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  1. Pictured here is the lid to my 125, I have a canister filter running on it and I cut holes in the plastic portions of the light to fit the associated components. I didn’t love how the air stone I had looked in this tank so I replaced it with a power head. I was wondering if this might become an issue with air exchange because my lid is pretty tight due to jumping fishes like archers, rainbows, etc. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  2. I do have maracyn! Should I do a full dose or should a little do the trick? Thanks!
  3. Just noticed these raised bumps today. Looked like the occasional missing scale I see on these guys every once in a while. The one closest to the head is a little red. The fish is acting normally and eating more than the others. Advice? What might it be? Should I just observe carefully the next couple days?
  4. So if my fish have gone 1-2 weeks without it changing it’s fine? Like one has had this for 2 weeks, the other for 1.
  5. Awesome! I’ll keep an eye on it! Hoping you’re right, I have some archerfish that look cramped in their quarantine tank and I’ve been dying to put them in the 125. Gonna wait till Thursday and cross my fingers this isn’t an infection and doesn’t spread. How long would you suggest waiting to be sure? I’ve seen this on one rainbow 2 weeks ago (the one that looks better now) and haven’t been sure if it “spread” to the other one or if it’s just coincidental.
  6. All at once? And would you use this all on a display tank? Or try to quarantine? I have a quarentine tank, I just don’t how I would catch little rainbowfish in my 125 haha. I have ich-x, and I have some kanaplex.
  7. What would be a better medication then? In the instance that I have an infection like that?
  8. I already did a treatment this last week (5 doses) because there was two that had this, one only has it on one side of his lip though. He isn’t photographed here, but it looks the same, just on only one side. The other side is normal.
  9. A week ago I posted about some white lip stuff on 2 of my rainbowfish. I was told it was likely a fungal infection so I used maracyn and treated the tank. 6 treatments later nothing has changed really, besides some stringy stuff no longer being on the lip. One of the rainbows looks a little better possibly though. I finally got some clear pictures of the lip issue and now wanted to ask again if you think it’s still fungal or if it’s just an injury? Should I do another round of medication or just be done and watch carefully? What is my best course of action here? Thanks for any help you can offer me!
  10. That's a real shame, makes no sense, you'd hope stores would stock important stuff like that. Hobbyists need it.
  11. Gotcha. Sorry to hear that its hard to get where you're from. Is it limited or illegal like medications are in Canada?
  12. would maracyn work as well? The aquarium Co-op blog said it was their recomendation in this scenario. Will use paraguard if this doesnt work.
  13. can't find it on there. Only E'M erythromycin which is the same as maracyn
  14. Do you know where I might be able to find this stuff? My local fish stores are closed. Would i be able to find it at petco or petsmart? Dont see it on their website
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