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  1. So, I have a guppy named Daisy. I previously thought Daisy was female, the man at my lfs that helped pick out my guppies did as well. A couple weeks ago I separated my boys and girls because of how many fry they were having. Daisy is the same size as everyone else but I noticed that Daisy was the only one not pregnant and was chasing the others. I looked closer at the dorsal and anal fins and they were slightly different. I tried my best to get good photos but it was pretty difficult. Is it possible for a guppy to be a sneaker male?
  2. I am going to have a breeding tank for shrimp and bristlenose is there anything else you would add? Will have dense pockets of vegetation.
  3. Hey everyone! I finally was able to find someone local to Aquarium Coop that is willing to ship some of the Vienna Guppies to the middle of nowhere Iowa. Very excited. Does anyone know of any videos or livestreams where the story behind them is fully told? I've heard the quick and dirty abbreviated version a couple times in the livestream and through other people. If there isn't great footage of the whole story, @Cory that may be an idea for a video (with updates on how they're doing in your fishroom).
  4. Guppies everywhere. I use a Betta bow 2.5 to grow my male guppy fry for a few extra weeks before taking to LFS. I separate as soon as I can tell with a magnifying glass usually 4 weeks to prevent further breeding. Both of my sorority tanks are full. Local LFS has recently had a complete employee turnover. Their tanks went from pristine to frightening diseased mass dead fish, snail and shrimp graveyards. I cannot in good conscience take my babies there...good excuse for yet another tank...ROFL I bought a cheap 10 gal and glass lid. Used 2 of my extra AQueon clip on plant grow lights. All the gravel decor plants etc and nano ACO coarse sponge from the 2.5. I pulled an extra medium from a tank I keep for pulling in case of hospital need. I supplemented with gravel plants and such from other well established tanks. I decided to be brave based on all @Cory videos and only run ONLY sponges which I have never done. Always only supplement cans or hobs with sponges. So far zero issues stable never an off reading I’m a daily tester...retired bored love my tanks. Current stock males guppy fry 5 weeks and my breeding pair of clear gold iridescent honey Carmel spire bladder snails...they will produce quickly in a fry tank always do. The question after painfully long unnecessary explanation I would like to rehouse 2 magenta mystery snails both males to this new setup. Can the sponge filters medium and nano handle the load. I’m not experienced with not exporting the waste into hob or cans. Do I need to use larger I have another new unseasoned medium and a large ACO coarse i have multiple extra hobs I could add if needed but I’m really interested to learn the sponge only thing.
  5. Poor fella, just noticed this today. Have no idea if it's an illness or if it's a physical injury. Here is what they are supposed to look like, what should I do?
  6. Hey all! I wanted to document my adventure, or I should say our adventure. My spouse and I are curating our very first fish tank for either of us. Getting to the actual planting took months! I'll be adding to this as it grows, and be sure that I'll be asking for help! We both have backgrounds in research, so research we did. First was to catch the sale at Petco for a nice tank and a few other supplies. Then we had to get a stand. I initially thought I was quite the genius and was going to use heavy-duty, 1000 lb. certified wall stud brackets to hold a vinyl wrapped board. I was WRONG. One needs 2 studs for these, and the wall for the tank only had 1. So instead, we purchased a 400 lb. per-shelf certified shelving unit and bracketed THAT to the wall. With paint and some vinyl marble over the wood shelf for water-proofing, I like how pretty it is. Hardscape was next on the list; we went to a local river with some cardboard cut to the size of the bottom and height of our tank. It was an adventure, and we ran into some very confused ducks who appeared to assume we were there to feed them. After some appropriate cleaning and testing for calcium, we had some fun actually laying out our hardscape. Working with heavy rocks inside a glass aquarium was TERRIFYING but well worth it. I even added some curtains to hide the "behind the scenes" supplies and electrics. Of course, I had to play with some macro then... FINALLY, I felt confident enough to purchase plants! I really appreciated the help from @lefty o, @FishyThoughts, @Andy's Fish Den, @Daniel, @Fonske, and others. We really appreciate the direction. We waited for our order to get in (lightning fast by the way) and were ecstatic to spend the evening planting away. I can't wait to see what this grows into! After we're comfortable with the plants growing and the water specs seem right, we'll be getting some guppies to hang out with us. Since we spend most of our lives in this office, we're excited to add life to the space.
  7. New to guppies. This is my first time keeping them...is this a female? Was told it was a male by LFS but after looking at how to sex them, I'm not sure...My other ones are defintely male... Thanks 😊
  8. I had a heavily planted, fully cycled, 20 gallon long tank. I put 5 guppies and one honey gourami about a week ago. 2 guppies are dead, 2 guppies are missing (I can’t find them in the tank) and the one guppy and honey gourami are both fine. I’m assuming that the two I can’t find are dead but I am continuing to look for the bodies. Like I said, the tank was fully cycled and for the first couple days, all the fish were perfectly fine. Nothing seemed wrong. Does anyone have any ideas about what could have happened?
