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  1. I recently added seven C. plaetus to my 55 gallon from quarantine, and all seemed to be well with them. They have been doing the expected Corydora stuff of swimming around on the bottom, running after wafers, following each other and hanging out on the Anubias. They are not shy, though I don't constantly see them, this is a large tank with lots of plants and driftwood and these guys are less then an inch right now. Last night I noticed they were all swimming around in the mid and top of my tank. They mostly do this as a group, though a couple do it on their own. Water parameters are fine, no issues there, and their tankmates are all very peaceful. Do I need to worry about them? They are active during the day when I look at them, but nothing like I saw last night.
  2. Hi! if you haven't read it, go read my introduction. This journal will attempt to continue where I left off there. I'm currently running four aquariums, all freshwater planted. These photos were all taken today on my Galaxy S7 ( my wife's iphone shots look so much better! ). First up is my living room 75 gallon. Substrate is Safe-T-Sorb. The aquascape in here was pretty much "drop in some cholla and let's see what happens when it sinks." I kind of like the haphazard nature of it. As the java ferns grow, I'll add some more to the back wall. Still dealing with an excess of organics in the water from the recent riparium conversion, which is a second reason the plants are mostly in the foreground. I recently added a heater as we noticed that we were only getting female guppy babies and internet research indicated that at 72 degrees that is the likely result. We're now running at 79 degrees, so hoping we'll see some cool mutts soon! I just saw one 1/2" fry that has an all black tail, so maybe a male?! The glass lids were a project from this past weekend. I salvaged a window on craigslist and disassembled it, then cut the glass for the lids. I should get quite a few lids for future tanks as it was double pane. The rock wall background was a DIY project in 2014. It is 2 inch foam painted with tinted drylock. At the time, I figured it would last a couple years maybe, and I didn't spend a ton of time on it. Well here it is 7 years later and its still in perfect condition! I'd really love for the cory cats to spawn in this tank. I'll probably try to breed them intentionally at some point, but I don't know if I am ready for fry that small yet. There are some snails in here, including a couple bladder snails and some fairly large malaysian trumpet snails in the 1 inch range.
  3. My Panda and Venezuelan Cories are absolute lunatics that spend %75 of the day ZOOMING around the tank 🐠💨 These two have decided airstones = bubble baths 😂 I didn’t expect Corydoras to be such active and entertaining catfish, they certainly haven’t been hiding in the bottom of my tank that’s for sure 🥰
  4. Hello all. First topic I've created here. I have a 75g Clear for Life acrylic tank (b/c of 1 year old son who has already learned to throw) on the way. I've got my stand secured and I have two tanks of fish that I'm going to combine into this tank. They currently run the same water parameters and have compatible fish. Tank 1: 20g. 5x Panda cory, 2x peppered cory. Tank 2: 36g bowfront. 7x peppered cory, 5x bronze cory, 1x 4" yoyo loach, 8x Colombian tetra. Tanks are both WAY overfiltered for their size/stocking, but no fish has ever complained about water being too clean, I'd think. My filtration on the 75g, when assembled, will be 2x Tidal 110s, each with prefilter sponge, additional sponges inside the filter and additional biomedia, plus a Fluval 207 stuffed to the gills with sponges and biomedia, and a prefilter sponge. Hardscape: sand bottom, with rocks and driftwood. Plants: I've had anacharis, dwarf hairgrass and hornwort in both of my tanks, and I'm not a fan of how much they shed, particularly the hornwort. Someone has repeatedly dug up one of the sections of hairgrass, too. None of those will be in the new tank. I have anubias, java fern, vallisneria and pogostemon stellatus octopus in there right now. I'm liking what I'm seeing from all of them, and will likely add more of those to fill out the 75g footprint. I'll glue some java moss and anubias to the driftwood, and everything else will be in the sand, fed with root tabs. Per the (rather conservative, I know) calculator from AqAdvisor, I'll be at 374% filtration, 16% water change per week and 62% stocking level. So, naturally, I'd like to get more fish. The first concern is the single, solitary yoyo loach. I haven't seen him actually hurt anyone yet, but he's twice the length of any of my other fish and likes to play "chase the cory cat", perhaps a bit too vigorously; he ends up body checking one of them. So, I'll likely get some more yoyos. But, how many? Some people say they are best kept in odd numbers, some people say 6 is the minimum. Let's say I get 5 more, and they all grow out to 5" long. Still only at 82% stocking, plenty of filtration and less than 25% water change a week (I'd do 25g, minimum, anyways). Next, I want a "centerpiece" fish. Cichlids? A school of Denison barb/redline shark? I want something that can coexist with my current fish, obviously, but the bottom of the tank will be on the crowded side, so that might rule out a couple of Bolivian rams, as I'm not sure that they'll be pumped about the yoyos prowling around for egg snacks. Denison barbs look great, but they are pretty big, and bump my stocking level over 100% if I go with 6 of them. Any suggestions?
