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  1. So Ive noticed one of my guppy fry has this thing coming out of his anus and I dont know what it is. I treated the tank with fritz para cleanse because some of my females have wasting disease but they dont really seem to be doing bettee after about a week after treatment. Here is the picture of the fry, if anyone could help me identify what it is I would appreciate it a lot :) (by the way all the pictures are the same fish, just really hard to catch on camera)
  2. hey everybody I've been making posts here & there on the general forum about this new aquarium I've put together. I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to this aquarium and it's progress. I'll be updating photos, keeping journals, among other things here. Here's a breakdown of my setup: -20 gallon plastic planter pot from Home Depot -construction site clear-crush 1/8" gravel (seems to be keeping the water nice & hard) -20 gallon air pump hooked into an upside-down glass beer bottle with 2 small holes at the top filled with filter media & an intake sponge, effectively filtering ammonias, oxygenating the water, and circulating the water -20 gallon submersed water pump mounted on top a small clay ornament, also buried in the gravel (to reduce death by suction); the out-take of this pump travels through a pipe which exits the waters surface and falls back into the aquarium from ~2.5 inches -100W TopFin heater; I also have a 100W EHEIM heater but the TopFin 100w takes up a bit less space / less noticeable -DIY co2 rig using 2 soda bottles, baking soda & citric acid -A 3 piece LED light with 5 different light settings; timers that I've not bothered to mess with yet -A big hunk of driftwood, anubias plants, a couple egeria densa, and a few pieces of floating green cabomba, or maybe hornwort -Plant growth additive, 5-in-1 test strips (pH,KH,GH, NO-2, NO-3), an ammonia test kit, and some de-chlorinator in case I need to quickly balance the aquarium with fresh water due to an ammonia spike or something -3 guppies currently while in cycle; one male and two fry who are yet to be gendered; I'll be adding 2 more males and 5 females, and I'll also add two otocinclus to help clean up I plan on bringin' this baby outside in the springtime to the front veranda or the deck in the backyard; I'll put wire mesh overtop and place a weight on it to keep out the riff-raff at night time
  3. My guppy had a white spot that is almost banded around the end of her tail show up overnight, I’m trying to identify it as it doesn’t really look like parasites but it’s also not fuzzy like the images of fungus I’ve seen online. She swims fine and still has a voracious appetite. In terms of things I know have changed, I added some crushed coral in because I had some of what I think was stress related deaths before I introduced these new guppies (a male and female killed eachother, and the second female died a few days later after looking stressed) and people on the forum recommended coral based off my water parameters (soft water and low ph). I added the crushed coral maybe 2 days ago with her and the male in the tank before introducing 2 new females, and did notice her rub on my anubias while I sprinkled it in, but she doesn’t do that commonly. If you guys have an idea on what it is and treatment options I would love to hear it, if needed I can try to set up an old 1.5 gal tank to separate her, but it would be easier to treat in the main tank, as I would need to cycle the 1.5. But I have live plants and cherry shrimp
  4. Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice with my 10 gallon tank. Currently, the tank houses my colony of bloody mary shrimp and my breeding colony of guppies (10 guppies total). I remove the fry when I find them and put them into different tanks to grow out in. The 10 gallon is my main tank and is located right next to the desk I spend all day at so I am always looking for ways to make it better. Currently, there are a lot of live plants (anubias, buce, crypts, java fern, and bolbitis) and I noticed that while they're not wilting, they're also not thriving. I know most of the plants are slow growing but in some cases I'm not sure there is really any growth. Some of the plants are also showing signs of distress like discolorations but these are not common in the tank. I generally test my water every 2-3 weeks and every time I do, I find that the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are always at 0 or close to it. I know that this is a great for the fish but the lack of nitrates in the tank is also probably contributing to my plant issues (there are root tabs near the root feeders so they are getting nutrients that way). I know the common sense solution here is to just add in some easy green and use that to bring the nitrates up but I was also thinking that my lack of ammonia and nitrate build up may mean that I can stock my tank a little more. I decided to test my idea by slowly adding some of the largest fish from my grow out tanks to my 10 gallon. I also increased food roughly proportional to what I added. As I was doing this I was frequently testing the water to monitor for any sudden spikes but my readings stayed very low (possibly because of how slowly I was increasing the fish load). After about 3 weeks I had added 10 fish in and was feeding much more than before and still my ammonia and nitrogen levels were basically undetectable. I removed the guppies that were not part of my original breeding colony but now I am wondering if it would be safe to add in a school of 6 panda corys. Everything I have heard suggests that a 10g should not be able to stock guppies, shrimp, and corys but based on the fish load I had in the tank, I believe I might be able to safely add in a small school. Am I falling into a rookie mistake here or do you think I can try adding in my second species of fish? If I don't add in the corys should I increase the food I'm feeding my breeding colony since I know it is safe? Should I just use fertilizers with my weekly water change and keep everything else constant?
