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Found 9 results

  1. I've been researching how to tell the difference between a male and female BST's. I've read about looking at their fins, their width etc. I have tried and yet, still can't tell the difference. LOL. Is there any sure way to make a distinction between the two?
  2. I just recently got 2 more BST's yesterday to bring my school to 5 in total if that is a factor. Though, after I acclimated the new guys to the tank and put them in with the other 3 they immediately schooled and swam around the tank together. Now they are not and I was just wondering if it's normal behavior for my BST's to spread out like that and claim their own territory within the tank
  3. Two months ago I introduced two tetras into my 50 gallon. They are both are smaller than the mature full grown tetras. One eats well, but the other appears to be really bad at foraging for food. He hesitates at going to the top and often misses the food that floats by his face. I try feeding him crushed up flakes and bug bites to help him with feeding. Should I be worried that he isn't as aggressive as the other fish in the tank during feeding or will he grow out of this?
  4. I had 7 Black Skirted Tetras for several several years. One developed what I thought was fin rot. I put all the tetras in a 10 gallon hospital tank. I tried everything but the fin didn’t get better or worse. They stayed in the hospital for months. One morning 5 were dead and already decaying. The 2 remaining are perfectly healthy. I’m scared to add them back to the community even after 2 months. Now do I need to get more so there will be a school and less stressed. I feel bad if I don’t but I’m not sure if I want tetras for the rest of my life but hate to give them away since I’ve had them for a long time.
  5. Yes, I've posted a lot since I joined and Im sorry. It's my first tank and I'm learning as I go. I've learned a lot in the last 2 weeks. Anyways, my Black Skirt Tetras were doing better last night. I woke up and they were swimming around together, which made me happy. However, once again the water was a bit cloudy so I added some Accuclear to clear it up (1ml) as suggested for 10 G. Since I added it, my Tetras are acting slow and sluggish and are going back to the surface for air once in awhile. Could it be the Accuclear that is stressing them or something else? Any suggestions?
  6. A few weeks ago, I posted a topic on here and we diagnosed that the white stuffs on the fins are some type of Stalked Cilliates parasite. So I spent 2 weeks treating the tank with Paraclancse and IchX (after a couple weeks of salt treatment then Maracyn and IchX) but I got very little result. One of them did get better but for the other three not too much. Their tail fins are somewhat rotting as well. They are still super active and agile. Anyone know anything about this or anyways to treat this? I have attached videos of them. Not sure if they are very clear like the last post. They are super camera shy https://imgur.com/gallery/PLkO82J
  7. Hello. I have noticed a white clumpy spot on one of the skirt tetra fins about a year ago and weirdly enough, it didnt spread until recently and only to the other fish of the same species. It doesn't look fussy and only on fins. I have been treating them with Maracyn in combination with IchX and got no result from it. Now I have been doing salt bath with 1Tbsp per gallon for about 2 weeks and still no result. Some of the white clumps did go away but they leave behind red patches on the tetra fins. I would love to get some idea on what this is and how can I treat it. Below I've attached a link to the video. Link to Video
  8. I've noticed this before on my black skirt tetra, it comes and goes. I've treated it for Ich and used API bacteria and fungal treatments, thought there was disease in the tank but ended up being ammonia spikes I think. I brought back a danio from the dead by treating the ammonia with water changes and API Ammolock. What is this white dot on this fish's nose? Should I treat again? Is it Ich? There's no other white spots and no other fish with white spots.
  9. I got some black skirt tetras about a year ago and one of them was either bloated when I bought them or became bloated shortly after. I can’t remember. Is there anyway I can help the fish? It’s been like this for over a year and acts normal for the most part, so I have no clue what could be wrong. The photo with the amazon sword plant was taken in January of this year and the other 2 are from right now
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