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  1. Ok so kinda a 3 part story… Had my 29G tank up and running for about a month explosive plant and algae growth and 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0-10 Nitrate. Added my betta, week later added a bolivian ram, another week later 9 cherry barbs. was going to quarantine but shop said not to as they do it (very good shop so i trust) Yay everything worked PERFECT. gonna let the tank develop a little more and get some algae eaters/loaches. Part 2 smh. So basically the 3 Otocinclus i got did fine but the 3 yo-yo loaches I got were a whole other story… I’m new to this but do extensive research so I know they weren’t like in shock or anything but the next day i noticed them acting a little strange… I look it up online “oh loaches are just weird” hmmmmm ok. next day they are like really starting to freak out and i’m like ok something is wrong and then I find out about flashing and all that but still can’t tell exactly what is wrong. Day 3 BOOM the 3 yoyo loaches EXPLODED with Ich (oh they were scratching) I honestly thought since it was later stage I was going to lose them all. On the 5th I Got Ich-X and treated whole tank (store instruction)raised temp to 82 (I heard barbs can handle temp up to 79/82 from different places and I figured there would be leniency on a shorter timeframe.) My barbs weren’t very schooling but were very active and now they all were just hiding in the bottom back corner of the tank around my dwarf aquarium lily. and usually they don’t even want to be that close to each other. Part 3 :(… I figured it must be because heat rises so they were chilling at the bottom I turned it back down from 82 to the regular temp of 79 and left for work… come home and Lil Red (smallest male barb) passed away and i’m just soooo confused… I figure maybe his body was just too small and couldn’t handle it? Sad but only 1 loss and all the yoyo made an incredible recovery not the worst right. Also all of the other barbs were back out swimming after I took him out last night… ok back to normal right ? But then this morning I wake up to another dead female barb (still smaller one tho) and all of them hiding like face down in the corner of the tank. I dont get it they weren’t even the fish with the disease but idk maybe I just cooked them I feel so bad… Water Parameters: pH 7.4 Nitrates 0~10 (super fast plants) Hardness… Sorry idk but they were fine for a month so! Nitrite… Always 0 Ammonia… Always 0 KH/Buffer… Sorry idk but they were fine for a month so! Water Temperature… Plz read story to fully understand. Im including a link to a video below because I feel as if it is soooooo much better if a look and breathing and everything. Please help me save the rest of my barbs! https://imgur.com/a/yjRrlrT
  2. Lately I’ve noticed this weird stuff growing in my tank starting on the wood but now it’s spreading around. Can anyone help me identify what it is?
  3. I was out for the weekend and came back to my Java Fern in distress.... I regularly dose with easy green and iron twice a week, lights on for 8 hours a day on a timer. The only recent change I made was add a few ottos and few more plants but that was over 1.5 weeks ago. There is still brown diatoms presents, but I did see green hair algae appear. I plan to reduce the easy iron to once a week to reduce the green algae. No CO2. Can I save my java fern? This Java Fern is 7 weeks old... I had been doing great up until i got home today. Also, there is a little clipping from the main plant that is doing well.... I am very puzzled.
  4. Hii I just got back into the hobby after a long time and I have a question I bought a 100 gallon stock tank I plan to put a Oscar in but I have a few questions?Is it to put two Oscar’s in there ? What type of heating can I use inside the stock tank it’s a 100 gallon Rubbermaid? Finally is there any good bottom dwelling fish that won’t out grow the 100 gallon ? Thank you and sorry if this isn’t the write spot to post this just joined and figured this is the right group of people that could answer my questions
  5. Hi Folks, My daughter and I have started this tank and have been watching it carefully. We began by adding otos to help with the brown diatoms but that was a mistake. They all got ich and most of them died. We were pretty heartbroken about it. We waited a while and decided to add more fish. Endlers livebearers were recommended. we bought 6 this past Friday, 2 died Saturday night, and another one died this morning. We've been watching them closely... making sure they are eating and swimming ok, however fish are still dying. The common denominator is us. What are we doing wrong? I don't want this to continue. I doesn't look like the fish are sick. I purchased a quarantine tank and I am going to start using the co-op's recommended quarantine methods and chemicals for all new fish but I can't help but think, there is something I am doing incorrectly. Tank 20 gal ( ~10 weeks old) Stock ( 2 oto's, 3 endlers, 5-? blue shrimps) pH (7.6 - 7.8) NH3/NH4+ (0 ppm) NO2- (0 ppm) NO3 (10-20 ppm)
  6. One of my hasbrosus corys has a red splotchy thing that looks to be internal. I don't know what caused it. It seemed to be acting more or less normal when I first observed it but now it is hiding. using test strips: ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate less than 10, ph around 7.2, temp 76 F. No inhabitants that could have really wounded it I think, just other hasbrosus, CPDs, chili rasboras, ottocinclus, and some cherry shrimp and snails. I've had these guys for over a month now. No signs of problems in any of them up until now. All the others are looking/acting completely normal. Is this something I should be worried about spreading? Do I need to treat the fish and if so how? I don't want to stress it too much.
