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Found 5 results

  1. I'm overwhelmed with the possibilities! I definitely want a goldfish tank someday, but my hopes is to wait until my (human) children are a bit more grown so I can move their toys out of the living room and clear out the space for a 120 gallon showpiece tank. SO. That leaves me wide open for what to do with a 55 gallon! My husband is interested in rainbowfish, but I'm a little nervous despite their beauty. I tend to be a bit of an anxious person and what I want are peaceful, friendly fish, where I don't have to worry about fin-nipping, violent sparring, or injuries. Even my diamond tetras are borderline too much for my nerves, though they keep their fighting within the group. 🤣 Knowing that, what are your best recommendations for really friendly and peaceful fish? I know we really want a smaller-sized pleco for this tank, and we're doing another planted tank with a sandy substrate this time, but other than that, we are wide open.
  2. Curious if anyone has any experience with Von Rios being homed with a betta or powder blue dwarf gourami. I’ve got a fairly heavily planted 20 gallon long with 24 Von Rios and 6 panda cory. Looking for a blue fish to serve as a contrast and centerpiece.
  3. I recently converted my tank to a planted tank. I noticed that the powder blue dg’s are always pecking at the rotala that is found magically floating at the tip of the tank each morning. The ones in the gravel are getting nibbled down to the stocks. Could the dwarf gouramis be the culprit? Some of the new leaves on my Amazon sword are also looking chewed on
  4. Hey All, First post, but ive been creeping for awhile. My Powder Blue Gourami just started losing its color like its retracting from the tail fin going up its body? Any ideas? The other fish in the tank are fine and no issuehttps://photos.app.goo.gl/vtbQT1Vi7HfqtMSW8
  5. Is one of these Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami’s a female? I am new to this and wasn’t sure due to the short round dorsal fin on one.. Any advise from someone with experience? 😅
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