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  1. I recently picked up 6 new fancy guppies from the aquarium co op store in Everett. I drove the couple hours home and properly introduced the fish. Two days later I noticed one of the males looked to have a white fungus growing on his back half (can't figure out how to upload pics). I knew this is highly contagious so I opted to treat whole tank instead of hospitalization tank, i treated with maracyn and ich-x properly. The next morning the male was dead and later that day I noticed another male showed signs, the white fungus was growing slightly on his body and some around his mouth. I continued the maracyn treatment but he was dead the next morning. So far the rest of the fish so no signs and seem healthy, ill continue the 5 day maracyn treatment,, I'm just really concerned. I continuously check the water parameters and they're all good readings, I even turned the temp up to promote healing. Please any advice would help!
  2. One of my guppies started to slow down about 3 days ago and yesterday when feeding he went to the food but didn't eat. My wife remarked about a week ago that his belly got big. He spends most of his time pretty still near the surface now. Anyone know what could be wrong? temp 75f, ph 7.6-8.0 (hard to read, but steady), gh 6, kh 3, A/N/N 0/0/5
  3. We fell in love with some guppies at our LFS. All they had were males, and we decided to get 6 for our heavily planted 10 gallon. I have never kept guppies before, are there any issues with keeping just a group of males? They are with some pumpkin shrimp and amanos. The intent is a nice living room tank, not a profit tank for breeding.
  4. So I have a female guppy with fin fungis and I treated it with jungle Fungis Cure. It didn’t work is there any other medicine that I could give her. She also has a fin that is all black that I have noticed just came a few days ago I am going to a water change today. I also have a pregnant guppy would a breeder box help her? My 5.5 gallon baby tank has 18 babies would it hurt to put the babies in the breeder box? I also have a lot of artificial floating plants to help with the babies. Thanks
  5. Hi all. I got my guppies yesterday - 8 females. and was surprised to find tiny fry in the bag too!! looks to be 8 or 9 of them. everyone is in the quarantine tank right now and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I did have one female die, pretty sure it may have been the one that gave birth, since it seems there was damage to her stomach area. but everyone else is doing fine. Should I pull the fry out and then go about treating the adults? I feel the babies need frequent feedings, safety from adults and water changes, while med trio would not be conducive to this. Since all are in my quarantine tank now I would have to figure something out for the fry. Should I just figure on feeding fairly heavy for now with lots of water changes until the fry are bigger? any suggestions on how to get 'safe haven' from adults? the quarantine tank is actually a 7 gal container, with heater and filter. I do have some floating plants in and one medium artificial silk plant, but really not enough cover, though the adults do not seem to be going after the fry at this point, that could change, right? thanks all! any advice to this newbie is appreciated, and to say that I am over the moon with the little surprise packages would be an understatment!
  6. Do you know Murphy’s law "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" ? Well, it loves me, and especially with aquariums! Don’t beleive me? I had such an agressive White Cloud Mountain Minmows, he injured my 7 other males... So of course even if everywhere it is said how it’s perfectly fine to have an all males guppy tank... well mine became extremely agressive. I rehomed the first one, but then a second one became agressive. They only bully one particular guppy - it got so stressed I moved it in another tank with the other peaceful guppy. The aggressive one is still swimming around the tank always following the same pattern rather erratically. Question - what can I do to calm down my current agressive guppy? I only have 3 left in my 10 gallons, planted with hides. I will get about 4 more males today, hoping it dilutes the agression. Or I could get females but wouldn’t it be a bit overcrowded? Plus I read breeding can be a bit violent at times. And the female guppies... are they bond to be pregnant every months until the end of their life? Must you retire them at some point? Or do they become infertile?
  7. Not sure what type of guppie this is. any one have any ideas
  8. is it good to keep amazon frogbit in the aquarium? its a guppy tank. any recommendations & tips
  9. Elle

    Need help!

    Hello, I’m new here and new to community tanks. Last weekend I happened to stop at my local Petco and the fish were on sale, so I did what any fish lover would do and bought a total of 12 new guppies from different stores to add to my 20 gallon guppy tank. I’m on my 5th day of quarantine, a guppy died yesterday and this morning I woke up to a guppy missing his whole mouth, I mean the whole mouth top and bottom, I can’t believe another guppy would cause such damage, what disease can cause a fish’s face to disintegrate? I’m on my way to the pharmacy to buy clove oil(poor little guy must be in horrible pain), but I wonder what should I do to treat the rest of the tank just in case they are infected.
