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  1. Good afternoon everyone! I am 10 yrs old. I am new to this and have been learning as much as I can about fish. I currently have been maintaining an indoor 10 gallon tank with one betta fish in it. I want to build an outdoor pond from a 50 or 100 gallon used Rubbermaid stock tank. I have one question. What is the best fish, or fishes, that would do well in an ourdoor fresh water pond? I also intend on adding some plants.
  2. Hey guys, so I have a tank that needs help. By help I mean an algae eater. There are so many choices, which one should I go for? Info about the tank I need an algae eater for: it's a 20 gal long tank It's planted It's cycled Current fish: 6 sterbai cory 8 harlequin rasboras 1 very peaceful female betta
  3. I have 1 angelfish in a 75 gallon planted tank. I want to add 6 turquoise rainbows. Would this work out okay? Any insight would be much appreciated.
  4. Hello, I am going to add a couple more Hillstream loaches to my tank. I have one now - a spotted borneo. Can I add any kind of hillstream? Didn’t realize I should have purchased at least three at the time I added the one.
  5. Hello everyone, I am having difficulty researching the details of how I want to set up my first aquarium. I know the fish I want so I chose a 180 gallon to house a total of 4-5 bala sharks, a rainbow shark, kissing gourami, pleco, some corydoras and then either a school or two of tiger barbs and either blue king or black skirt tetras. Given the load and the size of my tank, I guess my questions are if I am going to be overstocked once they are grown, compatibility with each other and hopefully similar requirements for all the fish as far as ph temperature etc. I am planning to run a HOB with some sponge filters whatever will be enough. Also planning to do live plants. Thanks for reading and please let me know any suggestions!! -Nick P.S. The centerpiece and my favorite part of this setup will be the Bala sharks. I havent been able to find much detailed research on them but I am especially trying to grow the bala sharks out to their full potential of 12-14 inches. I see a lot of people online who claim their sharks grow very slowly and do not get that big while other websites suggest they grow quite fast. just curious.
  6. My daughter wants Dalmatian mollies so so badly. I’ve been considering it for about a month. I am finding mixed reviews on aggression with these fish. We have a beta sorority, a school of neon tetras, 6 panda Corydoras, and one Hillstream loach (for now). My daughter wants Dalmatian Mollies. I’m thinking of adding 3 females. Thoughts??
  7. Good Afternoon, My name is Brandon and I’m 25 and live in Alabama with my Wife. I want to make sure I’m keeping a good community tank. My tank has been running for 9 months. In my 29 gallon I have a pre filter coarse and a coarse pad from Aquarium Co Op In my HOB. I would say the tank is 50% planted with Sword, Anubias, Jave fern, Pogo Stellas. Fish Stocking-3 big adult cherry shrimp, Nerite snails, I have 4 female platys and 1 male. Which have been doing Phenomenal! I’ve sold 20 babies at 1in twice to my local fish store. I just traded my last batch of 20 platys for 2 2in clown loaches. Also picked up 3 female and 1 male molly for breeding purposes. I have a 6 foot long sweet potato plant attached to my HOB filter as well with 12 inch roots that go into my tank. My 3 Julli Corys are in QT battling a Bacterial infection. I’m worried of how the clown loaches are going to fit in!! Any suggestions? So far I’m in the process of removing my shrimp and snails. They don’t bother my shrimp so far but are destroying my snails even big ones!
  8. Which should I add to my 20 gal tank next? Temp: 75 degrees, pH: 7.2, a HOB filter and a sponge filter TLDR: I currently have 3 HG and a bunch of 1-2 week old HG fry in a box. Tomorrow I will be getting: 2 mystery snails, 7 neocardinia shrimp, and 3 amano shrimp (granted the LFS has them). Which of the fish that I want to eventually add should I get next: - CPDs (I definitely want eventually) [8+] - Pygmy corys [6+] OR otocinclus catfish [6+] - Chili rasbora [8], Endlers LB [5], OR Rummynose tetras [8] Long version: Currently I have 3 honey gourami and a bunch of tiny honey gourami fry in the fry box that I will move to a different tank if/when they survive to a little older. Tomorrow I am going to my LFS and getting 1-2 mystery snails, 7 neocardinia, and possibly a few amano. I also want to get more fish. In the end for fish I want my HG, the CPDs, and either pygmy corys or otocinclus, but I also want either some chili rasboras, endlers, or rummynose tetras. I did the calculations on aqadvisor.com and won't be using any combinations of the above numbers that would stock my tank above 85% (mostly around 80%) so stocking level shouldn't be a problem it's more so a concern of what order to add the fish. My entire goal with this tank is centered around a natural, wild theme with celestial pearl danios because they look like tiny trout. I got and planted the plants about a week or two ago, but they have not yet grown out so the tank is still kinda sparse if I were to take out the two large fake plants (I included what it looked like before the plants and fry box). I will be quarantining any of the new fish for a couple of weeks in a 10 gallon so my plants should have time to fill out in the meantime I think? I've included a picture of my tank just after adding the gouramis and a more recent one after being planted + the fry box.
