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  1. I figured that I may as well start a journal of my fishkeeping adventure. After what happened to me today, and the fact that nobody in my physical life has any interest in my love of aquariums and fish... I think this will be a good place for me to socialize about the hobby and have people who are actually interested to share with. Anyway, I have two main tanks right now. I was told that I'm only allowed to have two... But I've had the "quarantine" tank set up for many months now and plan to get another soon. Hey I need one for babies and one for sick/new fish, right? Or do I need three... I do take my spouse seriously though. But I can dream. I have a 75G, Takashi Amano inspired tank with my first canister filter. I have mixed feelings about that. More on that soon. That's my adventure I had today that sparked my idea to make this journal. I also have a 20G Tall, "toddler tank" in my son's room that was his reward for sleeping in his own bed full time. He loves his fish, he's 3. I love guppies, always have, and have had guppies in just about every fish tank I've had through my life. Now that I have started my own family and have other input on what goes in the tanks, I've fallen in love with otos, swordtails and corydoras. Before I got married, my finest tank had two angles, three spunky, chatty, long whiskered catfish, a team of koolie loaches, an abundance of blue metallic guppies and a pleco. I also kept a single silver butterfly koi in my room that was my best friend for many years. I love fish, I love plants and keeping fish brings me great joy. For now, I have to call it a night, but I'll continue tomorrow. Here's a photo to hint at my canister filter adventure today... 😅
  2. I have never kept a journal so I am not sure if I am going to enjoy doing this or not. I am that… I want to try things at least once type person. I spend a lot of time reading all the fantastic journals on here. Two weeks ago my bearded dragon BOOP’s suddenly passed from a stomach tumor he was diagnosed with last year. Boop’s spent nearly every minute of the day with me including the fish room. He had a shelf in front of each tank he liked to watch his fish and chase shrimp. He was probably a better plant guru than me 🤣 (you have no idea how hard it was finding info on which aquarium plants are dragon toxic) He always tried to eat them when we worked on them. For the two weeks it took me to process the worst of my grief reading everyone’s journals and posts kept me sane and filled the time I normally spent with my dragon. Thank you everyone for sharing your journey. I have had fish since around 7. All whatever I could catch with mom’s kitchen strainer in the creek when I was younger (her rule was no snakes all else I can have) and keep alive using creek water and bugs. This is how I learned anything in nature that fits in something else’s mouth is food. I also developed a weird fascination with all the nifty critters and hitchhikers that end up in aquariums. I’m the weird old lady that even finds value and cool snooping entertainment in hydra. I have been hooked ever since. went through job demands of travel so way more up and down with tanks than I want to think about I watched every video and livestream (although never in live time) the coop had. I wanted more. So I joined the forum. It’s really great as I have no one to talk fish to. Hubby only likes my giant mystery snail but loves that fish make me happy since I rarely leave the house (it’s my garden of eden why would I venture into societies current chaos) I’m new to the internet in the past few years since I retired. I used email but mostly fax before I retired but that’s it outside of works dedicated computer programs. I have never done any other social media so I feel awkward and was and I guess still am a bit intimidated most of the time trying to convey things to others in a way that seems friendly and helpful as typing seems so blunt and impersonal. I try and use a lot of the cute face cartoons. I hate offending others so I hope the cartoon faces convey niceness. Most of my fish keeping knowledge (if you want to call it that and not just ok this worked for me and this distinctly did not) comes strictly from Observations of my tanks over my life, trial error heartbreak National Geographic magazines learning about fish not aquariums and other assorted magazines in the mail. Finding the internet fish keeping prescribed guidelines baffled me and I still wonder if some of the people doing the articles ever actually kept the fish they were writing the article on. Seems fish are supposedly super delicate??? 