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  1. The fry shouldn't be being eaten if they are in a net in the same tank. The only possibilities I see is that the shrimp are falling through the holes in the net.
  2. I don't have any experience with my rimmed tanks having leaks but I always fill my tank with water to test for leaks. I recommend doing the same and either returning the tank or patching the leak if there is one.
  3. If you don't want to add snails, you can add amano shrimp. From my experience, they are great algae eaters as long as you don't overfeed your tank. They will clear most of your algae.
  4. @nabokovfan87Ammonia: 0 ph: 7-7.2 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 40 ppm temperature: 69 degrees
  5. Hello, I currently have a sponge filter and hang on back in my 20-gallon fish tank. Corydoras recently have been taking breaths from the surface. Water parameters are fine, any ideas on how to increase my oxygen>
  6. Hello, I am thinking about getting some cherry shrimp for my community tank. I was wondering if i should quarantine them as I didn't quarantine my Amano shrimp and had no problems.
  7. Hello, I plan on remaking my 20 gal fish tank and adding some new nutrient rich substrate. I'm using the ultum nature system controsoil however it is said to release ammonia to start the fish tank and cycle it, but the tank is already cycled. Any ideas on how to reduce the ammonia releasing from the substrate?
  8. I would go with nano fish such as sparkling gourami or betta fish if you don't mind some maintanence. I would go for shrimp for little maintenance.
  9. I don't plan on changing the substrate adding nutrient rich substrate underneath the current substrate and adding some sand. @Tlindsey
  10. Hello, I plan on rescaping my tank but im worried about the ammonia caused by the fish stress wile transporting t em temporarily in a 5 gallon bucket. Any ideas on how to reduce the ammonia. (7 corydoras, 6 neon tetras, 2 nerite snails, about 5 amano shrimp)
  11. Hello, im rescaping my 20 gal and don't know where to put my fish. I have a 5 gal bucket but im worried the fish will get stressed out and the ammonia will rise. Also, how long can I keep the fish inn the bucket?
  12. I am redoing my 20 gallon fish tank. Where should I place all my fish in while redoing fish tank. I have a 10 gallon bucket where I can put my sponge filter in. Will reusing the sponge filter and hang on filter be enough to cycle the aquarium quickly? Please offer ideas on where to transport my fish while im working on the tank and how long it would take to cycle the tank with both filters.
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