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  1. Hi Fam, The main tank (20L) is going well so far, except for a few thing. I added a carbon filter pad to help bring the water clarity up. I've noticed that several plants have the fluval stratum dust on their leaves... have people tried brushing the material away? The tank is currently stocked with 6 panda cory's, 5 endlers, 3 amano shrimp and 1 oto. We plan to add a betta but everything Ive read tells me to add it last. How do i know if my tank is overstocked? I know the single oto is sad, but we have been very unlucky keeping otos alive and I am afraid to try again. Thanks
  2. Hello. I've been wanting to set up a new tank and have fell in love with dwarf cichlids. I've been trying to do some research over the past few days and haven't quite found the answers I'm looking for. I have a tank setup in mind I'm just not sure it would work and would rather get opinions on what others think before committing to it. I was thinking of doing a 40 gallon breeder with 3 German Blue Rams (1M 2F) and 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (1M 2F). I would want to also add some shrimp and some snails. Would something like this not work due to species compatibilities or perhaps too many fish? Maybe the opposite and I could add in a small school of tetras or corys? Thanks!
  3. My chocolate cichlid was intended to go into my 125 gallon Oscar tank but was ravaged….by my Tbar cichlid. I guess he needs his own tank. Currently he is in my 55 gallon with the electric blue acaras. I am getting a 75 gallon and wanted to add geophagus topajos. How many can go with the chocolate?
  4. im getting the tank and i was wondering what would be some good stock ideas. im open for anything fresh water. im thinking about schooling fish or maybe a larger centerpiece fish.
  5. Hello all, I have an empty 60 gallon sitting around and I am thinking of getting it set up into a Central American cichlid tank if possible. I currently have a 150g South American community, a 60g Asiatic community and a 30g Lake Tanganyika community (micros). I know CA Cichlids are known for their tenacious aggression and breeding, I have had some in the past including firemouths, Honduran red points, salvinis and of course convicts. I know a 60g is not a large tank and it has a rather small footprint being a "Tall" tank. Am I limited to only getting away with the CA cichlids I have kept in the past, or is there a possibility of making a larger CA cichlid work in a 60g tank such as a, Texas, Carpinits, Jack Dempsey, Cuban, or a Nicaraguan? If so would it be a solitary tank, or could I get away with a breeder pair? Is there an option for a decent sized CA cichlid in a 60g with other smaller CA cichlids I've kept in the past or livebearers? I greatly appreciate any and all responses and shared knowledge and experience on this matter or any other suggestions of stocking species, Thank You!
  6. Hi everyone! I am new to the hobby and have started thinking about a second tank. I'm thinking about doing a 30 gallon planted tank with either 1 or 3 German blue rams (if 3 I'd do 1 male and 2 females), around 10 rummy nose tetras, 6 otos ( I may do 3 to make sure there's enough food between algae and me feeding), and 6 kuhli loaches. My tap water comes out with no nitrites, no nitrates, an 8.4 ph, around 25 ppm GH and 180ppm KH. I am thinking I could heat the tank to 84 degrees and keep everyone happy. Has anyone done something similar to this and have any advice? I am still researching so if anyone has any other suggestions for a community I would love to hear!
  7. Alright, this one is for all the oscar pros. I recently got a 220g (6x2x2.5) and I decided to go with oscar/oscars. I've had other South/Central American cichlids before but no Oscars. The plan is to try and get away with a few plants with some large rocks around them to discourage them being dug up, nice big ball of hornwort and some duckweed. These will mainly be to help with water quality. I'll probably be filtering with 2 or 3 large sponge filters. Also plan on a pleco of some sort (whatever I can find that's already to big for a full grown oscar to bother trying to eat). Originally I was going to only get a single oscar, but my girlfriend and I can't agree on color morph so I'm thinking about multiple. My goal is to keep water changes to once a week and not more than 25%. So first question is, given the info above is the WC schedule doable with 2-3 oscars and with no plants if they end up getting destroyed? I know feeding also plays into this, but let's assume I'm feeding enough to keep them healthy, as opposed to power feeding them, or starving them. Next question would be, as far as aggression (I know this is speculative with cichlids of any kind) do oscars "typically" get along together, and would I be better off with 2 or with 3? Lastly, how easy do these guys pair up? I Do Not want to make more oscars. There's already enough out there and that would definitely complicate the aggression issue. Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for your advice.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a well planted 20 gallon tall tank and was wondering how many more fish I could add without throwing off my water parameters. I currently do a 25% weekly water change and ideally wouldn't deviate from this with the new fish. Here's my current fish/invertebrate list: - 1 very chill male betta - 6 harlequin rasboras - 6 red cherry shrimp - 4 amano shrimp - 1 gold inca snail - 4 nerite snails - a few bladder snails that hitched a ride that I keep in check I was thinking of adding 3 or 4 more harlequin rasboras or doing a small school (6ish) of another species (Neon tetras, chili rasboras, etc.). Do you all think that would increase the bioload too much? I know the rough 1 inch/gallon rule, but I figured that the invertebrates aren't impacting the bioload the same as fish do. I attached a picture of the current setup.