🤣 I never knew that I always loved fish because they were so amazingly resilient. Silly me. That’s why I got hooked on Cory’s videos he seems to go with what he has seen with his own eyes and learned instead of what the internet spews and is willing to try things just to see what happens. (He also finds benefit in hitchhiking micro fauna and snails 😁) So enough about who I am…just an eccentric old lady who loves fish ….here we go…. My multi tank syndrome has taken a drastic turn since my health declined 6 years ago. Getting old stinks but is also the greatest. I cannot physically take care of large tanks anymore so now it is how many fish and different things can I keep in each tank and healthy. My current tanks that I have up and not in storage are standard 29 gal, 20long, 2 x 10g 8.75 gallon shrimp tank I got on sale and hate but guppies and snails have too many babies and it’s handy for a dozen or more things, 5G QT 2.5G QT i do not ever actually plant plants i float them tie them to something or suction cup them on the wall. Even root feeders do great that way for me. I don’t use fertilizers or chemicals I am afraid of them. I tried easy green half dose in 2 tanks and panicked after 6 hours and did late evening water changes so I could sleep. I admire the fabulous aquascapers I’m not one of them I love plants they keep my fish happy and healthy and grow well for me i stuff every tank to the gills because our water is miserable even in tanks years old with so many plants I can barely see my fish brown diatoms live on. I tried recently using jugged spring water from the store for wc and it all went away … came right back when I used hose water 🤷‍♀️ over the years I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of it though 🤪 the fish and assorted critters like it YUMMY 😋 29 g stock 11 panda corydora, 6f/1m guppy(the wolf pack and Little Boy, Nemo the nerite snail, 3 female magenta mystery snails (the wonder twins and microdot) bladder snails and some stray shrimp that migrated on a coop large sponge filter. I stopped there because my 2 longfin lemon blue eye bristlenose plecos are trying a second time he has not left the cave in 3 days other than to get a quick nibble of the green bean I put outside his door. I’m hoping it’s a fruitful spawn and may need to rehome the pandas and set up another 20 long for them? This is a newer tank set up with established filters gravel plants from other tanks and such so we are waiting for the micro fauna to establish. I think the Pandas and guppies are eating most of it so I may not get much. 20 long is my pleco pair (sweet pea and baby girl) 4 huge male mystery snails 2 magenta (the baby boys) 2 chestnut (chestnut and bandit) 10 celestial pearl danio(only one has a name she is huge and eats everything Meg as in megalodon) more neocaridina shrimp of every color than I can count. Some bladder snails (someone keeps eating them I do believe 😕) many random assorted micro fauna and a gorgeous little colony of tiny green hydra in one corner that never seems to travel or grow bigger even though I feed cpd bbs. I may actually like this journal thing. I’ll detail the rest another day and add more pictures. my pointer/typing finger is cramping at this point 🤣
  3. My LFS cannot seem to keep the Guppies from fish farms alive more than a week. When we breed ours and sell them to the store, they do much better. Local water… what not… So, instead of paying a fortune on Aquabid, or paying for special orders, I got a batch of random female guppies that were still alive from our LFS. I stuck them in a 10-gallon Quarantine tank in the closet… They’re not super impressive, but I’m planning to wait out the Med trio and then move them to a planted 20-gal long for mutt-guppy breeding I’ve got a few males to add in to start off the mutt-strain… I’ll probably add a couple other colored males. Here’s my thinking: I can sell these for $1 / each as often as I have them available. So, with a few tanks free to breed guppies… I’m going to have fun trying to breed some decent ones.
  4. Hi! if you haven't read it, go read my introduction. This journal will attempt to continue where I left off there. I'm currently running four aquariums, all freshwater planted. These photos were all taken today on my Galaxy S7 ( my wife's iphone shots look so much better! ). First up is my living room 75 gallon. Substrate is Safe-T-Sorb. The aquascape in here was pretty much "drop in some cholla and let's see what happens when it sinks." I kind of like the haphazard nature of it. As the java ferns grow, I'll add some more to the back wall. Still dealing with an excess of organics in the water from the recent riparium conversion, which is a second reason the plants are mostly in the foreground. I recently added a heater as we noticed that we were only getting female guppy babies and internet research indicated that at 72 degrees that is the likely result. We're now running at 79 degrees, so hoping we'll see some cool mutts soon! I just saw one 1/2" fry that has an all black tail, so maybe a male?! The glass lids were a project from this past weekend. I salvaged a window on craigslist and disassembled it, then cut the glass for the lids. I should get quite a few lids for future tanks as it was double pane. The rock wall background was a DIY project in 2014. It is 2 inch foam painted with tinted drylock. At the time, I figured it would last a couple years maybe, and I didn't spend a ton of time on it. Well here it is 7 years later and its still in perfect condition! I'd really love for the cory cats to spawn in this tank. I'll probably try to breed them intentionally at some point, but I don't know if I am ready for fry that small yet. There are some snails in here, including a couple bladder snails and some fairly large malaysian trumpet snails in the 1 inch range.
