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  1. I have 1 male Japan guppy in a 5-gallon with a ramshorn snail. I had to separate him from the others because I saw his tail was ripping. I put some aquarium salt in and he got better for a while but now it's happening again! I dosed the salt one more time. what else can I do??? (NOTE- sorry for the badly lit photos.)
  2. hey! I have a 60-gallon with 10 smaller-sized fancy goldfish (possible upgrade soon) and I have 3 corydoras. would the goldfish eat the corys? or am I just overthinking it?😅😅😅
  3. my heater glows red when it is on/heating. I would assume that's why its glowing red also to note I can't tell if it is the coils that are red or my other statement, I found this on Google too
  4. that sucks that cory has to deal with all of these spammers. 😞
  5. There always needs to be that one person to ruin it all. *I'm talking about the comment to your comment*
  6. yes, I'm in the Maple Grove area. I go to Forest Lake Pets on occasion. I wish there was more fish stores!!!
  7. *for people from MN* I live in the Twin City area. where do you guys shop for fish/supplies? I currently go to PetSmart, Quality Aquatics, and someplace in Minneapolis I don't like going to Petsmart but it is the closest to my home.
  8. it depends on how much your filter can handle. I have a FX4 on my 60-gallon goldfish tank with 10 goldies. I would recommend having a bigger filter than needed and/or adding airstones if you think you would need it. also, another thing to think of is how much hiding space they have. (EX- plants, wood, decor). because you would want to have more hiding space with that many fish in a 10-gallon. so you can do it if your filter can handle it!!! Good luck!
  9. from my research and owning guppies their abdomen starts to bulge when pregnant, and it also can turn into a boxy shape. so if it were me I would keep monitoring to see if the black part starts to grow and if you see little dots (AKA the babies) it could very well be pregnant.
  10. OMG!!! The 1st pic is the before and the 2nd is the after!!! THANK YA'LL SO MUCH!!! (and yes I have a Furbo mini watching my tanks... lol)
  11. i do not know much about what if this is good/bad NO3 (nitrate)- 200 I KNOW THIS IS BAD I'M WORKING ON FIXING IT! SORRY I'm changing the tank water right now!!! NO2(nitrite)- 0 PH-7.5 KH-80 GH-180 I didn't realize my nitrate levers were so high I'll change my water and monitor it, and let you guys know if anything changes!
  12. for everyone asking for my water parameters I will check tonight I am currently at school. thanks!
  13. This tank is my pride and joy!! Are there any other teens on here I'm 15 and I feel like I'm the only teen fishkeeper. how much is a normal price range to spend on fish per month I'm trying to budget. 🤣🤣🤣
  14. just wanted to share my goldies also for anyone that has goldfish, does ur tank water ever go darker blue/green? my tank parameters are good/ in the range for goldies. but idk what I need to do. please help me!
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