  5. I’m new to guppies as I just wanted a fun fish in my 7.5 gal planted tank with shrimp. I got a male and female pair from the Co op and after a couple days they started hiding in a cave.. I had people tell me to get a second female in the mix because they might be stressed.. so I did, but when I got back from the store I found both guppies dead with their tail fins ripped apart.. the next day I got another female and a male because the new (and alone) guppy seemed skittish and I figured company would help. And it did. Until a few days later she was randomly dead. I did multiple water tests and changes through this process and my parameters were always good. I cycled for 2 weeks with old media and My tank temp is 78 degrees. I currently have a male and female and don’t want them to kill eachother like the last pair. So I’m at the crossroads of deciding whether to rehome the guppies or just getting another female and hoping it works. are these types of hiccups typical in guppies? If so I might keep trying, or am I seriously screwing up here? Should I separate the male and female? Thanks guys. I attached an image of my tank( with the first pair) and of my newest trio of gups, the yellow female is the one that passed randomly.
  6. Hi Guys. My one guppy started to act strange yesterday and I then moved him to a hospital tank. The aquarium here says rhat he has air stuck, but this is day 2 now and he is still acring the same. I let him loose in my large tank again and he is really struggling. Its asif his back fin does nit want to open up and work again as he keeps it clamped. I bought a general medication as well as snail kill. I have also put some aquarium salt into the hospital tank. What could be wrong?
  7. Hello everyone, I have two male Endler's livebearers and a female guppy that have bred. The Endler's livebearers are very close to the wild form, but I do not know what breed of guppy the female guppy is. They produced many different fry, but produced the most of this type. Is has a yellow-and-black tail and fins, with maybe a silver and lime pattern across the body. Could anyone identify if this is a certain strain of guppy? Thanks.
  8. Greetings One of my guppy, when not actively swimming, is always at a 45 degree angle. The other fish stay perfectly horizontal so I was wondering if it meant something or if it’s normal for some fish. He is otherwise fine, eats and poops in a 10 gallons with 3 other male guppies. Temp is 76-77, ph is 7.6. 0/0/20, gh 8, kh 4 Thank you!
  9. Water parameters: pH - 7.4 Temp - 78F Ammonia/Nitrites/Nitrates - 0/0/~10-20 dKH - 3-4 dGH - 8-16 (depending on water changes and when i last added a wonder shell) So a week and a half ago I found one of my guppies laboring near the top of the tank with a large, lumpy, swollen abdomen and a mild prolapse. She had been perfectly fine that morning. I gave it overnight in the naïve hope that she was about to have fry, but the next day her scales were clearly pineconeing so I put her in the hospital tank with the meds trio and little hope for survival. Surprisingly, over the next couple of days the swelling went way down to more or less normal and her behavior and appetite also returned to normal. But she also developed a black area on her abdomen with some scale loss. She spent a week with the meds trio and minimal feeding- I did a 30% water change on day 7 and began feeding once daily. She is still eating/swimming/pooping normally but this black spot is still a concern and now her abdomen has taken on a bit of a pointy shape. I included 2 pics here- the one in the breeder box is from a week ago when she was already looking better (the spot was much darker in reality than the picture shows). The other pic with the pointy belly is from today. Any ideas on what this is and what my plan should be from here? Is it disease? Injury? Infection? Parasites? Internal failures? Should I remedicate? Just observe? Feed less? Salt? Any and all help appreciated- thank you.
