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  1. Hello all. I have been keeping fish casually for over 30 years but I am not nearly good enough to be at nerm level! I just moved to a new house and it's my first time having well water or hard water. Being a long time viewer of Cory I decided to order the COOP test strips. I ran a couple through my water. Everything was as expected except that the hardness turned a color that isn't even found on the bottle. Does this mean my water is harder than hard or what? Here are the results.
  2. Started my 37 gals around July 8, planted 1 Dwarf Sagittaria, 1 water sprite, 1 baby tears and 1 red melon sword. I cycled my water for about 3 weeks using prime, stability, Fluval hang back filter with sponge, carbon and bio wheels. last week I added an established filter sponge from local fish store along with 6 male guppies. I'm hoping to add more community fishes each week. Now can someone help me understand my water reading, I'm using aquarium co-op test strips. What ranges do i want to be in for community tank along with future shrimps. Nitrate --- 10-25 Nitrite --- 0 Hardness --- Hard --- 150 Buffer KHPPM --- 0 PH --- Low --- 6.4 Ammonia PPM --- 0 is my water ok or should I be in full on panic? any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. I was comparing my api test kit to my aquarium coop test kit and they show opposite ph. My api one shows that I have a ph around the higher end and my coop one shows it’s around the acidic end. Which is more accurate?
  4. My Tank home of two juvenile Fancy Goldfish, Two months old , I thought I was cycled 😥well a newbie mistake so I’ve been performing water changes after water changes determined to keep my guys safe . So here are my results as of tonight. What are your thoughts.
  5. Hi everyone, I have both of the testing products in the title. The liquid test kit reads my two planted tanks at 0 ppm ammonia & nitrite, but 20 ppm nitrate. My API test strips read 0 ppm on all three. I bought JNW brand test strips(I didn't want to order just one thing of Co-op test strips), and they also read 0 ppm for all three nitrogen compounds. What should I believe? My fish don't act ill from nitrate poisoning. These are my tanks by the way. A 75 gallon paludarium with around 30 gallons of water, and a 29 gallon aquarium.
  6. Today on the live stream @Cory said he couldn't replicate the pH reading problem and that kinda bummed me out because I've spent a lot of time and energy and test strips trying to figure it out and I posted in another thread how to replicate it and what I think may be going on. Since Cory didn't respond maybe some of you could help me see if its just my strips or if its a repeatable issue. Could someone with a pH probe or the API liquid test take distilled water and add a tiny bit of baking soda lye aka sodium hydroxide (it doesn't take a lot to over shoot, but you can always dilute it if you do) until you get ~pH 8 water. Then test with the strips and compare the results. For me, my strips still read below 7 when I do this. Which is enough inaccuracy that I care about it, even for fish keeping.
  7. So I have the newest version of the test strips. I compare them against my Tetra ones. Also, when I didn't get results, I tested with the API master kit (Nitrates only). I do get color change, but not much. According to the API, and Tetra, my Nitrates are higher. Around 40ppm. But with the Co-Op strips, it only shows 10-20ppm. I follow the directions on the bottle. I have tried a few different times, a few different tanks. But it just doesn't register as high as the others. Could it be my batch of strips? I've been very careful not to let any water or dampness get into the bottle, so it's not that. Ideas?
  8. Totally cleaned and re-stablished a 55 gal Community Aquarium; currently being cycled. I have used API testing chemicals in the past but decided to purchase the AQ-COOP multi test strips. They arrived and I followed the instructions and after trying three strips, they remained the same, no color change, no reaction to the water in the aquarium. Any suggestions?
