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  1. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I have fed them and will do a water change this evening.
  2. I have had my Guppy and snail since Dec 22nd, and my 2 cory cat fish since Dec 28th. I was feeding them VERY little every second day till my tank started to cycle on Jan 11th
  3. Hi Everyone~ Okay on todays episode of Sandra the fish rookies fish in cycling, we are on Day 3, Here are my parameters and 2 questions below I am hoping to get some advice on. PH 7.2; Ammonia 0.20 ppm; Nitrite 0 ppm; Nitrate 0ppm; KH 65 ppm; GH 120 ppm and water Temp 78.2. Because I am below 0.20 ppm should I hold off on a water change this morning, and wait to see what my chemistry looks like this evening? Last evening, the parameters were the same as above, and I added some Fritz Zyme in the evening (Day 2 I did a 10ish % water change, and added 1/2 cup of Fritz Zyme and prime in the AM and after repeat chemistry, added the second 1/2 cup of Fritz Zyme). I have NOT fed my 3 fish and 1 snail since 09 Jan 2021. 1) Should I feed them a small amount today? Yay or Nay? Will this cause a crazy ammonia spike? 2) Is there such thing as adding too much Fritz Zyme? I searched all over the intranet last night and the actual Fritz site, and could not get anything "concrete". I have given 2 cups to date. Should I relax on that? Use it again when I do a water change? Thanks everyone for your advice and support, its appreciated. Sandra 🙂
  4. Thanks @James Black, I have seen the peppered Cory do it.. but never the Albino.. he is such a spaz in that tank. Now that the ammonia is going up, its making me really hyper vigilant. I really don't want to lose anymore fish. I am really hoping that I will be able to get some more Cory's to keep my current ones company. Once they get established, get more fish bit by bit.. gradually. I feel like it has taken FOREVER to get to this point. I do believe the changing of my filters from the single use disposable with the carbon, to now the coarse re usable ones, might have made a bit of a difference in regards to catching more bacteria, and helping with growth. I also added a intake filter as well.
  5. Hi everyone, So my fish in tank finally has started to cycle yesterday morning (Day 1). my ammonia is at around 0.2 ppm, 0 ppm Nitrite, 0 ppm Nitrate PH 7.3 Temp 78.2. Fish were all acting fine. I added 1/2 cap of prime and did not feed them. That evening, I tested the water again, and ammonia was at 0.25 ppm, Nitrite, 0 pm Nitrate 0 ppm, Temp 78.4. Fish are all fine acting normally. I finally received my Fritz zyme 7, and added 1 Cup per the instructions. I also did not feed them. This morning (Day 2) PH 7.3, Ammonia, 0.3 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm, Nitrate 0 ppm, Temp 78.2. I did a 10% (maybe a touch more) water change, 1/2 cap of Prime (in my new water) and 1/2 cup of Fritz Zyme. My albino cory cat was kinda resting on the bottom.. I FREAKED.. so made sure he was still alive, and he responded to me touching him and zipped away. Checked my ammonia again, it was 0.25 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Temp 78.4. I plan on doing a FULL panel tonight again, and depending on results, add prime but will also add the rest of the Fritz bacteria (1/2 cup). I have a 20 gallon high, per the instructions, its half cup per 10 gallon. Am I doing everything right? Any suggestions or recommendations are VERY welcomed and appreciated 🙂 Sandra (the fish rookie)
  6. I ordered a glass hinged top and am waiting for it to arrive. This black top, makes a MESS when I have to remove it. I am hoping I will have less evaporation once the new top comes in. I also ordered new lights as well.
  7. Hi Everyone~ Another question. The top that came with my aquarium, I absolutely despise. I have ordered a new glass one that has a seam half way to make it easier to do stuff without taking the entire hood off. When your water levels drop below the black line, do you top off your tanks once in a while? Using the SeaChem with the tap water, and just top to the black line (the line below the black top frame)? Thank you !
  8. @James Black When my fish dies.. I FREAKED.. I was like.. OH NO.. decomp! LOL (Nurses.. LOL). I was so afraid that it would make disease in the tank.. so I did a water change, and vacuumed.. And because I am so paranoid that my water (and ME) are killing them.. I was changing water every 2 days.. but now that I am thinking about it (in less panic mode) I am not helping the process. My husband is also a nurse, and he is giggling to himself while I am blogging, reading and panicking over my little fishes.. I volunteer with a pit bull rescue, and have a pit bull and a lab mix.. and was an ER nurse, and an Operating room nurse.. and look at me.. LOL.. frantic over my little fish.. but they are so fragile, and delicate..
  9. Hi @JettsPapa That is GREAT! I did order the AquaClear foam AND the Fluval Bio Foam (to see which one will work best for my filter) that I believe Cory demonstrated how to put both of these in my Aqueon Quiet Flow pro filter. I am waiting for them to arrive from Amazon because the LFS has no stock at this time. My Aqueon filter has a secondary filter section for specialty filters, which I have incase I need them, a carbon, a ammonia and a phosphate remover (all are separate filters). I have a drawer (that is becoming FULL) of stuff. But I am a planner, and just in case "er" . better to have what I need than have an issue and be running around trying to find stuff.
  10. I just ordered the Fritz Zyme 7 live bacteria and while I was at it.. got the quarantine med trio. Because lets face it.. I will be getting more fish, and will end up with another tank so on and so fourth.. so I better get all my stuff.. including the Just in case stuff. a friend of mine had a sick fish, and was running around to find meds.. because after Christmas the stock was low. Thanks everyone for your help and support! This is making this process less stressful (although still a bit stressful) the support is great!
  11. This is all GREAT advise. Keep it coming.. I am taking it all in.. seriously! I was thinking when my light starts to blink (telling me to change it), I was thinking instead of throwing it out (I know.. rookie mistake # 50), I am going to just put it behind one of my plants to help build my bacteria in the tank? like some of you do with your extra sponge filters for QT tanks.. Thoughts? I mean.. It has all the stuff filtered from the tank.. can't it just be used to help get me through cycling?
  12. I saw a video on that idea as well. and I think its an even better idea.. because I ALREADY want another LARGER tank.. and I just know it will become a betta tank.. I just KNOW it.. LOL.. it will be an accidental REAL tank.. with me anyway.. haha
  13. I have the API 5 in one, and because I am so inexperienced, I use those at the same time.. Here are todays results. I am not sure if my every second day water changing might be what is slowing down the cycling process?
  14. I shake it like a mad woman.. LOL.. I give them all a bit of a shake/role (I am a nurse), so I am used to being carful with "shaking" but did read on the instructions that the Nitrate bottle #2 needed to be aggressively mixed (Shaking it aggressively haha). initially, my cheap filters were getting full in 1 day. now it seems like I don't need to change them as often. they are the pre made ones that came with my kit. I am going to finish them and use the course ones that Cory recommended, and hope it will catch more good stuff and help with the cycling.. fingers crossed. I was wondering why I was doing a water change when my results are all 0? that is what has me so confused????
  15. I can probably find place to put a quarantine tank. I have a pre set heater, and an extra hood because the one that I had I really DID not like.. so I can use it I guess. As for the filter!! I have a hang on back one right now that I am going to "rig up" Cory style (LOL) and am waiting for all the filter stuff to come in. How do I get another one in my 20 G? Should I purchase a sponge filter and just add it to my tank now while its cycling? I saw the ones on here that are for a 10 G and was wondering if I put that one in there and then use it for a quarantine tank?
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