  5. So I have a planted 20 gal long tank with eco complete and I’m looking to get 6 sterbai corydoras... I’ve read multiple sources that say you’re not supposed to gravel vac a planted tank... yet I’ve also read multiple sources that say if cory’s don’t have very clean substrate their barbels could become damaged and infected... I’m not concerned about the eco complete being “too rough” as much as being “too dirty”. Thoughts? TIA
  6. Hello everyone, I've been meaning to create a journal on my 29 gallon aquarium and my experiences with it, but I just haven't had time recently, as I am constantly bombarded with homework, tests, and projects in school. As you can probably infer, I have a little period of rest right now from school, which is why I am creating my journal now. Anyway, I've done something similar to a journal in my introduction where I covered my journey through the entire hobby, so I thought that maybe I would do a more in-depth story with pictures and only about one aquarium. Hope you guys don't mind the read... Okay, so it started out with me getting my 29 gallon started up and cycled for a couple of weeks. Setup: I added in pool filter sand as the substrate (I had never tried this before previously I used gravel in my 10 gallon), because I knew Corydoras would love to sift through the sand. For hardscape, I originally included only a few river rocks, but soon later added in some driftwood from my pre-existing 10 gallon. Lastly, I added in a couple of plastic plants I had used in my first setup, and a Java fern grown in gravel, now planted in sand. In terms of equipment for this tank, I originally started with an airstone and a cheap hang-on-back filter from a 10 gallon aquarium kit, as well as a cheap heater from PetSmart. I increased the filtration later on as I get more fish. The original stocking for the aquarium was all the fish from my 10 gallon aquarium (not including the male guppy that had passed away a day before I transferred the fish), meaning a pair of peppered cories (Corydoras paleatus), two albino females (C. aeneus), one Venezuelan male (C. venezuelanus, I didn't know he was different from C. aeneus at the time which is why I only have one), and two Endler's livebearer males (Poecilia wingei), along with a number of Assasin snails (Clea helena) of all sizes. Here is me first releasing the fish from my 10 gallon into their new 29 gallon aquarium. Soon after their introduction, our last guinea pig Samuel passed away, so my parents allowed me to get more fish to compensate (also simply because the tank wasn't at all full, and needed something that would eat algae). I bought a school of five pygmy cories (Corydoras pygmaeus) (also not to eat algae, simply for my enjoyment), and my little sister wanted a pleco, so she chose out a female bristlenose pleco (Ancistrus spec., maybe A. dolichopterus?). With the purchase of the bristlenose pleco came a tiny little guppy (Poecilia reticulata) fry that had made its way into the bag. We added this fry into the 29 gallon as well. Also I added an Amazon swordplant shortly after. After a while, algae started to rapidly take over in the aquarium. Specifically whatever kind of algae this is: I think it's staghorn algae so that's what I am going to call it for now. So I introduced three Amano shrimp from my LFS in order to combat the algal bloom. They immediately got to work on the staghorn algae covering the driftwood, and soon the driftwood was completely clear. Unfortunately, one shrimp jumped out of the aquarium (I don't even know how there is a good lid, and even though it has a space for the filter and stuff, I don't know why a shrimp would jump out, because the other two stayed in the aquarium), and I was not at home when this happened, so sadly this one did not make it. Anyway, they ate all of the mystery algae. At this point, my pair of Corydoras paleatus were beginning to breed, laying eggs which I scooped out and put in a small 1/2 gallon container right next to my aquarium. This container was aerated with an air stone, but otherwise had no other equipment. This first batch of eggs all grew fungus all over it, and I was heartbroken, until a week or two later, right as I was about to throw the container away, I noticed a tiny little baby fish in the container. I put him into the 29 gallon aquarium because I had no other aquariums ready. He made his home under the rock caves that I constructed near the air stone. But soon after this problem came the bloom of hair algae and black beard algae, the former covering the Amazon sword and plastic