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  1. In my planted 90 gallon, is it better to let the light sit about 1” from the glass top or to get it up a ways? If so how far?
  2. I have a 90 gallon tank and I don't know the glass thickness. I want to get a Flipper glass cleaner. Standard (up to 1/2") and Max (up to 3/4"). I don't know if the bigger and more expensive is better or not or if the smaller is powerful enough. I appreciate your opinion.
  3. I've researched and cannot find what my phosphate levels should be for a planted low tech tank. I've read 1-2 ppm and I've read <.5. ppm and I've read 3-5 ppm. So which one is it? I tested high over 5 ppm but I just scraped my tank for algae and probably had some of that in the water column. Would that possibly cause my reading tio go way up?
  4. I would still like to know if this is Green Spot or Green Dust algae?
  5. I have a no CO2 tank. This algae is all on my walls and does scape off with a razor scraper. Is this Green Dust or Green Spot algae? Is it good to scape it off since it seems to go all over all though my HOB filters go seem to clean it up fairly quickly?
  6. I have a no CO2 planted tank and use root tabs and Easy Green fertilizers. I can test for ph, kh, gh, nitrates and nitrites and ammonia. What else should I test for? Iron, phosphates, TDS? Are these really necessary if I'm dosing with an all in one fert?
  7. When I turn off my Tidal 110 and start it back up it spews out terrible water. So do I have to empty the out of all the water and medium, every time I turn off the filter or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Is there a way to clean algae off the back of my tank without it spreading everywhere? I’m thinking turn off filter and a water change will help some. Any advice/ techniques?
  9. I use a combination of RO and well water. I currently don't test for iron. Should I get an iron test kit or is it unnecessary? Also what about TDS?
  10. I use Easy Green for my regular column fertilizer
  11. What's a good iron supplement for red plants? Are there some brands to steer clear of?
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