  9. I am fairly new to fish keeping and recently got my first tank. I have a 30 gal planted tank and ridiculously hard water stocked with 6 dwarf Petricola catfish and a Bristlenose Pleco. I am wondering if I could add a few more fish, or if my tank might be at capacity? If you think I could comfortably fit a couple more in there, any suggestions?
  10. @Myznada08’s thread about her new Figure 8 inspired me to start this thread. I’m a puffer fan and I’ve been thinking about getting one but I’m not sure what to get. I’m trying not to rule out anything at this point, but if it’s over $300 or grows to be over 7” it’s out. @mountaintoppufferkeeper I’d love to hear your impressions on the Mekong River Puffers, they look ideal. I’d also love to hear ideas and see pics of others! @ZenzoI’d love to hear some thoughts on the brackish puffers.
  11. I am not getting any new fish yet, but instead am trying to plan ahead. We have a 15 gallon columnar planted tank. It has Fluval stratum substrate, Nikko rocks for several caves, and a piece of wood. It is cycled. As of now, we have 7 Harlequin Rasboras, 3 Corydora hasbrosus, 3 cherry shrimp, and several snails (Nerite and river). I was wanting to get some more corys eventually. And I was thinking it would be nice to have some Otocinclus to help with algae on plants. How many more Corys and how many Otocinclus would our tank comfortably be able to house? We change water every week to two weeks and keep an eye on the parameters frequently/sometimes daily (since we are new to this hobby).
  12. Hey all, I made a more specific post a few months back of suggestions for breeding combos with specific fish. I want to maximize profit for my tanks, I have mainly 10 gallons and 20 highs. I keep. guppies Cories Mollies Ricefish Shell dwellers Limias Goodeids And things of that sort. I want to have all my tank just as aquarium co-op's breeding for profit article says (10-20 gallon, guppies, cherry shrimp, and java moss) The article also mentions apistos with java moss. I am looking for some suggestions of other breeding combos for a 10 gallon or 20 gallon. Fish that can live together and breed peacefully, good plants and potentially shrimp for that tank too. Let me know any ideas/
  13. Well, you guys. I got the bug. Multiple tank syndrome. Thankfully the ailment has not manifested into another physical tank (yet) but I would be lying if I said I wasn't already planning another tank. I am really interested in slightly more unusual fish. I was thinking rope fish, hillstream loaches, and siamese algae eaters. I am not trying to go super tiny for fear the rope fish would eat them. Maybe some celebes halfbeak fish with some other interesting species? I would love suggestions! Thank you all
  14. Hello!! Here’s my tank. I’m looking for some exciting stocking ideas that aren’t livebearers because I have those coming out my ears! Tank is a 29 gallon. Filtered by a medium sponge (thanks to the coop) and a Fluval 207 with two full trays of seachem matrix. The light on top is a fluval plant 3.0.
  15. I'm looking at picking up a 20 gallon "D" shaped/bow front tank cheap from Craigslist. I'm open to stocking suggestions, but I'd prefer things that can thrive around room temperature. My 29 gallon stays around 73/74 Fahrenheit without a heater for reference. I've seen info saying honey gourami will be ok around that temp, but Idk if it would be too stressful for them. I know there's not a lot of "centerpiece" options without a heater.
  16. Is there some rule to determine the maximum number of fish per gallon, based on their current size?
  17. Just got done setting this up. I'm thinking monti carlo from the bottom making a path up into the middle or I could go with dwarf hairgrass or moss for the more highlander look. Anyhoo, how would you guys proceed. It's a 10 gal that's not gonna run CO2. Fluvial nano light and fluval stratum on top of small river stone.
