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  1. So a 10 gallon medium to heavy planted tank with large piece of driftwood and some rocks and stuff. For the critters 1 Nerite snail, 6 Amano Shrimp, 5 Celestial Pearl Danios, and a Betta. Thoughts?
  2. So I am planning out a tank and have already decided on most of the fish but am looking for ideas for a center piece fish. Its a ten gallon planted tank and I am already getting 2 nerite snails, 10 chili rasboras, 6 black neon tetras and some blue velvet shrimp but am wondering if there is a really colorful solo fish I could get. Betta? Guppy? Thoughts?
  3. Lets say you had a empty 5-10 gallon, what would you do with it? Explain what kind of scape you would want and what kind of fish you would stock it with.
  4. I am diving into fish keeping and I am starting small. I have a 10 gallon tall tank which will fit on my desk at home. My plan is to use gravel as my substrate and have a piece of driftwood and live plants. I have been watching a reading all the "beginner" topics and there is a lot to take in. Using the Easy Green products I am hoping the live plants work out. I plan to buy a variety to see which works best for my tank water conditions. Since my tank is tall, about 19 inches I would like to pair fish that spend the majority of their time at the top, with those in the middle and something that hangs out at the bottom. I read the article on the "10 Best Top Dwelling" and they all appear to be schooling fish and the recommendation is to by a half dozen. For a 10 gallon tank and wanting to have fish that cover all three regions of the tank, I have to watch the quantity of the fish I have in each. Are there choices for each region of a tank that don't require as large of a schooling group? If you had a 10 gallon tall tank how would you populate your tank. I wish I had a bigger tank but this is what I have to start and I want to be successful. Eventually I want to have a much larger tank but I have to start somewhere. Can you shine a light on a path I could take to achieve my goal?
  5. Hi!! I'm new to this hobby and i would like to get so e help for my 10 galon tank. My tank just a couple days ago cycled so i decided to add fish to it. I had inside since the first day my beta fish and i planted about 10 plants as well. I add yesterday 4 neon tetras and a dario myanmar. My betta is in a seperate tank for now and i will introduce to the tank today. Can i add 2 more neon tetras and 4 panda corydoras to it ?? Thank you very much for the help and concern. Fernando
  6. Looking to start a new 10 gallon Betta tank...Was hoping to go the sponge filter route,, have notice when going to buy one they do not come with an air pump. Do you need an air pump also any good name brands I should be looking?? Was thinking about adding some cherry red shrimp and some snails to go with it Some live plants also any suggestions
  7. My 10’gallon has been running now for about 4 months...I have one live plant in it do 25% water changes every 2 weeks cleaning the filters in water ( just using the 10 gallon Aqueon kit with hang on filter) and a gravel vac with water change at least 60% every month. I have 2 Molly’s 2 small guppies 2 red eye tetra’s and 2 zebra snails every one gets along in the tank i would like to add one more red eye tetra and another live plant. Is this too much what do you guys think?
  8. Good Morning Everyone, Wondering if anyone experienced can look quickly at the pictures and let me know what's going on? The plant in my 10 gallon have just started to develop these blotchy areas. If I had to guess, I'm thinking it has something to do with the intensity or duration of light. However they seemed happy for months before all starting to do this. Just wanted to make sure I understand what's going on before trying to remedy the situation. Thanks in advance, Grant
  9. I have several 10 gallon tanks, each with one male betta. Each tank has live plants and a led plant light. I use aquarium gravel in some tanks and CaribSea EcoComplete plant substrate in other tanks. I’m careful so that I don’t over feed, I keep the tanks cleaned, change the water as needed, and make sure the parameters are what they should be. I recently added 2 nerite snails per tank in some tanks for algae control, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the algae at bay. And I’m having a problem with hair algae particularly in the one tank, and that tank now has a gazillion copopods, which I would prefer not to have. I just started to lessen the time the lights are on to see if that helps with algae control. I’ve seen where Cory has mentioned an algae clean up crew, but now can’t find the article where he described exactly what the crew consists of. What would be a good algae cleaning crew for my 10 gallon tanks? Thanks
  10. thinking about starting a new tank with live bears proble some guppys or endlers and idea of what strain i should pick up possible also thinking about making this into a breeding project so if you would like can you also give some plant ideas for the babys to live in
  11. Hi All! I've had my tank setup for about four weeks. It has a few swords that are starting to grow and more plants are on the way. I feel like I'm almost ready for fish but I'm not sure. I test my tank levels every other day. For the last two weeks, my levels have been 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 ppm nitrate. Should the nitrates be higher? If so, how do I safely increase a tiny bit?
  12. My 10 gallon tank is planted with approximately 6 different kinds of plants as well as: - 1 blue male betta - 4 zebra danios - 5 neon tetras - 10 cherry shrimp - 3 ramshorn snails The tank is doing great and thriving. Luckily the beta has not kill any cherry shrimp so far. It’s has been a week since I have added the shrimp and everyone seems to have enough hiding spots and space to swim to be comfortable. let’s hear your ideas!
  13. Hi! Glad to join the forums. I’m a new 10 gal owner, wondering if the usb pump and nano filter from here can replace my Top Fin PF 10 hang on back? Thanks!
  14. A few months ago I bought my first tank and got it cycled. Last weekend I ended up getting my first inhabitant for it. He is very active and loves swimming around constantly. I hope he stays active over time. I plan on getting some larger plants to put on the right side and back of the tank. I named the betta "Zero" and got him from Aquarium Co-op. I did notice one of his ventral? fins is bent. I am hoping that is okay.