  7. I'm new here, so I hope this is the right category for my question. All of my tanks, including new ones with nothing in them yet, have very high pH. I tested the well water right away, but it's perfectly normal. I assumed the gravel was the problem because it wasn't proper aquarium substrate, so I drained the tanks with that gravel, cleaned them out, and put new substrate in. Still high pH. My platy tank has been set up for over a year now with no problems, but just this morning all of my fish suddenly started dying. I tested the water, and the only problem that showed up was high pH. Nothing in this tank has been changed recently, so I really have no idea what would have caused it. I moved the fish to a new tank (still high pH, but it was the only option), and it looks like all I can do is hope they don't die. I have tried pH down, adding driftwood for tannins, changing gravel, and so SO many water changes. My questions are: Would a pH of 8.2 be enough to be killing all of my fish? What could be affecting the pH of every single tank, as the only constant is the same water source (which, again, tested at about 7.0-7.2)? Does anyone know what else I could do to lower the pH?
  8. Hey Im kind of new to the whole fishkeeping thing and to this forum. Thats why I might need some help! Basically, I got a 20 gal planted tank with 5 pea puffers in there. I tried to create as much hiding spots as I can and grow plants everywhere. I also feed them atleast every second day mostly every day though. Sadly my peas still seem to hate each other and are very territorial and chase each other around alot. I know that thats kind of normal to some degree but I heard everyone say that as long as you have lots of plants and stuff it wont be problem. So as a noob I wanted to ask if there is more stuff I should try or check on? What could be a reason or is it just how they are? Did I just get extra aggressive ones? Thanks for the help in advance ❤️
  9. About a month ago my betta developed finrot and his dorsal fin had almost completely rotted away, i started treating him with mardel maracyn. after a few treatments of this, there was no improvement. i moved him out of his display tank and into a 10 gallon quarantine tank and started treating him with metroplex. i set the tank up as best i could. i had to but a new tank because my other quarantine tank was occupied with a betta with ich. i did take some filter media from my main tank and put it into the filter of this one to speed up its cycle. unfortunatly i ran into some health problems and i have been unable to take care of dat are much as i normally would have and could only get up to feed and medicate his tank. im feeling better now but when i got a good look at him he looked awful. the rot has spread down his sides and it look like the flesh is being striped away (its had to see in the picture but the fuzzy looking areas under his dorsal fin should be blue). the areas are fuzzy and there are no scales, and it seems like a few millimeters of flesh under the scales are gone. i dont know what to do. i did a 30% water change and started dosing him with neoplex. he is still active and will come up to me to greet me, although he keeps hiding his side that is the worse from me. he eats well still. ph: 6.8 nitrates: 20-30ppm nitrites: 0 ammonia: .5 ppm (normally 0 but my tap water has some ammonia in it) hardness: 100+ kh: 40 temperature: 78*c
  10. Not sure where else to get help on this. Today I noticed these little egg type looking spheres throughout my tank. Yesterday they were not there. And today there are at least 12 (that I can see) spread randomly on the bottom of my 5.5 gallon tank. Does anyone know what these are? I have 1 mystery snail, 1 ghost shrimp, and 1 molly fish (currently being treated for ich). I have noticed some tiny new, possibly nerite, snails that must have come with some new plants I got over 2 weeks ago. The "eggs" look slightly yellow fluid filled with some air bubbles(?) in them?