  5. It's about time I started a journal. Thank you to @Streetwise for the help of starting this. Im gonna start this off with my favorite fish of all time: (Mini) Bob the spotted congo puffer Named after Mr. Bob Steenfott. From this point forward, Bob is the pufferfish and Mr. Steenfott is Mr. Steenfott. When I broke my leg, Mr. Steenfott and my friend/coach/teacher Hutch planned a day where we all went to the co-op for fun. At the end, Mr. Steenfott got me this fish under one condition, it had to be named Bob. This was in 2018. You might think it is weird that a teacher took me on this trip, but Hutch is more of a family member because my entire family has known him for a very long time even before this trip. In the photo of the yellow background is the very first time I saw Bob, I sent a picture to my family because this was my dream fish and had never seen one in person before. He was such a skinny lad. After a couple months from the start of the pandemic (June 2020) I upgraded him from an anubias only 20g with a hang on the back filter to a 40g with a canister filter, sand, multiple drift wood pieces, and a plethora of different plant species. On December 16, 2020 Hutch passed away unexpectedly which broke my community's hearts and still leaves a scar. But I have Bob to remind me of all the good times and one of the best days of my life. Today, Bob lives happily in the 40g where he gets to hunt guppies, shrimp, earthworms, bloodworms, snails, clams, and pogostemon stellatus stems.
  6. Hey all! In an attempt to not have to kill my guppies myself, we took a group of very small adults and very small juveniles over to a friend's 100 gallon tank who has two very large Kissing Gouramis, 2 Silver Dollars (often called plant piranhas, but we hoped for some carnivorous interest), and some very large ottocinclus catfish. We were hoping that the Kissing Gouramis would just get a snack from our little guppies, but alas, they have not eaten what looks like a single one. The guppies very obviously fit in the Gouramis' mouths, so we're confused. One of them is particularly vicious, so why aren't they eating these guppies? Now, it has just become a grand experiment to see these guppies loosely schooling and hanging out--a very pretty sight, but I was so sure! Any thoughts?
  7. Like what traits are dominant, recessive, co-dominant, etc. I'm wanting to do some guppy breeding to figure out how colors, patterns, tail shape and size, etc interact but I'm not finding too much on the different traits that guppies have and how they present phenotype-wise.
  8. Hey there! I’m expecting an order from Twin Cities Guppies this week, and I have a few questions. I’ve had fish in the past, but I am new to buying fish online as well as using a quarantine tank + meds. My biggest question: is there anything I need to do differently when my fish are shipped? My concern is that the fish will have already gone without food for a few days and then a week without food during the med trio- isn’t that too long? When should I feed them? How long can they go without and be okay? Are guppies sensitive to meds at all? What day should I feed them after receiving and acclimating them? Should I hold off on the meds for a few days? thank you!! https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/quarantine-tank?_pos=1&_psq=quarantine&_ss=e&_v=1.0 I should add that these are the resources that I’ve been using to get my quarantine tank ready^^
  9. Hello all, I bought 3 guppies about 5 weeks ago, two females and one male. I did the quarantine trio when I got them and did the paracleanse follow up. The females seem to be doing amazing. The male is a little bit thinner in the belly, but I assume that is to be expected. When I brought him home the very end of his tail looked good even though it did look a little frayed. It maintained its frayed appearance, then about a week and a half I noticed two V's cutting into his nice hemisphere tail. He eats good and has consistently been gaining color.... (the wrong color but whatever the girls are as advertised) he is also quite active swimming around the tank. I've been looking at videos and pictures to see if it is fin rot or not. From what I'm finding the fact that it has the V's in it is more likely that the girls are nipping on him. Also I have not noticed any slime trails coming off his tail. When I noticed the V's I thought it would not hurt to put salt in, so I did. Then 7 days later added Maracyn when it did not look any better. What should I be looking for to eliminate fin rot as a source?