  9. I’m very excited about these beautiful guppies. They were imported through a trans shipper and all made it without a single loss. They are stunning in person. They are a very bright yellow that shimmers with various shades of yellow red and orange. Even the females are colorful. They are set up in a 20 long planted breeder with a few amano shrimp. They are already breeding in my tank and thankfully are not the strain of guppies that actively hunt their young. live tried a couple of strains of red guppies recently but had no success with keeping them alive much less breeding a colony of them. So getting this much success without any effort is amazing.
  10. Just brought guppies outdoors to back porch mini ponds. We’re going with “Mutt Guppies,” “Firecracker Guppies,” and “Albino Red Guppies.” Plants are very basic and (fry) functional: Duckweed, Water Lettuce, and Hornwort. One large sponge filter in each mini pond, plus an additional Ziss Air Stone. The added air stone is helpful, because warm temperatures mean less dissolved gasses. Temperatures really swing: 60-degrees F over night, 90-degrees F afternoons. Feed once a day until ample fry appear, after which another 2nd feeding for fry is added. Here’s a peek...
  11. Hi Everyone! Quick question: I would like to set up a small free standing pond (20-30g) for guppies. I plan on placing it on my deck which gets direct sunlight from early afternoon until sunset. (I'm located in the Washington, DC Metro area.) My concern is that this amount of sunlight will heat the pond to uninhabitable temperatures. If the temp of the water gets into the the high 80s, will it become detrimental to the guppies or since the water will slowly be warmed by the sun, they could adjust? Curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!
  12. I noticed the larger of my two Zebra Danios playing tag with the SAEs. What I originally thought to be aggression seems to be more like play. The larger Danio seems to occasionally enjoy chasing any fish in the tank for a short sprint before breaking off and swimming away. I haven't seen any physical contact. I thought this was some sort of aggression until I saw the Danio chasing the SAEs. When one is chased the others will follow until the first SAE stops for a snack. The pursuing SAEs will stop and stare down the aggressor until the Danio chases one of them. The game continues until the Danio loses interest or the SAEs stop to graze.
  13. Okay y'all my tap water is pH 7 gh 300+ kh 40 A 0 ni 0 na 0, I'm raising guppies, Pilates and Molly's along with mystery snails. I've been wanting to raise my KH and crushed coral isn't available and I'm not comfortable using like alkaline buffers so I put some aragonite in a filter media bag and put it in some filters, it's raised one tank, my 55g to pH 7.8 -8 gh 300+ kh 120ish which is running a standard canister filter with 1 bag inside instead of carbon pellets, will the aragonite eventually stop or is it just going to keep on raising the pH on up and up
  14. Hi there. This morning I woke up to find one of my male guppies to be completely without a tail. Last night when I went to bed he was completely untouched. I have him in a tank with other males and a betta that's been completely placid. I've never seen any aggression until now. The damage done to his tail suggests the betta, but I've been watching and the betta shows zero interest. The other large male, however, has begun to chase him over night. Could the other guppy be responsible for this? I am trying to figure out what to do, since I only have the one tank and can't just move them easily to a different one.
