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  1. The rules are simple. You can talk about products, you can't talk about where to get them. Everyone can google if they need to. Getting lawyers involved for slander cases, helping competitors. Not warning people around problem vendors etc. All of this is more overhead I don't want to have to pay for. You don't see the other side of the forum. The hours per day customer service is spending with I can't use the forum how do I do it? Someone on the forum said this, they are wrong. Someone said they like this and it was bad etc. This is done to keep this forum manageable by my company. If the rules are inhibiting your experience, there are many other forums out on the internet in which you could partake in. We have posted the links we allow, one being Amazon which is the largest retailer in the world. If it's not on there, it's a niche product in which googling the name will get you there. I don't want to have to comb through 100k posts to remove a company name because a brand partner we want to buy from requires it. I've also had to remove videos we've done in the past where we endorse companies and then they have ots of problems and aren't doing right by the customer. This is a lot of work and completely avoidable if we keep companies and their websites out of it.
  2. There are million variables. I would build with drywall. Do what you can to conserve heater and moisture. 100% air tight room wouldn't be good, nor would one with no insulation. Factors like, average temps, how long will it be setup, cost of materials etc all play a part. In general, if you build it like someone was going to put a bedroom in there, it will serve you just fine.
  3. I was able to breed them in a 10g, even as a colony some would raise up as well. I think it'll also depend on the individual pair, but none the less should work.
  4. In the drawing above. You'll only want to use 1 valve to control the 1 siphon drain. The other drain needs to be fully open or at some point you'll likely have a flood from crud buildup.
  5. I love this. I don't have anything right now, but most things fail for me 😛 I'll love seeing what to avoid or change when I try it.
  6. Think of it like a garage sale. If you were selling clothes. Do you wash them, and fold them and present them on a table, possibly with price and size? Or do you just empty your closet into a box and throw it on the lawn and let people dig with $1 per item? Both are ways people do it. One would net more money than the other. One takes less time than the other.
  7. I would solve this with 1 pound of crushed coral per 10 gallons of water, mixed into the substrate.
  8. What types of algae do you have? From the algaes eaters you have now, a bristlenose pleco and some siamese algae eaters or florida flag fish would take care of hair algaes if you have those. How long has this aquarium been setup? Keep in mind that even challenging water conditions out of the tap are "fixable" by letting nature do it's thing and consume them. Then minimizing the water changes needed dueto evaporation or build up of something not being exported by plants.
  9. I personally have experience with fritzyme 7 and turbo start. I've also toured the facility where they make it. IN my experience it does cycle tanks. The turbo is just much higher level concentration.
  10. Most hobbyists don't even have a refiling system. When looking at data like this, you have to take into account the bias that already exists. The fact that the information is coming from a fish forum has already eliminated 99% of potential results. The hobby is wide and diverse, however many products are actually consumed by so few people. This would certainly be an addon to our water change system if we ever make one. However, the way in which it would hang, ease of removal, water pressure issues all lead to slightly different solutions based on application.
  11. The part you removed is the overflow box. This helps set the height of the water level in the aquarium and was a first line of defense for debris/fish not getting sucked up against in intake screen. In my opinion you'd be best to have 2 down flow overflow pipes. One setup as a siphon, and the second setup as a backup. This is known as a herbie drain system, normally uses 3 pipes. Then your return line would come from over the top of the back wall of the aquarium. Once you have this process working well, covering it up in your aquarium can be done a few different ways. Usually you'll want to either use black pvc and a black background in the tank, or wrap them with something as the wipe pipe will stand out no matter what you do. You'll need to do a lot of research to learn quite a bit about overflows as this is a subject that is pretty difficult to teach not in person and with some more hands on experience.
  12. I think this lends to their credibility, if they are copying descriptions. You can’t really take anything they say from their own experience. We are copied daily by lots of companies. We focus on moving forward with new projects and trying to innovate instead of spending that time to police what we’ve already done. It’ll all work itself out in the end.
  13. Everything in moderation. I remember when spirulina 20 by zoomed was all the rage. There were studies that showed fish couldn't utilize anywhere near that level of spirulina in the food. To me, most things are no different than, X food is good for a human. Then someone starting eating too much of it. It no longer has the benefits it once did if in excess. A rounded diet that gives a variety of nutrients in different formulations is usually the easiest way to make sure a fish is getting what it needs.
  14. Wonder shells are made by Weco. We don't list the ingredient list because we have never seen an official ingredient list by the manufacturer. We have had them analyzed by a lab, and I can share there here. However I don't feel comfortable advertising an ingredients list on our product page, as this isn't the manufacturers guaranteed analysis, and they could change the formula at any time.
  15. That is strange, there should have been no difference between those different bottles.
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