plants, while the latter took over my driftwood and Java fern. My guppy fry, which grew up and happened to be a female, then had babies with my male Endler's, producing many hybrid fry. In this stage, I also added a MarineLand Penguin Bio-Wheel 150 Power (hang-on-back) Filter made for 30 gallons. Although I have heard bad reviews for it, it worked for me because it was just and had a decent amount of space inside of it to add sponges, cartridges, or filter floss (I started with the cartridge that came with the kit and then switch the media later on). Also, I added an intake sponge over the intake of the filter so that no fry would get sucked up and also so that algae and plant leaves and things like that would not clog the filter. Soon, my Corydoras paleatus started breeding again, and laid about 30 fertile eggs. I used the same process for these as last time, and amazingly, all 30 hatched. I added them into a breeder basket in the main tank. They did fine for a couple of weeks, but then I noticed one or two had died under the frame of the box. So I decided to release them into the main tank, as I was afraid all would meet the same fate. Honestly, I think it would have been best if I just kept them in the box. After a couple of days, I never saw any of them anymore. I think that they might have, 1) gotten eaten by the other fish in the tank, but I don't know who could have eaten them I only had Endler's livebearers, cories, Amano shrimp, and a bristlenose pleco at the time, 2) died of disease, or 3) they died of starvation and not being able to compete for food. Fortunately, three of the 30 survived and I began to see them later on as they got bigger. So at this point, I was really upset and just wanted something new. I finally got my parents to allow me to get plants (ordered off of Aquarium Co-Op they took a lot of convincing though because they were afraid of me getting pest snails that would take over like the trumpet snails in my 10 gallon). I ordered a Cryptocoryne wendtii, Vallisneria, dwarf hairgrass (Eleocharis), and a dwarf aquarium lily (Nymphaea stellata). After this I went to my LFS to get Cabomba caroliniana, two Siamese algae eaters (Crossocheilus siamensis) for the still going hair algae problem, and a male pearl gourami (Trichopodus leeri). Also picked up my first Repashy to try it out as well. Soon, my aquarium was nice and green, and I added a black background for viewing purposes. I also decided to add more filtration (the water was pretty cloudy) so I ordered an Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter meant for 10 gallons (I had ordered this for my 10 gallon aquarium but wasn't using it at the time). After keeping this setup and stocking for a while, and while the guppies/endlers kept having more babies, I noticed my tank was way overstocked. The gourami was being aggressive toward the cories during feeding, the Siamese algae eaters were constantly fighting, and the bristlenose pleco was always chasing the other fish away from the food on the bottom (she, unlike the gourami, would just charge straight at whatever she felt wanted to take her food, even if they were half the tank apart. This meant baby cories, the gourami, and even the Amano shrimp). So I started by removing a large school of guppies (I took out the ones I wanted to breed) and added them to my newly restarted 10 gallon to start a colony. I removed my disintegrating Cabomba and put it in there as well (I never can seem to have success with this plant someone please give tips). Later, due to continued aggression, I moved both the pearl gourami and one of the Siamese algae eaters into the 10 gallon as well for temporary holding. They are still in there now, and aren't too big yet, so I plan on moving them or getting them a new home once they get bigger. Anyway, my guppies continue to have babies in the 10 gallon, but the ones in the 29 are not old enough yet, so they will soon. I added in water sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides) in place of the Cabomba, and it is growing well along with the dwarf aquarium lily and the Cryptocoryne wendtii. My goal with this setup is to create a nice "jungle," where there are a lot of plants covering the back and sides of the aquarium, with many different species of fish of different shapes and sizes all thriving together. Right now, it doesn't look too good though. Despite the plants that are growing well, algae is taking over the glass walls (I think green spot algae and some other type). In addition, the Vallisneria in the back doesn't grow anymore, and