  15. A while back I started this thread about starting a mini-pond, a ~50 gallon kidney bean partially buried pond liner... Since then I have used some crushed coral and flora max for substrate, sponge filter and more recently an 8" waterfall which I dumped some bio balls and more sponge to since it had a trough and why not. I also added a 200 watt heater to help prop the temp up which does help but still not quite warm enough to add any live stock. I think a few more week things should be ready. My plan is to put some guppies in the pond, if I can find enough cover for them. Having a hard time finding stuff like hornwort and a tad early for pond plants but I do have a couple lily pads started. I have a 20 gallon tank setup inside. Our well water is on the softer side, so I opted to use crushed coral in the 20 gallon tank as well as the mini-pond. The 20 gallon tank is sitting at 7.8 and the pond a little higher (evaporation?) at 8.2. The 20 gallon is a newly cycled and since i have been running medication and having to change some of the water the water is a little cloudy. No ammonia/nitrite and nitrates less than 5 ppm (down from 40 after it finished cycling on 3/9). I did make a mistake and bought 4 guppies from a well known chain store to which 3 of the 4 guppies died in less than 48 hours. So I did get 8 more guppies from a local pet store and did not have quite as bad luck, I've lost 1 or 2, but I do have one that is behaving weird. In the attached photos the guppy will lie on the bottom of the tank and then swim off, but I have not seen it swim more than halfway up. I can't see anything visually wrong and the rest of the fish seem to be fine. (seems the photos aren't rotated correctly). I have treated the tank with Maracyn, Para cleanse and Ich-X. The consensus of responses I got from other sources are that guppies aren't as hardy as they used to be and that I just got a bad batch of guppies, etc. Not entirely sure that is true, I just think getting them from a chain store and a newly cycled tank that I'm running meds through probably is part of the equation. My question about the guppies since I have not previously kept guppies before are things to look out for, or other "general" tips. Someone suggested brackish water. Which is also something I haven't had experience with. I did lookup to get an idea of how much salt I would need to add for brackish water...in short depending on whether you go "low end" or "high end" brackish, closer to marine, it seems you would add somewhere around 1.5 lbs of marine salt for a 20 gallon tank. The two concerns I have is whether any plants can acclimate to brackish water that have previously been in freshwater and since my plan is to keep guppies in an outdoor pond, I don't know how difficult it would be to maintain brackish water outdoors or that there is a whole lot of benefit of keeping guppies in brackish water. Definitely would prefer the easier route but if brackish water is a hands-down good way to go for guppies and the plants won't die off it is something I would look at doing. Plants I plan on keeping in the 20 gallon are really going to be limited to floating plants like duckweed, frogbit and water sprite...hornwort if I can ever find any. Some sources suggest these plants will tolerate brackish water but I am a bit skeptical. Plants I plan on keeping in the mini-pond are the same as the 20 gallon plus lily pads and other pond plants like water hyacinth, water lettuce and so forth. Getting to some of the concerns about the pond itself. One of the concerns I have is temperature. I have been monitoring the temps for some time and I am worried that when the hot weather arrives that I will have a hard time keeping the temp at or under 82 F. The pond will be in sunlight between 11 AM and 3 PM which is enough to warm up the water quite a bit and it hasn't been very warm or humid yet. I don't know if having a lot of floating plants covering the water surface will help enough to keep the temp under control or not. Can't really move the pond at this point, not many places get less sunlight that is level enough to keep the pond. Any suggestions and advice are welcomed 🙂
  16. Hello, For several months I’ve been battling some sort of parasite. Guppies get skinny and die one after another. Included is 1 neon tetra and 1 purple rasbora. They’re both really skinny and can’t gain weight. Some fish have become skinny and lethargic but bounced back. Many have died. Things I’ve tried: general cure (2x), prazipro (2x), levamisole (3rd round), medicated food with general cure and epsom salt to promote passing the parasites. Multiple cleanings a day with Turkey baster removing poop, daily water changes around medication schedules. Aquarium salt almost constantly. Now keeping water clean and watching after last levamisole treatment. Meds were spaced out a week or so each. Feeding: bbs, bloodworms, frozen brine, 2 different flakes, live black worms when available, some sort of frozen medley for tropical fish. tank parameters : ph: 8.0-8.2 temp: 78° ammonia, nitrites: 0ppm nitrates: <40ppm always Gh, kh: 4°, 6° no decor, bare bottom tank. Sponge filter. I think the levamisole did some good as all but 3 fish are plumping up. Those 3 were extremely skinny though. Any other suggestions? Should I separate the skinny ones?
  17. Can I treat mouth fungus with Maracyn? Just noticed today . She is lethargic and lay on bottom. I already put 1 tablespoon per three gallons of marine salt . This has worked for me in the past but haven't had this same problem. Should I add some Maracyn or wait it out ?
  18. I have finally got the time to set up my 40 gallon tank! It's going to be a bit hard to catch anything out of this tank but I couldn't resist trying to scape the tank. Super happy because this is my biggest tank so far! I scaped it with some Manzanita and Malaysian driftwood. Also used river rock because I just had it laying around. For the plants, I used crypts, amazon swords, java fern, java moss, crinum calamustratum, and some java moss. I tried to do a breeding tank so I chose the albino koi guppies and lemon blue eyed bristlnose plecos. Thanks for looking, tell me if I should add anything, I would really appreciate any feedback
  19. I have 8 surviving baby guppies now, and some are getting these black markings on their tails. I'm also including a pic of one without the markings. I think they might be males, as dad also has black on his tail in that area. I guess it won't be long before it's obvious?
