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  1. I am happy with my sponge filters, but I want to try a hang-on-back filter for fun. I am very picky about design, and any visible aquarium technology has to be symmetrical or at least left/right balanced, (like with a canister, uptake on one side, centered spray bar, heater on the other side). Besides the massive Marineland units, this seems to be the only symmetrical HOB filter. Has anyone used one of these? Thanks!
  2. Just received my Seachem Tidal 35 for my 10 gallon. I’m actually very surprised by the size of the media basket and how quite the filter is. I took off my Aquaclear 20 and I think the Tidal might be a upgrade. Going to let it run for a few days and I’ll update. So far I’m impressed by the sound, or lack there of, and the internal motor. No need to prime anymore. What do you guys think about the Tidal 35?
  3. hi all been years since i had a tank . just recovered from a nasty messy divorce about 4 years ago and I've finally landed back on my feet once again. i really missed this hobby and would like to get my feet wet again lol and I'm looking at a eco tank setup if possible, but if need be, a filter powered tank is ok. would like to setup a betta with some betta friendly community fish tank near my bed. I've seen a few betta Nano tank setup ups at a fish shop and was thrown back with the pricing and they were generally around the 12 L capacity and thought, wow, that's small and be a challenge to keep the water parameters in check along with the GH and nutrient levels for the plants. saw a new tank, i think about 50L capacity at the store and I'm tempted to buy that, get some frost tint to stick on the back, a good light, heater and filter costing around the $350 mark I'm open for suggestions and after some good deals, if any, in this group. I'm also considering a HOB filter or a mini canister filter for the setup, mainly for the quietness . fish I'm thinking of raising in the tank (well not all, but considering only a few species of): betta Nano chilli tetra's Otto guppies I'm after some if those Indian almond leaves for treating the tank also
  4. Which is best HOB or Sponge Filter for 40 gallon tank with Angel fish? What models are best?
  5. So I have a 55g with a fruval 70 hob filter and a two port air filter hooked up to one air stone in a decoration and a bubble wand. I was thinking of making one if not both hoses hook up to your brand sponge filters instead. (Btw nice product) so I could get some more good bacteria and still aerate the water column. So that's the setup right now and the idea. But now for the questions, what size sponge filters? And does it matter what side or locations for the hob/ sponge? Should I do two or one sponge filter? The tank is a little full have -2 plattys- 1 full size gourami- 1 blue dwarf gourami- 2 giant danios- 6 tiger barb's- 3 cori catfish- 1 pitcus catfish- 3 black racer snails- 1 black kuli loach- and down to 5 neon tetras (I think the pitcus ate the others but just a guess). So In conclusion I probably overstocked and think the adding of the sponge filter/s would help. just wanted some opinions on size and placement of additional filters. And waters clear no problems with water test or anything and not too much agression in tank just thought the added sponge filter/ would help. Thanks, any and all constructive criticism or advice is welcome and appreciated.
  6. So I have a new planted 20 g I’m setting up, and trying to move everything from my pretty much failed 10 g. The pictures will explain everything. The 1st one is my 20 g, which I’m floating stems until roots come in and I can plant (I have a dirted substrate). All clean, starting to grow a little algae, but nice and green. I got them less than a week ago so I would expect it. The 2nd one is my grimey old filter (a Tetra Power Filter 40 if it matters) , which isn’t old at all but I forget to squeeze the sponges out every once in a while. Pretty much filled with sponge. 3rd one is the 10 g tank the HOB is running on, covered in algae and I’m hoping the new one will run a bit better. Still pretty damn dirty. I do water change once a week but it looks grimey as well. I don’t have a lid because….I’m using mine for the 20g currently. So I put the HOB on the 20g, I have a sponge filter in there and wanting to switch it out with the HOB thinking the HOB has more beneficial bacteria in it with so much sponge. Well the first thing I noticed in the clear water and bright light was a strange scum flowing from it (probably protein and other things) and these weird brown bubbles that came off that I assume were full of dust (they don’t pop and I remember having them when I put pool filter sand in my old tank and brown bubbles formed at the surface) , represented in the 4th, 5th, and 6th picture. Will the grime contaminate the nice plants? Because it also is bringing some algae.
