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  1. I’ll try to keep it simple this time. Day by Day photo journal to figure this out. Any help or comments much appreciated.
  2. Have about 20-30 White Clouds in an outdoor pond. The Water temp varies between 55-60, prob warmer when it heats up. Have had them out there for a month or two and no eggs or fry seen. I have seen maybe 10 die but not sure why. Have some Java Moss, hornwort, frogbit and water lettuce. Any suggestions to induce spawning.
  3. Hi all, new here and I tried to find a similar post so forgive me for starting a new one if there was a more appropriate place to be- posted on the introductory page a bit about what I have as far as tanks/equip/fish etc. When I started my 20 gallon I just wanted a peaceful community tank with fish that had similar parameter needs of course and I didn't want reproduction, so I avoided live bearers and "easy breeders". I ended up with 10 Harlequin Rasboras and 7 Otocinclus. Well about 6 months into my endeavor I now have 25 baby catfish and counting. I know some have fallen prey to the Rasboras which is ok, that's nature, but I've managed to contain the 25+ in a floating breeder box (boy am I glad I got that for "back up" plans). I seem to catch 1 or 2 daily in varying stages of develoment. Of all the hours and hours of research I did I didn't look into this because I never thought I'd be able to breed what is sometimes called on the internet an "intermediate level" breeder: now what?! I started another 20 gallon which I plan to likely house my Rasboras and I'll up the number of Otos in my well established algae covered tank where they bred- I have 1 friend who also keeps fish and she's taking a half dozen. This isn't likely to stop happening so can anyone give me ideas on how to rehome fish? Thank you in advance for your ideas!
  4. Placeholder post for now. Will add more info later. Hi my name is Daedalus I'm breeding Copper Alien Bettas. I'm a new breeder with only 3 spawns. I breed Thai style so if you're uncomfortable with that style please proceed with caution. I write with terrible grammar and sentence structure. If you're uncomfortable with that proceed with extreme caution. Feb 2nd: Received copper pair. Begin conditioning. Feeding scuds, moina and BugBites Feb 6th: Prep spawning tank. 4.5gal tote filled to 3gal. Added loquat leaves, duckweed and pothos cuttings. Added rooibos tea for tannins. Taped a circular spawning cave to the wall. 50w heater Feb 18th: Release pair to tank. Feb 20th: Spawn. It took two days, the male had problems learning to do the wrap but he finally got it. Only one nip on the female and one on male. Very non violent, easy pairing Feb 23rd: Hatch. Can't see how many but looks to be a decent sized spawn. Feb 24: Added green water and infusoria culture to tank. Roughly half a cup. This is to cover for early hatchers/early free swimmers. Feb 25th: First feed BBS TBD March 10th: Partial water change. Remove male TBD
  5. Tell me your favorite cichlids, how easy they are to breed, and how big they get
  6. I have had some success breeding spotted congo puffers but have failed at raising the fry so far. I haven't put much effort in since last spring but I'll be giving it another go. I wanted to created a place to dump all my info and photos so that it's a little more available to people searching on the web since a few people seem to be documenting it pretty well on social media but that tends to not show up in searches. I'll be add more info as I have time. Hopefully my experience can help some others out or encourage people to try. I am quite experienced aquarium keeping but most of my interest has been in plants. I am in no way an experienced fish breeder. I just collected some eggs for the first time in 6ish months yesterday that should be hatching this Friday.
  7. Thanks to YouTube learned how to get my eggs to hatch and grow! My angelfish pair are laying every two weeks and have a great hatch rate. I have so many fry what do I do now for grow out?
  8. Hi everyone, I just noticed my first berried RCS, so I thought I'd start a journal about any sightings or anything interesting happening about them. (Hopefully not death). Hopefully this journal will continue until the now eggs develop into adults. A Bit About my Tank The tank is a 5.5 gallon with Fluval Stratum Substrate and some crushed coral (to buffer the water). Right now the betta who would normally be there is getting treatment for gill flukes, and will be there for an additional 4-5 weeks, which should hopefully be enough time to let the babies hatch, and develop far enough to be able to swim away just incase. (I may share updates on his progress here too) Thanks for reading!