the Amazon sword that I had originally put in the tank several months ago has gotten smaller and smaller (it was propogated underwater at my LFS), and now is looking green and brown. The hairgrass is growing okay. Any suggestions on what to do with these current problems would be well appreciated. Also, I thought I might add that the bristlenose pleco died just a week or so ago, probably due to internal parasites that might be causing the fish in both my 10 and 29 gallon to scratch themselves on the substrate. I am ordering the medications (API General Cure I heard works well) now, and so far no one else has died yet. Anyway, I thought I might include a few pictures of the fish in the tank at the moment: Here is a pair of Amano shrimp on their favorite driftwood. The female has eggs, but I heard they don't hatch in freshwater. But if anyone has hatched Amano shrimp before, please give advice I want to try and hatch her eggs. Corydoras attacking Repashy: Community Plus So currently, my conditions are: Equipment: Nicrew 30 Inch Light, MarineLand Penguin Bio-Wheel 150 Power Filter, Aquarium Co-Op 10 Gallon Sponge filter (powered by Aqua Culture 5-15 Gallon Air Pumo), 6 inch airstone (powered by Tetra 20-40 Gallons Air Pump), Some kind of heater I forgot the brand Plants: Vallisneria (2), Cryptocoryne wendtii (2 plus new plants from runners), Dwarf Aquarium Lily (1), Dwarf Hairgrass (1), Amazon Sword (1), Java Fern (1 large, plus many smaller plantlets planted in different spots), Water Sprite (1). Fish and Other Livestock: Albino Corydoras (2), Peppered Corydoras (5), Pygmy Corydoras (5), Venezuelan Corydoras (1), Guppy/Endler's Livebearer Hybrids (Around 20 of various sizes), Siamese Algae Eater (1), Amano Shrimp (2), Assassin Snail (Many). So that's my journey with this aquarium so far. As I mentioned earlier, I want a bit more variety in my fish species, so I plan selling some of the guppy/endler hybrids and assassin snails (or moving them) and stocking the aquarium with a couple other different peaceful fish, like tetras (I like rosy tetras, cardinals, diamonds, lemons, black neons, and pristellas), rasboras (maybe the micro rasboras?), minnows (white clouds), or other Corydoras (I know that would probably be too many bottom dwellers though, so maybe only a friend for the Venezuelan or albinos, or more pygmy cories so they school in the middle instead of taking up more room on the bottom). I also like Bolivian Rams, but I know they get pretty big and act like a gourami so not suitable for my community. So if you guys have any ideas on which other fish I could do in the aquarium, go ahead and give your suggestions down below. I'll make sure to give updates on this aquarium in the future. Sorry for the long read, but if you did make it this far, thanks for reading!
  7. Newbie here. I tried to search for an answer but...I have so many questions. I got Pepper Corys breeding. Great, right? Well the problem is I am not sure what to put the hatching fry in. There are so many different ways to raise them. I collected the first batch of eggs eight days ago. Kept in a rubbermaid snack container with about a cup of water and added few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Changed out the water three to four times a day with tap water that had cycle and aqua-plus added to it. (I did not use the parent tank water as I have been medicating for ICK). The water sits and is room temperature. I have a halogen lamp above for light and it produces good warmth. Today they are hatching and I am not sure what/how to keep them. I am unable to purchase anything at the moment. So, is it ok to raise the little gaffers in a plastic or glass container? How deep? How big? Airstone? When would a sponge filter be required. I've got pool filter sand for the bottom, and I can use some moss from one of the clean tanks. I raise BBS and have frozen Daphnia to begin feeding in a couple of days. So far today, I have seven hatched from the 23 eggs which were fertile. Yesterday, they laid another batch of eggs - 60! Guess they like the tank parameters. I have only had them for three months, the older gals, and added four more younger ones in the last two weeks. They are all from the LFS, but different batches so not siblings. It looks like I have three of each male/female. Also, one of the guppies decided to drop their fry as well. So I have them in a ten gallon. Would I be able to grow-out the corydoras in the same tank? Gosh sorry. But I wasn't prepared for all these babies. I thought it would take awhile for the corydoras to spawn.