  10. Here's the short version- fairly new guppies seemed "off" so I added salt, and now they have white backs but it's not fuzzy and doesn't match photos of columnaris but I'm not sure. Background- I had 3 male guppies living in my 30 gallon community, I've had them since mid November. They weren't fitting in very well so I decided to set them up their own tank with some girls and enjoy the fun of breeding guppies! My family just moved to a new town and while picking up some furniture from a lady in town, my mom noticed she had some spectacular guppies and so I went over to get some of hers to start the colony since they were well established and seemed very healthy, nothing had come or gone from the tank in over a year. I got one additional male, 2 juveniles, and 10 females from her, and set up a 27 gallon tank using cycled media for them. The cycled media wasn't quite up to the bioload of 16 ravenous guppies so I've been doing a bit of a fish-in cycle but all has been going well. 2 days in, the first batch of fry was born from the new females and I counted 13, and I still count 13 fry. They seem to be doing awesome. Parameters- pH 7.2, GH 7, KH 5, temp 78F, ammonia around 0.25 because of the fish in cycle, nitrite around 0.25 or less, nitrate 5-10. Filtered with an aquaclear 30 and a sponge filter rated for 40 gallons. Was planted until I started using salt, took most of the plants out. I have crushed coral on the way to raise the hardness. Gravel substrate, wood and rock semi aquascape. Onto the issues- On the 29th I basically started to see something off with the guppies. A few of them seemed to have small nips in their pectoral fins, and the new male had clamped fins and was kind of lethargic. I also just kind of had a sense... That might be weird. I did a 70% water change and added 20 TBSP of aquarium salt (to 27 gallons). The next day I measured around 0.5 ammonia so did a 50% water change and re-dosed salt to the new water. January 1st I had to go out of town for a few days so I added some prime and hoped all would be well. When I got home yesterday (the 3rd) everyone looked awesome! They were so active and happy and their colours were popping like crazy, all the pectoral fins were whole again, and the male who was unwell was flaring his fins at the ladies and zipping around acting like a whole new fish! But then I noticed the white patches on some of their backs and got concerned all over again. I've attached a bunch of photos so you can try and get a sense of what I'm looking at. I also took 2 videos of the group to try and get the screenshots, I'll put those in too so you can see the whole group. It's just a few of the females with the patch, none of the males. The one other caveat- I had gone to visit my cousin and he's a new hobbyist, so I brought my test kit with me to test his water. Of course, I forgot it there. I'm also out of aquarium salt. I can get both of these things again tomorrow afternoon. And also, I'm in Canada, so I don't have access to any of the good stuff. Thanks so much, all!
  11. Just noticed one of my guppies has a rather unhealthy looking anus region. 240g, lightly stocked, heavily planted. Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on? Ammonia, NO2, NO3- zero KH, GH- 50ppm+\- Ph- 7.4
  12. Taco Playz

    Dead guppy

    So I just had a guppy die instantly what happened? Ammonia 0 Ph 7.6 Nitrate 5 Nitrite 0
  13. I noticed a white color on top of the body of this juvenile guppy. is it a symptom of a disease not sure. any advice
  14. I was asked in another thread to video this tank today, so here goes. The sera o-nip tabs featured here are the classic original kind. I only have 6 left 😞 Enjoy the music which was included with Cyberlink Powerdirector. Fun fact: every plant you see in this tank was purchased from the co-op, except for the cabomba.
  15. icgrant

    Spot on guppy

    Hi Guys, Just woke up this morning and found this white spot on 2 of my female guppy's. Have a 65 Gallon tank with 12 guppies and 4 Bolivian rams. Temperature of tank is 25C/77F Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0 Nitrates being constantly 10 for a while. Soft water and PH being steady at 8.0 Did a 50% water change 2 days ago trying to get rid of the brown hair algae.
  16. Hello beautiful community! This is my first foray into a sick fish situation so I'm hoping for a bit of guidance. This is a female guppy that was part of my original tank setup. She started exhibiting a strange swimming pattern about 3 days ago and then I realized it was her back fin that wasn't opening up. Yesterday I noticed the back half of her body developed a slight discoloration. Water Parameters: pH: 7.6 Nitrates: 15 Hardness: ?? Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: ?? Water Temperature: 80F
  17. I just ordered several products from Co-op. Happy with quality and speed of delivery. I just noticed two of my guppies swimming endlessly into the current of the filter. Is this something to be concerned with and how do I fix it or is it something to ignore? Thanks in advance
  18. I am having fun with breeding my mutts, but I am curious about how strains and color patterns are named and defined. Some names are self explanatory like "mosaic", and I have even figured out some more subtle names. I have noticed that the difference between green/purple/blue is sometimes fuzzy, and I am fairly stumped when it comes to the difference between "dragon" and "metal head". I see dumbo guppies should have larger pectoral fins...but I also see guppies with any color on their pectoral fins listed as "dumbo", which I think is incorrect? Is there a name for this type of coloration--specifically the pectoral fins that carry color but are normal sized? I really like that feature but I am having trouble figuring out how to search for it. (personally I think it should be "Jazz Hand Guppies" lol) Thanks!
  19. Just a quick question, i want to use my shrimp tank as a growing tank for fry's.I was planning on putting some guppy fry in a fry box so they don't go disturb the shrimp too much. But the thing is my shrimp tank is high PH now i know that's really good for guppies but the thing is if i raise them in that water will they just die if i put them back in a other less high PH tank later? To be fair i think most of my tanks are at the 7 PH range its just the shrimp one as substrate that makes it high.
  20. My fish has this weird lump that's formed on her tail, idk what it is. I have a 10 gallon with some other guppies and a few pygmy catfish. It's filled with plants and and air filter. I have a small snail infestation and am wondering if it could be a bacterial or fungal infection.
  21. I picked up from the store a month ago, what i thought was two male guppies. Now one is really fat, and only gets fatter. I haven't fed him/ her in a few days in hopes he would loose some fat, instead hed gaining fat. Now I think its pregnant, but its a male isn't it? Or am I wrong and its a female?