  9. Here's my breeding setup for my rainbow shiner 10gallon Sponge filter with a directional flow Temp at 70 Ph 7.3 ish This setup will only work if "she" is ready. It may take more than 1 try. I wouldn't leave them in their for more than 2 day, since the male can rub her side open. Separate the male and female. I start by pumping up my female with quality food/dry food for a few days to weeks. When she is fat with eggs, I'll place her with the male in a plant basket with a few good size rocks that night. Spongefilter flow will be pointed into the basket. They should spawn in the morning and be done soon after. I'll remove the parents and collect the eggs. I treat the eggs just like how you'll do for rainbow eggs. The whole idea is to have a setup where the parent have no chance of touching the eggs. In the wild theyll be swimming upstream and when they spawn the egg is blow downstream immediately. In a home aquarium most hobbies will breed them in large group so the fish that aren't breeding is eating the eggs.
  10. Hey Guys. I hope everyone is holding up well. I have seen my Harlequin Rasbora school doing the motions of breeding. However no one actually seems to be laying eggs. I don't know if this is because they are still to small or not. So I have decided to try a new Repashy food and get some weight on them. What would you suggest is the best one for this? Community Plus?
  11. Hello, quick question, have any of you had any luck breeding rams in hard water. My water out of the tap is 7.4 ph with a gh of 8-10 per the api test. Edit: the Columbus 2020 water report states a ppm of 120 which lines up with the api test. Is this too hard for rams if I keep the water clean and temps high? dean talks about high temps, but doesn’t mention soft water. I know he has soft water, but I also know he lived in Ohio for a little. I wonder if dean had any luck breeding them in Ohio. I’m very interested in this fish, but idk if they will fall apart in my water. Thanks!
  12. This seems like an ideal place to log the changes in my tanks, and get opinions on issues I'm struggling with. You'll notice a trend in most of my aquariums -- collectoritis. I'm at the stage of fishkeeping right now where I can't fathom a species-only tank. My schooling fish are all in sufficient numbers, but I still love the variety. I think I have an even bigger problem with plants. Over the past year I've just been buying all the plants to find out which ones grow (it's a secret, no one knows). I'll post each tank in order of acquisition. 1. Living room display, 40 breeder, initially set up August 2019. Below is what the tank looked like back in October. Started it out as a super-artificial scape, and then I realized how much I liked live aquatic plants and began adding them in droves. After some experience with subsequent tanks, I went back to this one for an overhaul. This is what it looks like today (changing the substrate was a B-and-a-half): YouTube video on this tank: The tiny sword plant you see in the lower left corner of the first pic has grown into the giant sword plant in the second pic. The floating moss ball was a recent addition from the Co-op, and while it arrived in great condition, I am cursed when it comes to growing moss. I just can't figure it out. Stocking: Angels, rosy tetras, maccullochi rainbows, australian rainbows, otos, powder blue dwarf gourami, and emerald corydoras. Update 4/10/21: I've been messing around with backlighting on this tank. See video below. 2. Dining Room, 20 tall, initially set up September 2019 I wanted to breed bristlenose plecos. It didn't take long before I saw baby bristlenose all over the glass, at least 30 of them. Unfortunately, they dwindled one by one over a period of two weeks - no idea why. There was one survivor, which has grown 2+ inches. But since that initial spawn, I've only seen white eggs that the male pushes out of the cave. Any tips to get this back on track? In addition to the plecos, it's housing my wife's platys from her classroom tank (she's a teacher) which are breeding, as well as breeding endlers and cherry shrimp. Stocking: Male and female adult and one juvenile bristlenose pleco, platies, endlers, cherry shrimp. 3. Daughter's tank, 20 tall, set up October 2019 My daughter (8 years old) wanted a tank for her room. Trying to move her away from the artificial plants but she likes them too much. So I just have to keep doing bleach dips every month or so until I can get the lighting balanced (upgraded her light recently). The lighting upgrade seems to have negatively affected her live water sprite, though. Used to be lush and green and now seems to be falling apart. Stocking: Platies, platy fry, green fire tetra, sunset honey gourami, pygmy corys, and guppies from my wife's classroom tank 4. Son's tank, 20 tall, set up November 2019 My son (6 years old) loves dinosaurs, so we went with sort of a prehistoric jungle theme. Stocking: Zebra loaches, panda corys, cherry barbs, purple harlequin rasboras, and