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  1. One issue IMO is that the hexagon loading screen is white, so inbetween the dark mode low light pages you get blasted with the bright white loading screen. Kinda defeats it a little bit.
  2. Streetwise: Hey Cory can I send Reeses to the Co-op warehouse? Cory: Yeah sure. Streetwise: Ok cool.... (goat's name is Reeses)
  3. Typically yes. My process is to make an STL file or get an STL file from thingiverse, run it through a program called slicr to get g-code, throw it on the printers SD card, check the print bed and hit go. When everything is as it should be the whole process takes 5min. Some of the more feature rich printers will have things like bed auto leveling so you never have to level the print bed and some have software that can make things a little easier. @jefferz & @akconklin I've had PLA in my aquariums for years and it does not degrade, it is technically bio-degradable but that is very misleading since that process will only take place in an industrial setting at like 140 degrees. I also tested it by burying some in a compose bin I have but 2 years later when we took out the compose it had not degraded at all. As for the toxic dye I doubt that is true either. PLA is generally considered food safe and additives are locked up in the PLA anyways, I have yet to notice any negative effects from adding PLA or ABS to my aquariums. I used to print with ABS but it is a pain in the butt sometimes for tending to warp larger parts, I almost exclusively use PLA and would recommend it for anyone who is starting out.
  4. Just to throw it out there, my 3d printer that I have been using for years now was I think $180 shipped to my door. Was a DIY kit that I had to build and calibrate myself but IMO the work and learning that came with it was worth it, and if you love 3D printing you may find it worth it too. Just weight that against the cost of other ppl printing it for you :)
  5. Yes! \ (•◡•) / I designed and use and or have used these! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3891884 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3774602 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3456731 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3375040 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1282574 Plus a few more odds and ends that I never posted. My favorite though is a small scoop I printed to be just the right size for my feeding and bottles with a little pocket on the end for a magent. It's my little secret that I carry it with me everythere lol, I never forget to feed my fish on time. @akconklin What are some of the things you're excited about? I don't think I ever searched thingiverse so deeply for aquarium stuff as you have.
  6. Dissenting again... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Urban Dictionary shows the term Nerm has existed before the infamous live stream, but hopefully within our little pocket of a community we can agree on an objective definition for it. Just my $0.02, feel free to ignore me lol.
  7. I've only ever had these once and didn't mind them until they bread so much they did start to leave the tank. They don't survive outside the tank but they sometimes leave it. I took out nearly all of my floating plants and that greatly reduced their numbers. I let things grow back and their population never recovered and eventually died out. They seem to totally rely on the floating plants for survival so managing the plants is how you get rid of them.
  8. Yeah just go whole hog with the light and go 16 hours for max algae. I would keep a heater in the tank too keep their metabolism up for max growth and breeding, maybe put in a piece of wood too for algae and bio film to grow on.
  9. Plants cannot get ich, or ich cannot get plants however you want to look at it. Looks like you have brown on leaves, leaf yellowing, and damaged leaves. What are the plant species and how does your water test, what parameters?
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