  9. Hi there! I'm opening this thread to talk about the restocking of my 44g long tank after a series of deaths that have massacred half of the stock. This was the stocking 1 month ago: 2 Honey Gourami (m+f) 5 Sparkling Gourami (3m+2f) 10 Peppered Cory 8 Cardinal tetra 8 Glowlight tetra 12 Cherry Barb (4m+8f) 4 Otocinclus 6 Amano Shrimp The barbs were the last to arrive and finished the community stocking. Before them, the tank was quite chilling and everyone was pretty clam. After them, everything scaled up with their chasing and territory defense. Tetras packed in one group, Honeys started to be always on one side, Sparklings started to ram between them and with the barbs and corys dispersed on tank. 2 weeks ago, deaths started, +3 every day. First 2 sparkling gouramis without symptoms, then the cherry barbs and some tetras started to be quickly bloated and died. Also some barbs, tetras and 1 sparkling appeared dead without any symptoms. PH and GH didn't change, 0 ammonia, 0 no2, 5-10 no3, same 20+20% weekly WC, same quantity of food and type (hikari, azoo, NLS) no fungus, no wounds, no fin rot, no quick breaths.. They just suddenly died (apart from bloated barbs and tetras). With that situation and no clue, 10 days ago upped temp 3C° and treated the whole tank with Dajana Multicure, a full spectre medication (green malachite, methylene blue..). After 2 days, deaths slowed down to 1 fish per day. Today is the second day without loses, tomorrow will start to clean the water with carbon, extra big WC and low temperature as normal. No ammonia or no2 appeared, so seems like medication didn't kill beneficial bacteria. I don't know what the **** happened. Maybe the barbs stressed the fish and weakened them? Maybe too crowded? Maybe they came with something? I don't know, the strange thing is that no Honey gouramis, otos, corydoras and amano died during these weeks (including the hard medication). The 2*7g aquariums with shrimps+5 cpd and shrimps+8 chili rasboras have been not affected. Said that, the plan is to wait some weeks, rehome tetras (5) and barbs(4) left and restock progressively with hardy, more water parameters compatible and friendly fish (Honeys/corys attitude) to avoid that happening again. Also want to start breeding fish (just bought sponge filter and heater for 2*4g acrylic cubes). Grown fish will be rehomed. Tank parameters and picture: Ph 8, GH 6, KH 11, temp 25 up to 29 C° in summer, 130*38*35 cm. Fishes I'll keep: 2 honey gourami 2 sparkling gourami 10 peppered cory 4 otocinclus Amanos are difficult to find all, seen 4 together his night. Thought about upping gouramis and adding live bearers, something like: A) honeys to 6, sparkling to 8, peppered cory to 14 and add 12 endlers. B) honeys and sparkling to 3, peppered cory to 12, add 10 endlers and 8 platys. What do you think? Someone has experience with big groups of honeys/sparkling gouramis? Experiences mixing gouramis and livebearers? Thought about forktails, but they seem quite hiperactive. Rams are beautiful but maybe too much breeding-aggressive fish. Rummynose are nice but didn't match parameters, silvertip tetras are aggressive sometimes.. Other ideas/proposals are much appreciated!! Thanks!!
  10. Hi! I have a 50gallon tank with 9 adult tiger barbs, 4 small gold barbs, 6 small checkered barbs, 2 male kribs that keep to themselves, 1 small red tail shark and 1 large yoyo loach that I took from a friend a while back that chills with the larger krib. ive been wanting to add a new single fish into this tank. does anyone have some suggestions to what I could add that is semi-aggressive and could stand its own ground as well as have some personality? thanks! (It’s week planted and I’m filtering the tank 5times it’s capacity.)
  11. My Bad.....55 Gallon looking to stick with live plants and gravel substrate will add plant substrate at bottom if needed. Fish i would love to see ... Rainbow shark-Angle Fish- 3-4 gourami honey or powder blue big spool of tetra either Rummy nose Cardinal or Red eye - either bottom feeders or a bunch of snails 10-15 what do you think ?
