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  1. @Colu What else could I use instead of the QT tank to do his soaks? a container of some kind?
  2. @Colu he has a pale yellow strip along his back. I tried to get a picture from the top.. but can't seem to get it ... I modified one of the ones attached .. not sure if it will help at all.
  3. My 20 is the only place I have guppies. There are a lot of juveniles, different ages, ect. Some of the older ones have started to die off. There have been no signs of disease that I can see upon examination. It appears that the females pass away after the second or third birth of fry. The young males are becoming a bit feisty with the older ones. They are all mutt guppies, regardless thriving and doing well. I had 2 females with what appeared to be genetic deformities (no signs or symptoms of TB which I watches for). One of the 2 died, the second one is in the 10 QT (where she is living her best life all alone not being chased). This morning I round this guy not looking great. He was 1 of 2 that were similar in color and size. The smaller of the 2 died and here he is with this ??? not sure what this is??? ALL these guppies whet through quarantine, with all the meds and a full cycle of paracleanse prior to being introduced into the 20 G. He has always been on the small side.. but he doesn't look great to me .. but is eating..??? Parameters: Temp =77.9 Nitrite = 0 ppm Ammonia = 0ppm PH = 7.3 Nitrates = 20 KH = 5 GH = 17 See pictures below (FYI he is in the QT tank as well)
  4. @Daniel Here is the other "little" issue. I live off a nature reserve (which is delightful) but we have A LOT of birds! Big and small. So wondering how I could hide the fish but still enjoy seeing them.. II am pretty elevated, so flooding is not an issue for me (thankfully). Wonder if I should dig it in a bit, so its solid and wonder if it would help with heat?? Maybe keeping the bottom cooler? But I REALLY want a outdoor tub 🙂 what size does everyone recommend? If I had my choice.. it would be HUGE.. but being realistic I want to enjoy it and not have to be constantly maintaining it.. Thinking something already pre made (like Lowes/home depot) type.. @Patrick_G I moved to Wilmington NC 14 years ago from Canada! Love it here..
  5. @Daniel I have a little outdoor water feature which is supposed to be a 7 g pond.. I wanted to test it first.. and currently in my screen porch its 83 degrees! The coldest it got (no heater) was 58. I live in Wilmington NC.. Eventually I would like to make a larger one outside, but am concerned about a few things 1) Hurricanes! What would you do with a pond outside (if not dug into the ground)? 2) Heat! Do you ever worry about the water getting too warm? 3) Dragon flies (don't their larva kill fish?? Can't remember where I heard that.. I could be wrong Anyone can chime in here.. just curious what everyone does. I am super jelly of all of these beautiful outdoor ponds!!! I am getting inspired.. OH OH... haha
  6. My 20G and 40G have black backgrounds. my 5 gallon puffer tank has a funky rock background I have held on with 3M fairy light hooks and some tape. Its that peel and stick tile from the dollar store.. Gazoo likes it.. hehe 🙂
  7. @ColuI swear you know EVERYTHING!!! Thank you so much for the additional information.
  8. I have had this guppy a while. I have 2 that look exactly alike. They are healthy swimming etc.. They both just had babies and are finally not pregnant (which wont last long) but I noticed they are both have curved backs. It doesn't seem to stop them from bopping around, eating etc. but wanted to double check with all of you about what you thought. Water Parameters PH 7.33, Nitrate 40 (I added additional ferts due to plant pruning), Nitrites 0, ammonia 0, KH 6 and GH 280 See picture below sorry its a bit blurry.. she won't stop moving..LOL
  9. @laritheloud so funny you say that. I was at the pharmacy the other day and saw Epsom salt.. and was thinking to myself.. wonder if that is what people use for sick fish??? Thank you for confirming that.. and I will add it to my hospital kit to have.. just never know when you will need it.. I am so happy for you and your fish! Glad she's feeling better!
  10. @ColuI see Epsom salt mentioned quite a bit. I have aquarium salt, but think I should keep some Epsom salt too just in case. Where or what kind do fish keepers recommend? Where would I find some that is fish safe?
  11. @laritheloud YAY! Fingers crossed she continues to do well!
  12. UPDATE: She handled it VERY well. I sent her an email with the details of each fish especially size, temperament and tank requirements. I also sent her all of the websites and YouTube sites I follow (or should I say that most of us follow). I STRONGLY encouraged her to get on the form and subscribe to the Aquarium Co Ops YouTube channel. I also sent her videos from AQO, primetime, KGTropical and Tazawa Tanks with cycling info and species profiles last night. I also sent her a video from Quebec Cichlides (because its my home town of Montreal Quebec) 🙂 I did recommend that she return the flower horn and the Oscar at the very least. She will have the Peacock, Johanni and Parrot left (BTW I personally know NOTHING about the first 2 Cichlids). If she gets a larger tank she can put the Parrot in the larger one. She told me that she wanted Cichlids but I didn't expect her to run out and just buy whatever was all in the same tank at the LFS! I know what its like to watch an empty tank but I had plants and like Cory, enjoyed to watch them so waiting to cycle was not as bad. I also know the heartbreak of losing fish because of not properly cycling a tank and it SUCKS! I know her very well and she knows how I roll.. I am honest and don't sugar coat but I am not an insensitive jerk. Now I have to wait to see what she does. I tried my best for her and the fish. Fingers crossed 🙂 THANK YOU ALL!!! As usual you all ROCK!
  13. @LaurieinIA I recommended she join .. fingers crossed she does. We work together too.. I was going to just send her the fish profiles so she can have an idea of how large the flowerhorn and Oscar will possibly get. More as an FYI...
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