  8. On Sunday I purchased 4 panda corys from my LFS. I brought them home and put them directly into quarantine and started the med trio as a precaution. At first the fish looked fine albeit skinny from not being well looked after by this local store. Three of the corys had been relatively active while the smallest and skinniest one stayed pretty still on the bottom of the tank. However on Tuesday I got back from work and one of the fish was laying on the bottom of the tank on its side. (this was one of the 3 that were acting normal the first few days not the smallest one) I made 100% sure that it was really dead before removing it from the tank and inspecting him. I am not a fish expert and have no experience with this but I noticed that his gills were a little red maybe inflamed but not any more than the other fish who are still in the tank alive. (ammonia in the tank is at 0.5 ppm) I also noticed a green color under the scales behind the gills. Basically... where should I go from here. If there is a specific reason for this fish's death should I take any extra steps with the rest of the three to ensure their health? The rest of the fish seem to be acting healthy as of now so perhaps the stress of the quarantine process was just too much for the little guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you. I have just attatched my water parameters if that help at all.
  9. I have a 20gal planted tank. 1 bristlenose pleco 2 glo tetras 4 black neon tetras 10 neon tetras Cherry shrimp and ammano shrimp Would I be able to add in some sort of corydora(s)?
  10. I got violet cory recently from Aquatic arts. 3 of them had torn top fin,which they said it was probably from shipping,rather than disease. I was told to keep water clean and stable water parameter and fin would grow back. Today, I noticed that some cory has 4 bottom fins just like panda cory in my community tank but some just has 2 bottom fin (just front bottom fin). Is this normal? I was under the impression that cory has 2 front fins and 2 back fin on the bottom belly side. I only got panda cory in the community tank and they are my first cory to keep and not familiar with cory that much. The panda cory I already put into the community tank after quarantine has 4 fins on the bottom for all. So, it got me thinking,why some of violet cory in quarantine tank does not have 4 fins for all but only some... Does this mean some fins are missing or violet cory has different bottom fins numbers depending on the gender? I was more paying attention to top fin when I got them so, I did not notice until today for bottom fin.... Thank you.
  11. Just moved my peppered corys to a different tank, and their spreading eggs all over the place. In the old tank I never saw them, ever. I always figured my platys we’re eating them or just wrong conditions. Well the platys moved with them and tank conditions are very similar. Obviously not exact different plants and it’s about 4-6 months more seasoned. #STT questions are why the sudden explosion of eggs? Seems I only find white ones very few that are more clear, am I not finding them fast enough? Or are they coming out infertile? And lastly everyone says just roll them on your finger or easily scrape them off the glass, all these are hard and I’m unable to scrape them without major damage, again am I just finding them to late?
  12. I finally got around to ordering some Corydoras, and decided to get some Peppered Corys (C. paleatus) because I liked the way they look and are good beginner fish. I ordered six, and sadly one did not make the shipping, but the other five appear to be okay and are in quarantine. Now I have some questions. The fish I got were really small, less then a half of an inch. I was expecting them to be a little larger. With them being so small, I am actually a little worried about doing a de-worming treatment, after the trip and with them being so young, would that be too much for the little guys? Any idea how fast these guys grow? My main tank is a heavily planted 55 gallon with lots of wood, and currently has four Varitus Platys, six Lemon Tetras, six Black Neon Tetras and one female Pearl Gourami. Everyone in the main tank is very peaceful, the gourami is one of the most docile fish I have kept, but I am worried about the little guys being overwhelmed when I add them to the main tank with them being so tiny. I added some rocks and little shelter areas in the hospital tank, but the Corys mostly seem to ignore them right now and stay in the open. Is this normal? Also a number of them seem happy to go to the top to grab food, but I want to make sure everyone is eating. I am limited right now for getting live food, and the only frozen stuff I have are some blood worm cubes and some shrimp cubes. I have a ton of different freeze dried foods (daphina, bloodworms, brine shrimp and bug bites) though. Any food items they would really like? I did get a pack of catfish wafers for them too.
  13. I need someone to communicate to my corydoras to stop breeding like rabbits!!! I only have a 20 gallons… And I don’t want to rate my aquarium for 18+ years old viewers only…
  14. Hi all, soon I will be setting up a 75 gallon planted tank with nano fish. I love dwarf chain loaches and am looking forward to finally having a large school of them. But I also have 5 Venezuelan corys in a smallish 20 long and I feel they need more space, plus I would love to see if they might breed in the 75. Both of these species mostly inhabit the bottom of the tank, although the dwarf chain loaches tend to use the whole water column. can I have a good sized school of each that will be happy in the same 75 gallon? TIA!
