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  1. Hello all…sorry it’s taken me awhile to get an update for you on the Cory fry but here it is…they are doing great!
  2. WOW ...K class...N class P class......all I was ever told was I had no class🤪
  3. COULD NOT AGREE MORE!! Give them a completely level bed of sand and some shells scatterad about....come back 24 hours later and you will be amazed at what they accomplished.....TRUYLY FASINATING!
  4. @Guppysnailis the bees knees when it comes to great ideas! Thats why I stalk...uh i mean follow all of her posts
  5. Good Point....I got a bit excited at @Hobbit bin because I could fit a few side by side like @Dean’s Fishroomdoes but you caught it quick about the depth. The Hunt continues...LOL
  6. Shell Dwellers is my vote....come on ...look at those faces!!!🤗


    Can I get an AAAAA MEN!!
  8. The salt is a great idea for this!!! I didnt know about the Epsom salt treatment @Colu suggested. I had a Swordtail female that had this happen. Was the first time experiencing it. I didnt know what to do so I reached out to a friend and they suggested salt. I put the fish in my QT tank...a 5 gallon....I used aquarium Salt...2x TBS in 5 gallon of water. Put fish in and within 2 week all was good. The fish has since been reintroduced to the others. Come to find out that the problem came from giving birth. She must have had a rough go of it and caused a problem. In fact when I was going to remove her I found a lone fry in the QT tank with her. Go figure.
  9. Whats really bad is I have added more since that picture🤦‍♂️
  10. @Guppysnail cudos to your hubby for helping and those pots with the plants on them look fantastic!!


    I have that book and Walstads books. I don’t remember the last time I picked them up. Everything is digital today hence my comment earlier. We have access to so much more information today which is a good thing but in my opinion we have lost the emotions that go with sitting down and reading on a subject and really thinking on it that goes with books.
  12. You are very welcome...dont hesitate to reach out if you need any help at all!
  13. I think you would be fine. There is a ton of Surface area in there to hold bacteria as compared to that cart.
  14. I do see what your saying...never did it that way. I think you would end up removing alot more water since its pumping water the entire time a lot faster than a siphon would depending on the size of the pump.
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