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  1. @Jeff I’m in central Michigan between mount pleasant and Alma you?
  2. Thank you for sharing! Being vulnerable is not easy! I’m glad you were able to write that down and get it out! Fish tanks have been a therapy for me and I hope it is the same for you! This forum is kind and nice and I hope you find people to surround you with the love and kindness you need! Thank you again for sharing and welcome! Glad your here
  3. Welcome! I’m from Michigan as well! Always nice to meet people from Michigan with the same interests! Wonderful fish!
  4. They may pop back up I’ve never had them do it but a friend of mine melted back to nothing and we thought they are goners a few weeks later they came back and now are stunning! Crypt melt is normal and as long as you have good roots they should come back. I’m not an expert but hoping it’s just some melting and will come back for you.
  5. @bryanisag ok I will thank you! I needed someone to say I wasn’t crazy!Thank you
  6. Hello! Thank you so much for reading and any help in advance. I am planning on getting a 75 gallon aquarium and am planning on buying lights from the coop. My question is 1 or 2 lights? I want to put as many plants as I can in here and would like a fairly lit tank. I watched a video where Cory put 2 on his 40 breeders and I liked that look. Am I being crazy? It’s ok to say yes 🤭
  7. I’m so sorry your betta passed! Hoping the new set up brings you more joy! Setting up tanks is my favorite thing!
  8. Thank you! I appreciate that! He is pretty cool if I do say so myself ☺️
  9. Thank you @JoeQ and we’ll see how long they last @Whitecloud09
  10. Well here is the finished product! Letting the micro sword get settled and good to go before I trim it. Steve the betta seems to appreciate the tank and is always busy exploring the plants and places to hide.
  11. I honestly can’t figure them out lol I’m sure it’s user error but I never have any change in color so I went back to the api test kit and that showed that there was ammonia in the tank. I know that nothing is exactly accurate but I’m gonna keep trying the strips because I love their multi test strips
  12. Your tanks are amazing! Definitely goals! Thanks for sharing them!
  13. Great Question! I love all Cory’s and plecos those are my top two for sure! But I recently got some killifish and I am in love with them! Thanks for putting such a cool post together! Excited to see what else everyone loves
  14. @JS Fishi will try it out! Thank you so much for the recommendations! @johnnyxxli love big tanks so thanks for sharing! My first was a 125 and I miss it daily! Awesome looking scape love the rocks and wood! Thanks again for sharing!
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