  20. I’ve been setting up tanks for my kids rooms. The first project was completed- a shell dweller tank which has turned out great. Now my oldest saw some fancy guppies and he’s hooked and wants to breed them and sell them to the LFS. Hea seen me trade in Endlers and RCS so he sees a way to get more Star Wars toys or fish stuff. He’s 6 by the way. Too funny. on to my plan - 20 g high, coop sponge filter - I’ll season before it goes in, Eheim heater, and Aquaneat blue and white with a 6 hour photo period or so to start 2 hours in am and 4 hours in evenings around his bedtime. this has all been bought but not setup yet. My wife is picking out the furniture it will sit on and as of yet we are still deliberating. I have a Kasa timer for the lights. Substrate is stuff I have on hand aragonite sand and crushed coral with some substrate from another tank along with laterite, sterilized garden soil and pumice in a small quantity underneath maybe with some osmocote as well. I’m going to cannibalize my other tanks for plants - Val, dwarf sag, anubias, moss, guppy grass and hornwort along with some water lettuce to help the tank get over the algae hump. Should I do some rock and or wood or leave it planted and open? I'm thinking 2 trios of guppies. He picked out some Platinum Galaxy Tigers and I think he’s got great taste. Gorgeous fish. Thinking I get them started and then add in some otos 3 and dwarf corys maybe 6. The staging of stocking is a question it’ll be fishless cycle but Iafter cycling I was thinking guppies, then otos then corys. I may also have some amano shrimp or neos around could throw some in. Thoughts? all criticism appreciated and requested. Want to do right by the fish as if things crash I’ll have a crying little boy to deal with. Thanks. picture is of his brothers shellies.
  21. Greetings fish experts. i love to learn from the forum. i had this female die on me today, but i am not able to figure out the diagnosis. and i think you guys can help. female was very young, kept with just one male. two days back, i had moved both of the fishes to a bowl because i was adding more plants in my 6 gallon low tech. The fishes were subjected to stress, but seemed fine. maybe, She was trying to give birth but, something happened? or some microorganism might have come from the plants, as i did not qurantine the plants (cause the male is acting sluggish and refusing to eat) the female had a yellow spot on her belly. Please ignore the cut fin, its due to the tweezers. should i be worried ,or are these just natural? This is the other side. notice the black spot on the belly.this hints me, she died giving birth. i have no idea, if i should be worried about my male guppy or if that was a one time thing. i cannot afford water test Kits in my area.i am sorry. i had not changed water after putting the plants, it was the same regular water which is changed 30% once a week. Here is the male.these two were the only fish in the tank. i am not able to see what went wrong in my husbandry. i am not able to diagnose why did the fish die. and hence am seeking your help. Thank you so much. Vaibhav age16 yrs, from India.
  22. 55gl 4 months old at 80ish, one canister, one hang on the back with aragonite and a mesh filter bag. stocking, duckweed, hornwort, bell pepper and an unknown plant. pestnails, 12 MTS, 10ish guppies 3 Pilates 4 Molly's and a 7-in pleco, (bad test strip ph7.2) retest 4x ph6.4, gh 300+, kh 120ish. A 0, NI 0, NA 30-40 Does anyone know why my guppies and platys are all hiding up in the corner directly under the outlet of the canister filter, cuz the Molly's and the Pleco are still running around just fine only changed 5gl 3 days ago and the only thing different is I did not add salt back to the water I changed, and some of them are diving to the bottom and rubbing into the sand like trying to wipe something off of themselves for about a week, hence why I changed water and did not add salt, so I don't know what they're doing, do 1 of y'all of know (edit 3 I think I have bad strips and kits, strip 1 ph 7.2 - 7.6 strips 2,3,4,5, 6.4, 7.6 6.4 6.4, api test kit low ph sold 7.6, high ph 7.8 maybe a 8, so still idk I guess the mystery just gets thicker)
  23. Hi, I got 6 guppies for my 29 gallon tank yesterday from LFS. This morning I went to check on them and I saw one had this string looking thing hanging on him right behind is anal fin. Is this a parasite or just poop? I just lost one of the guppies. I’m testing my water parameters now. Last night I checked them before I went to bed and they were 0 ppm ammonia 0 ppm nitrites 5 ppm nitrates.
  24. Recently back in the fish hobby after 20 year hiatus. Came home to tequila sunrise female guppy laying dead on a sword plant - looks to be internal bleeding. She appeared to be ready to give birth in previous days. Had her for 9 months. Was treated a month prior with a male guppy for mild fin rot (quarantine trio). No signs of discoloration before I found her today. No issues with the other guppy, 2 neons, cory and oto in same aquarium. Feeding extreme krill flake and frozen brine shrimp. Should I treat/medicate the other fish? 10gal aquarium. Heavily planted (water sprite, java fern, red melon sword). pH 7.5 Nitrate 5 Nitrite 0 Amm 0 kH 3 Gh 180
  25. I have breed many Vienna guppy’s but have only had one like this. I wanted some options on if I should try breeding him for his unique look or would that “ruin” the Vienna guppy. Also if Cory or someone from the coop could chime in I would really like to hear their opinions. Thank you all this is truly a great community of people.
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