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  1. What types of algae do you have? From the algaes eaters you have now, a bristlenose pleco and some siamese algae eaters or florida flag fish would take care of hair algaes if you have those. How long has this aquarium been setup? Keep in mind that even challenging water conditions out of the tap are "fixable" by letting nature do it's thing and consume them. Then minimizing the water changes needed dueto evaporation or build up of something not being exported by plants.
  2. I personally have experience with fritzyme 7 and turbo start. I've also toured the facility where they make it. IN my experience it does cycle tanks. The turbo is just much higher level concentration.
  3. Most hobbyists don't even have a refiling system. When looking at data like this, you have to take into account the bias that already exists. The fact that the information is coming from a fish forum has already eliminated 99% of potential results. The hobby is wide and diverse, however many products are actually consumed by so few people. This would certainly be an addon to our water change system if we ever make one. However, the way in which it would hang, ease of removal, water pressure issues all lead to slightly different solutions based on application.
  4. The part you removed is the overflow box. This helps set the height of the water level in the aquarium and was a first line of defense for debris/fish not getting sucked up against in intake screen. In my opinion you'd be best to have 2 down flow overflow pipes. One setup as a siphon, and the second setup as a backup. This is known as a herbie drain system, normally uses 3 pipes. Then your return line would come from over the top of the back wall of the aquarium. Once you have this process working well, covering it up in your aquarium can be done a few different ways. Usually you'll want to either use black pvc and a black background in the tank, or wrap them with something as the wipe pipe will stand out no matter what you do. You'll need to do a lot of research to learn quite a bit about overflows as this is a subject that is pretty difficult to teach not in person and with some more hands on experience.
  5. I think this lends to their credibility, if they are copying descriptions. You can’t really take anything they say from their own experience. We are copied daily by lots of companies. We focus on moving forward with new projects and trying to innovate instead of spending that time to police what we’ve already done. It’ll all work itself out in the end.
  6. Everything in moderation. I remember when spirulina 20 by zoomed was all the rage. There were studies that showed fish couldn't utilize anywhere near that level of spirulina in the food. To me, most things are no different than, X food is good for a human. Then someone starting eating too much of it. It no longer has the benefits it once did if in excess. A rounded diet that gives a variety of nutrients in different formulations is usually the easiest way to make sure a fish is getting what it needs.
  7. Wonder shells are made by Weco. We don't list the ingredient list because we have never seen an official ingredient list by the manufacturer. We have had them analyzed by a lab, and I can share there here. However I don't feel comfortable advertising an ingredients list on our product page, as this isn't the manufacturers guaranteed analysis, and they could change the formula at any time.
  8. That is strange, there should have been no difference between those different bottles.
  9. You read at 60 seconds. As water evaporates or chemicals have time to react, this changes results.
  10. From studying people and the industry. I believe this is the exemplification of "it can't hurt so why not" mentality. It started 50 years ago with float for temperature, to spend 6 hours acclimating essentially. Over time lots of things escalate into a fallacy of more is better if you disregard other factors, like time, and money etc. This is how we get 3 fx6, rated for 400 gallon tanks on a 125 gallon tank etc. The biggest slight to the hobby is that those not doing critical thinking and going on good recommendations are spending the time without the result. If you're going to spend an hour acclimating. Most scenarios would have been better off with spending the hour the day before servicing their tank and filter. Then plop and dropping the next day. Heck even breaking up that 1 hour into 5 minutes per day to have a bucket of mosquito larvae outside. The live food is likely to help transition a fish better than the acclimation process.
  11. This was amazing. Last few weeks have just been crazy. Found a spare few moments to check in on some threads. Helps keep me aligned 😉 Lot of heartfelt messages put together there. I know we all appreciate it.
  12. The saga continues. So far the lab can't replicate your problem. This is a test of sodium hydroxide. Ph Monitor at 10.98, strip reads higher than 8, which is contrary to your below 7 reading. Still investigating how you could be getting this result with distilled water. These issues are hard to figure out, and thus why we don't have fixes right away, and not always easily replicated.
  13. Thank you for that again @CT_. We have closed another inquiry we had with test strips. Question: "Do your ammonia test strips work accurately when used to test water conditioned with conditioners that require a salicylate based ammonia test kit (conditioners like Prime and Complete)?" Our testing showed that they don't suffer from the problem of prime or complete interfering with the testing of ammonia. We are still actively working on other inquiries. Just wanted to show this as, it may be useful to some, and also to show that we are slowly but surely going through different inquiries.
  14. I don't have first hand experience. Only that a woman locally in our club had this happen last year where the firemouth cichlids overwinter with ice on top of the pond.
  15. We'd need to know the bulkhead drain size to properly size. But in general eheim return pumps are quiet and energy efficient.
  16. API has been asleep at the wheel during covid sourcing their product ingredients. We ended up dropping their meds all together, because their ETA was indefinite, who knows? Paracleanse from Fritz is a direct replacement and always in stock by us.
  17. Can you link your other thread so I can read it again, I'm not finding it easily. We are investigating a few anomaly with test strips. We have labs working on recreating testing problems, we are selves are testing problems. One such example is the dr tims ammonia and our test strip problem. We acquired the original testing solution ,and it is different packaging from ours. however it tests the same for us. We have are working the labs to recreate an erroneous result as the original user got. Artificially creating an erroneous result from a different means doesn't get us to the solution. Right is our brand new one, left is a the customer having a problem. We made a 2ppm solution and both test the same. However we are still pushing forward to see what would be causing the problem. We have other inquiries and anomalies with with test strips, many waters around the country have different chemicals in the water which could cause different results than intended. We are looking into things and have inquiries open with the manufacturing lab and some analysis labs for things like the dr tims.
  18. Pods, seed shrimp, baby snails to eat leftover food, along with other micro foods help. Can be difficult to get the right mix to raise the babies efficiently.
  19. Have pictures? Doesn't seem right you'd have nothing going on.
  20. You sign up on this page. It was the first link in the live stream descriptions 🙂 https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/youtubenotifications
  21. We did receive them. Should be testing by this weekend I hope.
  22. It looks like an internal parasite to me. I'd try some para cleanse.
  23. I recommend shelled foods, and not doing dentistry unless needed.
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