  10. This post was originally dedicated to my 35 gallon hexagon that I refurbished but I have decided that it is now the journal for my MTS journey! I hope you all find my MTS entertaining or aspiring as I grow my aquarium addiction! So I acquired an old 35 gallon hexagon aquarium from a friend that had been sitting empty and unused for quite a few years. The tank leaked, the stand had mold or mildew in the wood and was just over all in pretty rough shape. I stripped all the old silicon out and resealed the tank. Sanded and painted the rims. Sanded and sealed the stand with Killz and then painted it black. I replaced the old hinges with new stainless ones and added a matching handle. The tank did not come with a lid so I made a custom one from a plexiglass. Got it all scaped up. Now I'm waiting on the fish to arrive. Let me know what you think!
  11. Some of you remember us posting pics of this tank with a totally different plan (Zebras, Dwarf Gouramis, Pygmy Corys), but thanks to Co-Op's vids and some others, @TheCzarista and I are totally smitten with Guppies, and eventually want to try breeding them. The plan has now changed to 5-6 mutt guppies with 6 pygmy corys. We want to learn how to keep guppies healthy, watch them breed on their own, and learn a bit before we try actual strains and deliberate breeding for traits. We're still pretty new, so even the small achievement of properly cycling a new tank with no rough spots made us both excited! We didn't give in to impatience so now we can happily add fish. Guppy lovers, I'm going to have TONS of questions, so any tips you can provide a newbie would be greatly appreciated. Attached are my parameters, and the tank is staying between 78-80F.
  12. Hi, I’m new to guppy breeding. I’ve had success breeding them but I’d like to get more into creating different strains/color patterns. One of my questions about Guppy and Endler breeding. I was fairly new to it so I was under the impression Endlers are considered fairly close to guppies in terms of genetics. I ended up having a black bar endler male breed with a black Moscow female guppy. I will add pictures to show the fry grown up now. I have multiple of this same color now. My question is whether the babies of this breeding will be sterile. I’ve been getting mixed answers online about endler/guppy mixes being potentially sterile. Another question is whether you can only have endler males breed with female guppies as the endler female supposedly can’t push out the guppy male fry as efficiently. Is this a true thing? If this is the case, I will no longer breed endlers and guppies together as it was a first time breeding. I do like the color of the mixed black bar and Moscow black guppy though. In the future I’ll stick to same species breeding if this is a problem. My last question is about breeding new variations/colors. Is is mainly about culling what colors you want? How do you get the males and females to be the same without having incest within the breeding? Do you have to mix the colors but buy from different sellers? So for example you buy 1 black bar endler from 1 seller as well as a female, and then buy another black bar endler from a different seller as well as a female? I’m not huge intI biology so I’m unsure how to label and prevent incest and to preserve the desired color you want. Thank you! I hope the post makes sense as I’m fairly new to guppy breeding. I’m more so trying to learn how to create different colors and how to preserve those colors once desired.
  13. I have a 38 gallon freshwater tank with platy and guppy. I noticed this white poop on the gravel and rocks and floating shortly after adding new fish. I believe the poop is an indicator that the fish have internal parasites? Is this correct? I assume this based on research 🧐 and if this is correct how do I treat this? Help Please! I have a long time fish in the tank that I adore and I don’t want to lose him or any of the others. Thank you
  14. I went to a LFS and bought a male guppy and a female endler. 6ish hours after I got her home she droped like 30 of these well 15 male 15 female. Then the original male female hooked up had some babies. Got a female guppy from a LFS more babies. Now all these are mixing up more babies more babies. Of coarse I don’t know who is mating with who my wife and I just loved seeing babies. So after about a year of this I give away like 40-50 fish and keep the 2 best male and 6 female. I only breed with one male and what I got was nothing like the father just drab males with a little color on their tails. anyways I gave same person some and kept a few. When I moved the parents didn’t make it. Mom to a python mistake and dad passed a week later. So I have 10 fry from new too 1/2” and they start passing and unfortunately I’m still resetting all my tanks and only 2 survive. I tried medicating but they probably didn’t get the attention they needed. A M and a F is what I’m left with. now I have them in my plant grow out and of coarse here come the babies. There’s 4 about 1/2” long now I see atleast 3 new ones today. And one of them has really red coloring. so question is are these worth my time (really just for kicks) to breed and see if I can get something good from them down the road? Or is this a waste of time because who knows what’s in there and if I wanna make beautiful guppies I should start fresh?
