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  1. Your test will break down after it's been added to the water.
  2. What you want to do is set some water from the tap out overnight and test that. This will get you a better idea what you have for pH from the tap. Then you can figure out what you need to buffer with. I believe most buffer with crushed coral 🪸
  3. Basically what I was just thinking when I read the post.
  4. Missed the kulhi loaches trying to get video of them just snaking around the foreground
  5. I had a tank with a slate bottom and chrome frame
  6. Make a lid like the one I made for my tank. Very easy. Just check my blog thread in my signature
  7. Have 7 panda's and 6 otocinclus 6 kulhi, but not cooperating today for pictures lol
  8. The fish and feeding should help control the population
  9. Home Depot has a pond liner and totes that are plastic that a few people have threads on here if you search stating that they leach chlorine into the water.It is unfortunate that they also claimed the pond liner was safe for fish when it was leaching toxic levels of chlorine
  10. Hard to get pictures of them lol, but so pretty
  11. Current status, hopefully fish will be picked up this weekend Tease picture of otocinclus 6 otocinclus, 7 Panda cories, 6 kulhi loaches
  12. Bought my first batch of fish from a partner store C-MACS in Charlotte NC worth the drive to get them will post pictures in my blog thread when lights are on
  13. I love Java fern I have never had problems growing it, unless you count the municipal water mistaken what they treated water with. I have also had good luck with crypts.
  14. Try putting tannins in the tank to reduce your pH? It may help the fern thrive
  15. Something I am going to try is putting the ring around my filters tubes since I run dual co-op sponges. To control the surface agitation for the floaters.
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