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  1. @Tyler LaZerteThanks for the help!
  2. @Tyler LaZerteI have a HOB plus air stone. I don’t have tons of algae and my plan is to not feed for a few days after adding the Amanos so they’ll go after it, then I think they’ll be fine with what drops down from feeding the fish. I feed krill flakes, frozen daphnia, freeze dried bloodworms, bug bites, some algae wafers for the loach ( which the honey gouramis also love!) and freeze dried brine shrimp.
  3. Good morning! I have a 20 high community tank, well-planted, very stable, with 6 lambchop rasboras, 2 sunset honey gouramis, 1 reticulated hillstream loach, 10 green neon tetras, bunch of snails, 5? Cherry shrimp. I would like to add 10+ amanos and another 10 green neon tetras, maybe another 6 cherry shrimp. Would that be ok? Thanks!
  4. Oh! Didn’t think of that - thanks for the tip, @GardenStateGoldfish!
  5. Good morning, all. I have a couple of large moon snail shells that would make great containers or surfaces for placing plants like anubias. What should I do to make them safe for the tank? I have had them for several years. Thanks!
  6. I’m so sorry to hear this, @Streetwise. I echo @Brandy’s suggestion to go outside. And I’m glad you have fish friends to be with you.
  7. Here’s my tank; you can just barely see the sponge and intake tube of the HOB on the left back corner, and a bit of airline tubing and heater cord in back right corner. I planned it to hide as much tech as possible and I’m pretty happy with the results. My first tank.
  8. Oh! And I just realized I don’t have pond snails. They don’t have a spiral end like that - they have a coil, so rams horn, I guess?
  9. Thanks, all! I am going to change feeding to every other day for maybe two weeks and also be very mindful about not feeding so much when I do. I think I got sucked in by how fun it is to watch them during feeding. They seem to love everything I feed so...my bad. I’m also not going to go after the planaria because I know from all that I’ve learned on this forum and @Cory‘s vids that a healthy balanced tank is something to be grateful for and to not mess with.
  10. Is treating to kill them safe for my fish? I have tetras, a hillstream, raspboras, honey gourami, bunch of snails. I plan on cutting down on feeding based on what you all have mentioned about over feeding (the snail population explosion bears that out😔), so do I need to go after them? My tank is really well-balanced, good numbers and healthy fish, and few water changes or gravel vac because of that, so I’m not excited about treating for this.
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