  10. I got 5 guppies a few weeks ago, 3 females 2 males and added them to my 20 gallon planted aquarium. I think a couple of my female guppies are pregnant and I was wondering if I should move the females to a holding tank to give birth? if so should I have some sort of separation in that tank? Is there a certain time I should move the females? Are there any visual resources that show like the stages of guppy pregnancy? Is hikari first bites enough to raise guppy fry or do I need to order brine shrimp eggs from the Co-op? Thank you for all you help! Included photos of the possibly pregnant females together and then the males and other female in the tank.
  11. I witnessed my first guppy baby murder today 😰 my big giant female was finally having her babies, and a pack of about 20 fry was gathered on the top. Another female chased down one baby and grabbed him and thrashed like a shark and didn't even eat him, but also didn't kill him. I think I'm going to start a fry grow out tank so I can decide which ones get to live! But of course that means I have to be the brutal one... darn.
  12. I got some free guppies to add to my growing tank addiction and I've fallen crazy in love with them! There's a male and female in the group with blue eyes and they're just stunning. A quick google search of "blue eye red guppy" and "red guppy with blue eyes" gave me pretty much nothing so I was wondering... any chance this is actually something quite special that I should dedicate a breeding project to?? I apologize that these photos are no good... they absolutely do not do them justice. The blue eye especially on the girl is like a lampeye killifish, and the male has quite the impressive dorsal. Both are iridescent under the right light, too! One of my week-old fry also has blue eyes so I'm hoping she's similar.
  13. Can you tell me more about guppy Englers?i get a lot of algae in the tank.
  14. Hi everybody, I am working on becoming a biology teacher (just finishing my associated of science now). I was thinking about running a breeding project in class to help get kids invested and to use as visual/tactile teaching examples (ecosystems, natural selection, anatomy, reproduction, etc.). My thought was to have the class chose what traits we are trying to breed for, selectively breed, and keep record of each generation to see how close to the "goal" we get by the end. I do not yet have experience breeding fish (about one year into the hobby) and was wondering is this possible? I was first thinking guppies but in looking found sources saying that female guppy reach sexual maturity at 3 months, this would mean only three generations in a school year which I am concerned would be not enough to notice change from parent generation (i was hoping for 5? maybe that would be enough?). Would three generations be enough? I saw some articles saying Nothobranchius furzeri reached sexual maturity in a few weeks but would you be able to selectively breed them for traits enough to see a different result? I love the life in biology and would hope to share some of that passion through this... it would also allow me to "play" with fish for work 🙂 I would likely try and run this at home before I start teaching to help work out the kinks. -Thanks
  15. So I found what I thought was an an amazing looking juvenile male guppy in my "cull" tank this June. I call him Mr. Marble because he reminds me of a blue marble betta coloration. So I shared his photo on Facebook and asked opinions on trying to create my own guppy strain from him... well I was talked down to by a guppy YouTube personality that I made a mutt and well I almost gave up the hobby. A few weeks went and I said Self who cares what he says put him in a tank and try to make more. So 6 months later and I have a mini Mr Marble. I still have a long way to go but I am excited that I am on the right track... I hope. I have a few more juveniles males that look like they will look at lot like dad and brother and in another week or two I should know for sure. I believe Mr Marble came from a blue and white strain ive been developing for just under 2 years now I call Blue Dreams but because he was in my cull tank I can't be sure. I have no idea if anyone else would ever be interested in my blue marble guppies if in a few years I can claim it as a set strain because they are short tails but I love them. The females are starting to get some white coloration on their top lines. Anyways I will share some photos and you can let you me know your thoughts. I shared the long tail blue dreams I think is where he popped up from.
  16. Hi My earlier reading for general hardness was 8 and kh was 6. I put crushed coral in hang on back filter and the GH went to 10 in 3 days but KH stayed at 6. Added API Aquarium salt as well. how to naturally increase KH to 8. any recommendations please.
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-7-5-Gallon-Shrimp-Aquarium/dp/B07HHK92XX Hello there! I am a total newbie to the hobby , Last week I purchased this tank its been running for a week now with some easy plants that seams to be doing ok , added bacteria, and the substrate that came with the kit some rocks and so far its lots of fun!! In the long run if the water conditions are good and plants are good do you think that I could host some guppies in that size tank ? I love guppies but that's all the space I can have in my apartment , if not please give me suggestions to other beginner fish that is not a beta that s can fit in the that tank (nothing against beta just not feeling it ) Thanks!!
