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  1. https://tenor.com/view/pog-fish-the-fish-is-pogging-swim-gif-16966567
  2. Part of the reason for this is a retired teacher friend of mine let me know that he has a stack of 10 and 20 Gal tanks with hoods and some other equipment that they are wanting to get rid of. So thank fully I am not super worried about things falling into the tanks to often.
  3. My wife is a teacher in a special needs preschool and we have bin talking for a while about me setting up a tank in her classroom. I am not new to the hobby but the special challenges of setting up the tank in a classroom full of 4 year old's has me thinking. Has anyone here ever set up such a tank, is there things I need to consider beyond the normal? I know that the kids are going to be more hands on at the beginning of the year then they should be so are there fish that handle tapping on the tank better then others? Anyone with any info or thoughts I would appreciate hearting them.
  4. Great information on the different choices, but have a question. In the end of the video when talking about using plants as filtering moss balls were mentioned. The last time I heard anyone talk about them was that they were no longer available due to tiger muscle infestation. Has that changed?
  5. I would gladly take some. I am mirroring my photoperiod to the local day night cycle so they are having 14 hours a day and I am over feeding as well as giving algae wafers.
  6. This may seem a bit backwards to many but I am trying to get a bit of algae to grow in my tank and as of yet I have never bin able to get any. I have bin wanting a little beneficial growth because my fish would enjoy it however for some reason in the 14 years I have had this tank there has never bin any even when I added a bottle of quick starter that advertised it would encourage algae growth. Any advice would be very welcome. This is a 55 Gal tank, my water is very hard, I planted it about 2 months ago and most of the low light plants are doing fine.
  7. @BBQRacer I do a bit of 2D design and printing as well, bin wondering though are there any filaments that are aquarium safe?
  8. Thank you! Such a pleasurer to work with people with a passion for what they do!
  9. Tried it on two different computers using Win10 with Google Chrome. Was only able to display 13 of the 22 items in the cart.
  10. Please take this as a friendly idea as I truly enjoy your site. I just put in a plant order and was applying some gift cards I was given. Due to the number of plants and varieties the list was so long that I could not see the link to add my gift cards with out zooming out to 35% view. I am not sure what the workaround would be other then adapting the code to be sure you can scroll down all the way on the page.
  11. I got several new pieces of driftwood from a reputable supplier. The setup guide says that I should presoak, boil, and then resoak the wood before introducing it to my tank. I got the wood not only for the aesthetic of it but because the tannin is a good way of helping control how hard my water is. Is soaking like this going to release most of the tannin that I need in the tank? The current water hardness is greater then 300 and I am trying to bring it down to hopefully introduce some new verities of fish.
  12. The pictures are what it looks like now, I am wanting to get rid of the plastic plants and replace them with live plants.
  13. I started this 55 Gal tank around 15 years ago. Its had good times and bad but about to redo it with the largest change it has ever had. I want to get more live plants into it. This has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Last year I added some plant friendly substrate and purchased a a kit of live plants. What I got was a few bags of substrate several small puck size containers that contained plant clipping and a bottle of fertilizer along with some other assorted tools. The Duckweed lasted just over a month before all of it died, of the rest of the plants only some of the moss survived even that long. My Pleco's would not let them alone to allow them to root and since they are as old as the tank I am not getting rid of them. Where I live in South Eastern New Mexico the water here is just about the hardest in the country per the USGS. The water stains on the back should be some indication of how hard the water is as I clean them off every few months. The air here is also very dry. I tend to add 7 to 10 gal of water every other week or so. I have not added fish in about a year and most in the tank are 7 or older. The pregnant Zebra Danio is probably 7 or 8. My question is this, with the goal of making this tank more plant friendly and perhaps more friendly to other types of fish, hard water is hell. What steps should I take and what plants are going to be advised.
  14. CharlesD, If you don't mind me asking were in NM are you from? I would love to be able to collect some of that for my own setup but do not am not able to travel very far at the moment. I do not want to introduce something into my local watershed but if it is already here might be nice to add to the tank.
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