  15. Hi everyone! So I just wanted to share my second tank... it was originally supposed to be a quarantine/hospital tank but it quickly became a real tank. Also, I had ordered some water wisteria and red root floaters from etsy that came ripe with "pest" snails. I have pond snail babies, ramshorn babies, and I just adopted 3 mystery snail babies from a friend of mine... so it has now become a snail tank lol. I really wanted a lid on the tank due to the mystery snails but wanted good gas exchange for the floating plants, so I decided to try a grate lid made for reptiles with some modifications. I'm thinking of maybe adding some cherry shrimp once my plants fill in a bit more... any suggestions on what type of fish I should add in this 10 gallon?
  16. Hi, I purchased MAX-I Pre-Filter with plans to hook it up on my 10gal Guppy tank so i can add shrimp & protect any babies that may be born but when it arrived I noticed the package says for aquariums over 20gal so i was wondering if I can still use this or should I get something different ? Thank you
  17. I'm new to the fish-keeping hobby and got my first aquarium set-up, cycled, and it's going great. I recently added a couple of stem plants (Alternanthera Reineeckii and Lobelia Cardinalis). I'm adding a Dwarf Sagittaria and Jungle Vallisneria. I'm looking for the best light to use for a 10-gal tall tank.
  18. My neighbor gave me a 10 gallon tank for my betta and my ramshorn snails. They had a 3 gallon filter, I have a 5 gallon filter. My mom won't let me get a 10 gallon filter. Can I build a canister filter for my betta using my 5 gallon filter's water pump? I found some big food containers we never use. And my dad said I can use the tubing in the garage. One is 1quart and the other is 2 quarts. They would both hold more media than my 5 gallon filter. Will that work for my 10 gallon or will that not be enough water flow? My betta doesn't like fast water. I baffle my current filter, but with the bigger tank, I might not need the baffle anymore. Thanks
  19. My fish has this weird lump that's formed on her tail, idk what it is. I have a 10 gallon with some other guppies and a few pygmy catfish. It's filled with plants and and air filter. I have a small snail infestation and am wondering if it could be a bacterial or fungal infection.
  20. 10 gallon Cube is coming along, myro is growing like crazy. The Fluval nano led light is a really good light still playing with the settings to get it just right(have it on manual with all the lights on 26 except blue light 3). I use easy green once a week. My monte carlo seems to still be alive i had it for 3 months but its not carpeting. Im gonna try CO2. I have an assassin snail to try in get rid of all the pest snails. Does anyone know of another attractive snail i could put in my tank that the assassin snail wont bother? Somthing that will help clean tank?
  21. Hello, I currently have an ich problem in my 10 g tank which has a handful of platies that are currently laying belly side down on the gravel and an opaline gourami that is rocking back and forth. I checked all my water parameters and they all were normal and noticed some white salt grain like spots on the tails and fins of some of the platy. I purchased ich x on this site but recently read on the label that it shouldn’t be used with sulfinate -, sufoxylate based water conditioners. I currently use api stress coat as my water conditioner. Does anyone know if this conditioner will interfere/ cause a reaction with the ich x?
  22. @Cory Could you help me please? Greetings My 5 guppies in my 10 gallons had gill flukes. I treated them with the trio meds and they stopped flashing. After a week (yesterday) I did a 40% wc/syphoned, removed my plastic decor and replaced it with real plants. I fed them a little bit of North fin fry food. I have a HOB filter with a presponge filter and a aquarium coop air sponge filter (I only squeeze a little bit the presponge filter yesterday in aquarium water because it was gross) This morning when I woke my guppy, one was swimming vertically with its head up. 1 was laying on the bottom breathing rapidly, one was swimming around bumping into everything as if blind and breathing fast. I wonder if I startled them because I did wake them 6 hours earlier. Now they are swimming, sometimes the 5 of them together but they are agressive and bumping into each other. Some still breathing fast. My fry is ok, so is my snail. 2 of my fishes had long stringny poop and there is a lot of poop laying around in the aquarium. My pH dropped from 7.4 to 6.8-7 Nitrate are between 10-20 (I dosed aquarium coop easy green) Nitrite 0 Ammonia is .25ppm I will do a 25% wc, use prime and stability but I am wondering what is happening? Did I crash my cycle? Should I redose for internal parasite (which one? Paracleasne or Maracyn?) Could I have overdosed with prime/stability? I use aquarium long gloves and I washed/disinfected them 3 days ago with bleach. Some bleach solution got inside the gloves but I turned it upside down/rinced it in prime treated water, let it entirely dry... could I have poisoned my fish? Am kinda lost. Sorry for the long message. What should I do next beside wc and panicking?
  23. Hi all, Just got back into the hobby when my son got furloughed in February. He brought me his 10g tank. Then a Seller client of mine was moving to Florida and gave me a 36g with a PennPlax 1200 canister filter. OMG I am addicted! Just got a 32g Fluval Flex and it is currently cycling. So exciting to create under water worlds that make the fish happy and thrive! Question though - hoping someone has good guidance here - do I need to use aeration in the 32G Flex? If it's advisable to do so, can I put it in the compartment with the pump and heater? Looking forward to everyone's posts!
  24. Hello everyone! I know this is an overall tropical fish forum but I have a saltwater question. I have never kept and kind of reef fish but I have a 10 gallon who I am interested in converting. It currently has a king betta who lives alone and am looking for a upgrade. I was wondering, what saltwater fish would be happy in a 10g? Also, I also would like to try out some kind of coral or sea anemone. Is there a particular kind you recommend for a beginner saltwater keeper? I have A LOT of research ahead of me and if you have any tips for keeping saltwater tanks, I am happy for any info. The tank currently has a power filter and not heater. Thanks in advance!
  25. Ten gallon endler guppy and guppy tank with one red eye tetra that was too small with the other ones so moved them to another tank!
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