  18. Here's the short version- fairly new guppies seemed "off" so I added salt, and now they have white backs but it's not fuzzy and doesn't match photos of columnaris but I'm not sure. Background- I had 3 male guppies living in my 30 gallon community, I've had them since mid November. They weren't fitting in very well so I decided to set them up their own tank with some girls and enjoy the fun of breeding guppies! My family just moved to a new town and while picking up some furniture from a lady in town, my mom noticed she had some spectacular guppies and so I went over to get some of hers to start the colony since they were well established and seemed very healthy, nothing had come or gone from the tank in over a year. I got one additional male, 2 juveniles, and 10 females from her, and set up a 27 gallon tank using cycled media for them. The cycled media wasn't quite up to the bioload of 16 ravenous guppies so I've been doing a bit of a fish-in cycle but all has been going well. 2 days in, the first batch of fry was born from the new females and I counted 13, and I still count 13 fry. They seem to be doing awesome. Parameters- pH 7.2, GH 7, KH 5, temp 78F, ammonia around 0.25 because of the fish in cycle, nitrite around 0.25 or less, nitrate 5-10. Filtered with an aquaclear 30 and a sponge filter rated for 40 gallons. Was planted until I started using salt, took most of the plants out. I have crushed coral on the way to raise the hardness. Gravel substrate, wood and rock semi aquascape. Onto the issues- On the 29th I basically started to see something off with the guppies. A few of them seemed to have small nips in their pectoral fins, and the new male had clamped fins and was kind of lethargic. I also just kind of had a sense... That might be weird. I did a 70% water change and added 20 TBSP of aquarium salt (to 27 gallons). The next day I measured around 0.5 ammonia so did a 50% water change and re-dosed salt to the new water. January 1st I had to go out of town for a few days so I added some prime and hoped all would be well. When I got home yesterday (the 3rd) everyone looked awesome! They were so active and happy and their colours were popping like crazy, all the pectoral fins were whole again, and the male who was unwell was flaring his fins at the ladies and zipping around acting like a whole new fish! But then I noticed the white patches on some of their backs and got concerned all over again. I've attached a bunch of photos so you can try and get a sense of what I'm looking at. I also took 2 videos of the group to try and get the screenshots, I'll put those in too so you can see the whole group. It's just a few of the females with the patch, none of the males. The one other caveat- I had gone to visit my cousin and he's a new hobbyist, so I brought my test kit with me to test his water. Of course, I forgot it there. I'm also out of aquarium salt. I can get both of these things again tomorrow afternoon. And also, I'm in Canada, so I don't have access to any of the good stuff. Thanks so much, all!
  19. As I posted in the intro section I think it is time to setup some new tanks for breeding guppies. But hoping to get some advice. My goal is to setup 2 tanks where I can breed and be able to sale to the local store. I know I won't get rich but $50-75 per month is good for me. My question is over the years having breed guppies in my other tanks after a while the line starts to degrade. To prevent that from happening here is my idea let me know what you think. Ebay has little higher quality guppies so pick up a trio for $50. Then keep them together for about a month and then move one female to a new tank. Once spawned that will give me two of the same line. Then every 3-4 generation swap 5 or 6 males from each tank. My thought is 3-4 generations should be about every 12 months maybe a little more but to be safe. That should keep the lines pretty stable for years. What do you all think? Will this work or better to buy low quality and just drop 4 or 5 new males from the store in a year to each tank? I also know just guppy even higher end ones won't do $70 per month. So going to add Java moss or guppy grass and shrimp to the tanks. Between those two with the guppies I'm pretty sure I can get that out of each tank. Not sold on the idea of guppy grass, I know it grows faster but could be a little too much if the stores don't buy enough of it. My starting tank will be a 30g long 12" W, 12"H, 48"L (I think that is 30g) and I'm thinking of picking up a 20g long for my second. Put a fresh filter in my large tank last night to start seeding it and by the time I get fish (maybe 2 weeks) it will be ready to go in the starting tank. Then will start another filter for the other tank. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks
  20. Looking forward to the site! Been fishkeeping for many years, went head-first a year ago!
  21. Hello, I am thinking of breeding some guppies in a 15 gallon aquarium with my German blue rams. The aquarium is heated to 84 F at the moment. Would guppies be able to breed and thrive at such a high temperature, or would it need to be lower. Interested in anyone's opinion on the ideal temperature to breed guppies for maximum production and fish health....a range would be nice to know also if possible. Thanks guys!