  7. I purchased my 20G high as a kit. It came with a aqueon filter that is meh.. but its what I had, so I used it. Now that I have a TON of guppies and the plants are flourishing, it struggles to keep up. The intake filter get clogged, and because the back section is so narrow its hard to get a good amount of media in there which I have some in there now with a coarse sponge but it was a struggle to get it to fit. I purchased an aqueon filter for my 40 G months ago, and it just didn't work for the tank the water outflow was too high and water was getting on the glass lid. I had to take it off and put a Seachem Tidal 55 on there now working fine. I had this Aqueon 50 just sitting around that I thought.. hmm maybe try it on the 20G. So I did. I had to put some coarse sponge in the specialty filter pad section with filter floss to slow the power a bit. They don't seem to mind it.. they are all swimming around and not getting "blown" around. the corydora seem to like it the most (I think) they are swimming in front of the tank where the flow is.. is that okay? or are they trying to tell me something? Is that too much of a filter? will the outflow be too much? I also have a seachem tidal 35 that is brand new if the Aqueon is too much. What do you guys think???
  8. My power just went out for a sec and when I turned it back on, I noticed my Fluval/Aqueon hob filter wasn't working. Re-primed with water and then I noticed it wasn't humming or anything. The little motor part was a little warm to the touch so it was doing something but it was definitely not pumping water. I have fiddled with it a bunch but I can't get it to work again and it's a bummer because it's like a month or so old! Totally ridiculous. I have a nano aquarium co-op sponge filter in there, is that enough to keep my cycle going? I have a small sized sponge filter as well, I guess I should pop that one in too as it seems stupid to get another hob filter when I have these sponge filters. Has anyone had this happen with the Fluval/Aqueon hob filter? Is there something I'm missing to get it working again?
  9. What do you guys do? In my 40 breeder have it on one side then have two sponge filters one on the other side the other one in the middle
  10. I've added a solar pump powered HOB Style Waterfall to my outdoor Medaka pond. I am curious how the benifical bacteria will handle the power cycling of a solar only pump.. Does anyone have any experience with this..? Thoughts? I have filled the wster fall box with filter floss, rocks, hornwort, water hyacinth, and a few water lettuce.
  11. I have a tidal 35 hob filter. When you pull the media basket out , the water flows through the sponges backwards, effectively back washing the filter media to some extent. What comes out is a lot of algae, plant detritus, and probably some fish poop. This water does not really have any positive value to the filter and can/ should be removed, correct? I mainly want to confirm my understanding. That the bacteria in the sponge is the most important thing so not touching the sponge as often could be good. Then by back washing it could just make it not clog as quickly with detritus which also could be good. Thank you
  12. I have a 10-gallon tank in my bedroom, and in the quiet of the night, I can hear my AquaClear 30's lid vibrating. Removing the lid prevents heat conservation and triggers too much evaporation. So I stretched a thin rubber band around the back part of the lid's lip: This suspends the lid a millimeter or two above the filter, yet holds it in place: No more vibrations! Enjoy, Bill
  13. Currently I only have a course filter in my HOB and I am thinking I need something else to get more media than I have to get my Nitrates higher .. I have a lot of plants, with growth, wood, gravel, fish are doing well, fed daily.. No Ammonia.. but I can't seem to get my nitrates higher than 5-10 ppm. Tank has been going since Dec 2020. I also have a sponge filter in the tank as well. I am thinking I need to add it to the 5G as well. I need to get more bacteria on my filters. The 5G has this front drawer with the pump, and on the other side is a half wall, that I have a course filter, and some balls (which are not really holding on to any bacteria that I can see) I don't think their porous enough. I have the balls on the side where water just sits in the drawer. How much seachem Matrix do I need? Its sold in amounts. my 40G is a tidal, and its a great filter and it just works better than the others biofiltration wise and I have to wonder if its because of the Matrix in it???? Thoughts?
  14. I’m back again!!! This tank I swear!! Lol. Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct forum. 😬 Ok, so I was having a ton of trouble when I switched my substrate to all purpose sand. Weird fuzzy stuff growing, horrible hair algae and then green water so thick you couldn’t see anything.the algae was so bad it ruined my decorations. L So I scooped all of that out and replaced it with fluval stratum, I also bought a UV filter since my four nerite snails are not keeping up with the algae like my two mystery snails did. Well....the UV filter is supposed to just clip onto my hang on back, however it is the exact same size and the spot it is supposed to snuggle into and so it will not attach. I don’t have a lot of money and would really like to make this work. Has anyone managed to rig their UV filters to work for their tanks? Thanks in advanced!!!
  15. hello, so as what the title says, I'm confused as to the best way to optimize the HOB filter for my top fin 10 gallon tank. I'm sick of having to replace the cartridges. I've considering buying the aquarium co-op coarse sponge pad and cut it to fit inside it but if I do that, do I also need to insert a carbon infused media pad along with it? or should it be one or the other? also, should I add a medium pre-filter circular sponge around the intake tube or is that not necessary? this is so confusing. any help is appreciated, thank you!