  15. Okay so some days ago a male guppy I’d just recently got started acting weird. He stopped chasing the females and was just by himself. I didn’t think too much of it and went on with my day. Like yesterday I then saw my other male also not really chasing the females but doing his own then I knew something was up because he’s literally always chasing them. After I’d gotten the new male I began to see what looked like nips on the tail of the other male so thought it was just some dominance nipping from the new male. But today when I got back home I looked at the tank and my old male is just swimming kinda slow with a red spot on his now very shortened tail and on his gill. I then also saw some discoloration in the tail of the new guppy and a hole leading to a slit in the tail of one of my female guppies. I have contemplated that it’s fin rot but don’t know what to get to help it. I want to get pemafix and metafix but don’t know if they’ll work and if they’ll cause harm to my honey gourami because it’s a labyrinth fish. I’d get the Fritz mycerin oxy(I think is the name) but it won’t arrive till 4 days so while the API products would arrive tomorrow. I could also get the API erythromycin but I’m not sure if I should. Any help would be appreciated as I’m really worried about my fish. I’ve lost two guppies in the last couple weeks, one from old age and the other from jumping out of the tank. So I really don’t want to lose any more.
  16. Hi all, I have ben wanting to put a dwarf gourami of some kind in with my guppy planted tank. The tank is 55 gallons so there is lots of space for the gourami away from the guppies. I recently was watching a YouTube video where they claimed Sparkling Gourami's wouldn't like being kept with guppies or other livebearers. I am wondering if this is true since I have not heard this from anyone else. Has anyone had any experience keeping sparkling Gourami's with guppies? Also if you have kept a Honey Gourami or Sparkling Gourami what did you like or dislike about them? I am stuck between keeping one or the other with the Guppies.
  17. I am new to breeding fish. So, I am going to get some of these delta guppies. What kind of females do I get? Petsmart has the fancy blue, silver, and yellow. They don't have female delta guppies. Would any of these be okay? Also is the ratio 1:3 male female a good rule of thumb?
  18. Does anyone know which strains of guppies are the largest? Or is there a list somewhere of which size each variety is compared to each other? Googling has not been helpful so far. Today I saw some guppies labeled "Female Guppy" that were easily twice the size of my largest female and look like whales compared to my males. I'm wondering what kind/s they might be, but also just what the full size range is for common varieties of guppy. The ones I already have (moscows, ginga sulphureus) are small or medium varieties compared to these gals.
  19. Hey all! I wanted to document my adventure, or I should say our adventure. My spouse and I are curating our very first fish tank for either of us. Getting to the actual planting took months! I'll be adding to this as it grows, and be sure that I'll be asking for help! We both have backgrounds in research, so research we did. First was to catch the sale at Petco for a nice tank and a few other supplies. Then we had to get a stand. I initially thought I was quite the genius and was going to use heavy-duty, 1000 lb. certified wall stud brackets to hold a vinyl wrapped board. I was WRONG. One needs 2 studs for these, and the wall for the tank only had 1. So instead, we purchased a 400 lb. per-shelf certified shelving unit and bracketed THAT to the wall. With paint and some vinyl marble over the wood shelf for water-proofing, I like how pretty it is. Hardscape was next on the list; we went to a local river with some cardboard cut to the size of the bottom and height of our tank. It was an adventure, and we ran into some very confused ducks who appeared to assume we were there to feed them. After some appropriate cleaning and testing for calcium, we had some fun actually laying out our hardscape. Working with heavy rocks inside a glass aquarium was TERRIFYING but well worth it. I even added some curtains to hide the "behind the scenes" supplies and electrics. Of course, I had to play with some macro then... FINALLY, I felt confident enough to purchase plants! I really appreciated the help from @lefty o, @FishyThoughts, @Andy's Fish Den, @Daniel, @Fonske, and others. We really appreciate the direction. We waited for our order to get in (lightning fast by the way) and were ecstatic to spend the evening planting away. I can't wait to see what this grows into! After we're comfortable with the plants growing and the water specs seem right, we'll be getting some guppies to hang out with us. Since we spend most of our lives in this office, we're excited to add life to the space.
