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  1. I totally agree, sunlight shows beauty I've never seen under artificial lighting and plants love it. It can come with challenges but IMO it's no more challenging than balancing artificial light.
  2. It seems too often that I have failed ideas. Things that are sometimes interesting and maybe worth learning from but aren't worth a new thread. I am making this thread as a singular place to share them, for me, and for anyone else who wants to share any failed ideas too. To start it off, I'm not a huge fan of picking eggs off of yarn spawning mops and I made an attempt at designing a 3d printed modular chain for my rice fish to lay eggs on. My test was not successful. Back to yarn for now.
  3. Looks like a Johnny Darter to me.
  4. @DannyBWell And the contest concludes now! DannyBWell put up a great performance! Beating his contender by 50% and the rest of the competition was silenced! Grats to Danny on becoming the first CARE forum Taco Champ! DM me your addy at your convenience to accept your prize!
  5. I've owned one of these for a couple years now and would recommend this to anyone. https://www.frabill.com/magnum-bait-station-19 The utility is has for the aquarium hobby is great, it's solidly constructed, has a good air pump with multiple power input options and a high/low setting, and it seals quite good. I'm very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid fish transport system / portable 5g aquarium.
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