  9. Hello, @Cory I have a question about the Ammonia test strips. What type of test are they. I am starting a new tank and was putting in Ammonium Chloride (DR. Tims) to do a fishless cycle. I put in the stated amount for my tank waited 30 min to all mix together and test with the strip but the test strip said I had hardly any so I added a bit more ammonia. Waited 30 more min but the reading in the strip did not change. I found that odd so I broke out my API test kit and the ammonia was reading off the charts high. I had to do a large water change to bring it down to get the 3 ppm level I was looking for. My guess is that the reagent that is used in the strip does not react with ammonium chloride but would like to confirm this as to help others who may want to start the cycle in their tank in this manner. I absolutely love the multi test strips they have made my life much easier lol. Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. Hey folks, So the ammonia is finally down and the nitrates/ nitrites are way up here in Week 3 of the new tank. At this point, should I do a water change? Or let the bacteria work? I've tried to Google this, but returns are unclear. Thanks! Shirl
  11. Hi, this is my dads tank that is not under my care. I’m trying to help them get it going good but they keep having trouble. These are the parameters when I tested this morning. The water they use. Any help would be great as I have never had these issues this bad. (First time posting or using this forum so sorry if I did something wrong🙂)
  12. So for me I’m seeing maybe 5 nitrate 0 nitrite GH around 75 to 150 KH 40 to 150 PH around 7 what y’all think
  13. Good morning everyone, A week ago yesterday, I set up my 10 gallon tank. It has fluval stratum, rough grain inert sand, and four different types of plants. I used quick start and stress coat and dosed with ammonia appropriately. Yesterday, I did a small water change about a gallon of water. There's plenty of biofilm in there. I don't have any livestock yet. Here is this morning's test strip. Is my tank cycled or am I missing something? Thank you! Shirl
  14. I've been using the Aquarium co-op test strips and they are so easy to use that I've been getting low on them and decided to try the API Master test kit, it was on sale. I used the API kit and the only test that gave me pause was the Ph results, the Co-op test strips said I had 6.4-6.8 Ph But the master test kit says I have a Ph of 7.6 there was no green in that blue vial, so really concerned. I had a digital Ph tester that I have only used a couple of times it's a pain to use but it gave a Ph reading of 7.04... which one do I trust? I have noticed the test strip colors tend to run and so I will use 2 or more strips at a time to figure out a consistent reading but these numbers seem way off from each other. Co-op Ph 6.4-6.8 API Ph 7.6 Digital Ph 7.04 I
  15. I'm into week two of cycling a 29 gal. I'm using a sponge filter and a ziss bio filter. Can anyone tell me where I'm at with the cycle?
  16. Is that 7 or 7.2 ? Gh at 5 KH at 4 TDS 167 from RO water with equilibrium
  17. I'm trying to figure out how to adjust my water in my office tank. It's a 10 gallon planted tank with a betta, 2 black skirt tetras, a mystery & a nerite snail. I have very hard water, low buffer, and low PH. I'm trying to google around, but I'm still in the newbie phase & I haven't gotten a good hold on the water ins & outs. Help?
  18. I just bought the 200 test strips. The color for the hardness doesn’t seem to be right, it’s probably me I will include a photo. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. 05-23 1440 Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 2.0 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 6.6 05-25 0900 Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 0.5 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 7.2 05-27 1010 Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 1.0 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 7.6 Just weird. Ammonia remains at zero, that's great. However Nitrite is up slightly. Nitrate is constant, no decline at all and my pH actually increased and I haven't had time to add my crushed coral. New plants are going to have to soak until Saturday morning when I get off work.
  20. I’m trying to figure out what this reads it looks between 20-40 but it also looks like 160ppm witch makes no scene because I changed the water on Friday
  21. Hi everyone! Set up the first tank over the weekend! I got the parameters that are listed below. Would these be okay for cpds, corys, blue dream shrimp, nerites, a rabbit snail, and a wizard snail? The temp fluctuates from 75-80.
  22. I'm finding it hard to get an accurate reading for a PH test using both low and high range drops, and I'm not in a place that the coop ships to 😞 Therefore a digital meter looks attractive to me. I checked eBay and there are a few options: Ebay link Has anyone used one of these? If so, which if any of the above would you recommend?
  23. Hi everyone, I've been using my Aquarium co-op test strip for about two weeks now and I'm loving them, but I've noticed the readings I get with them are different than the ones I get with my API test kit (not the strips, the tubes). I'm more inclined to trust the test strips than the API kit because I know how much testing goes into Aquarium Co-op products, but I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences, and what ended up happening.
  24. Fritz complete w/ water change--how long before next readings of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates reliable?
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