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hi All: I have problems with my tank, cant figure it out. LFS doesn't know, planted tank forum no help.. Maybe you can help. Might be a bit long to describe.... Tank is 14 months old. Cycled fast. Dirted, planted tank. 32 gal but a bit shallower so say 27 gal. Generally looks beautiful. Fluval plant 3.0 light. fluval 207, heavily planted, aerator, generally stays 77F, slight bit of fluctuation. Have had a bunch of different fish, mostly Scarlet badis, and returned some fish due to incompatibility issues (I returned halfbeaks, bumblebee gobies, peacock gudgeons). Now have a few silver kuli loaches (3), one Annandale loach, 4 ember tetra (just lost one to the weird sudden bloat), about 8-9 exclamation point rasboras, and now down to only 4 scarlet badis. Had up to 13-14 badis, breeding successfully many times over, now Ive lost almost all, all my females gone, my big male has a poor pale color rather than the super bright red they normally had. A few months ago bought 11 (wild caught didn't know at the time) green rasboras (Sundadanio). They were amazingly healthy, got fat, then precipitously died in a matter of weeks. Possibly for them it was the hard water.. They had a bit of ich but that cleared up fast. The badis are my biggest concern. Bumblebee gobies were tail nipping so I got them out. Still, randomly they decline. Some get bloated, many others start by getting raised whitish patches, but not as bright as ich, typically they lose much color, then die. Usually still aggressively feed up till they get bad. My last big female badis was too bloated for several weeks or more.. tried to get her to eat frozen daphnia but she wasn't too into it, then she vanished and a shrimp was eating her the next day. One occasional symptom is the fish will flick as if rubbing their sides.. not common but has happened. My last female badis was doing this a bit at the end .. I feed live black worms that I keep in a separate tank, in RO water and feed them boiled organic broccoli, squash, which they devour. Some sediment in that worm tank gets in during feeding.. I also feed live or fresh dead baby brine almost daily, frozen adult brine and frozen daphnia. Hikari micro pellets for those that take it (tetras and rasboras and loaches only). LFS people say my fish are "spoiled"... Suddenly in the last month or two Ive lost a ton of badis. Always had a slow trickle but many breeding so they were replaced... Ill attach a current badis with a spot on face, and water test result. Water always has zero N so dont ask, no I dont have Chlorine or ammonia or Nitrate or anything. I also have Neocardinia shrimp doing well and Amano shrimp, many snails.. all good. My thoughts: -I put a rock or rocks in there that is leaching something I cant test for.. Tested most with vinegar first, so not sure that it. -I have a piece of wood that is leaching something.. Mostly manzanita but some is mystery driftwood (mostly small pcs) that I previously boiled for hours. I do have a fair bit of tannin build up either from soil or wood. -Ive introduced a disease, bacteria, or parasite by feeding live mosquito larvae or live daphnia I get from local ponds.. Dont really do this often at all but used to a bit more often (still rare, haven't in a while so its odd the die off has increased). -My organic potting soil is too deep and is gassing something; I do *still* get bubbles if I prod the soil with tweezers. LFS recommended I put carbon in the fluval, so I did, chemi-pure elite. That seems to take some of the tannin out but its only been a couple weeks in there. current little male with a spot. Last female shortly before dying, Aug 23. Bloated. Death of a male shortly before that... got bloated fast. General tank look typical water test Thank you for any wisdom and for reading
  12. So many things to consider! We are moving in the next couple of weeks to a new home. This would be a great time to upgrade the Rosaline Barbs and the Rosy Barbs to a bigger tank. (The 55 is looking to small). I hate spending money on the combo from the box store with the press board stand. The acrylic is a stretch for cost but would be lighter and perhaps stronger. But then the stand would break the budget for sure unless we can diy it and have it look nice in the living room. Any ideas or advice anyone can give? I would appreciate it so much.
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