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  1. This has nothing to do with members, purely subscribers.
  2. Likely it's just something in the impeller, have you removed the intake and touched the impeller ?
  3. They'd have to be really popular to carry more colors, it's hard to keep it profitable and carry multiple variants like that. Once algae sets in , they tend to blend in well.
  4. Yeah, especially if you soak it, it's much easier to work on when soggy.
  5. Up at the top of the page you can toggle light and dark mode by using "change mode"
  6. Dang, I hate to see an expensive product like this have problems. Reach out to them anyway, they may help you. At my store when we did carry the finnex planted plus and such we personally warrantied them for 1 year. Even though finnex did only 6 months. We ended up having so many problems with everything but stingrays and the planted plus clip on light we stopped carrying any others from finnex 😞
  7. You'd send it directly to invision as we don't have any control over the app.
  8. I'd wager most here are subscribed, but I'd like to see the percentage of people who actually have their accounts subscribed to the youtube channel. Also if you are not, a comment on why may be helpful for us.
  9. In what way don't they work? I suspect this is a problem of how back pressure works and not how a T works. As unless it was leaking it's working correctly. If you don't use them with valves it's incredibly difficult to split a line as air will take the path of least resistance.
  10. We pretty much never adjust the temperature to treat ich, so I'd say that yes it's totally feasible to do it without raising temp.
  11. Not really, maybe let it sit 2 weeks empty before bringing new fish home. But since new fish should be quarantined and probably need meds, you'd likely kill off whatever is left in the tank disease wise.
  12. Yeah that's the only thing I don't like about the danio erythromicrons is that they are so shy, they look amazing when they color up though.
  13. Yeah, in a lab environment, that crazy feeder makes sense to not skew data from feeding. They have people on staff just spawning zebra danios daily to use for genetics tests and such.
  14. Maybe once I finish moving I"ll get into this. I've been wanting to for 5+ years. Is it as simple as having a working 3d printer, then downloading those thingverse files and clicking a print button essentially?
  15. We were accepted into the beta for the invision boards app. I haven't played with it much, it is different, and I have no control over it other than getting us into it. iOS users follow these directions: Join the Communities By Invision beta TESTFLIGHT.APPLE.COM Available on iOS Android users follow these: Sign in - Google Accounts PLAY.GOOGLE.COM
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