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  1. Yep, looks like your done. One more dose of ammonia, after that if it goes to 0 within 24 hours, I would do a water change and do a 30-50% water change, any size of a water change is fine, and then I wait a couple of days then go and get fish, and remember, make sure you check ammonia still after adding fish for a couple of days, then test every week @Mon.
  2. I dose it for the whole amount of the tank, which is 10 gallons, but you can do that too if you want. Like @AllFishNoBrakes said, you can dose it up to 5x. And most water conditioners can not be overdosed easily as well @Airborne 82nd.
  3. Same, can’t wait @johnnyxxl, good luck!!
  4. Nice. What are you planning to get @johnnyxxl? If I may ask.
  5. Seachem prime is a decholranater for water, detoxifys ammonia and nitrite. I would get that.
  6. Got a Q for you @Mmiller2001, what is this algae on my plants? Why and how do I stop it? My light is on with a timer from 10 AM to 6:30 ish PM. Since the time change I have not changed the schedule for the lights. Thanks and any questions I will try to answer.
  7. Yes, agreed, artificial plants can be dangerous and can hurt the fish, and the tank mates might be an issue if they are aggressive to this fish. Fungal or bacterial, but I am going with the fungal like @Max W. mentioned. I see a Mickey Mouse platy in the picture but what else if I may ask @Pleasetrythefish?
  8. Before anything, get that nitrite out of the tank, any at all can cause quick diseases to a fish, a 30-50% water change with seachem prime added after. Also any way to test ammonia in the tank? Very important to test that. @Pleasetrythefish Yep, I say under .25 even but definitely should be the nitrites
  9. Same Q, how much or how long are the lights on a day?
  10. Really? Wow, i did not know that, will have to look it up @Gideyon, interesting..
  11. Yes, make sure you untie it though, because mine is rotting becuase the rhizome is covered @Sondra
  12. I guess that is not the case, because I ordered the API ammonia test and checked, and it was .50 ppm, I could not do a water change today sadly @macdaddy36 becuase I was not even home pretty much the whole day. I will do one tomorrow but will be super busy as well tomorrow but I will do my best…..
  13. Agree with everyone else, adding fish too a tank that has a betta already can be a recipe for disaster, but I also like what @Lennie and @Tony s said about trying too make it work as well, I would go for another tank if you can and maybe eventually add tank mates for jaws to that one, @PithyUserName, what is his aggression level? Like how aggressive is he? Is he aggressive to the snails or shrimp?
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