  18. I have a 40 breeder with 2 violet discus they are a pair I also have 1 L193 gold nugget pleco. The tank is pretty heavily planted new fluval 3.0 light coming in my last one died. I have a fluval 207 canister filter. I check my water every two weeks and everything is perfect. This is my college tank. The two discus and pleco are the only fish in there is that overstocked? I have two more years of college so most likely afterwards I would get a 125 but could the discus get to full grown and the pleco is already full grown and live in the 40 breeder? The second picture is an old one.
  19. So I’m seeing everyone’s tanks and I want to completely change almost all of my tanks. Have you ever done this? Is it worth it? Will it stress the inhabitants out too much? I’ve got 3 tanks that I’d like to change (the other is my daughter’s) 2 five gallon and 1 ten gallon. I kind of threw them together because I didn’t have much. In one, I have pea gravel. I hate it. Another I have blue gravel. I hate that too. The other I have white coarse sand and fluval substrate. I don’t mind the substrate, but I need to add flourish tabs (I’m nervous) and remove some of the plants that are not doing so well. (Thanks giant snail.) today I got some guppy grass. I’m going to quarantine it for 5 days and all that business. Also, I don’t know what to do with it! Agh! So many things!
  20. I have a peaceful 20 gallon community tank which has a little room for something else. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any small fish that don't need to be in big groups that like to occupy the top third section of the tank? Even better if it's a surface feeder. Hatchet fish need to be in groups right? My neon tetras and panda cories only use the bottom two thirds really and the top section always looks really empty.
  21. Hello! I recently acquired 5 clouded archerfish! My tank is the standard 125 gallon tank dimensions of 72x18 and I was wondering what bottom dwellers I could keep safely with these guys since they get 6-8 inches and have huge mouths. Cory himself said on stream recently that they go after and eat tetras, so would loaches and cories also be out of the question? What alternatives would be safer? I also would like to know if you guys think the stocking plan on a tank like this (below) is too much. I know aqadvisor isn't accurate but i often use it to get a ballpark estimate and they don't have clouded archers in their library of fish, and I assume banded archers aren't a good replacement. Thanks for any help you guys can offer me! I currently have 6 denison barbs and 6 boesmani rainbows But by the end I would like to have: 8 denison barbs 6 boesmani rainbows the 5 archers +bottom dwellers (hopefully?)
  22. Hi all, I have compiled a list of fish that I am considering putting in my 5 gallon aquarium that I'm setting up. I thought it would be interesting to see what fish other forum members think of my choices. Please feel free to poll on the fish that you think would do well in a 5 gallon. Please feel free to comment on any of the fish or to add any good options I left out.
  23. So I have been stocking up on second hand tanks ready for my fish room (well fish shed). So far I have four 7.5 Gallon tanks and one 15 Gallon tank. So far I'm thinking a small colony of multi's for the 15 gallon. For the 7.5 gallon tanks I am thinking a pair of peacock Gudgeons in one, two or three clown killifish in another. I was thinking 1 - 3 dwarf puffers in another but pretty much been talked out of that option until I get another larger tank for a group of 6. Possibly a pair of scarlet badis if I can find a female. I was thinking maybe a pair of GBRs but according to seriously fish they need a 60 cm tank as a minimum? So yeah I have two 7.5 gallon tanks I'm looking for unique ideas for! One may end up as a hospital/quarantine tank unless my cheap plastic 2.5 gallon tank would suffice as a hospital? I also have a (free) 8ish gallon BIORB tank coming which will house a Betta in the kitchen and already have a 20 gallon community in the house with neon tetras, panda corydoras and some male endlers. So I think I'll stick to species tanks in the fish room. Any ideas?
  24. Looking for advice on other fish to add to my 75 gallon community tank. Currently I have: 10 cherry barbs 3 honey gourami These guys are getting along very well, but the tank looks nearly empty, so I would like to add some more species. One thing to note is that my water is very hard with a pH around 8.0. So far I have only kept species that are generally considered "easy" to care for, but I would be willing to try fish that are recommended towards more intermediate-experienced fish keepers. Thanks in advance!
  25. I have some room for 1 more species in my community freshwater tank and don’t want to rush to a decision. I’m curious if anyone has some unique recommendations for fish that are darker in color (I have mostly white or lighter colored fish, so I’m looking for a little variety). Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!
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