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  1. PH:8 Alkalinity: 200 GH: 75 Nitrate: 20 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 My pearl gourami developed black patches over night. Recent changes include adding a new water lily 4 days ago, mopani wood 2 weeks ago, and trumpet snails last night. Has anyone seen this before? I was thinking black spot disease but I think those typically look like spots whereas this looks like patches. He has been hiding more than usual but I have seen no evidence of bullying. There is a sand bottom and I got the trumpet snails to make sure it gets stirred. Is it possible that there was something in the sand they stirred up?
  2. Thank you. I am starting off low and slow. My plants are healthy but I wanted to see if co2 would give them a little more pep in their step. The anubias are naturally slow growers and I am hoping it might speed them up a little. I plan to up it little by little. What kind of 5 lb tank do you use? I was considering the citric acid method but went with yeast for my first experiment. I'll look into the mead yeast 🙂 That makes me feel a lot better. Thanks.
  3. I recently made a DIY co2 setup for my 55 gallon with yeast and brown sugar. I have been watching it for 2 days before putting it in my tank and it is steadily producing 0.5-1 bubble per minute. This is exactly what I was hoping for but I would like some input from others experience that have used this method in regard to mistakes, epic fails, and successes.
  4. leopard ctenopoma!!! They would go perfectly and are also from the Congo. Your tetra's get to be about 3 inches and the leopard ctenopoma tops out at 6 and is a gentle fish. They are labyrinth fish just like gourami's.
  5. Thanks 😊. I thought quarantining snails sounded dramatic, but was warned about “hitchhikers”. I agree that there is always a risk but in this case it is a very small risk. They are now in my healthy 55g.
  6. I think the branches in the middle part could be strategically placed to make that scenario unlikely, such as a tall tree that goes to the top the canopy hangs down, but anything is possible.
  7. I got some snails and I have heard that they can carry fish diseases in their shells, so it is best to quarantine. I really don't want snails in the quarantine tank I have set up for potential onboarding fish (which I didn't think about before hand). I would like thoughts on the necessity of quarantining snails.
  8. I can picture what you are describing and it sounds so cool and unique!
  9. My sunset honey Gourami's swim against me when I am doing maintenance and my hand is in the tank. I decided to see if they would let me pet them and they did. Then I put my hand in a cup shape and they took turns swimming in and out of my hand. It was really interesting, but not something I decided to make a habit out of because it isn't reomended. I don't think you are going to hurt your fish unless you are being rough, forcing it against its will, or have something toxic on your hands. It is your personal choice.
  10. I have never heard of an instance where someone was hurt by a tiger barb 😀
  11. If you’re not worried about spending a little more $, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the better safe than sorry method.
  12. I buy pool test kits to use if I am only testing for chlorine. That way I’m not wasting expensive test strips.
  13. Well, even though the excessive de-chorinator isn’t gonna hurt anything, and after using bleach, I always go overboard, that doesn’t mean the more the better. Dechlorinated is pretty expensive so it can be a waste of money. I would just use a little more than the recommended amount for your equipment soak and then test the water to see if there’s any amount of chlorine in it. If you detect chlorine, then add some more.
  14. When I use bleach I go over board with the rinsing and decorator because it’s better safe than sorry. You aren’t going to hurt your fish because you added a ton of prime to your de-chlorination soak. Just don’t dump the water straight into the aquarium. I have started using hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach because there is less risk, but bleach is a good choice to sanitize after diseases.
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