  12. I still have plenty of room in my community tank and saw some Lemon Tetras at the LFS today. I quite like the look of them. I haven't seen them locally before nor do they get mentioned by a fish-tubers. Google says they are long time favorites in the hobby. Are they just old hat and I don't know it, or is there some reason they may have fallen from favor?
  13. Hi All! I've had my tank setup for about four weeks. It has a few swords that are starting to grow and more plants are on the way. I feel like I'm almost ready for fish but I'm not sure. I test my tank levels every other day. For the last two weeks, my levels have been 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 ppm nitrate. Should the nitrates be higher? If so, how do I safely increase a tiny bit?
  14. My 10 gallon tank is planted with approximately 6 different kinds of plants as well as: - 1 blue male betta - 4 zebra danios - 5 neon tetras - 10 cherry shrimp - 3 ramshorn snails The tank is doing great and thriving. Luckily the beta has not kill any cherry shrimp so far. It’s has been a week since I have added the shrimp and everyone seems to have enough hiding spots and space to swim to be comfortable. let’s hear your ideas!
  15. Happy New Year! I am in the process of cycling 12 new tanks. Several of them are cycled. Most have only pest bladder snails or a few Nerites. No fish. Four of them have cyanobacteria, which I merrily spread through the tanks by moving an infected square of Java Moss to see how it looked. I have been spot treating with Hydrogen Peroxide and manually removing the small patches, which I can smell even with the lid closed. Burns my nose. Affects my breathing which isn't good to start with. Now here is where it gets confusing for me. I am stocked up on Maracyn and want to treat the tanks. I am gearing up to slowly stock the tanks, which range in size from 20 gallons to 5.5 gallons. Since there are no other occupants of these new tanks, can I move the first batch of fish directly into their permanent homes, rather than the dedicated quarantine tanks? Can I wait to treat the tanks for Cyanobacteria with Maracyn until after the first fish are in place, since I would be treating the fish with quarantine trio anyways? Then I wouldn't have to do it twice. Any help with a strategy appreciated.
  16. I have a moderately planted 20 long. If you saw my other post, I had a tank of guppies that were wiped out by Ich. I’m down to four male guppies, some cherry shrimp, and a mystery snail. While I’m treating the ich, I’m planning/researching what I want to put back in the tank. First off, I want the most colorful fish possible. I love guppies, but I want fancy guppies (cobra, leopard, lace, etc...) which are really hard to find around here, and I don’t want females, which makes it hard to buy online since they are typically sold in trios. I was reading about German rams, but they are not shrimp safe, and neither are bettas. My lfs is mostly saltwater and has very few freshwater offerings, so I’ll probably have to buy online unless I go with guppies again. I don’t really want tetras or need to deal with fry, as I’d have no options to deal with them. Any suggestions or pictures of what you’ve done? I’ve already watched corys 20gallon idea video, but nothing really appealed to me, but I have trouble kind of visualizing it also.
  17. We have a 55 gallon aquarium with livebearers, bristlenose plecos, cherry shrimp, and cories. My wife would like to add a bigger fish to our aquarium, what would our options be, if any?
  18. Hello Forums, Once more, I am asking a question about stocking. Could I keep 6 Heckle Discus (Or Any Other Kind, Doesn't Matter), 3 Marbled Angelfish (Or Any Other Kind, Doesn't Matter), 12 Blue King (Cochu) Tetras, 6 Pygmy Cories, 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (A Male And Two Females), And 3 Bolivian Rams (Again, One Male And Two Females)? It looks like overstocking, but I'm not 100% sure, since I've never kept discus. Thoughts?
  19. HI all, Thanks in advance for your feedback. I am planning on starting a small aquarium for my home office. I've been doing research and have come up with a plan. I would appreciate any feedback on where you think I have gone wrong, or how I could do better. Here's the plan : Hardware: Tank-Waterbox Clear Mini 6, Hydor Centrifgual Pump 100GPH w/ Inovative Marine Spin Stream(I have this instead of a air pump or HOB filter, I'm okay with frequent water changes if the plants cant keep up) Heater - Fluval Nano 25 watt (6 us Gallon) Lighting( Fluval Aquasky 2.0 LED 15"-24" Plants: Monte Carlo (Carpet 50%-75% of tank) Dwarf Sagttaria (3-5 for accent) Golden Pothos floating and flowing out of top Inhabitants: Ramshorn snails 3-5 Dwarf Red Coral Platy 3-5(on male and the rest females) I picked they are supposed to stay smaller 1" to 1-1/4" Well? what everybody think? Am I out of my mind? Thanks again.
  20. Hey there! I have a planted 20 gallon long cycling right now, and wanted to stock it with panda corys and white tuxedo guppies. I know corys like to be in groups of 6+, but for example if I do 6 of them, how many guppies would be best? I obviously don’t want to overstock, would 6 corys and 6 guppies be okay?
