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  1. Set up my first simple outdoor mini pond a couple months ago. I had some fry in my tank that I believe are a mix of a male endler I accidentally got with my plants from the LFS and some asst female guppies. I can't see in the water very good cause of all the vegetation, but during feeding I got this picture. I thought they looked amazing and wanted to share. Can't wait to scoop some out at the end of the season to get a better look at them.
  2. I've heard some people mention having to much bubbles can cause issues. Have you counted the bubbles per second? I seem to recall it being mentioned somewhere that they recommend 3 per second. Need just enough to keep the water circulating. I personally don't hatch my brine shrimp that way so I don't have personal experience with this. Just throwing out an idea. Also, how hard is the water you're using? Some people with soft water add a pinch of baking soda, or use marine salt with minerals to raise hardness. I personally have very hard water and still add a pinch of baking soda to be sure, with no negative effects.
  3. I have ~30 guppy fry in my community tank that I need to transfer to outdoor mini-pond. I'm uncertain how to catch them. The challenges are: Other inhabitants: Harlequin Rasboras, coryadoras, adult guppies, hillstream loach Planted: medium density, lots of surface growth I have some ideas, but I don't have much confidence in any of them. Please let me know if you have ideas or experience doing this. Thanks!
  4. Congratulations on joining the hobby! You came to the right forum. First thing I suggest you do is get more information on "The Cycle". Google things such as "aquarium nitrogen cycle" or look up videos on YouTube. I'm sure someone smarter than me will post a link to a video by Aquarium Coop that does a great job explaining it. And keep coming back to this forum with any questions or concerns you have! Ahh I did it!
  5. What grocery type items do you guys feed your fish? Vegetables? Seafood? How do you prepare it? Store it? And how do you feed it? I have done the blanched zucchini. But I'm wanting to experiment with some other stuff in my tanks.
  6. What are your other water parameters? I personally have ph above 8, but have never had issues introducing new fish that I would attribute to ph. The importance of a specific ph is overstated in my opinion. I have kept several "low ph" fish before and they thrive and even spawn in my tanks. Having a relatively stable ph is more important than the actual number.
  7. I've had 10 Harlequin Rasboras in my 29 gal with hard water for years. No health issues, even spawned several times(though the eggs were promptly eaten by the others unfortunately). Keep mid to high in the tank, though they will occasionally try to pick food off the bottom. I have never witnessed them picking at my cherry shrimp(even the babies) or eating my endler fry so I feel they are pretty compatible with most fish. Just thought I'd share my experience!
  8. I have had trouble with these as well. Upon taking one apart, I found the issue with mine was that a surprisingly small amount of surface area was exposed on the bottom of the stone. The thickness of the acrylic and overrun of adhesive only left a tiny amount of the bottom exposed.(pic:the only exposed area on bottom of stone was that pocket) Cleaning these stones is an expected maintenance, but the frequency while likely be higher if it has similar design flaws as mine.
  9. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. Is it a tank that's already set up? One thing to consider when using stone is how it will affect your water parameters. I saw one post on here where someone used fake stone vinyl type tiles to build a background and attached it to the outside of the tank. That to me seemed like a good idea to get the look without much hassle. The downside would be that you don't get the texture inside the tank if that's important to you.
  10. Alright, so I let my hatch go for about 36hrs and I still had the same results. There was a few more swimming around, but still a bunch of this golden orange stuff at the bottom when I turn off the bubbles. I'm thinking these are dead brine shrimp. When I smudge it with my finger it's slimy and clumps up. All the unhatched eggs would still be dark brown and mostly float to the top, right? I'm hoping to get some confirmation as I've fed some of it to my tank and the fish seem to love it, but I don't want them to get digestive issues from me feeding them something I shouldn't.
  11. I'm at about 20hrs at ~82F. I saw very few actually swimming when I put a light to the hatcher. These all sank to the bottom.
  12. They have the orange gold color, but don't swim around. Do they need to "cook" a bit longer? These are from Aquarium Co-op and the shells previously looked alot darker brown
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