  20. Sunday Fun Day😄 10g hospital/quarantine tank: Current home to 10-ish? ghost shrimp (the shrimp shenanigan's as they're starting to be known) that were gifted to me Friday as well as a mass of java moss. Oh! and a newly found bladder snail. 20% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Filter is hob that came with the larger tank (marked whisper 20-40 on spill edge) that I fitted with a nylon to help keep out the java moss. Pruned back some of the devil's ivy (pothos) in the filter hopper and rinsed filter 'bag' in dirty tank water. Replaced the charcoal in filter bag as I kept the bag since the ivy has started root in it. [Note: will cut apart the bag material before replacing to keep some in tank and reposition to keep roots in place.] Brushed off java moss from nylon and moved some into 3d printed floating pot. Lastly, rock with moss on it to the spill edge to slow down flow. Added pvc tubes to add hide spots/exploration places for the shrimps. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. Nylon is holding up better than anticipated. -Research ghost shrimp care and breeding. Pretty sure there are a couple females with eggs. -Research calcium supplements. We have r/o well water here so any such minerals will need to be added. -Put in fancy substrate? Did pick up Fluval Stratum but realize after some more videos that it might be more muss than its worth for the shrimps? -Add more plants. Will clip some water sprite and pennywort from large tank to move into this one. 39g Goldfish Community tank: Current home to one shubunkin (Shu), two fancy fantails (Pooh & Tail), red cap oranda (Baby) and one surprise koi (yet unnamed) gifted to me on Friday. (the koi was supposed to be another shubunkin - was a surprise when I saw the little whiskers😄) 10% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Slight gravel vac done to get up excess food and poop. Reburied plants that had been disrupted during the week. Brushed moss off from filter intake and added to a floating pot. Starting to see some aggression from Shu (shubunkin) towards Baby (oranda). No tail or fin nipping as I was kind of expecting, instead Shu is nipping at Baby's face. I don't see any marks or wounds but am starting to see a bit of a red streak starting in Baby's tail. Seems to do it mostly around feeding time. All fish except koi are handfed pieces of Repashy super gold in addition to a larger chunk being dropped in the tank (all together it equals out to about .25tsp). May try moving to 3 feedings per day from current 2. Shu's color seems to have stabilized again though I'm still keeping tabs of spots that I think may be or have been ammonia burn. Baby's tail is still a bit bent from where it has started growing back in. Concerned about possible stress from Shu causing the red streak in tail Koi seems to be settling in fine. Kept overnight in 10g and then given a paraguard bath before moving to tank. Having koi and Shu has moved up pond plans for this year. Thankfully craigslist to the rescue and I have a couple messages out for larger tank and stock tank/pond. Originally I was hoping to set up the pond in a greenhouse to run it year 'round but that may have to wait. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. -Keep monitoring Shu and Baby -Start work with koi in a couple weeks to get him comfortable with hands; point work -Track down larger tank/pond for Shu & koi -Research greenhouses; heating in particular
  21. My aquarium faces a seemingly endless wave of struggles. My guppies (mostly males, though I don't know if this has much relevance) seem to be dying one by one. Every guppy that dies is very thin and moves lethargically, up until the point where they die. I believe this has a connection with the introduction of three Otocinclus from a chain store of which I (unwisely) did not quarantine. Two of said otos died in the first two days, and the third one survived. This has led me to believe that the otos had internal parasites of some sort before they were introduced. Could this be the case? If so, I have API General Cure which I will start treating promptly. Water Parameters: 150 GH 75 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 Chlorine 0 KH 6.4 pH Temperature is kept around 72-74. Would raising it help? Thanks for the help.
  22. One of my girls dropped her fry yesterday. She just reached 2 1/4 inches. She looked like a balloon my girls are usually sleeker than that even at term pregnancy. She recovered almost immediately and is totally herself happy interactive with me and other fish. She is still a touch pudgy but a rawish seam showed up straight down the middle? I only ever saw this once but a guppy was struggling to birth and passed before dropping fry. She had this seam only 10x more pronounced. I don’t think she needs treatment at this point I am concerned though as it unusual. The seam doesn’t show real great in the pic I couldn’t get a better one she is very active. before drop today
  23. my girl has been swimming like this since this morning I got her yesterday, I think it’s an issue with giving birth. You can see the baby’s eyes. Anything I can do for her?
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