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  1. Unfortunately, poisoning the whole system is probably the only way to be sure you got them all. But yeah, I don't like taking that route either.
  2. I was under the impression that planaria live in basically every freshwater lake/stream.
  3. I have only 1 tank with soil and a sand cap and on the positive side, that tank found balance/stability faster than any other tank I've had. On the negative side, you'd better be absolutely sure about your plant placement because moving them will cause a lot of problems. I'll probably do it again in the future, but I'll definitely spend more time in the planning phase.
  4. Your list contains multiple schools of fish that want to occupy the same space in the water. In my experience, this really just adds confusion and the true schooling behavior gets obscured. My advice would be to just stick with one mid water school and get more of them. If it were me, I'd probably just do 25 rummynose and drop the cpd/rainbows. But that all depends on the vibe you want.
  5. I'm a big fan of corys, cardinal tetras, and a single pearl gourami. Maybe an albino bristlenose as well. Or you could do a betta instead of the gourami.
  6. It looks like it's trying to get something off of it. Maybe some kind of parasite?
  7. I would paint the back black, hide the heater, and raise the water level significantly.
  8. Oh. Well they describe themselves as a tropical fish "wholesaler." I'm sure there are things about the arrangement that I don't understand. Ahh. Whoops, I guess I didn't see the new rules.
  9. While all plants have their own set of needs in order to thrive, no plant specifically requires soil. There are many ways to feed a plant, lighting, liquid fertilizer, root tabs, fish poop, etc. If youre going to plant live plants, you'll want to know how the plant takes in nutrients and that will inform your decision on how to feed it. The most important thing with live plants IMO is to get everything into balance regarding the lighting schedule, feeding schedule, water change schedule, trimming, and fertilizing. Plants love consistency!
  10. You said temp is 60-64f... Did you have any weather related incident in your area where that could have gone significantly outside that range, even briefly?
  11. You could get a strong river current going with some vals in the back and boesemani rainbows.
  12. I was going to say congo tetras, but I do love me some diamond tetras.
  13. Most fish in my experience will eat all day long when food is available. I don't have a ton of experience with bettas though. The only reason I'm chiming in is because my wife just bought a betta yesterday (and named him Oppenheimer, of course). He showed no interest in the fluval bugbites that I offered, but he ate live baby brine shrimp continuously until they were all gone. My point is, hed probably eat something that's more life like. Frozen bloodworms, for example. Maybe freeze dried tubifex worms.
  14. Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting you do this because I've heard that it's technically bad for you. Have you compared the smell of the bag to the water conditioner side by side? Water conditioner smells pretty sulfuric and weird.
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