one platy (offspring from my daughter's tank) YouTube Video on my Kids' Tanks: 5. The livebearer tank, 40 breeder, set up in February 2020. In the dining room next to the pleco fail tank, I have guppies, platys, and cherry shrimp breeding up a storm. I started with just guppies in the 20 tall in October, trying to breed the fancy strains from my LFS. I could never keep a single one alive for more than a couple weeks. I had purchased some already-pregnant females, which gave birth and died. I raised the fry and let them breed as well, and it looked like I was getting some strong stock out of them, so I set up this 40 breeder to let the guppies do their thing. Simultaneously, my daughter's platy was having babies, which I also added to this tank. Because of how much feeding I was doing, I added panda corys and cherry shrimp to the mix. But then in March/April, there was an outbreak of some horrid bacterial disease. My corys were happy, my shrimp were breeding, and the platys were thriving. But for several weeks the guppies died one by one, then two by two, then five by five, etc. I probably lost 75% of my guppy stock. Maracyn didn't touch it, nor did . What ended up working was kanaplex, though it crashed the cycle. Should've quarantined... I didn't lose any corys or platys during all this drama, though. I decided not to buy anymore guppies and just let my surviving endlers and guppies breed. Things are doing better, so much so that I've been able to grow out enough stock to trade in at my LFS. Also trying to grow java moss glued to foam (removed from my bonsai tree because nothing was growing). Stocking: Guppies, endlers, endler/guppy hybrids, platys, panda corys, cherry shrimp, and amano shrimp Note: The background in the above tank, as well as the cave, were DIYs that were intended for tank number 6. However, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the result and found a better DIY method online. Still, didn't want the first background to go to waste. EDIT (April 30, 2021): The amazon sword has really taken over since that above pic. I finally finished my video on this tank: 6. The Bedroom Display, 90 gallon, set up February 2020 Sometime in December, I dove into a large DIY project. I had 1/2 inch glass cut to custom dimensions so it could fit in a particular space in my bedroom, and I siliconed it all myself. Tank dimensions are 55"L x 17"W x 24"H. I also built the cabinet/stand and created the foam rock background . The tree used to have the moss I mentioned above, but recently changed it out for subwassertang. I plan to buy more of it soon. Every plant in here is exploding. I've had trouble keeping cardinal tetras alive. Can't tell you how many I've purchased, but the 15 or so left in here are doing well now. I've lost far fewer rummynose. This tank is just so much fun to look at. The rainbows and corys are always spawning, the forktails play in the spraybar current, the rummynose stay together and swim back and forth, the amano shrimp are big enough to stay visible and crawl all over the rock wall, and the gourami patrols the tank like it's his job and eats from my hand. The cardinal tetra just sort of exist and look pretty. It's the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Stocking: Cardinal tetra, rummynose tetra, boesemani rainbows, forktail rainbows, pearl gourami, otos, julii corys, and amano shrimp. 7. Betta in the bedroom, 16G fluval spec, set up June 2020 My wife wanted a betta tank, so we got one, tank number 2 in the bedroom. She made all the aquascaping and stocking decisions. New tank so still sorting out the algae, fert/light balance. Another christmas moss floater, doing better in this tank for some odd reason, but still don't have high hopes. Stocking: pygmy corys, white cloud mountain minnows, and betta BONUS: Quarantine bin Learned my lesson with those guppies, so I'm quarantining now. I'm trying to add a few more cardinal tetra to my 90G. I've had great success with aqua huna fish, except for their cardinal tetras. This time around, I ordered 20 and put them in this 10G sterilite container. I lost 9 of them over 48 hours, but the remaining 11 have been alive for the past 6 days. Still don't look great, though.
  13. I have 11 Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnows that have been in an outdoor tub for several months. I bought 5 Platinum Medaka Rice Fish about 2 weeks ago that are in a separate outdoor tub. I would like to maximize breeding of both. Can I safely put both species in a single large heavily planted tub without worrying about increased predation of one species adults against the other's Fry? In other words, do the fish recognize the other species fry as "foreign" and are more likely to eat the other species fry than their own? I know both species are pretty good about not eating their own fry given enough food and cover. Neither have shown any signs of spawning yet. Any other hints for breeding these 2 species? Thanks for your input and experience.
