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  1. I have not removed the heater, and no there is not tingle from the water. Ottos have been eating fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Only reason i have the heater is for the shrimp and the ottos, because the room stays at about 68 F. Ive heard its better for the shrimp to have it around 75.
  2. Not a tank thermometer, but i used one of the food thermometers that you use for meat, and it read 75. Unfortunately i woke up to another dead otto today. Not sure whats going on
  3. Yeah it has a light when it comes on. Just never noticed it glow before, but then again you can only see that when the lights are off, and obviously i dont really look at it when the lights are off.
  4. Hey all! So, long story short i saw my heater glowing red in my 15 gal. Earlier today my gf found 2 dead fish in the tank. Water parameters are fine, 0 Nitrate/Nitrite, PH 7.4, Ammonia is 0. Temp is set at 75. I HAD 6 medaka, 3 ottos and 5 ghost shrimp. 1 medaka died and an otto died. We also cannot find another medaka, i believe the shrimp got to it. We put the ottos in last week to help with algae. The tank has been going for nearly 3 months, so its been cycled. Im thinking the heater had something to do with it. Or maybe one of the ottos were sick and somehow it got the other fish sick? Its a 15G bowfront, so its not overstocked. Ive never run into this situation before. Im concered i will wake up tommrow with more dead fish. The other fish seem to be acting as they always have, nothing weird. I got the ottos from my trusted LFS where i get almost all my fish. We put the ottos in 6 days ago.
  5. Yes. free is awesome especially for a big tank. Also ive never bred shrimp but seems eaiser to keep the population under control.
  6. Both are beautiful tanks guys, well done!! Makes my 75 look like a turd! LOL!
  7. Sweet, ill keep that in mind. Didnt even think about using a powerhead until now.
  8. Nice method you got there, and thanks for the info. Only thing id need is a basement, lol. Thats similar to the setup i was thinking of doing.
  9. Thanks for all the good info. My 75 is set up as a native aquarium with some green sunfish, so temp isnt really a big issue as these guys are insanely hardy, probably even more than guppies. I tested the water from the creek i trapped them from. It had 2.0 PPM ammonia, and they breed and do just fine in there, and have been for years. Its actually one of my secret fishing spots. So with that being said, i dont think the temp dropping a few degrees will affect these guys much. They can put up with conditions that are 10x worse than my aquarium is. Also, i dont plan on keeping these fish in there forever. They will eventually outgrow the tank. I will release them back into the same creek. Within the next few months i will be ordering Warmouth Sunfish from a trusted NANFA breeder. His warmouth dont really get over 8", so i should be able to put 2-3 of them in there. This info was from the email i recieved from the breeder, his words, not mine lol. Thanks for the useful info. Hygger seems to be the route i will go if i end up doing a system like this, for the same reasons you stated. How long have you been using the hygger? Just wondering about long term usage and how it holds up to wear and tear over time. Thanks for the useful information. I might go this route if the previously stated hygger/python systems do not work for me. Thanks for the help. Luckily my 75G is a native aquarium, so i dont really need RO water. My house is single story, so i shouldnt need a massive pump, just one enough to keep the water moving at a decent rate. I have seen people use a big plastic tub, fill that with water then place a fountain/pond pump inside that tub to fill the tank. Ill probably extend the tube on my gravel vac to go out the window for draining the tank.
  10. I love seeing big tanks! (Thats what he said, sorry too good not to 🤣) Post up pics of your 75G+ tanks! I want some inspiration. For starters, heres my low budget 75G i got for FREE off marketplace. Came with stand, filter, air pump, and nearly everything to get a tank running and cycling. The seams were also in great shape, and its a marineland tank. It currently is stocked with 4 green sunfish, but that is just temporary until i get the fish i want, which is warmouth. This will be a native aquarium, and it will be a planted tank when i get an adequate light. Some of the rocks were collected off of a local creek bed, while some where extras i had laying around that i bought from my LFS. The driftwood i also found free on marketplace! Only thing i paid for was the play sand i used as substrate. Some youtube videos of the tank:
  11. Awesome! I will look into this. This might just work. And yes i will probably drain the water out of a window, im sure the grass will appreciate the nutrient rich water, lol.
  12. Hey all, i have recently acquired a 75G tank. My 2 previous tanks were a 30 gal and then a 15. This was a big step up for me. I am still using the good ol gravel vac and 5 gal bucket method. Which is fine, but as we all know when you get into the bigger tanks this method becomes just terrible. I am 22 years old, so i CAN do this method without too much of an issue, buuut i also want to save my back for when i get older. This is the style of gravel vac i use for my 75: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005877534156.html?src=google&aff_fcid=257c96292f784693bc7e650af28c74a7-1709550502826-00326-UneMJZVf&aff_fsk=UneMJZVf&aff_platform=aaf&sk=UneMJZVf&aff_trace_key=257c96292f784693bc7e650af28c74a7-1709550502826-00326-UneMJZVf&terminal_id=24fac75329314a4c822929afd5d548a9&afSmartRedirect=y NOTE: This is NOT the exact one i have, i got mine for free with my 75. Its just the same exact design, with minor visual differences. I am thinking of buying a barbed fitting and attaching extra hose to the gavel vac and running it out of the window about 12 feet away. Only thing is, this will not work for filling the tank, obviously. My bathroom is down the hall (Roughly 25 feet or so) from the tank. Does anyone have any methods that they use to fill their big tanks? I don't really want to spend over 100$ if possible. I have watched a few Youtube videos of a few methods that people use but i figured id still ask here. I also don't mind getting a little creative and making my own device. I could use a water hose through the window. Only problem is that the closest hose connection is in the front yard. I would have to run the hose OVER my fence, and then OVER a small shed, and THEN into the backyard then through the window. This is actually the method i used to fill my 75 but that was a one time deal. I'm thinking of buying one of those double garden hose attachments and just having a hose from the for the front and backyard. The only problem would be when in inclimate weather conditions, granted it almost never rains where i am at let alone sleets/snows, but still. I don't think anyone wants to get soaked out in the cold trying to change water on a fish tank. This is what i am talking about: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Morvat-Brass-Garden-Hose-Splitter-Heavy-Duty-2-Way-Hose-Connector-Fitting-MOR-BCONNECTOR-2-A/316286197?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&pla&mtc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D28I-028_010_WATERING-NA-NA-NA-PMAX-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NA-PMAX&cm_mmc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D28I-028_010_WATERING-NA-NA-NA-PMAX-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NA-PMAX-71700000104372722--&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA_5WvBhBAEiwAZtCU77s-uNzhycZ3pcsFuMZ39szx0y_u02V2l5XQltjzHBpaNi8ohwSCXhoCTWYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds So lets hear some water change set ups, shall we? Also, please feel free to share any insane or "automatic" water change setups you guys have. I find that kind of stuff very interesting, because I'm insane. (But aren't we all..?)
  13. It seems your Ph is too high. 8.4 is a little high. Id try to lower the PH.
  14. Nice score! I actually found my 75G on marketplace for free. Currently have it set up as a native tank. That should be perfect for some shrimp and maybe some snails if thats what your into.
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