  16. I've had it with my Fluval 405! One of my juvenile angel fish got caught in the intake tube last night. He seemed perfectly healthy yesterday, so I'm thinking he got stuck while sleeping. The filter is such a pain to do maintenance on (I'm too embarrassed to say how long it's been since my husband and I last wrestled with it), and now it killed one of my favorite fish. It's got to go. I'm so mad, especially since I was going to order an intake filter this week or next with some plants, which would have prevented this. For a 75 gallon community tank, would it be best to get the Aqua Clear 110, two Aqua Clear 50's, or a Seachem Tidal 75? I'm not sure which route would give me the most room for biological filtration. I see lots of good reviews for both brands, so I'm assuming the brand would be a personal choice? Thoughts? Ideas?
  17. I was browsing in Petsmart and saw Marineland has a new line of HOBs the Penguin Pro series. These seem to be an evolution of the Penguin series and I really feel like they should have called them, "Penguin 2" or something like that. They have a couple new features that seem okay and some that make me question the nerms at marineland. Anyway it got me thinking what features would make it into the ideal HOB filter? I'd like to constrain the dream features to things you've seen on other filters and could fit into an above average price range (it's got everything you would want you're okay spending 50% more on it compared to a regular old HOB) *I started looking around and saw that Danner makes an awesome filter that includes a port to plug in a gravel filter. *mind blown* that is something I had seen talked about but never implemented. It's not how I would have implemented that feature. I'd have a valve just below the water line on the intake with a hose barb attachment and you'd plug your gravel vac on to that then turn the valve and it would block the regular intake and draw water through the gravel vac. *Another nice feature I've seen is a media basket that you can pull out and clip the lid to the bottom to catch drips as you take it to the sink for clean out. The whole media basket concept makes for great flexibility in how you treat your water. You could completely fill it with floss or bio rings whatever you wanted. *Another feature in the same vein would be customizable cartridges. Give me a little sled that I can pack with floss, foam, or a carbon sack to "build it my way" *Pothos holder? *Thermometer. A little digital thermometer that clips into the side(so it can be replaced if it dies) *Flow indicator and control. *Over filter over flow. The biggest problem I have with my HOB is that when it get clogged with junk (because I can't get the water to flow evenly through the floss.) would be to have the filters set up so I can stack them such that when one filter gets clogged the water flows over and still gets filtered by the next filter in series. I saw this once on youtube (maybe even a co-op video) where they were using these ultra course foam filters between large floss filters. When the first filter clogged up the water would flow over the top of that filter and cascade through the ultra course foam and still pass through the next layer of floss. I think this was in a pond filter or a sump for a giant tank. I'd like to have that tech in a HOB instead of just releasing the overflow back into the tank. *Low velocity output. Either a grate or pattern that results in the water returning to the tank at betta safe speeds. *Flexible intake pipe that lets me put the intake on the other side of the tank rather than right under the return. Ideally with a standard sized tube that I can find at the hardware store so I can replace it or change it later. *intake sponge. I don't think this needs much more explanation on these forums. That went a lot further than I thought it would. It's way past my bedtime now. Let me know what you think. Once I got going the juices started juicing. Like a feature? Have something else? Does this homer-mobile already exist? Really interested in making a dream hob? Let me know, I'd be very interested to help facilitate an open HOB. Maybe the Co-op can piggyback and use their sources to "do it better."
  18. I currently have a Marineland Penguin power filter 150 with the bio wheel that the store recommended. After watching the Aquarium Co-Op video on upgrading your filter and replacing the throw away cartridges I decided that is the way to go. I want to purchase the Co-Op sponge pad coarse, bio rings and amonia filter pad to replace the disposable one. What order would I place the filter media for best results, or is there a better solution. Beginner here, not sure, any suggestions would be appreciated. Also recommendation on a better filter for a 20 gal. tank since I will be purchasing a new one and using the current as a backup. Thank you.
  19. I have a 20 gallon with a aqueon quiet flow HOB filter. I wanted to try Purigen after my next water change/aquarium clean but have no idea how to use it. I have the ones that are in a bag that state it treats 100 US gallons. I was concerned if was more that what I needed. I would also like to add some bio media as well. I have a coarse filter, but am thinking I would like to add some kind of bio media to help more with bacteria. The HOB filters are not deep, and this one is narrow too.. so not sure how I can get everything in there. I saw Cory's video for my exact filter, and was wondering if there is smaller bio media that would take a bit less room, but be just as effective. Look forward to everyone's experience and suggestions.
