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  1. Could 6 adult angelfish get along in a tank together? I have an adult male that is being upgraded from his 29 community with mollies and was going to add 5 adult angels from someone who had them since they were fry so those 5 all already get along. I know there is a chance of them pairing off and causing problems but I am hoping that the tank will be large enough to handle that and having a lot of jungle val in the tank should break up some line of sight problems. I was going to have corydoras along the bottom as well Just looking for feedback to have success with them
  2. I appreciate your honesty. Thank you!
  3. @TihshhoThanks for your help. Freshwater. The bulkheads already have glued barb elbows from when I got them used and I really don't want to cut off and buy new bulkheads. I could use barbed reducers to help restrict flow from the overflow. into the sump. I was considering baffles if needed. I could also look at getting a return pump with adjustable flow to adjust as needed as well. I was looking at a spray bar to help distribute the return flow. Let me know your thoughts. I could add baffles to the 10. The main reason I am using it is that it already has a bulkhead and I can put a lid to limit evaporation. I am not married to the 10 but I don't want to buy a new tank for a sump if I don't have to. The 40 currently has a Aquaclear 70 just wanted to upgrade since I had the 10s on hand.
  4. I bought a used 40 breeders that is drilled in the back upper corner and has a 1" bulkhead. It has a barbed fitting on the outside that I was going to put some pond tubing on and then run it into a 10 gallon sump I am using. I am trying to size my return pump right but I want to make sure I am planning this correctly so I don't overflow the sump or the display tank. I am just looking for some guidance for this planning. All the research I have done has shown anywhere from 300gph to 600gph which seems excessive but I don't want to get a large return pump if I am not going to need it. Since I am using flex tubing for my overflow and return I don't have a lot of options for restricting flow. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. I currently have my 5" Painted Turtle in a 55 Gallon Tank. I just acquired a 40 Breeder with a drilled overflow into a 30 gallon sump. I was thinking of switching the turtle to that tank. I know the swimming volume goes down a little but but I think the 40B footprint would be better and the addition of a sump would be much better for water quality. I just wanted to reach out to see if this seemed like a good idea.
  6. So it seems like just feed more so everyone gets enough to eat?
  7. I just got a breeding group of Red Cherry Shrimp that I wanted to keep with my 4 Amano shrimp in the same tank? I would hope to breed them but I wasn't sure if the Amano would eat the babies or adult cherries. Am I better off keeping them separate or will they get along fine as long as I keep them well fed? Tank is full of Java Moss and I feed hikari crab cuisine and new life spectrum algaemax pellets
  8. Hi everyone! My 5 gallon fluval spec tank will be left unattended for the next week while I am on vacation. It currently only has some bladder snails and some amano shrimp. The tank is about half full with java moss. Should I make arrangements to have someone drop some pellets in the tank or should I just leave it be and maybe up the light timer for some algae growth while I am gone?
  9. What other fish do you have in the tank? I moved a couple pea puffers to my 15 gallon that was overrun with snails and they quickly decimated the population over a few days if there is a ton you want to make sure it doesn't cause an ammonia spike from all the dead snails.
  10. My work fish tank which has guppies and amano shrimp I ran the QT med trio when I brought them in about 3 months ago. I just noticed white stringy poop which looks like a parasite to me. Curious what others think.
  11. I moved 2 tanks and finally set-up my Wi-Fi timers. Moving a TV into my fish room to put live streams on was definitely a big help.
  12. So I picked up a used SW aquarium from a business where it has sat empty for a few years. It is a 30 gallon acrylic tank but the unusual thing is the tank, stand, and canopy are also all acrylic. Inside the tank was also a pretty thick acrylic sump as well. I know I am going to have a lot of work to clean it up and convert to freshwater but I just wanted to share because I have never seen a set-up like this and maybe its more common in the SW industry. Set-up is pretty straightforward. It has an overflow in the center that drains through the bottom to the sump below. Then it has a bulkhead for the return in the upper right corner. It also has a bulkhead in the lower left corner which I can't figure out the benefit of unless it is to drain the tank faster.
  13. @JeffHe used to have a Member's Only Playlist but that appears to have been removed from the playlists section. The easiest thing to do I think would be membership section see posts and then scroll and save the videos in there to your own playlist to watch later
  14. What @Brandysaid if you want get a sheet of Styrofoam to put under it and it should support the weight as long as its on a flat and level surface.
  15. Nothing is worse than the sound of water hitting the ground during a water change. Glad you caught it in time!
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