many bottom dwellers though, so maybe only a friend for the Venezuelan or albinos, or more pygmy cories so they school in the middle instead of taking up more room on the bottom). I also like Bolivian Rams, but I know they get pretty big and act like a gourami so not suitable for my community. So if you guys have any ideas on which other fish I could do in the aquarium, go ahead and give your suggestions down below. I'll make sure to give updates on this aquarium in the future. Sorry for the long read, but if you did make it this far, thanks for reading!
  13. My 40 gallon community tank was in desparte need of a re-scape. It was discusting! All the plants died because of a green water issue that wouldn't go away. But now that the green water issue has been resolved, its time for plants! I asked you guys, what should I do for plants? (see the thread below:) and you guys gave me so MANY suggestions. I decided that I wanted to go with... -Cryptacrone Wendetii in front of the wood -Amazon Swords to perimeter the inside of the tank -And then some rotala indica by the sponge filter ITS GOING TO LOOK GREAT!!! Since my lfs is more of a saltwater store they have a very limiting stock of plants. So I will have to get these plants overtime. But today I was able to pick up some cryptacorne wendetii red (see below) Now what is this community tank stocked with? -Angelfish x3 -Zebra Danios x6 (more coming soon) -Cardinal Tetras x5 (more coming soon) -Upside down catfish x2 -Bristlenose Pleco Heres the cryptacorne wendetii planted:
  14. this is the journal for my 20 long planted tank equipment 30in finnex stingray aquarium co op 40 gallon sponge tetra whisper 100 air pump split with a 10 gallon(i know its massive for just a 10 and a 20) 150w aquatop heater ecocomplete substrate piece of Malaysian wood I will get a picture eventually current stock 3 neon tetras going to be replace by to different schools of micro rasboras(chilli, and green kubotai) 4 pygmy cories I will be upping the school to 6-12 some plants(java fern, anubias it was sold as nana petite but I'm not sure, random stem plant, )
  15. Starting out with some plecos. Just a bunch in a 55 gallon with some platties. A short video. Other plecos in the house are super reds and some king tigers (very shy).
  16. I'll be honest, it took some time to decide if I wanted to start a journal. The most upfront reason was, what the heck are they and I've never journaled before? But as I thought about it, I remembered how some of the most beneficial help I ever received was from some obscure article, where some random guy, seemingly from nowhere, replied with the solution I needed. So, the purpose of my journal is to try to be that random guy, who randomly comments, and hopefully has the answer to your problem. But in the form of a journal! You might ask, who is this guy? And I ask myself the same question all the time,<wink>and the only response I can honestly say is; I was a kid who loved fish tanks. So much so, that at age 12, I took my Schwinn bike and went to my local fish store and bought a 55 gallon aquarium. I put that darn thing in my lap and on top of the handle bars and rode 2 miles home. I then went back and under my 1 arm, carried every piece of equipment I needed, in multiple trips, for my first salt water fish tank. A few months later, I had a 20 gallon fresh water tank. I can honestly say. I did pretty well for being so young. I rarely had deaths, I grew some corals, I killed a lot of corals and my fish did pretty well. Without that experience, I would have never learned the single most important information I could have possibly learned and that is: everything I learned 30 years ago is completely irrelevant in todays fish keeping. And anyone one who says, "I've been keeping fish for 30 years" is suspect! After several moves around the country and 30 years later, I found myself back in the hobby and here my journal starts. A buddy of mine, who has been in the hobby for 30 years <---- had the most amazing black water tank. I mean stunning. So he convinces me to start back up, and I did. "I need that sexy blackwater tank", I said, and I went out and bought a 75 gallon, a 40 gallon two 20 gallons and a 10 gallon. This is when I learned the second most important information I ever learned. More than 2 tanks is way too much work! So I sold the 10 and converted 1 of the 20 gallons to a QT tank. All those tank were black water, and boy did I love them. But something happened, something that changes everything! I bought a plant. And today, I have no black water tanks! Here are some pics of those black water tanks.
  17. I have had some success breeding spotted congo puffers but have failed at raising the fry so far. I haven't put much effort in since last spring but I'll be giving it another go. I wanted to created a place to dump all my info and photos so that it's a little more available to people searching on the web since a few people seem to be documenting it pretty well on social media but that tends to not show up in searches. I'll be add more info as I have time. Hopefully my experience can help some others out or encourage people to try. I am quite experienced aquarium keeping but most of my interest has been in plants. I am in no way an experienced fish breeder. I just collected some eggs for the first time in 6ish months yesterday that should be hatching this Friday.
  18. Hi everyone, I just noticed my first berried RCS, so I thought I'd start a journal about any sightings or anything interesting happening about them. (Hopefully not death). Hopefully this journal will continue until the now eggs develop into adults. A Bit About my Tank The tank is a 5.5 gallon with Fluval Stratum Substrate and some crushed coral (to buffer the water). Right now the betta who would normally be there is getting treatment for gill flukes, and will be there for an additional 4-5 weeks, which should hopefully be enough time to let the babies hatch, and develop far enough to be able to swim away just incase. (I may share updates on his progress here too) Thanks for reading!