  14. Hello- I am looking for tips on breeding the red neon blue eyed rainbowfish (pseudomoguil Luminatus). I was lucky and was able to catch Cory on a stream and got some guidance on breeding these fish, but I still have a couple questions. I’m a breeding newbie! I have a spawning mop to catch eggs and have a plan for where to keep the fry once they hatch, but does anyone know what’s best to do with the eggs until they hatch? Do they need to be tumbled, in for example the egg tumbler Aquarium coop sells? Or are they fine to just sit in a tray with no water movement? or should they be in a small aquarium with an airstone? Do I need to add methylene blue? Any ideas on how much of so? do I need to do water changes for whatever I’m keeping the eggs in?? thank you everyone!
  15. my angelfish started acting funny and i looked on youtube and found out that i something called a slate well I put a tile and blocked the other angelfish from getting them all that was Sunday.. then yesterday the pair started eating the eggs so I pulled them and put them in Metholyne Blue cuz youtube said so... well now what do I do... do I leave them in that blue stuff until they hatch... please HELP...
  16. I found this photo off Instagram and I’m curious if anyone has seen this color in person or what trade name it goes by.
  17. Hi all, my ph ranges from 7.4-7.6 with harder water (260ppm+) I do not have a way to purchase any apistogramma locally. That being said I would like to breed something new to me and was curious if any like borelli, agassizii, or any other variations could actually breed in harder water.
  18. 12:30 am. Left the light on tonight for these guys... Will check for eggs in the morning. They’ve been doing this since 9 pm. Not entirely sure why Electric Blue Acaras aren’t terribly popular ... maybe unsavory rumors about their origins? Well, I think they’re really attractive!
  19. So, I have fell in love with Thai Orandas and I want to start my next breeding project with them, but I was curious as to a couple of things. 1) Where is the best place to find them online? 2) Is it better to buy really nice male and females that are 4-5 inches+? If so how many, a trio? 3) Or is it better to buy them young in a fry pack of 10 or so and raise them up? Any other suggestions will be more than welcome! Thank you!
  20. Anyone out there working these fish? I would love to see picture and hear all about it. This is my 3rd generation with me, still pretty young about 6 month. I want them to hold their fin out wider, they don't have to be any longer than this. After I get their body conformation right, I'll start working on their color.
  21. After transferring my Cherry Barbs to bigger tank they decided it was mating season. I was watching the tank and was surprised to see a little fry swimming around in the shelter of some wood. Wow, it’s so cool! I’ve had baby guppies before and even some Cichlids, but these are my first egg scatterers. The fam is having such a good time playing spot the fry!
  22. So I started with 20 fry over a year ago and I plan on starting my breeding project now that they are coloring up. I have a 55 for my males and a 75 that my females are living in at the moment but that will be the fry tank. I have 7 males and 10 females that I have selected. I plan to move the males in with the females after a week or so of good feeding. I have a pump blowing water over the spawning area in the 75. I do have a question what dose the temp have to be to get them to breed I am keepIng them in the garage and I want to know How low they will still breed at. I know they do well in cold water in the 50s and I've seen them in ponds with ice on them I'm just wondering if anyone has breed them at those temps?
  23. I just got these in today, they are mainly very small with 2 that are older I’d say but still fry. I have had bad luck keeping guppies I got locally. Mainly my females would live to have fry once and died. I’m hoping that these might be stronger. I will keep an eye on the M/F ratio and post a few more pictures when I can soon. This summer it would be my hope to pond out some of these to grow them strong. I’m wondering if there are tips to raising up a line of guppies choosing the strongest and prettiest eventually to keep growing out. I’d really like to have more success this time around.
  24. Well the guppy strain I am creating JL's Blue Marbles is coming along nicely. I have more coming out like Dad the original Mr Marble. They still throw a few pinks and here and there a male that looks like the F1s. Overall the majority look like they are supposed to and I am pretty happy with my results so far only 10 months into this project. I've attached a gif of a bunch of males I caught with the original Mr Marble. Let me know your thoughts. Stay Spicy my friends!!!
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