  20. Question on how to Hot Rod my HOB. I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube about optimizing the HOB filter. My filter came with the standard cartridge with activated carbon and a little blue plastic piece that is supposed to grow BB. I also added some seeded media from my LFS and a Bio Ball to help establish the BB colony with my fish in cycle(bad advice from big box fish store). My tank has been running with the original fish in there for about three weeks and I think based on what the cartridge says it needs to be replaced every month. I wanted to change everything out to use a coarse sponge for mechanical filtration(Aqua Clear), a pre filter sponge, fine filter floss for water polishing and add a bag of bio media(Aqua Clear). What I planned on doing was purchasing the new sponge and bio media and do my regular weekly water change. Rinse both the sponge and bio media in the tank water. Remove the existing cartridge and seeded filter and place the new sponge in the bottom and but as much of the old filter media on top, cutting the carbon filter media off the plastic holder and removing the carbon. Take the bag of bio media and place it in the bottom of the tank next to the filter intake for a week. This way I don't loose what BB I have but also give time for the new bio media to grow. I will also add some Aquavitro seed when I do this to help with any bacteria that was lost. Then after a week at my next water change remove the old used filter media from the LFS and the cartridge filter media place a new piece of filter floss on top of the sponge and place the bio media on top. Is there any risk in doing this or am I going about this the right way. Also with that plastic piece that is in there should I try and leave that in after all the modifications are done or once I have the new filter media and bio media will that not be needed. I can assume that more surface for BB to grow is better but is too much bad? Also what media is better Aqua Clear of the Seachem Matrix? Thanks In Advance
  21. I have a 10g tank with a betta. I was wanting to add an Indian almond leaf until I realized that my carbon filter will remove the tannins that the IAL provides. So I started looking at options of modifying my HOB. I've seen so many done but very few of the Aqueon QuietFlow. However I did see a good one on this forum: But I wanted to go a step further. It was important for me to try to have ceramic rings inside as well. I saw a video of someone who layered the narrow reservoir similar to an Aquaclear filter. Foam on the bottom, floss, and then ceramic rings. But it would seem to me that would helpful if the water was flowing from the bottom to the top. But when you look inside the Aqueon Quietflow, water goes in from the entire side - not just the bottom. Here's a picture of one of one of my broken QuietFlows, older model but the reservoir is the same. You can see that the water comes in from the left, goes down to go into the filter area, but there's an opening that goes from top to bottom. So while the initial water will start at the bottom and go up, once it fills, new water seems to just go just through the top. Am I wrong in assuming that's how the flow will go? Even when I see the diagram of the QuietFlow that describes its layers of filtration, it's just back to front. So if my assumption is correct, this is my plan: 1) I ordered a coarse sponge from Aquarium Co-op. The thickness will fill the entire reservoir. I plan to cut out half-an-inch within that, so it'll look like a "]" 2) I also ordered a small media bag and the ceramic rings. I'll take some of those rings, put it in the media bag, and put it in that cut out slot in the sponge. 3) I'll use the floss pad just like was done in the link shared above. 4) I'll be combining the floss and another sponge to baffle the outflow I haven't received the media yet, but I'm trying to plan it out and get some feedback. I know this could be a lot easier if I just put the sponge in and not worry about the rings. Perhaps the sponge can do bio filtering just as well as the rings, in addition to the mechanical. I don't know. Any feedback from others would be helpful?
  22. I just replaced my planted tank, and while I was at it I cleaned my sponge that is powered by a power head. I realized that the flow is quite strong. I am worried about the honey gourami and neon tetras not liking it. The flow is a single jet that is maybe as powerful as a medium to large HOB filter. The fish can swim against it fine, but do you think they like it or are stressed by it. There are places in the tank where the flow is almost non-existent. Thanks!
  23. Hello all !! Have a filtration question. I have a 55 gallon with a tidal 55 and an aquarium co op sponge filter (40gall and up). Was not intending to have more than 3 fancy goldfish but I was gifted a fourth... will this be enough filtration for them?? I have no plants but I have black flourite substrate. I change 50% of water every week. Will this be ok for them?? I am new to this.
  24. I’m starting my first planted tank on a 20 long. I was planning on adding a Coop medium sponge filter, but do you generally recommend adding a HoB like an AQ30 to help polish the water as well? Thanks.
  25. Hey guys, just wondering if there is anything i should know about seachem carbon media before i go out and buy it? ive heard a couple different things from difference sources like it messing with ph levels? anyone use it? oh and also head some fish could be sensitive to it?
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