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  1. Thx! How much are we talking on that light? And also I am going to get a glass lid, forgot to mention that @AllFishNoBrakes. Wow, super duper helpful!!! Thanks sooo much @clownbaby, will check those out! Thanks, I thought that most would be on Amazon @macdaddy36. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Agreed, the fishes time can come at a odd time, but if no other fish died, I would say that it was just the fish, but if more die, I would start looking at the temp shock @Tony s mentioned.
  3. I agree with that instead of risking that big tank breaking with fish in it, it might ruin your life 😂. But whatever you decide @NikkiRae, plz tell us the out come if u will! Good luck! Repairing the glass isn’t a bad idea, I say go for either one, took me a while to respond because I had to read everything to make sure I am not talking about something COMPLETELY different lol
  4. Got some suggestions? I am clueless about fish tank lights and need assistance on which one I could use on my topfinn 10g starter kit. Thanks and oh here is a picture of my tank if that even helps lol. And also I need one becuase the light currently hanging on the lid is not bright enough for my moneywort and it’s not doing great.
  5. Good choice! Great tankmate for WCMMs! So calm and peaceful, cool fish!
  6. The females are usually a lil bigger and fatter and lighter then the males and the males are darker with more bright colors @TJ _isme.
  7. Welcome! And of course you can, this forum is the most helpful and nicest forum on earth and u will 100% like it I promise @NoGameNoLife!
  8. My bad, i forgot about how tiny he is, when he gets bigger you will have more options. i belive he means baby brine shrimp @JS Fish. Those would work.
  9. Just the topfinn tank starter kit light, ya not the best, might need to get one soon (a good one)
  10. Oh, yeah good idea, I am sure if you can get them from the pond he was in he would eat them. Also shrimp might work as well @JS Fish.
  11. Np, sorry that was a steal of a deal, but out of these 2 choices of “not taking a risk costing 0 dollars or “took the chance and it cost me 100+ dollars (prob 200+). Good decision @NikkiRae. Sorry about it tho.
  12. Hmmm… I would fill it with water (if you want to, that is a big tank there) and see if it leaks, it looks super scetchy to me, so I advise caution @NikkiRae. Besides that there is no further damage correct @NikkiRae?
  13. The plant is new yes, like 3 weeks old, the tank is almost half a year old, cycled and thriving @MattyM, any suggestions?
  14. I see a tiny hole in there, might be a problem, u could fill the tank up with water and see if it leaks @NikkiRae. It looks pretty damaged.
  15. Test strips are for kh and gh for me and test kit for the essentials (ammonia nitrite nitrates etc.) I ordered a new ammonia test kit because mine had lots of junk around the cap and wasn’t reading right. It’s weird…. @Airborne 82nd is right as well, that is a way for u to 100% know your water quality.
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