  15. Hi everybody! I've really wanted to try and breed some of my corys but I don't know what would be the most efficient setup to breed them. What keeps them comfortable and what should I do to make them happy? What tank size would be best for "x" amount of corys? etc. I just want to try and breed some corydoras and be successful. Any advice is appreciated
  16. Anyone else have problems with wild caught cories? Seems like every time I get one it doesn't do well and is too nervous to be comfortable. The tank raised just go about their business.
  17. Hey all, I have a 20 gallon high with some corycats and I was wondering if I would be able to put a pair of apistos in there? Would the corycats and apistos be able to breed in there?
  18. What are some easy corys to breed and raise fry?
  19. If you are a member and did not get to catch the live with Dr. Eric Thomas and are a fan of Corydoras, you NEED to find time to watch it. I think I just went up a Nerm level. I got my first Cory's a few weeks ago and loving them. Corydoras Duplicareus Also Pepper the cat enjoying her afternoon nap while I watched the live stream.
  20. Stopped into one of my lfs in Tucson, ya know just a pop in see what might be new kinda thing, left with a school of these beauties! Black Venezuelan corydoras! Pricy but traded some blue dream shrimp to knock the price down. Not a huge corydoras fan but loved the way they look like true miniature catfish.
  21. A little over a month ago I started a new 29 gallon tank after being out of the hobby for about a decade. I cycled it and then over the course of a few weeks stocked it with 6 corydoras (3 albino, 3 green emerald), 4 plattys, 2 mollies, 8 danios, a nerite snail, and a betta. I was planning on starting the quarantine trio over the weekend anyway but on Thursday last week one of the albinos corys died. I went back to the store and got a replacement on Saturday did a water change and started the quarantine trio. Monday morning I checked on them and 1 molly and 1 emerald green cory was dead. Monday evening when I got home from work an albino cory was dead. And then this morning another albino cory was dead. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Other than the one that died they seemed healthy until I started medicating them. Now even the still living ones seem lethargic (could be do to no food?) and sometimes I'll see them laying on their side when I turn on the light. I did also have that one molly that died but otherwise the other fish all seem to be doing well. I thought it might just be from stress from the move and the medication, but I did have the one die even before I started the meds. I'm sure I'm missing something but I'm out of ideas. Water: Temp: 79 PH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5
  22. I pulled out about 25 sterbai eggs this morning. In the past I've only pulled 2 or 3 eggs and not made a big effort to raise them. With this many eggs i'd like to get these to adult. I'd like some food that wont' pollute the water too much as the only container I have for them is a 5 gallon pail. I have hirkai and omega-one first bite on hand as well as soilent green an rephashy igaloo on hand as well as general flake. I'll put in a very mature sponge with them which will have some micro organism. My game plan is if i can get them past 2 or 3 weeks i can put them in a 5 gallon tank or put them in a fry thingy in the 29 and once they get to 12 or so weeks i can put them in the 120. I had a few in the 29 that would make it for a while but eventually they would vanish (the tank has hongsloi which is a bit unfriendly for the frys).
  23. There is a huge heat wave in Washington right now, and the tank is 87 degrees, should I put in ice cubes? What should I do?? We do not have an air conditioner, we only have two small fans. If anyone would please reply ASAP, then I would greatly appreciate your help! 😃
  24. I have a community tank. Population : 1 honey gourami, 10 chili rasbora, 7 false julii cory, 5 otocinclus and 4 nerita snails. Cycled, planted, temp about 75, Ph 6.6 Kh 1 (drop) / 0(aquarium test strip) Gh 9 / 300 0/0/10 WC + gravel siphon every week or 2 weeks depending. one of my corydoras is always breathing rapidly. And rarely hangs with the others. He mostly stays still and breath rapidly. No one bullies him, except sometimes other cory bumps into him. I rarely see him eating and I find his color turning a bit yellow? His barbel are also damaged (shorter) then my other coryd. I know my ph is a bit low and so is my kh, I bought Seachem alkaline buffer to correct that. I have a sponge filter. None of my other fish have his behavior- in fact my other cory breed like rabbits. Any idea of what it could be?
  25. Early last month my cycle crashed as my cannister filter stopped working over night. A few weeks of daily water changes and it was restored again. Since then though my bronze and albino corys have stopped laying eggs. All the females are incredibly large and it's starting to affect their movement. I've tried doing water changes with cooler water to get them to spawn but nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?
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