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  1. My vote is corydoras sodalis
  2. If you go on planet catfish and search for corydoras, all the corys show up and you can go through the pictures to find similar looking corys. Then just open the pic to see more examples
  3. Definitely a perk of having my fish room in the garage!! 🙂
  4. Wow this forum is coming in really helpful. Well I guess I now have convict cichlids... Funny because every time I hear about them in a Livestream I think to myself "there's a fish I never want to keep" Coming soon in the buy/sell/trade thread: WTS: convict cichlids just pay shipping lol There is one fish in with them that looks a bit different. I will get a picture of it tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for all the help. After I get all of the fish from my coworker I will try to figure what all I have. He clearly doesn't really know his fish lol And is there any way to stop them from breeding? I definitely don't want to get over run with them
  5. Hi all, I'm getting into African cichlids for the first time. My coworker is getting out of it and is giving me his fish and 75 gallon aquarium. Any clue what species this is? How can I tell if it's a hybrid. He says they breed like rabbits. I have one bucket full of fish already with more on the way. They seem very healthy. Also I'm not new to fish keeping, just new to African cichlids. They are currently living in a 100 gallon sink in my garage with a cycled sponge filter and random rocks for decoration. The biggest fish is around 4 inches but most are 2 to 3 inches. All fins look good. I bought hikari cichlid gold mini pellets for food. All advise and insight is welcomed
  6. First of all that looks like a ton of fun!! The placement of the pump and over pressure valve don't really matter. They can go in the loop anywhere. The key is to truly make a loop though. Some people will just run a line across the wall with drops for the tanks where they need them. But really the pipe needs to form a giant donut of sorts. This allows the pressure inside the line to equalize. Otherwise your first drop will have high pressure and your last drop will have low pressure. Also depending on how confident you are with PVC you might want to watch some videos on how to cut that pipe, prep the pipe, and "glue" the pipe.
  7. Go back to your local fish shop and buy plants that are in a cycled tank. That should get some bacteria going quickly for you. You could also ask for any cycled media they could give you or sell you. Even a bit of gravel would do the job. The amount of ammonia that one betta produces is quite small so by getting some bacteria in your tank you should be able to have a cycled tank quite fast. But after it's cycled do research on "seasoned aquarium"
  8. It will certainly hold fine 10 inches of water or more. Maybe check out paludariums. If those look like fun for you then you could have an awesome tank for it that few others have. Also I would personally fill it all the way up and see what happens
  9. I guess I could count on you corry to be helpful when I was being satirical. That is true I believe but this is quite temporary and I have not seen problems in my 2 goldfish living outside in a similar pond. Thanks for responding anyways and thanks for all you do
  10. Please help, I have a question. If you are in the middle of building a sink for your fish room and you don't fill it all the way up and put fish in it while you are waiting on parts, do you even have a problem?
  11. Wow! The whites on that fish are impressive!! Very nice fishes!! Where did you get those from? If you say Petco I will start going to Petco everyday!
  12. Looks like corydoras sodalis in some pictures on planet catfish
  13. Also the long snout from your picture looks very different from the shorter snout of the pictures of trilineatus on planet catfish. I really suspect it's not this fish. Can we see pictures of your other Corry's?
  14. I don't think it's a false juli. The pectoral fin has no black spot and all of my corydoras trilineatus have that spot. Im no expert but I'd say you have something else perhaps. The other way you can tell if it's a true juli is the price lol
  15. Try it but have a backup plan if it isn't working
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