  22. Well, after my tilapia nightmare a while back I have left my big tanks full of water and daphnia and some guppy grass to really get all that stuff balanced out. They are outside (tucson arizona), so it does save me a bill this winter for heating all that. From the water come the alge, from the alge come the daphnia, and from the daphnia come the guppies. Well, food chain wise. In plans for the spring i put a 3 something gallon tank on my office desk to breed out guppies and start the fish cycle over again. -- Today I saw little fry swimming around. While I have added guppies to water before and saw more appear, this is the first "up close" experience I have had with the tiniest of fry. I can see why grown guppies would see these fry guys as delicious marshmallows. Hopefully the fry that learn how to hide in some guppy grass will be the strong ones. Currently have a 3.something gallon tank on my desk. It has duckweed and waterlettuce of some variety on top. Guppy grass for low-mid covering, and hydroton (superheated clay pellets) as substrate. Mainly it was a "grab whats in the garden, add water and guppies, mix in daphnia daily" tank. So far the results are pretty good, with some screw ups along the way. Mainly the thing i overlooked coming into a smaller tank environment was that the ph 'style' changes. Outside I will get sometimes even as much as a 1.5 ph swing between dawn and sunset. But the PH in a smaller tank has a harder time 'swinging' back up (less acidic) I think. Some guppies started swimming funny, so I got the test strips out. I had gotten some neat $3 guppies from petsm--err, "not LFS" to make sure I wasn't going to add to potential tragedy by having paid shipping on them if they die. Well, they died. But they taught me that a good pinch of baking soda will help the tank in a few ways, and provide near instant relief for guppies getting "burnt" by people who let their PH get to 6 before they notice the guppies don't look right. I didn't want to just dump a clump of baking soda in there, as crazy ph swings are bad, but i did put in 2gsp (good sized pinches) of baking soda every 12-18 hours or so. This was actually probably more than i should have, but i noticed if i put it in slowly enough for the 'baking soda water' to form on one side, the fish all immediately swam toward it to be in it. So i think there is some truth to the idea of 'it helps'. I had to do this over the next few days, as the ph would come back up to 6 almost daily. Nothing else looked out of place on the test strip, only ph seemed to be stubborn. More daily doses of baking soda. the PH leveled out after about 5 days of this, stays at about 7.4 now, and has a "tiny swing" between morning and night. So, whew, water safety achieved. Id like it to be lower, around 8.2ish as this is better for a few reasons i have planned... I ordered from some place online Dwarf Baby Tears - to carpet the hydroton 2 Marimo Moss balls -- to be furniture on the carpet Wondershell -- because I believe in wonder Easy fry and small fish food, in a convenient squeeze bottle - just in case my fry are more hungry than I anticipate Easy green 'all in one' fertilizer - because I'm sure the plants will need a squirt or two, right now i detect no nitrates. 😕 I can at least go catch "the best" guppies and throw them in this tank to preserve their looks over time. The err, 'fancy breeder box' i guess it is. I put extra daphnia in the tank when i noticed fry. Just to minify their chances of getting eaten. I believe that the guppies do need to eat "some" of the fry as the natural process would allow, but I don't know enough about ethics from the perspective of a fish to know what I am talking about there really. Best I can do is say "they seem to do that" and allow it. I don't want them all to be gobbled up! With the carpeting plant and midrange plants and top floaters I hope that its a good combination for stability. Pictures attached of the tank as it is now. If its not a disaster I will upload it when it gets planted, and when it stabilizes.
  23. I'm going to be getting a few nicely bred guppies for a 20 gallon tank. I've never had guppies before (aside from that one terrible experiment in 7th grade where the science teacher had us keep sooooo many in a 2 liter coke bottle!). I would like to give them some nice aquascaping, but I haven't ever worked with live plants. Suggestions?
  24. Due to Christmas my shipment of fish is smaller than normal, yet I still managed to get some cool goodies in stock! Inverts and Snails Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snails Mystery Snails (Blue) Nerite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Golfish Red Cap Oranada Black Ranchu Assorted Fantails Bettas Veiltails Crowntails Halfmoon Show Halfmoon Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Koi Corydoras Bronze Cory Albino Cory Panda Cory Sterbai Cory Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Tank Raised) Albino Cardinal Tetra (Been a while since I had these, pretty cool looking) Barbs Odessa Barb Danios Celestial Pearl Danio Gouramis Pearl Gourami Ricefish Daisy's Ricefish Livebearers Assorted Endlers (Male and Female, Locally Bred) Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Cobra Gold, Cobra Green, Cobra Red, Flamingo, Red Tuxedo, and Leopard Tuxedo) Assorted Sailfin Mollies Assorted Platies (Locally Bred) Oddballs Silver Arowana Pictures from top to bottom: Silver Arowana, Assorted Sailfin Mollies, Albino Cardinals, Assorted Fancy Guppies, Assorted Fancy Goldfish, Veiltail Betta, Koi Betta, Halfmoon Betta, Crowntail Betta.
  25. Hi My KH is measuring 6 and GH is measuring 8. what is the recommendation for guppies and how can i increase it?
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