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  1. Totally agree the issue is the aquarium size. All cichlids require appropriate space for territory.
  2. Congrats to be honest never kept hillstream loaches but apparently the environment is ideal for them to spawn. Looks like the fry is definitely finding food. @Epiphanaea
  3. Welcome aboard You can get the information right here. Just use search bar above type tetra species and post or members with experience will chime in. @Greeebulbas
  4. I have tossed ants in my aquariums before and believe me you won't get them back 😄
  5. It's various reasons the one I've experienced is that the fish was not healthy although it looked healthy. I suggest not to add anything else to the aquarium. I would wait for about minimum a month and hopefully things remain good. I would quarantine any other fish prior to adding in the future.
  6. It's an exciting experience. Congrats. @DaveO
  7. We all make mistakes. I personally would have to use a template..
  8. What type of lid will be used? I've read enclosure should be humid.
  9. Most cichlid species do that. Territorial behavior or spawning. That's probably the tank boss cichlids also establish rank.
  10. If the swordtail and guppies are healthy and eating well I personally would try another lfs. Quarantine before adding them to your main aquarium.
  11. Do you have any other fish in the aquarium?
  12. Are you buying the Molly's from the same lfs?
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