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  1. its not fertilizers I need, its gh and kh supplements
  2. Ph is fine now at 7.2 with the help of RODI water and remineralizing it! I was just illustrating that tap water isn’t an option for me.
  3. Hopefully even less important than ph, gh, kh, etc
  4. Cories are known to like soft water right? so if they can adapt can't most fish?
  5. Hello! Because of my tap water having obscenely high ph (9.5+) as well as many other issues I have had to use RODI water. This is fine as I've been doing it for years at my previous home which had similar but less extreme issues. Point is, when I use Seachem's alkaline buffer, equilibrium, and acid buffer on new water to get the parameters to 7.2 ph, 4 kh, and 6-8 gh, it always comes around to about 350-400 on my TDS meter. I keep fish like denison barbs, rainbows, corydoras, honey gouramis, bettas, and soon clouded archerfish. Will this be an issue for any of these fish in the long term? Haven't had issues so far after moving to this new location! Thanks for any help that you all can offer!
  6. Aren’t those the ones that are aggressive to other fish? Or am I thinking skunk loaches?
  7. Scratching is often a sign of flukes. I've found prazipro to be very effective when I used it on my first ever fish, panda cories 4 years ago. It also seems to be working in my 125 for my denison barbs
  8. I've never found strips to be reliable. Haven't tried the aquarium co-op ones yet though and I hear those are good, but im comfortable with my liquid kit.
  9. Put a piece of sponge on the outflow and it'll get things much closer to your liking!
  10. Hello! I recently acquired 5 clouded archerfish! My tank is the standard 125 gallon tank dimensions of 72x18 and I was wondering what bottom dwellers I could keep safely with these guys since they get 6-8 inches and have huge mouths. Cory himself said on stream recently that they go after and eat tetras, so would loaches and cories also be out of the question? What alternatives would be safer? I also would like to know if you guys think the stocking plan on a tank like this (below) is too much. I know aqadvisor isn't accurate but i often use it to get a ballpark estimate and they don't have clouded archers in their library of fish, and I assume banded archers aren't a good replacement. Thanks for any help you guys can offer me! I currently have 6 denison barbs and 6 boesmani rainbows But by the end I would like to have: 8 denison barbs 6 boesmani rainbows the 5 archers +bottom dwellers (hopefully?)
  11. I've found this process to be very slow as long as your don't overload the tank with leaves
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