  22. Hi all- I'm hoping somebody can help me positively identify the species of these two guppies. Thanks in advance! 😊🐟
  23. @Cory Could you help me please? Greetings My 5 guppies in my 10 gallons had gill flukes. I treated them with the trio meds and they stopped flashing. After a week (yesterday) I did a 40% wc/syphoned, removed my plastic decor and replaced it with real plants. I fed them a little bit of North fin fry food. I have a HOB filter with a presponge filter and a aquarium coop air sponge filter (I only squeeze a little bit the presponge filter yesterday in aquarium water because it was gross) This morning when I woke my guppy, one was swimming vertically with its head up. 1 was laying on the bottom breathing rapidly, one was swimming around bumping into everything as if blind and breathing fast. I wonder if I startled them because I did wake them 6 hours earlier. Now they are swimming, sometimes the 5 of them together but they are agressive and bumping into each other. Some still breathing fast. My fry is ok, so is my snail. 2 of my fishes had long stringny poop and there is a lot of poop laying around in the aquarium. My pH dropped from 7.4 to 6.8-7 Nitrate are between 10-20 (I dosed aquarium coop easy green) Nitrite 0 Ammonia is .25ppm I will do a 25% wc, use prime and stability but I am wondering what is happening? Did I crash my cycle? Should I redose for internal parasite (which one? Paracleasne or Maracyn?) Could I have overdosed with prime/stability? I use aquarium long gloves and I washed/disinfected them 3 days ago with bleach. Some bleach solution got inside the gloves but I turned it upside down/rinced it in prime treated water, let it entirely dry... could I have poisoned my fish? Am kinda lost. Sorry for the long message. What should I do next beside wc and panicking?
  24. So, I heard @Cory mention this concept in a video talk he gave about guppies to the Youngstown Aquarium Club. I was intrigued but could find almost no information about it. In the meantime I had guppies breeding in a 10 gallon with a matten filter in one end, and I would dip net out the fry as they showed up as fast as I could and transport them to a new tank. One day when I left the power off, 2 fry swam the wrong way down the tube and I found them happily living and growing behind the foam. then I found some photos on Instagram of a similar tank making use of this concept, and while mine is less beautiful, hopefully it will be more practically helpful. The concept is a divided tank, with adult guppies breeding in one end, with an airlift crossing a divider, and delivering fry to a separate compartment. This is a great way to use a matten filter. Here is the adult side, containing guppy parents, epiphyte plants, and adult red neocaridina shrimp (hiding in the rocks, you have to trust me): Here is the fry side, with more shrimp, and a bunch of newly planted stem plants: Here is the whole thing: Mechanics: Moms tend to hide in the plants to give birth, and newly born baby guppies naturally make a run for the rocks and plant cover, which is built around this air lift tube, available on amazon from aquaneat: Note the small holes on the intake, which admit fry but not adults. Air supplied by an airline creates lift, and draws the guppy fry up and out, where they are delivered to a predation free zone. I used the matten sponge from the 10g in this new 20g high, and made a frame out of pvc. Two things I learned as soon as I filled the tank the first time was that the matten filter and frame, while well fitted, want to float, and when a 20 high is full the glass bows just slightly, loosening the fit. I used black silicone to attach the frame to the glass. I need to clean up the edges a bit, but over all I am happy... And it works!
  25. Hey there, I’m new to aquariums. I got into it by watching cory’s YouTube videos, and decided to give guppies a go. I purchased a 20g L and planted it moderately. I was able to get a filter from another aquarium to start my cycle. I let it cycle until my plants showed new growth, then added 2 guppies and a mystery snail. They did fine. The next week I added 5 more guppies. The week after, I added 6 more guppies and some cherry shrimp. My water parameters stayed stable the whole time ( I was testing twice a week). Out of nowhere, my guppies started dying and I’m losing at least one a day. I went from 13 to 5 in five days. My water parameters are: pH 7.8 Nitrates 0ppm Hardness tds=110ppm Nitrite 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm KH/Buffer not sure Water Temperature was at 76, increased to 86 for possible ich I did not quarantine the fish as it was a new tank and figured I’d follow Corys method of treating with his three quarantine meds once I bought everything I wanted to put in the tank. The problem is that they started dying before I got to that point. I’m pretty sure they have ich now, which I am treating with a temperature of 86 f and APIs super ick cure. I’ve ordered ichx and paracleanse from Cory, which I’m waiting to receive. I’m just wondering where to go from here I’m superbummed to lose so many fish so quickly and feeling down on myself. I’m scared to buy more to restock the tank. I don’t know if the ich killed them or if it’s a secondary issue. Any suggestions would be super helpful! Thank you!
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