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  1. Hi! I am in the process of setting up my 720lit tank (190gal) and currently considering how many rocks to put in it. Is there a rule to how much weight a tank can carry? It is an old styled tank with aluminium frame. It stands on a wooden frame with no top (I did not use a plywood sheet on top of the frame, so it is just resting on the edges of the frame).
  2. Personally, I decide this, depending on the rock. I tend to place single rocks on top of the sand, but rock structures on the bottom of the tank. For african chiclids though, I would place them directly on the bottom, as they will dig around them and under them. To be perfectly safe, you could place them on a Polystyrene matt so spread the load over a larger area Bricks can be a great option. Personally I like using clay bricks as they don't affect the chemistry of the water. Concrete bricks will affect the PH of your water and mess with the hardness at least to start with. You can maybe soak them in water and do many water changes over a few weeks before placing them in the tank, but do keep a good eye on the parameters when you do. Especially PH, KH and GH Start with a thorough rinse under running water (this is easier outside with a hose). Then, if you use Prime or any other declorinator when you do water changes, you could simply just use a bleach solution to clean them, and rinse thoroughly with water after. Alternatively, you could use a Hydrogen peroxide solution and let them soak in that. This breaks down into water when exposed to UV (sunlight) so is maybe less dangerous than bleach. Lastly, I will add one important advice. Make sure that if you do build a rock structure, that it is stable, and that the rocks can't fall or be moved by neither fish or you working on the tank.
  3. Today I tried making gel food for the first time! I have previously made DIY food, using steamed eggs, but this time I went a bit deeper into this and made a proper batch. I have used: shrimp cod peas squash carrot spirulina kelp agar I don't have a food processor, so I just used a smoothie blender. I did have to blend the ingredients in two batches though, and mix them together after blending This is the raw food blend that I then mixed some diluted agar powder into it and let it cool a little bit before bagging This first try gave me two bags of approximately 450gr. each (16oz each). They are currently cooling and when they have settled, I should be able to freeze them and feed chunks of it to my fish without them breaking up when they enter water. Once I've tested these, and confirmed that it works, I'd be glad to share a recipe and instructions!
  4. What struck me with the first one, was the awesome sound/music. To be honest i wasn't blown back as much by the story/filming, as I was by the sound and music (watched it in a local theater). I'm still excited to see part two though. Also, the release of an expansion for Flight Simulator, themed with it helps to hype it!
  5. @Fish Folk just a note. Although it is their Latin name, I believe that Geophagus means earth eater in Greek not Latin. Just a FYI.
  6. What will the clean-up team be cleaning up after? As others mentioned, no overfeeding is the best option but shrimp can be good cleaners if they are not threatened by the other inhabitants. Although a bit boring to look at, Amano shrimp are quite good at it
  7. Ah very interesting! I didn't know that they lost their stripes when they grew older!
  8. Today I moved 2 fish from the treatment tank back into the main tank that I have re-established by removing everything. I have been treating flukes for the past month It is not yet cycled but I have moved a cycled filter over so it should be OK. Also there is a lot of water (720 lit / 190gal) so it will help the filters start up faster. This is Sally and Clementine. They are both ranchu goldfish but nothing fancy. Just LFS quality. I expect I'll move a few more over next week. In total I have 12 fish that need to move in. I might keep 2 of them in the treatment tank as they have swim bladder issues (presumably due to genetics)
  9. It does indeed look like algae from here. I'd guess it to be diatom. I haven't seen it grow in spots like this, but maybe its some imperfection on the glass or left over from before? Diatom are pretty common in newly established tanks and is usually a phase that they grow out of. In some cases though, it can be due to high silicates in the tapwater or from the gravel/substrate or due to high phosphates (if I remember right)
  10. I am not even close to being an expert with plecos, but I think that you are right to doubt that it is a gold nugget. There are several species that have the dots, with no stripes on the dorsal and tail fin. some examples: Opal spot pleco Vampire Pleco Adonis Pleco Blue Phantom Pleco Peppermint Pleco Then you have all the hybrids, so it can be difficult to say really
  11. I use PLA a lot, for things that aren't vital. I remember talks several years ago, about it not being aquarium safe, but I think that now, after people have tried it in use for some time, that maybe they realise that it maybe is ok. I do make the prints a bit stronger though (thicker walls, more infil etc) if I want it to last a bit longer
  12. Just dropping in with a thought. It might not be relevant bu I am personally paranoid when it comes to stands I'd place 4 vertical supports on eac corner simply to carry the weight of each shelf. From what I can see in the pictures, the weight is on screws where you ideally want It to be resting on something more bearing. Just an idea. Not sure if it is relevant to your stand. I'd just have peace of mind if the shelfs were resting on studs instead of being screed on
  13. Very nice! What type of filament do you use? Is it just regular Pla?
  14. I have used clay bricks for a few years now. I originally started using them 4 years ago, as an attempt to give shrimp and fry a chance to hide. After I transitioned over to keeping goldfish, I have also used them for baby goldfish. I eventually removed them because goldfish are not very bright and often get hurt with even very simple hardscape, so I wouldn't risk it. But the babies seemed to love them! I'd still use them even for larger fancy goldfish, but only as very simple constructions that they can swim around and not into. Chemistry-wise I didn't notice them affecting the water quality in any way. If any, I'd expect them to offer substantial surfaces for the beneficial bacteria involved with the nitrogen cycle. ps: I have also used sewage PVC pipes as elements in a DIY filter, but I am sure that you could use those too for them to use as caves
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