  21. Deer aquarium co-op I have a 10 gallon aquarium with one beta fish we added three red Platies three albino Cory catfish and two nerite snails and then I got slammed by the Internet and everybody was saying how that was too much and overstocked and I need to upgrade my aquarium so I don’t know what to do what do you guys think I should do? because I want to be able to have a community tank. Should I get different fish? are there other options to deal with this? I have no idea please help.
  22. I am setting up a planted 5.5 gallon tank. I saw a co-op video where Dean mentioned keeping celestial pearl danios in a nano tank. I love the fish but everything else I’ve read says they need at least 10 gallons. Is it possible to keep a small group of CPD’s in a 5.5? Or are there other types of fish that might be a better fit? I would love to hear everyone’s suggestions!
  23. I plan on starting a new 75g tank in the coming months and want other people’s opinions to make sure I’m not over stocking because I haven’t done a tank this big before. I plan on using much more filtration than is rated for 75g to keep a good bio filter, and it will be a fairly heavily planted tank. I plan on 6 fancy goldfish, like ryukin or pearlscales, maybe a dozen shrimp, a few bamboo shrimp, and if bioload allows it maybe some mystery snails. Any opinions are welcome and appreciated
  24. let me start by saying I am fairly new to the hobby. a little over a year ago I got a 10 gal. with a betta and a couple snails. a few months later I bought a 30 gal. bow tank with some glow fish, a Betta, 6 Neon Tetras, and a few snails. I have been doing really well with those 2 tanks so now I am ready to graduate again. As the title says, I have decided I want to do a Cichlid Community tank. as of now , I already bought a 75gal Aqueon tank. Also, I bought a Fluval FX4 for my filter. I had just ordered 60 pounds of CaribSea Aquatics eco-Complete African Cichlids black sand. I am still looking for a heater. I was considering a fluval 300w e series. all ariticals I have read on them seem great but I am having trouble finding one. it seems a lot of places don't carry the E series. now,I'm wondering why? Are they not as good as they first appeared? OK... so my first main question is... should I buy a rain bar? I do plan on using all live plants. My next question I would like to have Cory McElroy answer if h happens to see this.... as I said I want Africans. The thig is I want to do it in a community tank. Im thinking a Plecco to help with Maitainence. I would also like to have atleast 2 red tail sharks, a couple rainbow fish or a small school of Tiger barbs (maybe 6 or 7). then the Cichlids I was thinking about were the electric yellow and electric blue. how many of each color cichlid should I get in a set up as I described.
  25. Hello everyone I'm new here and to the aquarium hobby. I have a 10 gallon soil and gravel substrate planted tank that just finished cycling.(I just had to do a significant water change to remove the majority of a heavy algae bloom) so nitrite levels are up a bit at the moment. I intended to keep a beta as the main fish in the tank with some shrimp breeding in there as both extra algae controll and as a snack for beta (hopefully primarily the baby shrimp) but I ran into a snag, I added a little bit of merecal grow to the soil for the plants without relising it contains a bit of copper. I only just received a copper test kit in the mail and have tested the water unfortunately the test isn't accurate enough to determine if the water would be safe enough for shrimp despite showing close to 0 ppm (test jumps from 0 to .25ppm) my research indicated that harmful levels of copper for shrimp is around 0.01ppm. So I started looking into oto cats and or corydoras but with the substrate the available space in my tank is really only 7 to 8 gal and i don't want to add fish to the tank if they aren't going to be comfterble and happy. I have 1 small new zealand mud snail in the tank at the moment to help with the remaining algae. My water parameters are ph around 8.2 was 7.4 prior to adding a thin layer of sand(preparing for oto cats or corys which as it turns out may not be my best option due to tank size) I will add some driftwood or something to lower it back down a bit if necicery. Kh roughly 110 to 130ppm gh roughly 280 to 340ppm. Water temp sits around 76 to 78 °F. The tank is equipped with a sponge filter. Being new to the hobby I can only go off of what I find in my research so I don't know how accurate all my info is. What can I add to the tank to help controll algae that will (at least as adults) be safe for/from a beta that i would realistically be able to care for at my skill level. I am trying to keep bio load in mind. And I don't want things to feel cramped for whichever species of fish I get. PS: I have also looked into guppies and mollies as options but have herd that with a beta booth sides can get a bit nippy. PSS: I don't have room for a larger tank otherwise I would set one up and use my 10g as a qt (maby in the future). Any and all advice would be much appreciated, thank you all in advance. Sincerely, nick
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