  19. Actually, I said it. While I have been looking (shyly?) at the aquarium stuff for a long time, I just recently committed. Never had a tank before. So yeah, trying this forum for advice, admiration and laughs 🤨
  20. I'm already having a lot of fun setting up my first container pond! Inspired by Cory's videos on summer tubbing, Ryo Watanabe's ricefish mini-ponds, all the aquatic plants I've discovered growing in my neighborhood's ditches, and my local nature preserve's containers for exhibiting rice plants, I've had a year long obsession with setting something up on the deck this spring. I thought I'd start a journal on here to track my progress and provide fodder for discussion and learning 🙂 Materials: -35 gallon Beckett pond liner -Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter for Patio Ponds and Small Aquatic Gardens -0.5 cu. ft. Bagged Pea Gravel Pebbles for pond bottom -4 square pond planter baskets filled with 4 inch deep safe-t-sorb -Osmocote plus fertilizer balls for gravel fertilization -easy green liquid fertilizer for water column fertilization -fluval cycle biological starter supplement I initially set the pond up on march 13th 2021, adding the gravel, filter, dechlorinated tap water and a few buckets of aquarium tank water from the day's water change. On March 23, I rinsed a bag of safe-t-sorb and filled up the planting baskets. I soaked these overnight in a tub filled with 3X dechlorinated water and later added about a 10X dose of easy green. I wanted to make sure any absorbed chlorine was fully neutralized and also charge up the substrate with beneficial nutrients. The following day I placed 2 of these pots on the floor of the pond, and 2 on the 'shelves' of the pond. The upper pots get bog/transitional plants, and the submerged pots I am adding stem plants that will hopefully end up growing up out of the pond as emersed plants. Plants used for upper pots: -Hyptis lorentziana -Persicaria glabra -Brazilian pennywort Plants used for submerged pots: -locally foraged Ludwigia palustris -Ludwigia brevipes -Ludwigia glandulosa -Ludwigia ovalis green -Bacopa carolinia 'colorata' Plants used for pond floor: -Vallisneria Tiger (foraged in Florida) -Vallisneria Red (foraged in Florida) -Dwarf sagittaria -Chain sword -banana plant And....Floating plants: -water lettuce -red root floaters Day 1 Day 11 post-planting Day 12 switched upper pot locations
  21. I setup some tubs this year, so I would have an outdoor way to visit my folks and share my hobby. I set these up just like my organic soil Walstad aquariums. This is a boring video of the process:
  22. Day one the big tank fill 55 gallons is a lot finally got all the equipment now just add water me my husband and kitty are ready to go(very slowly in all aspects) the kids just like to play with the boxes for right now
  23. A fellow forum member very kindly suggested that I could start a journal about this tank and my efforts to address constant glass surfing by my juvenile South American Puffers. Here is the other post/thread, if anyone is interested: (I admit, the title is a bit melodramatic). Basically, they glass surf constantly and - without getting into any conflict about the ethics or morals about what that means or whether we should keep wild-caught animals in captivity - I personally just do not find it enjoyable to watch animals do this. So I was considering giving them up, but decided to take the other good advice I received on that thread (really I am so grateful to this community) and will try to adjust the environment to see if I can reduce this behavior. Attached is a picture of the tank as it currently stands. It is a 55 gallon with half sand, half gravel substrate; planted with jungle val, java fern, java moss,subwassertang, and frogbit across the top; pH is a bit high (8, sometimes up to 8.4); nitrates are always pretty low in the tank (5-10 ppm at most). I change out 15 gallons about once a week - mostly trying to clean up the substrate. There are 6 south american puffers - at first I intended to only keep 3, but there was one in particular that was much more stressed than the others and avoiding food, and I know they prefer to be in groups so I got 3 more. The biggest group I felt I could manage in a tank this size. They are still young (about 1"-1.5"). I got them in Dec-Jan. They get 1 cube frozen blood worms once a day (I do occaisionally skip a few days when I see a lot of planaria in the tank), and 10-30 snails that I toss in throughout the day. I tend to drop the snails into the plants, so that the puffers have to find them. I tried live blackworms early on, but had a parasite scare (happy to elaborate later if anyone asks), so I've been gun shy on using those since even though the puffers loved them. I thought the blackworms were from California Black Worms, though I bought them through a local fish store (I live in Northern California), so I'll have to look into a direct source since I hear that company is a trusted brand. Here are some links to videos of the behavior I'm seeing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/u9p2Mno1Dhmp88Vk9 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fxbzbvVGKcgPPkCoRJWi7ESHf7WQF6JI/view?usp=sharing
  24. I keep many small aquariums in my apartment, mostly Walstad-style, with organic soil from a local composting spot. I enjoy running really stable ecosystems. These photos don't show much of the fish and shrimp. I also keep some outdoor tubs here in Vermont. Cheers, Jason
  25. Hello fellow fish enthusiasts and journalists! Over the next several months I'll be purchasing a home with a large basement room that will house my entire fishkeeping hobby. A contractor will be adding water access and a drain to the space in May/June and I'll be making a lot of decisions about shelving, number and size of tanks, an air flow system, lighting, and most importantly a big water quality issue (which may require setting up a RO/DI system. I'm hoping to get feedback and ideas along the way, as well as critiques and answering any questions about why in the heck I made the choices I made. I imagine there will be many orders made to Aquarium Co-Op before all is said and done so you'll see familiar products in as I get under way. Starting in the next few days I'll post pictures of the space, a little background about how my dad used it before, and share some of my ideas. Come and join the Fishdude on this exciting (and expensive) journey!
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